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Indiana Disease of Deer Archive

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Biologists checking reports of dead, sick deer for EHD August 14, 2012 Indiana

Buck Fever: Ohio deer case renews criticisms of trophy buck shipments December 27, 2014 Indiana

Deadly Deer Disease Raising Concerns About Hunting Preserves August 22, 2014 Indiana

Deer disease outbreak suspected in C. Ind. county August 30, 2012 Indiana

Deer facing battles with devastating diseases October 7, 2012 Indiana

Deer firearms season opens on Saturday, EHD November 15, 2013 Indiana

Deer with bovine tuberculosis found in Franklin Co. August 17, 2016 Indiana

DNR confirms cases of EHD September 26, 2012 Indiana

DNR Tuberculosis Monitoring Explained September 7, 2016 Indiana

Dubois County, Group forms to address county's dwindling deer herd April 13, 2017 Indiana

EHD hits northern Indiana deer September 23, 2012

EHD outbreak is blamed on drought October 14, 2012 Indiana

EHD, DNR Video on Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease - August 9, 2012

Escaped deer pose risk of spreading disease in Indiana October 19, 2012

Indiana Deer Forecast for 2016 October 11, 2016

Indiana DNR calls scientific heavy hitters to captive-deer hearing August 18, 2014

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Deer kill plan for Lakeshore includes for sharpshooters and euthanasia July 10, 2012 Indiana

Indiana enlists hunters to help quell disease fears, Chronic Wasting Disease October 27, 2012

Indiana lawmakers discuss deer import ban, as feds decide against it August 19, 2014

Insect killing deer October 9, 2010 Indiana

Interim Study Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources Discusses Recommendations for Final Report October 7, 2014 Indiana

Kane County bow hunting to continue, possibly expand April 29, 2016 Indiana

Kentucky bans Hoosier captive-deer imports Indiana, February 13, 2015 Indiana

Lab tests show deer dying from virus September 20, 2012 Indiana

Lab Tests Tie Deer Deaths to EHD in Four Indiana Counties September 20, 2012

Large pile of deer carcasses found in western Indiana; investigators suspect poachers October 11, 2012 Indiana

Lawmakers consider disease impact on wildlife and farming August 21, 2014 Indiana,

Lawmakers Question Whether Deer Preserves Should Be Allowed August 19, 2014 Indiana,

Massive disease outbreak hits Iowa deer farm October 2, 2014 Indiana

No CWD detected in deer in Indiana March 14, 2021 Indiana

No end in sight for deer's Chronic Wasting Disease October 16, 2011 Indiana

No sign of neurological disease in Ind. deer March 13, 2013 Indiana,

Panel studies whether to regulate deer preserves August 19, 2014 Indiana

Search for source of deadly disease often leads to deer farms March 31, 2014 Indiana,

State Senate chief David Long calls for study of trophy deer industry's disease risks April 27, 2014 Indiana,

Summer study session set on captive deer August 1, 2014 Indiana

Suspected EHD found in Armstrong County doe October 31, 2017 Indiana

TB, Wasting Disease Non-Existent In Indiana Deer April 20, 2012 Indiana

Virus is killing deer in Indiana and Kentucky September 23, 2012 Indiana