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Foothills deer invade urban Albuquerque August 8, 2013 New Mexico, KRQE

... Albuquerque residents lately have seen a lot of wildlife driven from the mountains in search of food and water but not like this. [drought] ... It's not unheard of to see deer in the city, game officers said adding it's certainly not common...

Silver City, NM Game and Fish begins trapping mule deer in Indian Hills January 30, 2104 New Mexico, Silver City Daily Press

...  Approximately 30 Game and Fish personnel from around the state, assisted by New Mexico State University students and Wildlife Society volunteers, on Tuesday trapped 21 deer, which will be relocated to either the San Francisco River Valley near Alma or the Peloncillo Mountains south of Lordsburg....

Silver City, NM to trap, relocate mule deer January 28, 2014 New Mexico, Associated Press 

... New Mexico wildlife managers are planning to capture and relocate mule deer from the Silver City area...  Managers are aiming to capture 100 deer... 

Silver City, Mule deer being captured and relocated in and around Silver City January 28, 2014 New Mexico, Silver City Sun News ·

... This is the second year the department has removed and relocated mule deer from Silver City and is part of ongoing population-control efforts that include population reduction hunts and trapping and moving deer.... The results of the study could lead to new ways for biologists to restore mule deer herds that are in decline ...

NMSU graduate helps restore mule deer population March 7, 2014 New Mexico, KTSM News Channel 9

...  It’s no secret the mule deer population in most parts of the West have been experiencing dramatic fluctuations throughout the last 40 years ... New Mexico Game and Fish has implemented a deer management plan to relocate the excess deer from Silver City to other areas where deer populations have declined ... “The collars will notify researchers if the deer hasn’t moved for more than four hours, meaning it may be dead,” ..

Silver City: Town council Deer Management Plan February 29, 2012 New Mexico, Silver City Sun News

New Mexico Game and Fish representative Ray Aaltonen gave a presentation on the department s Deer Management Plan, which will help address the overpopulation of deer in town. The plan includes a three-pronged approach approved by the Game Commission that will include kill permits authorizing Game and Fish to kill nuisance animals; experimental trap and transplants in which Department officers will use drop nets to capture nuisance deer in town and relocate them to wilderness areas; and finally archery-only hunts to help thin the herd.