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BC wary of deadly deer disease in Alberta August 29, 2016 British Columbia

Brain wasting disease research gets $2.9M in funding July 14, 2011 Canada

Can the spread of chronic wasting disease in deer, elk be stopped? June 16, 2013 Canada

Canadian woman has the answer to tick infestations in wild moose February 22, 2015 British Columbia

Chronic wasting disease detected in nearby deer February 22, 2016 Alberta

Chronic wasting disease identified in Hand Hills mule deer February 1, 2015 Alberta


Chronic wasting disease in deer continues steady march west June 29, 2012 Canada

Chronic Wasting Disease may be slowly creeping into Alberta deer populations February 20, 2019

Chronic wasting disease threatens Canadian agriculture, Alberta MLA says October 18, 2014

Chronic wasting disease unlikely to spread in moose, says Alberta government February 20, 2013

CWD confirmed in elk herd April 7, 2014 Saskatchewan

CWD travelling Red Deer River corridor April 23, 2011 Canada

Deer at Forestry Farm euthanized after Chronic Wasting Disease found January 28, 2011 Canada

Deer being tested for bovine tuberculosis September 23, 2013 British Columbia

Deer test negative for chronic wasting disease February 3, 2011 Canada

Deer tests positive for chronic wasting disease December 23, 2011 Canada

Deer tuberculosis focus of project November 7, 2014 British Columbia

Deer-killing disease spreads farther in Alberta; reaches Calgary February 23, 2011 Canada

Elk, deer at risk of infectious disorder June 17, 2013 Canada

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in Alberta, Canada MJ Pybus, M Ravi, C Pollock - Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 2014

Fighting chronic wasting disease in elk and deer September 27, 2011 Canada

First case of chronic wasting disease found in farm elk since 2002 February 9, 2015 Alberta

Forestry farm deer had chronic wasting disease January 29, 2011 Canada

Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence in Free‐Ranging Deer in Canada S Weger, B Elkin, R Lindsay, T Bollinger, V Crichton… - … and Emerging Diseases, 2016

Hundreds of North Okanagan deer heads still needed for disease study September 25, 2015 British Columbia

Infectious Disease and Grouping Patterns in Mule Deer MFM Salazar, C Waldner, J Stookey, TK Bollinger - PLoS One, 2016

Landscape connectivity predicts chronic wasting disease risk in Canada BR Nobert, EH Merrill, MJ Pybus, TK Bollinger… - Journal of Applied Ecology, 2016

MLA warns elk farming changes could raise risk of chronic wasting April 2, 2014 Ontario

MNR bungles latest regulation to prevent CWD August 20, 2010 Canada

More Saskatchewan zones with chronic-wasting disease in 2017 December 20, 2017

Municipalities, landowners, not pleased with Québec deer management plan September 16, 2019 Quebec

Nineteen new cases of chronic wasting disease in wild deer April 1, 2011 Canada

Province 'negligent' in containing cervid disease, says MLA April 2, 2018 Alberta

Province posts signs warning hunters to keep deadly deer disease out of B.C. June 13, 2013 British Columbia

Saskatchewan deer tests positive for fatal disorder December 20, 2011 Canada

U of A plan to track deadly deer epidemic wins Genome Canada funding December 8, 2016 Ontario,

U of S researchers work on vaccine for CWD September 16, 2011 Canada

Viral image of dead deer in Alberta has nothing to do with oil patch April 19, 2013 Canada

Wanted: Deer brains October 21, 2010 Canada