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Animals getting overpass on I-90 June 7, 2015 Washington

Critters are already using unfinished animals-only bridge over I-90 September 24, 2018 Washington

Crossing on Hwy 97 aims curb wildlife collisions April 14, 2013 Washington

First phase of Safe Passage 97 project completed with private funding September 4, 2020 Washington

New US 2 interchange opens on North Spokane Corridor on Nov. 16, 2011 November 9, 2011 Washington

New Washington law allows residents to harvest roadkill July 16, 2016

Roadkill plan: People take 1600 deer, elk off Washington roads in first year July 24, 2017

These Bridges And Tunnels Save Animals' Lives — And Prevent Car Wrecks November 9, 2018 Washington

This could stop deadly Hanford crashes with wandering deer and elk August 19, 2020 Washington

USFW: 10 of 49 endangered deer died during relocation from Cathlamet April 17, 2013 Washington

UW study probes factors in Washington animal-vehicle collisions... August 31, 2011

Volunteers install fencing to keep elk off I-90 near Vantage January 17, 2017 Washington

Washington state combats collisions with new wildlife bridge December 12, 2018

Wildlife overpasses planned at Snoqualmie Pass March 23, 2012 Washington