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Georgia Deer Population and Management Archive

Estimated Annual Deer Kill

1950:      6,000

1968:    40,000

2000:  402,000

2001:  446,000

2002:  410,000

2003:  417,285

2004:  348,760

2005:  318,808

2006:  319,377

2007:  350,715

2008:  398,917

2009:  398,668

2010:  464,003

2011:  411,481

2012:  385,410

2013:  453,952

2014:  412,068

2015:  362,849

2016*:  316,463


changed, see below

2017:  381,629

2018:  278,403

2019:  262,042

2020: 270,272

2021: 257,441

2022:   271,207

2023:  297,877

Deer Harvest Summaries

Harvest from Mandatory


2016 258,036

2017 292,480

2018 280,175

2019 262,514

2020 270,315

2021 257,484

2022 269,932

2015-24 Deer Management Plan

Georgia Biological Deer Database

About 1 million deer in 2012-2013 and 318,113 registered hunters

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Want deer? Protect your oaks September 30, 2020 Georgia

Examining deer hearing ability September 28, 2020 Georgia

Deer researchers see face coverings differently August 27, 2020 Georgia

Forest Management for Improving Deer Populations July 21, 2020

Dart guns used in deer relocations have Georgia roots February 18, 2020 Georgia

Dart guns used in deer relocations have Georgia roots February 18, 2020 Georgia

Georgia 2020 Deer Hunting Season Forecast August 12, 2020


Georgia hunters, landowners have new deer management program November 8, 2019 

Whitetail Science: The Reason Bucks Scrape at Night October 30, 2019 Georgia

Deer season begins Saturday for archery hunters September 13, 2019 Georgia

Few Fawns Surviving On Chattahoochee National Forest August 3, 2019 Georgia

Best method for counting deer doesn't include corn, study finds July 26, 2019 Georgia, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources..

Few Fawns Surviving On Chattahoochee National Forest August 3, 2019 Georgia

Best method for counting deer doesn't include corn, study finds July 26, 2019 Georgia

As Coyotes Change The South, The South Is Changing Them April 24, 2019 Georgia

Pungent fertilizer might be solution for deer management in cotton April 15, 2019 Georgia

Exclude wild pigs from wildlife feeders with panel fencing February 14, 2019 Georgia

Georgia wildlife officials surveying 2018-19 deer season January 24, 2019

Deer season begins Saturday for archery hunters Friday 13, 2019 Georgia


Georgia 2017-18 Deer Harvest

Weather Blog: Forecast for opening weekend of firearm deer season in Georgia October October 19, 2018

Creek Tribes Were Decimated by Disease but Thrived Through Skin Trade

Ancient Origins September 19, 2018 Georgia

Facts About Deer Vision and How It Can Help Us Succeed June 5, 2018 Georgia

Ex-Georgia officials take aim at 'hunting over bait' expansion May 29, 2018

Behavioral response of white‐tailed deer to coyote predation risk - Ecosphere, 2018, Georgia

Berry starts genetic study of deer population March 17, 2018 Georgia

Lawmakers debate deer hunting rules March 12, 2018 Georgia

Seeing more coyotes where you live? Now we know why March 9, 2017 Georgia

Georgia Deer Baiting Changes July 3, 2018


Coyote Challenge offers Georgia hunters prizes for kills May 30, 2017 Georgia

Coyote challenge pales compared to deer hunters April 30, 2017 Georgia

Gov. Deal signs House Bill 208 April 25, 2017 Georgia

'Georgia Coyote Challenge' puts canine in cross-hairs March 14, 2017 Georgia

Coalition of Scientists Condemn Georgia State Sanctioned Coyote Slaughter Commenced March 1 March 2, 2017 

Bobcats breeding on Jekyll Island February 21, 2017, Florida

Georgia wildlife managers want more coyote hunting February 17, 2017

Forsyth senator introduces bill for deer hunting season February 14, 2017 Georgia,

Deer Population January 5, 2017 Georgia


Balanced deer herd takes time and perseverance December 24, 2016 Georgia

Can coyote predation risk induce reproduction suppression in white‐tailed deer? Georgia, 2016

Georgia Deer Forecast for 2016 October 11, 2016

Monroe Co. deer trace roots only to 1940's September 28, 2016 Georgia

The beautiful but sometimes destructive whitetail deer September 8, 2016 

Archer deer season starts Sept. 10 September 2, 2016 Georgia

Opening Day of Archery Deer Season is Sat. Sept. 10 August 31, 2016 Georgia

Deer and turkey management on in-common habitat August 21, 2016 Georgia

Drought hitting local farmers hard July 30, 2016 Georgia

2016-17 Georgia Hunting Seasons July 22, 2016

Appling County meets concerning deer hunting with dogs April 6, 2016 Georgia,

Can burning trees be a sign of a good thing? Absolutely March 3, 2016 Georgia

Captive white‐tailed deer industry—Current status and growing threat KP Adams, BP Murphy, MD Ross - Wildlife Society Bulletin, 2016

Coyote diets in a longleaf pine ecosystem Georgia, MJ Cherry, KL Turner, MB Howze, BS Cohen… - Wildlife Biology, 2016

US Forest Service wants to thin north Georgia forest January 29, 2016 Georgia


"Coyote Predation of Deer, Livestock and Pets" November 9, 2015 Georgia

2 major studies underway in Georgia, Alabama involving coyote research February 22, 2015 Georgia

5 things to know about Georgia's new official state mammal July 1, 2015 Georgia

Blame the weather on lack of deer for most hunters in 2015 December 25, 2015 Georgia,

Coyote and bobcat predation on white-tailed deer fawns in a longleaf pine ecosystem in Southwestern Georgia MA Nelson, MJ Cherry, MB Howze, RJ Warren… - J SEAFWA,


Coyote-tracking study is working well so far April 26, 2015 Georgia

Coyotes help manage deer populations, study finds October 29, 2015 Georgia

Deer Harvest survey Results available July 15, 2015 Georgia,

Effects of predation risk and group dynamics on white-tailed deer foraging behavior in a longleaf pine savanna MJ Cherry, LM Conner, RJ Warren - Behavioral Ecology, 2015

Forums set to talk about changes in Georgia hunting, fishing license fees May 18, 2015

Georgia Deer Forecast for 2015 September 2, 2015

Georgia sees changes in hunting regulations for 2015-2017 seasons June 5, 2015

Georgia to have uniform, statewide deer season starting in the fall June 6, 2015

Governor Deal promotes prescribed fires for healthy forests February 3, 2015 Georgia

Meetings for Georgia hunters take up various subjects January 11, 2015

Project to track coyotes in three states February 7, 2015 Georgia

State of Georgia inching closer to increasing hunting, fishing license fees July 25, 2015

Study on Coyotes Will Provide Needed Information for Management January 15, 2015 Gerogia

What's The Truth About Coyotes And Deer? June 17, 2015 Georgia

White-tailed deer, coyotes, and the ecology of fear in a longleaf pine savanna MJ Cherry - 2015

White‐tailed deer fawn recruitment before and after experimental coyote removals in central Georgia WD Gulsby, CH Killmaster, JW Bowers, JD Kelly… - Wildlife Society Bulletin, 2015

WRD Proposes More Buck-Only Days Next Deer Season May 8, 2015 Georgia,


Coyote control might not help fawn mortality September 13, 2014 Georgia

DNR deer-management plan calls for maintaining herd size October 29, 2014 Georgia

Do whitetails alter their habits to avoid coyotes? August 21, 2014 Georgia

Fallow deer numbers growing on St. Simons July 5, 2014 Georgia

Georgia Deer Forecast 2014 October, 2014

Georgia drafts plan for deer management August 17, 2014

Hunting: The season is here October 11, 2014 Georgia

Passing by young bucks and allowing them to grow to maturity pays off with more mature bucks February 1, 2014 Georgia

Primitive Weapon Season Opens October 11th October 3, 2014

Proposed Hunting Regulations March 27, 2014 Georia

Research looks at deer vision October 12, 2014 Georgia

Sapelo, Public-Land Deer Hunting In Georgia August 21, 2014 Georgia

Spring planting for wildlife April 20, 2014 Georgia

State Biologists Discuss Deer Decline in October Issue of North American Whitetail September 23, 2014 Georgia

The next 10 years of deer management August 8, 2014 Georgia

TV host proclaims need for next generation of outdoorsmen September 5, 2014 Georgia


All God's critters big and small, deer population in Georgia March 30, 2013

Antlered does do exist November 16, 2013 Georgia

Are Deer Numbers Too Low? January 3, 2013 Georgia

Buck-only days return in Georgia this weekend November 30, 2013 Georgia

Coyote inquiries on the rise this year, especially in Evans June 10, 2013 Georgia

Coyotes, UGA deer lab holds field day in Screven July 2, 2013 Georgia

Darton to offer prescribed burn manager and deer ecology courses March 5, 2013 Georgia

Deer Anatomy Lesson: How Buck Scent Glands Really Work November 1, 2013 Georgia

Deer hunters should review either sex day changes for 2013-14 season December 5, 2013 Georgia

Deer Hunting Season Rumors April 11, 2013 Georgia

Deer hunts at Savannah River Site limited, but more costly June 29, 2013 Georgia

Deer management through culling: Feasible or not? January 5, 2013 Georgia

DNR clarifies deer hunting dates, reduced deer population April 9, 2013 Georgia

Firearms Deer Hunting Season Opens Oct. 19 October 13, 2013 Georgia

G&F Forecast: Your Best Counties For Georgia Deer Hunting in 2013 October, 2013

Georgia DNR changes deer hunting regulations November 25, 2013

Georgia efforts to grow bigger bucks faring well, QDMA says February 15, 2013

Georgia's deer hunters ask DNR for shorter season April 8, 2013

Hunters gain edge after passing of "Baiting Bill" May 26, 2011

Hunters trade shots over deer breeding, killing methods September 15, 2013 Georgia

Hunters, state authorities on watch for poachers October 26, 2013 Georgia

Misinformation abounds; deer season length not being reduced April 9, 2013 Georiga

New Tracts Add More Than 1300 Acres To Oconee WMA In Georgia for Public Use November 27, 2013

Panel blocks 'breeder' deer bill in Georgia February 28, 2013

Proposed hunting regulations would trim deer season April 11, 2013 Georgia

Public Meetings Scheduled Regarding Deer Management Plans in Georgia October 29, 2013

QDMA: Coyotes and Hogs Hitting Deer Herds Hard July 19, 2013 Georgia

Red Top State Park, DNR and Red Top seek controlled deer population December 8, 2013 Georgia

Rutting Edge Research: The Latest Finding On Whitetail Breeding Behavior November 4, 2013 Georgia


Animal Advocates Gather at Georgia Capitol to Lobby for Wildlife Protection February 29, 2012

Animal rights activists' drone shot down at shooting preserve March 10, 2012 Georgia

Are pythons invading Georgia? December 7, 2012 The Augusta

Captive Deer Breeding Legislation Overwhelmingly Defeated During 2012 Legisltative Session June 5, 2012 Georgia

Chestnut, University researcher trying to revive the chesnut tree April 18, 2012 Georgia

Coyote predation could force changes in deer management June 15, 2012 Georgia

Coyotes and Deer: Research at the UGA Deer Lab - Winter 2012 March 22, 2012 Georgia

Coyotes Could Drive Deer Into “Predator Pit” April 26, 2012 Georgia

Deer Drought in Georgia? November 3, 2012

Deer Drought in Georgia? November 3, 2012

Deer farming bill would allow "genetically altered" whitetails February 25, 2012 Georgia

Deer Hunting Georgia Leases August 10, 2012

Deer Hunting Season Opens for Archers on Saturday, Sept. 8 September 2, 2012 Georgia

Deer Management In The New Era Of Coyotes August 30, 2012 Georgia

Deer numbers August 15, 2012 Georgia

Doe-to-buck ratio needs major improvement as deer season continues October 30, 2012 Georgia

Doe-to-buck ratio needs major improvement as deer season continues October 30, 2012 Georgia

Federal rules widen Bond Swamp hunting potential September 17, 2012 Georgia

Firearms deer season begins Saturday October 15, 2012 Georgia

Firearms deer season begins Saturday October 15, 2012 Georgia

Ga. wildlife officials plan to hold deer hunt November 5, 2012 Georgia

Game rangers, deer hunters hit the woods on opening day October 19, 2012 Georgia

Hungry coyotes might threaten Georgia deer herds October 22, 2012

It's Ice Cream for Deer but Poison for Humans February 15, 2012 Georgia

Jekyll Island deer an attraction, maybe a problem April 14, 2012 Georgia

Jekyll to study deer population April 6, 2012 Georgia

Look into the Future of Bowhunting August 16, 2012 Georgia

UGA Deer Lab, QDMA to present research, host banquet next week, coyotes October 2, 2012 Georgia

Unexpected Items in the Diet of the White-Tail Deer May 12, 2012 Georgia

Unsightly clearcuts herald rebirth of forests and wildlife November 10, 2012 Georgia

Yearling buck harvest drops in Georgia February 18, 2012


Acorns are the staff of life for wildlife October 26, 2011 Georgia

Deal signs bill removing deer, hog baiting restrictions May 7, 2011

Ga. House approves deer baiting March 18, 2011 Georgia

Georgia deer disappearing, some hunters say January 5, 2011

Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Celebrates A Century Of Conservation July 11, 2011

Georgia House passes bill to allow hunters to bait deer 3/17/2011

Hunting bills in House and Senate stir debate March 15, 2011 Georgia

Jack Crockford, 88: Father of the Georgia deer restoration program July 20, 2011

Lawmakers sign off on deer, feral hog baiting in South Georgia April 14, 2011

Push Made For Georgia Deer Farms Genetics December 29, 2011

Rutting whitetails: Let's get this party started October 31, 2011 Georgia

What do Georgia hunters want? April 27, 2011

Senate OKs deer, feral hog baiting in south Georgia April 1,