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Virginia Disease of Deer Archive

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3 new cases of chronic wasting disease detected in Va. deer February 28, 2015 Virginia,

Bluetongue may be hurting deer harvest December 23, 2011 Virginia

Chronic wasting disease detected for first time in Montgomery Count May 12, 2021 Virginia

Chronic wasting disease in deer likely to move farther east in Virginia May 14, 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease Infecting Deer in Virginia March 15, 2017

Chronic Wasting Disease, Keeping an Eye Out for Sick Deer 10/27/2010 Virginia

Deer disease detected in Shenandoah County March 4, 2015 Virginia

Deer disease takes a break in Virginia [EHD] May 11, 2016

Deer with feared disease discovered (CWD) December 23, 2010 Virginia

Deer-killing disease cases nearly double in Frederick County May 6, 2019 Virginia

Disease could threaten Shenandoah National Park deer May 9, 2013 Virginia,

Disease Management Areas for 2020-2021 hunting seasons September 30, 2020 Virginia

Disease outbreak affecting deer harvest December 12, 2012 Virginia,

Disease outbreak prompts 'containment area' expansion March 5, 2015 Virginia

Disease threatens Va. deer, moose and elk, CWD May 24, 2013 Virginia

DWR releases results of CWD surveillance efforts in DMAs April 9, 2021 Virginia

EHD, Deer face deadly disease September 21, 2012 Virginia

EHD, Drought is the best predictor for viral disease killing deer October 4, 2019 Virginia

EHD, Outbreak of disease in deer has hunters asking questions September 5, 2017 Virginia

Hunters: Check the Regulations Before Taking Your Deer Carcass Out of Virginia September 30, 2011

Input sought on plan to tackle deer disease in Shenandoah National Park August 15, 2012 Virginia

Malaria parasite in deer not a threat to hunters February 15, 2016 Virginia

More than a dozen CWD-infected deer found in Virginia during 2017 hunting season February 9, 2018

Park service trying to combat disease plaguing deer population March 1, 2013 Virginia

Shenandoah National Park Preparing To Deal With Chronic Wasting Disease In Deer November 11, 2014 Virginia

Shenandoah National Park, Park seeks imput on deer disease plan November 22, 2014 Virginia

Shenandoah park seeks to stop deer disease spread May 15, 2013 Virginia

Some Hunted Deer Must be Tested for Brain Disease November 4, 2015 Virginia

There may be fewer deer out there December 21, 2012 Virginia

Tiny gnat is big trouble for white-tails October 17, 2012 Virginia

Virginia confirms two more CWD deer March 1, 2014

Virginia expects to expand deer disease containment area February 10, 2014

Virginia hunters impacted by chronic wasting disease in Pennsylvania November 19, 2012

Virginia Hunters Needed for Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance and Management November 14, 2013

Virginia Hunters Needed for Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance November 17, 2011

Wasting disease prompts extreme measures April 27, 2015 Virginia

Wildlife Officials Shoot, Kill More Fawns for Disease Testing September 27, 2011