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Maine Deer in the News Archive

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A fondness for an albino deer November 9, 2013 Maine

Amateur naturalists love late fall November 12, 2011 Maine

Are Maine game wardens out of control? May 10, 2016

Aroostook home to largest, oldest red deer farm in country February 28, 2013 Maine

Cape seeks truce between bowhunters, residents January 29, 2016 Maine

Celebrity moose finds home at Maine Wildlife Park in Gray June 24, 2018 Maine

Chesterville, Reward for information on deer killing increased to $3500 May 5, 2015 Maine

Deer caught on St. John River ice floe January 5, 2015 Maine

Deer falls through thin ice in Plymouth pond March 21, 2012 Maine

Deer Fights For Survival Against Coyote At Maine Camp February 18, 2016 Maine

Deer gives birth after being struck by vehicle in Ellsworth June 25, 2015 Maine

Deer have different personalities November 22, 2015 Maine

Deer rescued from ice in St. Albans, but doomed April 16, 2015 Maine

Deer rescued from icy Kennebec River December 10, 2014 Maine

Deer-feeding family has following April 1, 2013 Maine

Disney's 'Bambi' benefited from Maine connections, Chinese artist July 19, 2017 Maine

Doe makes her way to Nubble Light and back February 20, 2013 Maine

Doe stranded on lake saved by Hartland, St. Albans firefighters April 21, 2014 Maine

Fawn fitted with prosthetics August 19, 2011 Maine

Four males charged in multiple deer poaching case of last April November 18, 2015 Maine

Hunter finds scarce 8-point antlered doe November 10, 2014 Maine

Hunter shot deer, left it to die slow, painful death December 8, 2014 Maine

Learning deer behavior through photography February 11, 2012 Maine

Local artist creates children's book about a deer on Nubble Island March 21, 2013 Maine

Locks cut on gates at Maine hunting park, at least one red deer still on the loose April 16, 2013

Maine artist provided 'Bambi' model March 21, 2012 Maine

Maine couple feed deer and feeds their own soul January 15, 2019

Maine wildlife park sees 20 percent increase in visitors July 16, 2012

Man charged with cruelty in killing deer March 21, 2017 Maine

Man Released From Jail After Taking Live Deer to Butcher September 2, 2011, Maine

Man spends thousands feeding deer in retirement January 17, 2017 Maine

Nimble deer dodges death, floats down Maine river on ice sheet April 24, 2018 

Over fifty years of feeding deer at Powers Farm January 2, 2019 Maine

Penobscot biologist wins national award May 11, 2012 Maine

Rare “White” Deer Spotted On Little Deer Isle In Maine August 16, 2015 Maine

Reward offered in illegal killing of pregnant deer in St. Albans January 12, 2016 Maine

Sebec, Maine Life-Deer Rescue March 6, 2015

Shots hit home in OOB hunting incident November 20, 2013 Maine,

South Berwick Police Chief found guilty of deer baiting March 18, 2016 Maine

Tales of a dedicated Maine warden, part I June 27, 2015 Maine

The search for shed antlers has become a popular pastime April 30, 2017 Maine

The story of a resilient young deer in Kittery April 12, 2014 Maine

The story of a resilient young deer in Kittery April 12, 2014 Maine

These Maine men rescue a deer after it falls through thin ice November 28, 2017

Two men rescue deer struggling on Megunticook Lake January 10, 2014 Maine

When deer are a dream come true December 30, 2012 Maine

Watch the Maine deer dinner that’s causing an online feeding frenzy January 28, 2018

Woman is shot and killed by a hunter on the first day of Maine's deer season October 29, 2017