Texas Deer Population: About 5.6 million deer in 2021 with 5.4 million whitetails and about 200,000 mule deer, down slightly from about 5.7 million in 2020 with 5.5 million whitetails. Good rainfall in summer of 2021, 2019, and 2018 supported deer populations. An estimated 5.5 million deer in 2019 with 5.3 million whitetails and about 200,000 mule deer. Up from nearly 4.9 million whitetail and mule deer in 2018 and about 4.5 million deer in 2017 when there was a dry summer for much of the state. The 1989 estimated deer population was 3.5 million.

Texas Deer News

High seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) at one of three captive cervid facilities in Texas 2022, bioRxiv

... As SARS-CoV-2 vaccine coverge of the human population increases and variants of concern continue to emerge, identification of the epidemiologic importance of animal virus reservoirs is critical. We found that nearly all (94.4%) of the captive white-tailed deer at a cervid facility in central Texas had neutralizing antibodies for SARS-CoV-2...

'It's disgusting' | Neighbors react to deer shot with arrows in the Great Hill Greenbelt December 28, 2021 Texas, KVUE

... Texas game wardens are looking for more information after four deer have been seen with arrows sticking out of them in the Great Hills area... "You can see where it is in his thigh." ...

Researchers find evidence of COVID-19 in Texas deer December 24, 2021 Spectrum News

... Evidence of neutralizing antibodies was found in more than a third of the samples. COVID-19 additionally appears to be more common among male deer...

SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies in White-Tailed Deer from Texas 2021 Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 2021

... SARS-CoV-2 antibody was not detected in 40 deer sera samples collected during 2018, but 37% (20/54) samples collected in 2021 were positive for antibody. The seroprevalence rate between males and females differed significantly (p < 0.05) and the highest rate (82%) was detected in the 1.5-year-old animals. These findings extended the geographical range of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection among white-tailed deer in the United States and further confirm that infection was common among this species...

Passers-by rescue deer stuck upside-down in fence along Whitehouse road December 8, 2021 Texas, KLTV

... deer had his hind leg wedged between the fence post and the hog wire, and it was bleeding... cut through the thick fencing to set the deer free...

Deer movement rules change November 19, 2021 Texas, Lone Star Outdoor News

... Mitch Lockwood, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Big Game Program Director, said the epidemiology suggests previous rules weren’t effective in preventing the disease, given recent discoveries at breeding facilities... “We’ve lost 112 deer breeders because of the costs associated with these rules,” said Texas Deer Association President John True. “We’ve dropped from 980 to 868 breeders ...

Expect extra patrol for mule deer hunting season November 19, 2021 Texas, Houston Chronicle

... mule deer season ... generally brings hunters from across the country to the south plains for the opportunity to hunt a buck... Wardens will be enforcing a minimum antler restriction in Floyd, Briscoe, Childress, Cottle, Hall, Motley and Lynn counties. A legal buck deer are ones having antler spread of 20 inches or greater...

Deer season gets started with a bang November 13, 2021 Texas, wacotrib.com

... With traditional hunting grounds turning into housing developments, people selling off their land ... an increased demand on a dwindling supply, another issue for hunters is that prices on available leases are rising ...

Chronic Wasting Disease: TPWD ramping up containment efforts as deadly deer disease lands in East Texas November 8, 2021 Texas, The Beaumont Enterprise

... 168 of those positives are linked to captive deer breeding facilities, 25 from release sites associated with those positive captive breeding facilities, and 68 in free-ranging deer populations.... 57 of the free-range positives are in the Trans Pecos and Panhandle, with the remaining 11 in Medina and Val Verde counties..,

Feral Hog contraceptive introduced to help curb population growth October 24, 2021 Utah, KLTV

... Texas A and M AgriLife extension service is testing out a new feral hog contraceptive ... The issue is we need to target it just to feral hogs. We don’t want the deer population for example for them to eat this bait and then for them to not reproduce. That would be awful...

A Hard Life: Deer Face A Number Of Hurdles Before Reaching Maturity October 22, 2021 Texas, Tyler Morning Telegraph

... fawn survival statewide this year is expected to be 45 to 50 %, a high number considering it is typically below 40 %. mild spring and summer that provided plenty of food and water ... predators can account for from 10 to 90 % of fawn loss in a year..,

Biologists Predict an Exceptional 2021-22 General White-Tailed Deer Season Oct. 20, 2021 Texas, TPWD News

The statewide white-tailed deer population is estimated to be around 5.4 million deer and while it is down slightly from previous years, fawn recruitment (fawn survival rates) predictions indicate an overall robust population increase headed into the season.... Estimated deer densities in the Post Oak Savannah ecoregion range from 32 to 89 deer per 1,000 acres...

Chronic Wasting Disease: TPWD ramping up containment efforts in East Texas October 16, 2021, Jacksonville Daily Progress

... the disease has been documented in 261 Texas deer in 14 different counties. According to TPWD reports, 168 of those positives are linked to captive deer breeding facilities, 25 from release sites associated with those positive captive breeding facilities, and 68 in free-ranging deer populations...

Biologists Remind Landowners and Hunters to Be Mindful of CWD Ahead of Deer Season October 1, 2021 TPWD News

... recent discoveries of new cases bring the total number of CWD positive deer to 261 in 14 counties. To date, 168 of those positives are associated with captive breeding facilities, 25 from release sites associated with those positive captive breeding facilities, and 68 in free-ranging deer populations. Fifty-seven of the free-range positives are in the Trans Pecos and Texas panhandle, with the remaining 11 in Medina and Val Verde counties...

Biologists Say White-Tailed Deer Population Looks Strong Ahead of Archery-Only Season Opener Sept. 17, 2021 Texas, TPWD News Release

AUSTIN – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologists say that 2021-22 is expected to be a white-tailed deer season for the books. Last year, the overall white-tailed deer population was estimated to be 5.4 million deer. While that estimate is down from the previous two years, TPWD biologists say that if fawn recruitment predictions hold true this season, coupled with good carryover of deer from last hunting season, hunters and landowners can expect to see an increase in the overall statewide white-tailed deer population...

Cottonwood Shores restricts deer feeding September 17, 2021 Texas, Marble Falls

... Feeding deer within 50 feet of a road in the city of Cottonwood Shores is now prohibited. The City Council approved an ordinance ... also bans electronic feeders. Those who want to feed deer must do so by hand and be at least 50 feet from a road...

Deer Outlook Positive Across Texas For Bow Season September 9, 2021 Tyler Morning Telegraph

.... After going through an early winter drought, followed by a record freeze, a wet spring and relatively mild summer have resulted in a boon to Texas’ white-tailed deer statewide...

The Other White Meat September 8, 2021 Texas, BlueBonnetNews.com

... The Texas Game Warden Criminal Investigation Division (CID) provided Bexar County Game Wardens with information regarding an individual selling deer meat on Craigslist... the suspect admitted to attempting to sell the deer meat and gave information where the white-tailed deer had been killed. The individual was cited for selling white-tailed deer meat...

Deer season looms, but what will it look like? September 3, 2021 California, The Beaumont Enterprise

... “Landowners and hunters should expect to see an increase in the overall statewide population if fawn recruitment predictions hold true coupled with a good carryover of deer from the 2020 hunting season,” Cain said...

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered at a Deer Breeding Facility in Duval County August 27, 2021 Texas, TPWD News

... Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been discovered in a deer breeding facility in Duval County, marking the first positive detection of the disease in the county. The tissue samples were submitted by the deer breeding facility as part of required CWD surveillance programs..,

2021 Deer Preview August 26, 2021 Texas, Athens Daily Review

... Cain says antler quality is expected to be above average for most regions. Likewise, fawn recruitment is forecast to be well above average for much of the state, possibly as high as 45-50 percent... The Edwards Plateau maintains the state’s highest deer density with a population estimated at more than 2.05 million ... April and May. Big rains fell across much of the state and the native landscape blossomed ...,

Texas reports anthrax in white-tailed deer July 17, 2021 NewsDesk

...The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) reported the confirmation of anthrax in a captive white-tailed deer herd on a Val Verde County premises on July 11, 2021. ...

Emergency order issued after 6 breeding facilities test positive for 'zombie deer' disease June 26, 2021 Texas, WOAI San Antonio

... The infected deer at these breeding facilities will be securely quarantined and those six sites, as well as deer from 264 other sites in 95 counties directly linked to those facilities... enhanced testing requirements for facilities with close epidemiological ties to the CWD-positive facilities and antemortem testing of deer ...

Caught on Camera: Opossums, bunnies, coyotes and deer using land bridge June 22, 2021, Texas, WOAI San Antonio

...A study of wildlife crossings by the University of Natural Resources Conservation at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, recommends crossings be a minimum of 50 meters wide (164 feet) at the base and as little as 8 meters (26 feet) at the center to encourage wildlife to use it. Hardberger Park’s Land Bridge is larger ...

Spring rain mostly beneficial to wildlife June 19, 2021 Texas, The Dallas Morning News

... Cain says spring rains are always a huge benefit to deer, mainly because the moisture fuels the growth of lush habitat to support good body conditions and fawn production and spur antler growth. “The copious amounts of rain this spring have also helped to replenish soil moisture,” ... “We haven’t seen spring rains like this in years,”..,

Zombies, Semen, and Big Racks: Inside The Texas Deer Breeding Industry June 20, 2021 The Daily Beast

... Throughout the state there are approximately 950 deer ranches ... “Without movement like this, the disease would take maybe 10 years to spread across the state ... But because they’re being shipped all over, the disease has made its way from the western part of Texas to the eastern part in less than four months.” ... Deer breeders, on the other hand, are vehemently opposed to further regulations ..,

Texas Breeder Deer May Have Spread Brain Disease Into The Wild June 1, 2021 HuffPost

... breeders sold potentially infected animals to hundreds of buyers and released them on game ranches across the state... The state’s tracing effort has identified 267 sites that received deer from what have grown to five facilities with positive results — including 101 sites where deer bred in captivity were released...,

Heavy rains could be a benefit for Texas wildlife and fisheries May 26, 2021 Athens Daily Review

... “This sort of precipitation accelerates new growth on the native plants, both forbs and shrubs preferred by deer, resulting in dramatic improvements in habitat conditions in most parts of the state,” [Alan Cain] ... any additional flooding in coming weeks could hamper fawn production ..,

TPWD Institutes Fee For Managed Lands Deer Programs May 15, 2021 Texas, Tyler Morning Telegraph

... In 1998 there were 813 tracts of land enrolled in MLDP covering about 3.1 million acres. Last year there were 6,513 properties covering almost 29 million acres, or about 17 percent of Texas ... The goal of the program was simply to give landowners and hunters wanting to intensively manage their deer herd as much leeway as possible ...

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered at Deer Breeding Facilities in Matagorda and Mason Counties May 14, 2021, TPWD News

... both deer breeding facilities had received deer from a Uvalde County premises where CWD was found on March 29... TPWD and TAHC officials have taken immediate action to secure all cervids at the Matagorda County and Mason County deer breeding facilities and plan to conduct additional investigations for CWD..,

Estimating numbers of deer on the ranch May 7, 2021 Texas, Lone Star Outdoor News

... helicopter surveys excel in certain areas. “When it comes to the age structure of the deer and the buck-to-doe ratios, they are really good,” he said. “When it comes to absolute counts of the number of deer on the ranch — that’s what we’re trying to improve.” ...

A Texas Rancher Cloned Deer For Years. Some Lawmakers Want To Legalize It April 21, 2021 HuffPost

... to grow bigger game for the deep-pocketed customers willing to pay well over $10,000 to shoot them. The proposed law, from state Rep. Matt Krause of Fort Worth, would legalize cloning ...Abraham said his is the only business in the country cloning deer ― or rather, it was, until Texas officials shut him down last year...

Fatal deer disease found in Hunt County April 16, 2021 Texas, Yahoo

... the first confirmed CWD case in northeast Texas ... Another case, also in a captive breeding facility, was discovered in Uvalde County where previous cases already have been diagnosed..,

Confirmed cougar sighting in East Texas April 8, 2021 Tyler Morning Telegraph

... “This is the first clean picture I’ve seen in over 30 years of being a veterinarian.” ... The cougar, on the right, walking up behind three deer [photo] ..,

Managed Lands Deer Program enrollment is now open for 2021-22 season April 7, 2021 Texas, North Texas e-News

... Deer harvest is an important aspect of habitat management and conservation. Landowners enrolled in either the MLDP Harvest Option or Conservation Option can take advantage of extended season lengths and property-specific customized harvest opportunities...

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered at Deer Breeding Facilities in Hunt and Uvalde Counties March 31, 2021 Texas, TPWD News

... Officials have taken immediate action to secure all deer at the Uvalde County and Hunt County deer breeding facilities and plan to conduct additional investigations for CWD. In addition, other breeding facilities that received deer from these facilities or shipped deer to these facilities during the last five years are under movement restrictions and cannot move or release deer at this time..,

New hunting regulation allows dogs to track wounded deer in some East Texas counties March 26, 2021 Texas, CBS19.tv KYTX

... Remove the prohibition on trailing wounded deer with dogs in Angelina, Hardin, Nacogdoches, Orange, Shelby, and Tyler counties; In addition, allow the trailing of wounded deer to no more than two dogs on a leash in Jasper, Newton, Sabine, and San Augustine counties ...

Sun City homeowners calling on community to stop trapping deer with nets March 25, 2021 Texas, KXAN.com

... homeowners in Sun City are raising concerns over a deer trapping program that’s been in place in their exclusive retirement community for 17 years. “The primary reason why we relocated here was because of the wildlife and the natural beauty,” ...

He told cops he hit a deer with his car. The gunshot wound proved otherwise March 19, 2021 Texas, Houston Chronicle

... Wardens were able to track down the person who dumped the dead doe, which had its backstrap carved out...

Forest Service reduces wildfire risk, improves forest health with controlled burns March 18, 2021 Texas, North Texas e-News

... Controlled burning dramatically reduces the chances of a wildfire spreading out of control, and burning underbrush promotes new growth of tender vegetation beneficial to wildlife such as deer, turkey, and birds...

Texas Parks and Wildlife ask for public's help to track deadly deer disease March 7, 2021 Texas, KLBK | KAMC | EverythingLubbock.com

... have asked the public to look out for chronic wasting disease (CWD)... The deer are real skinny, or it looks like they’re foaming out of their mouth, and kind of like they’re wandering around lost ...

Texas wildlife ranch cancels group hunting after losing more than 2,000 Axis deer in deep freeze March 8, 2021 Texas, My San Antonio

... Texas Canyon Ranch lost more than 2,000 of its 4,000 Axis deer population ... is under a Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Permits program ..,

Winter Freeze 'Crushed' Nonnative Deer March 3, 2021 Texas, Texas Standard

... Axis deer are native to India, but there are at least 125,000 of them now in Texas... live on private game reserves ... “They’re from hot climates that don’t get that cold..,

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered in Lubbock County March 1, 2021 Texas, TWPD News

... Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been discovered in a free-ranging 8 ½-year-old mule deer in Lubbock County, marking the first positive detection of the disease in the county .., TPWD collected more than 13,000 samples across the state and confirmed CWD in 11 free range mule deer and 5 white-tailed deer ..,

Axis Deer Had Overrun the Hill Country. The Winter Storm Devastated Them February 28, 2021 Texas, Texas Monthly

... Introduced to Texas about eighty years ago, axis deer do not handle freezing temperatures well... About 70 percent of the species reproduce in February, so the cold snap hit when they were at their most vulnerable. Most of the axis carcasses belonged to newborn fawns and pregnant does...

Public help sought to report fish and wildlife impacted by winter storm in Texas February 27, 2021 Texas, KLBK | KAMC | EverythingLubbock.com

... Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is asking for the public’s help in reporting any animal mortality events they observe on their property, ranches, or in their neighborhoods through this project on the iNaturalist website...TPWD does not foresee any significant losses of white-tailed or mule deer..,

More than two dozen native deer froze to death outside a ranch in San Antonio February 19, 2021 Texas, KIIITV.com

... The massive ice storm that hit our state has also affected wildlife ... Two dozen native and non-native deer froze to death in the artic storm..,

Did Bonfire Legend Go Too Far by Shooting a Live Deer for Run Hide Fight? January 28, 2021 Texas, Dallas Observer

... "No animals were harmed in the making of this film" reminder at the end of its closing credits because the movie's producers arranged for a professional hunter to kill the animal so they could film it ...

Lakeway revisits controversial deer management program January 22, 2021 Texas, Austin American-Statesman

... According to wildlife biologist Nicholas Kolbe, Lakeway’s deer population is healthy but will probably decrease rather than increase ... the herd composition being 65% female, 17% male and 18% juvenile ... at or close to a maximum carrying capacity for the area; however, he said the risk of the deer population growing beyond current numbers is minimal ...

'It's very rare': Texas Game Wardens bust another facility for unfit deer meat. This time in Poteet January 21, 2021 Texas, Houston Chronicle

... In nearly two months, the Texas Game Wardens have released information about finding spoiled deer carcasses at three processing facilities – two in North Texas and one in Poteet just south of San Antonio in Atascosa County ...

Texas Game Wardens bust local meat processing plant, discover 80 rotten deer carcasses January 13, 2021 mySanAntonio.com

... Wardens discovered the spoiled deer during a routine compliance inspection at Hooves and Horns meat processing facility in Iowa Park, according to a Tuesday news release from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department...

Crossing to safety: How driver attention and innovative design can help protect wildlife January 10, 2021 Texas, Click2Houston

... innovative yet low-tech measure to minimize nighttime deer collisions is a rear-facing light bar mounted on the front of a vehicle. Illuminating the grill area presents a more visible looming object, reducing the “frozen in the headlights” behavior of deer. Researchers report the use of light bars reduces the likelihood of hitting a deer from 35 percent to 10 percent...

Mama hides illegal deer meat under couch while son is questioned by Texas game wardens January 8, 2021 FOX 29

... Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens were checking out a poaching complaint and discovered a suspect who shot a white-tailed doe without the landowner's consent...

Researcher develops tool to prevent chronic wasting disease January 2, 2021 Texas, Jill Lopez

... certain aspects of the white-tailed deer’s response to chronic wasting disease (CWD) are moderately to highly heritable ... This custom tool, a novel array designed by Seabury, can be used to predict a white-tailed deer’s responses to CWD exposure with high accuracy and specificity ...

Why did the wildlife cross the land bridge? December 26, 2020 Texas, The Journal Gazette

... “The 150-foot long land bridge is the first in the world designed for safe passage for both people and wildlife,” ... spans the Wurzbach Parkway in San Antonio...

San Antonio unveils new wildlife land bridge December 16, 2020 Texas, Inhabitat

... We’ve had some accidents between cars and deer especially ... The newly built Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge now connects two sections of a San Antonio park that were previously separated by a highway...

Wildlife officials confirm rare mountain lion sighting in North Texas December 1, 2020 Texas, RADIO.COM

... Texas Parks and Wildlife officials have confirmed a mountain lion sighting in the state from time to time. There was one in Grayson County a couple of years ago, but this one is the first in Dallas County ...

A Different Game: No Stranger To Texas, Elk Population Growing In West Texas November 28, 2020 Tyler Morning Telegraph

... Evidence of elk in western Texas is found in Native American petroglyphs, but there are also historical writings by explorers going back to the 1600s documenting sightings of large herds ... with settlers came unregulated hunting and loss of habitat ... The elks’ range shrunk to the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas ... the last remaining animals were gone by the late 1800s..,

Study shows culling doesn’t always produce intended results November 15, 2020 Texas, Panola Watchman

... The culling of bucks has been a key component in the era of deer management in Texas... Has it made a difference? For removing deer to reduce mouths or improve sex ratios, yes. If the goal was to improve genetics, the answer according to a 13-year study of deer in the wild, the answer is no ...

Texas Supreme Court reaffirms public own state's white-tailed deer November 13, 2020 Brownwood Bulletin

... The Texas Supreme Court rejected an appeal by deer breeders challenging Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) rules and seeking to have breeder deer in the state deemed private property...

Doe harvest recommended this season in high-density areas of Texas November 8, 2020 Houston Chronicle

... Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends the Texas Hill Country as an area of the state that could generally use some doe harvest. Home to approximately 2.4 million white-tailed deer, the Edwards Plateau has the highest deer density in the state... More available nutrition can help bucks reach their genetic potential with antlers and body condition...

TPWD experts see big year for South Texas white-tails November 5, 2020 Texas, Valley morning Star

... TPWD officials say the deer population in the region is stable with most recent estimates putting the white-tailed number at an estimated 438,000... The Edwards Plateau in central Texas has the highest deer population in the state with an estimated 2.37 million deer...

Texas deer season preview: Quality over quantity November 4, 2020 Houston Chronicle

... Studies have shown that deer hunting generates $1.2 billion in revenue for the state’s economy each year... much of the state saw timely spring and early summer rains that spurred the growth of nutrition-rich forbs and an explosion of new growth on shrubs... The Edwards Plateau population is down somewhat due to a 2019 anthrax outbreak ..,

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Predicts Above Average Hunting Season Ahead of General Deer Season Opener October 29, 2020NBC DFW

... The Edwards Plateau in central Texas has the highest deer population in the state with an estimated 2.37 million deer ... Mild temperatures and beneficial rains this spring should warrant a good season in South Texas ... most recent estimates numbering close to 438,000 deer..,

Public ownership of Texas’ white-tailed deer re-affirmed October 19, 2020 Houston Chronicle

... The Texas Supreme Court recently denied review of an appeal in the case of Bailey & Peterson v. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, affirming that the state’s white-tailed deer herd, including those held by breeders, are owned by the public...

Out-of-State Hunters Arrested for Multiple Violations October 13, 2020 Texas, County 17

... taking a deer without a license and one count of wasting or abandoning big game ...

Granite Shoals pauses deer program due to lack of volunteers October 5, 2020 Texas, DailyTrib.com

... Due to a lack of volunteers, Granite Shoals is putting on hold its annual deer management program, which includes a fall archery hunt to reduce the white-tailed deer population in the city....

Evaluating the Influence of Federal Prescribed Fire Regimes in East Texas on White-tailed Deer Body Condition and Antler Size, 2020, Proceedings of the 20th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference, TP Wall, BP Oswald, KR Kidd, RL Darville [PDF]

... Deer antler beam and inside mean spread were significantly greater at 2 years post-burn than at less than 1 year post-burn. These results indicate that frequent prescribed fire is physiologically beneficial to white-tailed deer...

Recent Weather Sets High Expectations for Archery-Only Season Opener September 29, 2020 Texas, tpwd.texas.gov

... “Recent precipitation throughout Texas has resulted in a flush of new growth on preferred native deer forages and should set the stage for good winter weed production, critical for deer late in the season,” ... TPWD biologists estimate that the state’s deer population is around 5.5 million deer, or a density of 49.25 deer per 1,000 acres..,

97A wildlife fence helps reduce vehicle/animal collisions September 23, 2020 Texas, Quad City Herald

... Parts of 97A between Chelan and Wenatchee have been the scene of scores of animal/vehicle accidents over the years and led to a cooperative effort between public/private group to install miles of wildlife fencing along portions of the road’s west side to help keep mule deer and bighorns away from the highway...

Statewide Outlook Good For Early Season Deer Hunting September 13, 2020 Texas, Tyler Morning Telegraph

... “The spring rains helped many areas of the state, including South Texas, Edwards Plateau, and areas west, recover from very dry conditions persisting from fall and winter of 2019. Vegetation has responded positively to the spring moisture with an abundance of quality forbs and an explosion of new growth on shrubs both of which are critical for providing good deer nutrition,” ... Texas has an estimated 5.5 million white-tailed deer ..,

Texas A&M Researchers Developing Oral Anthrax Vaccine August 20, 2020 Bovine Veterinarian

... If successful, they will have developed the first effective oral vaccine against anthrax for wildlife. “The preliminary results showed that this concept has potential, so now we are starting up a deer study and we’ll see where it goes from there,” ...

Local deer finally free August 16, 2020 Texas, hccommunityjournal.com

... The deer had been a familiar sight roaming Kerrville near Barbara Ann Street since November, sporting a trash can lid stuck, inexplicably, around her head for the past 9 months... McCoy successfully cornered the deer in a back yard and removed the trash can lid off her head ...

Genetic selection may reduce CWD among farmed deer August 12, 2020 Texas, American Veterinary Medical Association

... Dr. Seabury said his team also plans to study susceptibility in wild deer populations. State wildlife agencies could use that information to relocate white-tailed deer with reduced susceptibility into areas where, for example, anthrax killed substantial numbers of deer...

Texas A&M Researchers Developing First Oral Anthrax Vaccine For Livestock, Wildlife August 11, 2020 Texas A&M University

... recently published the results of a pilot study in Nature ... If successful, they will have developed the first effective oral vaccine against anthrax for wildlife. “The preliminary results showed that this concept has potential, so now we are starting up a deer study ...

South and East Texas deer forecast August 10, 2020 Victoria Advocate

... South Texas Brush Country ... The season ended very dry. Ranches with supplemental feed program fared better... estimates 438,000 deer with densities ranging from 15 deer/1,000 acres to 40/1,000. Sex ratio is about 2.2 does/buck ... East Texas has roughly 286,000 deer and densities range from 7.88 deer/1,000 acres in the southern portion to 25.25/1,000 in the center ..,

Hill Country/West Texas deer forecast August 4, 2020 Wilson County News

... Texas white-tailed deer population has grown to an estimated 5.5 million deer ... Statewide, good rains fell at the right time (April, May, June) to spur vegetation ... The Hill Country has the most whitetails in Texas, nearly 2.37 million... populations in western areas of the region are down due to an anthrax outbreak last year... The Eastern and Western Rolling Plains ... are lower due to sparse rainfall..,

Experimental antler restrictions paying early dividends for Texas mule deer hunters July 23, 2020 Texas, Houston Chronicle

... 20-inch minimum spread since 2018 ... “The age structure looks like it’s getting older in the harvest and the sex ratio is becoming more natural, instead of being skewed from overharvest,” ... TPWD collected data at four check stations in the Panhandle ...

CVM Researcher Develops Tool To Improve Chronic Wasting Disease Resistance In White-Tailed Deer July 17, 2020 Texas, Texas A&M University

... certain aspects of the white-tailed deer’s response to chronic wasting disease (CWD) are moderately to highly heritable, or passed from parent to offspring, and can be predicted using a custom genomic tool designed by Seabury and his team...

Texas white-tailed deer hunters can look forward to a favorable 2020-21 season July 15, 2020 North Texas e-News

... TPWD biologists estimate that the state’s deer population is around 5.5 million deer, or a density of 49.25 deer per 1,000 acres... Spring rains allowed many regions of the state, including South Texas, Edwards Plateau and areas west to recover from last year’s very dry fall and winter, leading to an abundance of quality forbs and shrubs ..,

Life in the 'A-list community' of Hollywood Park July 12, 2020 Texas, mySanAntonio.com

... Hollywood Park takes its commitment to wildlife preservation so seriously that it has a Deer Committee for the continued health and safety of its deer population.) “Hollywood Park is the crown jewel of the A-list communities within the San Antonio area ...

Texas CWD Testing shows scale of effort to contain Deadly Deer Disease April 29, 2020 Texas, El Paso Herald-Post

... The CWD testing year that ended in February produced just shy of 13,000 CWD samples statewide ... Texas recorded 26 new confirmed CWD positives, with six additional “suspect positives” awaiting confirmation. That includes CWD found in a new area, Val Verde County ...

Chronic Waste Disease found at Texas deer breeding facility February 27, 2020 Texas, KENS

... Chronic Waste Disease has been found in a five and a half-year-old white-tailed deer breeding facility, making it the first positive detection of the disease in the county ...

New fees for managed lands deer permit system (MLDP) February 22, 2020 Texas, Austin American-Statesman

... The MLDP system grew out of complains lodged with TPWD at least as far back as the early 1980s, during discussions and plans to pass the Wildlife Conservation Act in Texas. That landmark piece of legislation allowed TPWD to set seasons and bag limits throughout the state and ended the outdated system whereby county commissioners courts could set seasons for the hunters in their county...

CWD, Texas Parks and Wildlife conducting Aerial Mule Deer Surveys in El Paso February 14, 2020 El Paso Herald-Post

... The first case of CWD in Texas was discovered in 2012 in free-ranging mule deer in the Hueco Mountains of far West Texas. The disease has since been detected in free-ranging mule deer, white-tailed deer, and elk in ... in the northwest Panhandle. The first case of CWD in Texas white-tailed deer was found in a Medina County deer-breeding facility in 2015 ..,

Drought-like conditions this winter are a concern for wildlife February 1, 2020 Texas, Tyler Morning Telegraph

... now about 40 percent of the state is in moderate drought conditions and just over 10 percent is already facing severe drought conditions ... a long way from October 2011 when 88 percent of the state was in an exceptional drought, a period of extended drought that almost completely took out a year-class of deer ...

Texas Parks and Wildlife approves fee structure for Managed Lands Deer Program January 23, 2020 Texas, Houston Chronicle

... The harvest option is self-service and provides automated tag issuances that aren’t site-specific. The conservation option, which accounts for 83 percent of enrollment, provides customized one-on-one assistance from TPWD staff and tag issuances that are tailored to each property. Conservation option participants are required to have a wildlife management plan, conduct population surveys and improve habitat...

Granite Shoals bans automatic deer feeders within city limits January 17, 2020 Texas, Marble Falls

... City Manager Jeff Looney emphasized that officials aren’t telling residents they can’t feed the deer. “They want people to still feed the deer by hand in spreading of the feed for them,” he said. “You can do that. They want to discontinue the automatic feeders.” ...

Texas Deer News and Information Archive by Topic: Population and Management, Deer in the News, Disease, Suburban

Texas Deer: Good rainfall in 2021 resulted in higher fawn survival, but the state estimated the population to be down slightly with 5.4 million whitetails. There are also about 200,000 mule deer population bringing the total population to 5.6 million. Some deer died during the cold snap of February, 2021, mostly many of the around 125,000 Axis deer (not included in the population estimates), but heavy spring rains dramatically improved habitat in parts of the state. There were about 950 deer ranches in 2021, but fell to 868 with the decline attributed to the cost of chronic wasting disease prevention.

The state estimated about 5.5 million whitetailed deer in 2020 with about 230,000 mule deer (see table below) bringing the population to 5.6 million.

A state estimate of 5.5 million deer with 5.3 million whitetails in 2019 as a result of good rainfall and ample forage. A rough estimate of about 200,000 mule deer in 2019, many in the Trans-Pecos, a population generally in decline. Over 700,000 hunters. A 2019 average of about one deer per 6 to 7 acres. The Cross Timbers region had about 600,000 deer or 56 deer per 1,000 acres. Post Oak Savannah has about 400,000, 35 per 1,000 acres. PIneywoods has a much lower estimated deer population, about 260,000 deer. The state average is about 40 deer per 1,000 acres, about 26 per square mile. Texas maintains good deer demographics, with over 60 percent of bucks killed 3.5 years or older. Before antler restrictions, this group was only 30-35 percent of the harvest.

An estimate of nearly 4.6 million whitetails in 2018 and nearly 300,000 mule deer following good rainfall in September and abundant food, although summer drought in some areas reduced populations. A total of about 4.9 million deer. In 2018 TPWD estimates for eastern Texas 220,000 and 284,000 over the last five years, about 2.6 million in Edward's Plateau. Good rainfall for 2018 in south Texas increased fawn survival and provided good forage for deer in much of the state in the fall, with deer less likely to come to corn feeders.

Mule Deer Estimated Population, as reported to the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Year Mule Deer

2015 209,732

2016 251,382

2017 230,672

2018 285,918

2019 177,576

2020 227,392

About 4.3 million whitetail deer in 2017 with about 230,000 mule deer for 4.5 million deer. A dry summer following two years of widespread consistent rain and good habitat conditions. Wild pigs continue to compete with deer for food, killing fawns, and reducing populations. The deer genome was sequenced at Baylor College and made public in 2017. About 6,000 Axis deer in the wild who have escaped from hunting ranches.

A total deer population estimated at 4.2 million in 2016, up from about 4 million in 2015 and 3.95 million deer in 2014, as result of significant rainfall. The 2016 spring and summer was one of the wettest in decades. Increased hunting recommended for 2016 in the western Panhandle and Post Oak Savannah region. Prices for deer hunts plummeted in 2016, thought to be a result of a downturn in the oil industry who send executives and clients on corporate hunts.

About 160,000 deer raised by 1,300 deer breeders in 2016. About 700,000 deer hunters. About 110,000 deer in 1265 captive breeding farms in 2016, up from 946 farms in 2006. The Hill Country had the highest deer population in 2016, an estimated 2.2 million deer, or 118 deer per 1,000 acres, 76 per square mile.

For 2015 the mule deer population is estimated at 209,732 (from table above). A population estimate of 3.95 deer in 2015 about the same in 2014 with an estimate of 3.95 million whitetails, the highest whitetail population since 2005. South Texas had good rains and a mild summer in 2014 and 2015 with ample food that has increased fawn production. About 6,000 axis deer roaming the state in 2014, escaped from captivity. Good weather in spring 2014 improved fawn survival and deer health. Generally good fawn recruitment, over 45 percent, in 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2013. A hunting success rate of about 70 percent in 2013. Antler restrictions were in place for 117 counties requiring at least a 13 inch inside spread. An estimated $1.5 billion annually related to Texas deer hunts, $2.2 billion including deer breeding and tourism according to a Texas A&M study.

An estimated 3.8 million white-tail deer in 2013 before deer hunting seasons, 39 deer per 1,000 acres on average. About 3.7 million in 2012, but one estimate of 3.3 million in 2012 with some recovery from the 2011 drought. Little fawn in 2011 as a result of the severe drought, almost as low in 2008-2009. No fawn production in the panhandle in 2011 and 2012. An estimate of 500,000 mule deer in 2011, mostly in the Trans-Pecos

The deer population trended upward from 2004 to 2010 with the white-tail population estimate of 3.46 million, a high point in 2005. Good fawn production in 2007. In 2010, Texas breeders had 152,000 breeder deer housed in 1,200 permitted facilities. An estimate of four million deer in 2004.

History An estimated 232,000 deer in 1938. Over hunting and drought into the 1940s limited the mule deer population to a few counties. Screwworms kept the population down in the 1950's and 60's with the population in 1955 estimated at about 500,000. Screwworms were controlled by release of sterile males. A severe drought in the 1950s killed about 100,000 deer in the Hill Country. About two million deer in 1961 and 2.25 million in 1965. The 1989 estimated population: 3.5 million.

Axis deer were Introduced in 1932 from southern India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. About 15,000 wild Axis deer in 2018.

Chronic Wasting Disease ( was first detected in far West Texas, the Trans-Pecos, during the summer of 2012 in the remote far western reaches of El Paso and Hudspeth counties near the border with New Mexico. Years earlier in a effort to increase populations, mule deer were transported into New Mexico from norther Colorado -- ground zero for Chronic Wasting. In 2015, a captive deer tested positive in a captive breeding ranch southwest of San Antonio in Medina county. In 2017 the first wild white-tailed deer and elk tested positive. In 2018 the first wild white-tail in the panhandle, 49 confirmed cases statewide. More in 2019. For 2020-21, 16 positive cases from the hunting season and more from breeding farms in 2021. Pre-hunt in 2021 the CWD cases to date to 261. Number of deer exposed by county in 2021.

Elk "Large herds were reported in the 1600s ... but with settlers came unregulated hunting and loss of habitat the elks’ range shrunk to the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas ... The last remaining animals were gone by the late 1800s" to early 1900s, previously found in the Trans-Pecos and western Panhandle. In the late 1920's, 40 elk were transported from South Dakota and released into the Guadalupe Mountains. Managed as livestock by the Texas Animal Health Commission.

Mountain Lions are occasionally sighted in Texas.

Wild Hogs, about 2.6 million in 2021.

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