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North Carolina Disease of Deer Archive

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Backyard Wildlife: Why deer aren’t devouring your plants December 24, 2014 North Carolina

Chronic Wasting Disease closes in on N.C. deer population May 22, 2021, North Carolina

Chronic Wasting Disease not detected in North Carolina deer herd April 14, 2020

CWD: Let's Hope That's Not the Way Deer Are Controlled October 21, 2014 North Carlolina

Disease hits N.C. deer numbers October 1, 2012 North Carolina

EHD in Northern Piedmont NC Herd February 5, 2015

EHD, Area deer may dodge fatal disease October 3, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Deer are dying in North Carolina, EHD October 24, 2012

EHD, Deer disease turns up in Buncombe October 26, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Deer Virus Spreads In NC August 17, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Disease continues to spread to at least 50 more deer August 10, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Disease killing hundreds of deer October 23, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Disease kills [EHD] hundreds of deer in NC foothills October 8, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Hemorrhagic disease suspected in deer fatalities July 31, 2012 North Carolina

EHD, Wildlife Commission seeks reports of deer hemorrhagic diseaseJuly 24, 2012 North Carolina

Gnats to blame for hundreds of deer deaths in NC? September 5, 2012 North Carolina

Impacts of deer disease from last year expected to be short-lived, EHD September 20, 2013 North Carolina

Informational meeting on hemorrhagic fever in deer is announced September 20, 2012 North Carolina

NC Hunters May Notice Hemorrhagic Disease in Deer This Season November 9, 2011 North Carolina

NC Wildlife Officers Seize and Destroy Illegal Captive Deer - Moose North Carolina

No chronic wasting disease detected in N.C. deer herd April 22, 2021 North Carolina

North Carolina deer free of chronic wasting disease July 9, 2014 North Carolina

North Carolina places restrictions on Texas deer heads July 20, 2012

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Captive Deer Policy Statement October 4, 2011

Outbreak of Hemorrhagic Disease in Piedmont Deer Tapers Off Octoober 27, 2014 North Carolina

State to attempt testing of 3000 deer for disease September 18, 2013 North Carolina

Summer/Fall Hemorrhagic Disease Outbreak Hurts NC Deer November 1, 2012 North Carolina