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Oregon Transportation and Deer Archive

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Bend-area hunters adopt Highway 97 deer fence December 26, 2017 Oregon

Central Oregon mule deer migrations in crisis February 1, 2017

Commission approves roadkill salvage rules to take effect Jan. 1, 2019 October 12, 2018 Oregon

Death on the Highway October 7, 2015 Oregon

Deer migration in full swing September 29, 2016 Oregon

Deer migration poses travel risks October 9, 2017

Deer migration season means watch out on the highway October 20, 2017 Oregon

Deer, elk and even a coyote test the unique US97 wildlife undercrossing near, Bend, Oregon - September 10, 2012

Deer-car collisions on the rise in Oregon November 15, 2013

Driver hits deer, is then killed waiting for help August 26, 2013 Oregon,

Fence will keep Brookings airport free of elk October 6, 2015 Oregon

Good news for Bambi: Oregon, Washington drivers score low in deer-vehicle collisions October

Hanging deer carcass speed warning draws disgust October 29, 2015 Oregon

Hillsboro Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plan [PDF] N Atwell, J Hilterbrand, C Kaffka, A Lauber, E Shore - 2015

Hunters consider deer fence upkeep November 1, 2016 Oregon

Insurer: Deer-car collisions down in Oregon October 3, 2013

It’s Spring: Watch for wildlife on the road April 28, 2014 Oregon

Montana joins states with successful roadkill salvage laws; Oregon bans the practice November 26, 2014

ODOT warns C.O. drivers: Watch for migrating deer April 12, 2016 Oregon

ODOT working on wildlife overpass design August 17, 2014 Oregon

Oregonians have one in 239 chance of hitting deer with car, study shows September 20, 2016 Oregon,

Oregonians hit more deer while driving than anyone else on the West Coast October 4, 2017

Smoke, mud and blood caused surreal scene after elk herd were hit crossing US 26 January 5, 2018 Oregon

Why have Oregon car-versus-wildlife crashes increased dramatically in recent years? October 22, 2014

Wildlife Corridors March 21, 2016 Oregon,

Wildlife Crossings Reduce Collisions And Save Lives October 8, 2015 Oregon

Wildlife on Highway November 28, 2018 Oregon