Sterilization Risk for Deer

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Clifton, Deer sterilization: When compassion, sport, need and science collideD ecember 26, 2015 Ohio, Cincinnati

... The premise is sterilization only works because female deer tend to remain near a particular area... Of the 41 does sterilized, all but two awoke from the anesthesia. One showed signs of having a previous disease... Necropsies were ordered on their bodies...

East Hampton, Critics Say Deer Program Went Awry June 18, 2015 New York, East Hampton Star

... three does are known to have died as a result of capture or surgery, that number falls within the normal range of complications... gruesome deaths of three of the animals and confirmation that three others died as a consequence of capture or surgery... East Hampton Village Board paid $140,000 to White Buffalo ...

East Hampton, Deer Sterilization Part II Called Off February 23, 2015 New York, East Hampton Star

... Several tagged does were found dead, at least one with a gunshot wound... Combined with this winter's extreme cold, the stress of capture could result in kidney and heart damage, he said. "My concern would be operating on animals and releasing them at night, in very cold, extreme conditions, and letting them fend for themselves without a follow-up," [ said Dr. James Meyer, a large-animal veterinarian in East Hampton] ...

NIH’s Solution to Campus Overrun With Deer: Give Them Ovariectomies December 1, 2015 Maryland, The Washington Free Beacon

...The National Institutes of Health ... is looking for a contractor to help the deer population problem on its 500-acre Bethesda headquarters, which currently has 30 to 40 deer running free ... the contractor will provide training of NIH veterinary staff in the performance of ovariectomies in deer ... [White Buffalo did the first round of ovariectomies]