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Virginia Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Alexandria and Arlington Animal Watch November 14, 2013 Virginia,

Arlington to Conduct Deer Census January 17, 2014 Virginia

Bedford City, Hunting with bow and arrow now allowed in Bedford City July 24, 2012 Virginia

Charlottesville City Council to hear deer removal options both violent and non-violent February 21, 2012 Virginia

Chatham residents can apply for deer 'kill' permits, game department says May 7, 2014 Virginia

Chatham, Deer drive residents crazy May 12, 2014 Virginia

Chesterfield citizens voice approval of deer hunting in parks April 3, 2013 Virginia

City not going to war against 'lovely, graceful' deer February 21, 2012 Virginia

College of William and Mary, It's rare plants versus deer in the College Woods January 7, 2015 Virginia

Culling the Safety Zone August 8, 2014 Virginia

Culpeper: Town takes aim at foraging deer on farmland February 2, 2012 Virginia

Deer Hunts Eyed At Ashburn Parks May 10, 2013 Virginia

Deer Impaled on Fence, Alexandria-Arlington Animal Watch July 18, 2012 Virginia

Deer Management Proposed for Mantua June 26, 2011 Virginia

Deer Protectors Cite Win at FOI Commission June 26, 2011 Virginia

Dunlora votes to spare deer from archers September 15, 2010 Virginia

Fairfax City Considers Managed Deer Hunt July 9, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax City deer spaying update: 18 does sterilized, more next year February 17, 2014 Virginia,

Fairfax City deer sterilization approved, Humane Society donates $3,000 January 20, 2014 Virginia,

Fairfax City pursues deer sterilization program December 16, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax City to try a new approach to deer: surgical sterilization of does December 18, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax City will sterilize, not hunt deer December 12, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax City, All forms of deer management should be humane January 10, 2014 Virginia

Fairfax City, Council Deadlocked Over Deer Hunting, Instead Will Ban it Completely July 11, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax City, From the woods to surgery and back again: Deer spaying begins in Fairfax City February 3, 2014 Virginia

Fairfax City, State Gives Green Light, Fairfax City's Deer Sterilization Set to Begin January 24, 2014 Virginia

Fairfax City’s ‘Deer Spay Project’ kicks off second year January 27, 2015 Virginia

Fairfax county Deer Management Program Set to Begin August 19, 2011 Virginia

Fairfax County Deer Management Program Starts Saturday September 4, 2014 Virginia

Fairfax County Deer Management Program to Hold Public Meetings August 8, 2011 Virginia

Fairfax County Deer Management Program Will Hit Vienna Again This Year August 16, 2011 Virginia

Fairfax County Feeding Deer to Control Ticks March 29, 2012 Virginia

Fairfax County Preparing for Annual Deer Hunt on Park Land August 10, 2015 Virginia

Fairfax county, All ideas welcome on deer control January 3, 2014 Virginia

Fairfax County, Deer Hunt Spills into Alexandria September 15, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax deer sterilization project enters second year January 29, 2015 Virginia,

Fairfax, Sterilizing deer isn’t cheap, or efficient December 19, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax, City of Fairfax to Curb Deer Population By Removing Females’ Ovaries December 12, 2013 Virginia

Fairfax, City to Consider Deer Sterilization to Help Manage Overpopulation ... December 10, 2013 Virginia

Falls Church, Resident Objects to Deer Extermination Without Warning April 22, 2014 Virginia

Farifax City, Deer Hunting to Be Banned in Fairfax City, Northern VirginiaJuly 11, 2013

Fort Royal: Early try at shrinking deer population deemed a success May 8, 2012 Virginia

Front Royal, Archery added to town's list of deer hunting methods January 15, 2016 Virginia

Front Royal: What to do about deer? September 3, 2010 Virginia

Front Royal: Bow hunters could curtail deer September 20, 2011 Virginia

Garden Tour, electric deer fence July 16, 2013 Virginia

Hunting has increased deer population, not reduced it September 3, 2010 Virginia

Lake Ridge seeks potential archers for deer management program March 5, 2015 Virginia

Lake Ridge, Deer hunting in Lake Ridge to begin as early as next week November 3, 2015 Virginia

Lexington allows hunting in city to help control deer population March 19, 2012 Virginia

Loudon County Considers Expanded Deer Hunts March 13, 2013, Virginia

Lousoun County, County To Hold Managed Deer Hunts At Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve August 7, 2013 Virginia

Lyme Disease Task Force to hold hearing in Roanoke March 15, 2011

Marion council grapples with deer complaints July 29, 2014 Virginia

Martinsville: Hunting called fix for city's deer woes November 28, 2011 Virginia

Mt. Vernon Council explores options for deer November 1, 2011 Virginia

New rule allows neighborhood bow hunting in Prince William County January 23, 2015 Virginia

Non-Lethal Methods of Deer Population Control - Fairfax County, Virginia July 7, 2011

Not every shot is a good one December 14, 2013 Virginia

Prince William County, Public Meeting on Wildlife and Deer Management March 31 March 6, 2014 Virginia,

Report Pink Deer April 30, 2012 Fairfax County, Virginia

Reston permits a deer hunt in a residential neighborhood, update on Fairfax City project July 2, 2014 Virginia

Reston, Deer Hunting Contradicts Reston's Values July 17, 2014 Virginia,

Reston, RA OKs Deer Hunt on Sourwood Lane June 30, 2014 Virginia

Roanoke to continue deer culling program this year June 19, 2013 Virginia

Roanoke, 2013 hunting season sets records February 27, 2014 Virginia

The Dreaded "L" Word, Lyme Disease and dogs July 25, 2011 Virginia

Urban Deer Evolution? July 5, 2011 Virginia

Urban Deer season offers early opportunities for Virginia hunters this year August 10, 2012

Westport panels meet on deer control, area group faulted for FOI violations June 27, 2011 Virginia

Williamsburg, Culling of deer in Williamsburg is a pointed controversy January 29, 2014 Virginia

Williamsburg, Deer nuisance fix waits for winter September 25, 2012 Virginia

Williamsburg, Options limited to control deer herds February 4, 2014 Virginia

Williamsburg: Worries raised about city deer kills January 9, 2011