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Wisconsin Transportation and Deer Archive

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30 deer hit by motorists in Lincoln County June 12, 2017 Wisconsin

As deer activity increases, motorists urged to slow down, be alert September 27, 2017 Wisconsin

Avoiding Deer Crashes October 6, 2011 Wisconsin

Car-deer accidents hit their peak over the next two months September 30, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer avoid becoming traffic statistic April 11, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer herd not as troubling this year June 2, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer-car crashes decline since 2000 March 26, 2011 Wisconsin

Drivers beware: June is the worst month for crashes with deer June 9, 2014 Wisconsin

Fewer deer, motorists meeting on Wisconsin roads March 27, 2011 Transportation

June a dangerous month for car-deer crashes May 30, 2013 Wisconsin

Motorists reminded to be alert for deer October 3, 2018 Wisconsin,

Potential for deer crashes will be high again this fall September 27, 2012 Wisconsin

Racine, Deer on the runway: Batten Airport deals with furry visitors January 17, 2015 Wisconsin,

Record year for Door County vehicle-deer meetings December 26, 2015 Wisconsin

State stops paying to pick up carcasses on local roads April 4, 2016 Wisconsin

Two does jump off Hwy 10 overpass south of Marshfield June 8, 2012 Wisconsin

Waukesha, No Crossing Sign for Bambi on Milky Way Road February 22, 2013 Wisconsin

White deer hit and killed near Platteville, Wis. October 31, 2014 Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR warns drivers to look for deer in June June 1, 2011

Wisconsin ranks 7th in deer collisions, numbers show decline September 16, 2014

With breeding season approaching, beware of deer in your headlights September 20, 2014 Wisconsin