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Kentucky Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Anchorage, Hunting law spurs bow-and-arrow fight November 21, 2015 Kentucky,

City's Deer-Control Measures Pass Court Review Except People Are Allowed to Feed Deer on their Own Property September 10, 2010 Kentucky

Dealing with Nuisance Deer in Populated Areas September 21, 2012 Kentucky,

Fort Mitchel, Deer hunt called off in Fort Mitchell February 4, 2014 Kentucky

Fort Mitchell committee to discuss deer ordinance January 21, 2014 Kentucky

Fort Thomas, City continues to monitor deer population January 9, 2013 Kentucky

Fort Thomas, Vision Air Research Will Continue Deer Census in Fort Thomas August 1, 2013 Kentucky

Fort Thomas: Current deer hunt could be last (safe to hunt in the city?) January 5, 2011

Ft. Thomas considers extending deer hunt October 11, 2013 Kentucky

Louisville, Deer shot illegally in Iroquois Park; controlled hunt planned December 12, 2012 Kentucky

Prospect Dives Into Deer Debate February 22, 2011 Kentucky

Prospect looks for ways to deal with deer abundance November 19, 2013 Kentucky

String deer fence, White-tailed deer aplenty as summer progresses in Kentucky July 9, 2014