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" ... The number of deer that a community wants is a community decision. There is no biologically correct number. The biological carrying capacity of many of our urban areas can be over 100 deer per square mile. What the community needs to determine is the social carrying capacity, —how many deer the citizens are willing to tolerate."   From “Urban Deer Management in Wisconsin. ” Wisconsin Urban and Community Forests, A Quarterly Newsletter of the Wisconsin department of Natural Resources Forestry Program. Volume 8, No. 1, Spring, 2000, p. 1

Wisconsin Disease of Deer Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

'Shame on the DNR' January 26, 2016 Wisconsin

1 in 4 deer in Iowa, western Dane counties has chronic wasting disease February 25, 2014 Wisconsin,

2017 Was Near Record Year For CWD From Deer Farming, Hunting Operations March 12, 2018 Wisconsin

2018 Chronic Wasting Disease, State steps up chronic wasting disease surveillance November 2, 2018 Wisconsin

5 elk brought from Kentucky to Jackson Co. dead May 11, 2015 Wisconsin

A smarter, 'passive' plan to fight CWD March 15, 2014 Wisconsin

About Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease September 28, 2021 Wisconsin

Adams County has its first deer test positive for CWD December 13, 2012 Wisconsin

Aerial deer surveys in CWD management zones December 13, 2013 Wisconsin

After scare, northern Wisconsin deer herds test CWD-free November 20, 2010

All tests done: No CWD in northern Wisconsin deer found March, 15, 2011

Another deer tests positive for CWD January 23, 2018 Wisconsin

Another deer tests positive for CWD January 23, 2018 Wisconsin,

Are Deer Safe To Eat? September 21, 2014 Wisconsin

As CWD rises in deer herd, what about risk for humans July 21, 2013 Wisconsin,

As reports continue, lawmakers try to combat chronic wasting disease February 4, 2019 Wisconsin

Baiting and feeding ban to begin for Milwaukee County after first positive CWD detection January 17, 2018 Wisconsin

Baiting bill highlights CWD ignorance March 16, 2017 Wisconsin

Bayfield County Committee Recommends Local Regulation Of Deer Farms July 2, 2019 Wisconsin

Bayfield County deer did not have CWD November 20, 2010 Wisconsin

Bill introduced to beef up fencing at Wisconsin deer farms May 3 2017

Bill would sunset CWD deer feeding bans in Wisconsin April 1, 2015 Wisconsin

Bow hunter kills Portage County's second wild deer with CWD November 1, 2013 Wisconsin

Can you eat deer that have 'chronic wasting disease'? May 24, 2018 Wisconsin

Candid talk on vaccine for CWD October 7, 2010 Wisconsin

Captive deer herd euthanized after CWD discovery November 19, 2015 Wisconsin

Cases of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) continue to rise in Wisconsin March 1, 2014

Chronic wasting disease concerns arise October 14, 2013 Wisconsin

Chronic wasting disease epidemic spreads in Wisconsin deer May 2, 2013

Chronic wasting disease implications for humans are alarming December 17, 2017 Wisconsin,

Chronic Wasting Disease in tri-state deer populations on the rise February 8, 2021 Wisconcin

Chronic Wasting Disease in White‐tailed Deer: Infection, Mortality, and Implications for Heterogeneous Transmission

Chronic Wasting Disease on the Rise in Wisconsin Deer; Will it Infect Humans June 13, 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease still alive and strong June 11, 2017 Wisconsin

Chronic Wasting Disease testing to continue this fall September 24, 2013 Wisconsin

Chronically underfunded: Deer disease continues as research money declines January 20, 2016 Wisconsin

Clark, other Dems demand action on CWD December 22, 2013 Wisconsin,

Clausen says CWD is here to stay August 11, 2013 Wisconsin

Committee votes down proposed game farm April 22, 2016 Wisconsin

Concerns Over Impact of Possible Wisconsin DNR Scientist Cuts June 11, 2015

Conservation Congress rejects CWD bounties idea May 22, 2019 Wisconsin

Conservation groups ask Gov. Evers to veto proposed CWD deer farm study July 2, 2019 Wisconsin

Cornering chronic wasting disease December 10, 2011, Wisconsin

County deer quotas up for board approval May 16, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD a moving target December 6, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD Brings Chill To Northwest Wisconsin September 3, 2012 Wisconsin

CWD causes 10% decline in deer September 3, 2016 Wisconsin,

CWD cited as reason Oshkosh sausage maker won't process venison October 6, 2017 Wisconsin

CWD confirmed in Crawford County buck harvested on private land December 16, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD deer count rising in Rock, Walworth counties November 16, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD detected at Marathon Co. deer farm December 2, 2013 Wisconsin

CWD detection in a wild deer in Eau Claire County will result in a renewal of the baiting and feeding ban April 18, 2018 Wisconsin

CWD discovery won't affect deer season February 16, 2013 Wisconsin

CWD found in deer killed in Oneida County December 3, 2015 Wisconsin,

CWD found in deer outside management zone in Grant County December 10, 2012 Wisconsin

CWD found on Burnett County deer farm October 6, 2020 Wisconsin

CWD in Wisconsin going to eventually lead to fewer deer hunters? January 4, 2016

CWD infection rates setting records in state of Wisconsin April 6, 2015

CWD news downright scary; DNR hoping no one will notice March 13, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD present, but all but forgotten in Wisconsin November 25, 2013

CWD result quarantines Washington, Bayfield county deer farms March 27, 2018 Michigan,

CWD sampling plan in place for 2015-16 deer hunting season October 6, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD testing merely small sample size these days November 27, 2015 Wisconsin

CWD Worsens to Record Levels in Wisconsin March 12, 2014

CWD-infected deer found in central Wisconsin January 8, 2013

CWD-positive deer found in Oconto County September 30, 2016 Wisconsin

CWD-Positive Deer in NW Wis. Prompts Testing April 23, 2012

CWD-positive white-tailed deer found on Iowa County farm February 5, 2016 Wisconsin

Deadly Deer Disease Confirmed in Three Wisconsin Counties September 27, 2012

Deer are in the rut -- beware on the road November 2, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer at farm get death sentence July 6, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer baiting and feeding ban expands to include Waupaca County February 5, 2014 Wisconsin,

Deer baiting, feeding ban implemented in Oconto, Menominee counties October 7, 2016 Wisconsin,

Deer baiting, feeding ban in effect for Jackson County August 6, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer density and disease prevalence influence transmission of chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer. … - Ecosphere, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer disease a threat to white-tail health September 25, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer disease confirmed in Sauk County September 29, 2012

Deer disease EHD reported in southern Wisconsin September 14, 2012

Deer disease found in Midwest [EHD] August 11, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer disease keeps worsening in Wisconsin, as predicted March 31, 2015

Deer disease spreads(CWD), but most hunters still don't test November 18, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer farmer hopes for progress on CWD testing December 4, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer farmers say new state regulation will doom their businesses May 29, 2018 Wisconsin

Deer feeding, baiting to be banned in 3 more counties July 4, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer Hunting And Management Figures Prominently At DNR Board Meeting December 9, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer preserve fined ... CWD June 3, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer still alive on farm hit by CWD August 11, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer test positive for CWD in Portage, Juneau counties January 2, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer tests positive for CWD in Waukesha County February 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer with chronic wasting disease came from north, DNR says May 7, 2012 Wisconsi

Deer-feeding ban continues in 4 northern Wisconsin counties February 13, 2013

Deer-killing disease EHD may be back September 14, 2012 Wisconsin

Delavan deer park owner settles with state over reindeer August 21, 2015 Wisconsin

Did state fail deer herd, hunters on CWD? November 20, 2015 Wisconsin

Disease (CWD) management in Wisconsin, August 30, 2011 Wisconsin

Disease sampling results provide current snapshot of CWD in Wisconsin March 3, 2015

DNR Aims To Collect 24K Samples For Chronic Wasting Disease Testing September 21, 2020 Wisconsin

DNR Confirms CWD Detected In Shawano County January 12, 2021 Wisconsin

DNR Confirms CWD In Wood County Wild Deer; Renews Baiting And Feeding Bans January 21, 2021 Wisconsin

DNR Confirms EHD In Buffalo County Deer October 2, 2020 Wisconsin

DNR Confirms Five Deer in Crawford and Richland Counties Died from EHD September 24, 2019 Wisconsin

DNR continues CWD testing in Northwest Wisconsin November 26, 2013

DNR denial can't change CWD truths March 17, 2016 Wisconsin,

DNR discusses rates of CWD in area June 23, 2016 Wisconson

DNR endorses groups' deer herd recommendations, despite CWD February 22, 2015 Wisconsin, The Idaho Statesman

DNR faces criticism over handling of chronic-wasting deer disease March 21, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR issues either-sex permits in CWD zone September 11, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR on CWD status June 6, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR proposes mandatory wasting disease tests July 9, 2019 Wisconsin,

DNR says funding, 'social/political factors' affected CWD response October 28, 2016 Wisconsin

DNR testing deer samples from Norway for CWD November 24, 2018 Wisconsin

DNR to conduct aerial survey of deer through February January 10, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR to reassess CWD strategy after discovery of 2 infected deer January 6, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR tracking outbreak of deer illness September 18, 2012 Wisconsin

Doing nothing about CWD means nothing May 30, 2014 Wisconsin

Eau Claire County deer positive for chronic wasting disease June 24, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Escaped Captive Deer on the loose in Eau Claire County July 14, 2015 Wisconsin

EHD a growing threat to Wisconsin's deer population October 24, 2012

EHD confirmed as cause of Wisconsin deer deaths September 18, 2012

EHD Confirmed in three additional counties October 2, 2012 Wisconsin

EHD deer disease confirmed in more Wisconsin counties, including Waukesha September 27, 2012

EHD outbreak declared over for 2012 November 6, 2012 Wisconsin

EHD, A midge-borne disease has killed hundreds of deer in Iowa but so far Wisconsin hasn't been hit as hard September 11, 2019 Wisconsin

Elk in Sauk County Tests Positive for CWD June 26, 2018 Wisconsin

End October deer hunt in CWD Zone August 16, 2012 Wisconsin

Environmental Factors Influencing White-Tailed Deer ... Shelli Dubay ... Plos One ... 2015

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease killed deer near Janesville September 22, 2012 Wisconsin

Escape of deer shows Wisconsin is failing to protect wild herd September 16, 2015 Wisconsin

Evaluating a strategy to deliver vaccine to white‐tailed deer at a landscape level

Evaluating Spatial Overlap and Relatedness of White-tailed Deer in a Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone SB Magle, MD Samuel, TR Van Deelen, SJ Robinson… - PLoS ONE, 2013

Feds wash hands of worsening CWD May 15, 2011

First CWD detection in Lincoln County will result in baiting and feeding ban in Lincoln and Langlade Counties January 22, 2018 Wisconsin

Follow Illinois, not Wisconsin, to slow spreading CWD August 19, 2015 Wisconsin

For first time in 5 years, CWD found in deer on preserve December 2, 2013 Wisconsin

Forest County ranch deer tests positive for wasting disease February 11, 2019 Wisconsin

Frustration over Wisconsin's effort to stop CWD is bringing people together to push for action March 30, 2019

Future of Wisconsin's deer seasons looks bleak September 5, 2015

Georgia professor unloads on USDA's new CWD certification program February 23, 2014 Wisconsin

Gov. Walker signs deer farm fencing and deer carcass transport rule September 7, 2018 Wisconsin

Governor Walker Announces Several Initiatives to Combat Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin May 13, 2016

Higher numbers of CWD-infected deer in Iowa County worry wildlife researchers April 29, 2013 Wisconsin

Holiday hunt more than an afterthought, CWD January 18, 2014 Wisconsin

How will CWD Affect Bowhunting’s Future? October 8, 2015 Wisconsin

Howard G. Olson: Changes in deer hunt, CWD control needed December 10, 2010 Wisconsin

Hundreds attend CWD hearing in Spooner April 24, 2012 Wisconsin

Hundreds Of Escapes From State Deer Farms Reported Since 2013 December 14, 2018 Wisconsin

Hunters turn in fewer samples for CWD testing December 9, 2015 Wisconsin

Hunters, deer threatened by inaction on CWD November 21, 2013 Wisconsin

Increase in chronic wasting disease samples during the 2018 surveillance season April 9, 2019 Wisconsin,

Iowa County deer breeding farm quarantined after connection to chronic wasting disease November 10, 2017 Wisconsin

Iowa County deer tests positive for chronic wasting disease January 30, 2016 Wisconsin

Is Wisconsin doing enough about CWD? November 11, 2015

John Weiss: Wisconsin game manager paints grim picture in CWD fight January 29, 2011 Wisconsin Disease

La Crosse County deer tests positive for epizootic hemorrhagic disease September 28, 2021 Wisconsin

Legislators extend deer farm fencing exception July 12, 2016 Wisconsin

Lichens found to degrade chronic wasting's prions May 18, 2011

Lichens May Aid in Combating Deadly Chronic Wasting Disease in Wildlife May 17, 2011

Local deer council weighs in on CWD January 27, 2017 Wisconsin

Macaque study heightens concerns about human susceptibility to CWD June 28, 2017 Wisconsin

Mad Cow-like Disease Growing in Deer Thanks to Deer Breeders June 1, 2014 Wisconsin

Mixed reaction to DNR deer feeding ban December 10, 2015 Wisconsin,

More deer with CWD February 21, 2019 Wisconsin

More Deer With CWD Have Some Questioning State's Management Plan April 15, 2016 Wisconsin

More than 100 deer suspected of having CWD euthanized at local farm May 18, 2018 Wisconsin

Mysterious Marathon County case underscores lack of knowledge of CWD March 8, 2014 Wisconsin

Natural Resources Board Passes Rule For Hobby Deer Farmers August 3, 2016 Wisconsin

Nearly $300K in compensation to deer farmer raises eyebrows January 22, 2016 Wisconsin

New chronic wasting disease rules enhance risks February 21, 2014 Wisconsin

New CWD detection in a wild deer harvested in Marquette County during the 2018 gun deer season March 5, 2019, Wisconsin

New CWD management plan out for review July 23, 2010 Wisconsin

New CWD report gives hunters food for thought July 22, 2015 Wisconsin

New deer hunt practice may further weaken state tracking of deadly CWD November 16, 2015 Wisconsin

New science expands Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) debate March 28, 2013 Wisconsin

New Study Shows Some Deer Less Susceptible to CWD June 5, 2018 Wisconsin,

New TB Tests for Deer, Elk Approved in Wisconsin February 14, 2013

New urgency for hunters to test deer for CWD, lab says September 12, 2017 Wisconsin

No new CWD cases so far in northern Wisconsin December 3, 2012

Northern Wisconsin County Adopts Ordinance To Regulate Deer Farms January 20, 2020

Not all deer news is good news November 21, 2015 Wisconsin

One deer still at large from Fairchild farm where CWD found October 15, 2015 Wisconsin

Onus now on Legislature to develop meaningful CWD policy October 3, 2018 Wisconsin

Pair of Deer Test Positive for CWD in Waupaca County October 23, 2017 Wisconsin,

Passive approach to CWD worth a try June 21, 2014 Wisconsin

Politicians ignore alarming CWD spike in Wyoming valley April 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Poll: Most Wisconsin Voters Believe CWD Isn't Increasing October 23, 2019

Positive sign on CWD August 15, 2010 Wisconsin

Quarantine lifted on Bayfield County deer farm May 13, 2019 Wisconsin

Reps. Kind, Sensenbrenner Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Manage and Prevent the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin March 6, 2019

Researchers trying to detect CWD prions in soil March 17, 2013 Wisconsin

Resolutions target spread of chronic wasting disease April 13, 2018 Wisconsin

Review of DNR Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan begins with Oct. 27 public meeting October 19, 2016 Wisconsin

Rules Committee Scraps Provision Restricting Movement Of Harvested Deer October 1, 2018 Wisconsin

Sampling results provide current snapshot of CWD in state March 17, 2016 Wisconsin

Sampling results provide current snapshot of CWD in state March 17, 2016 Wisconsin,

Scientist defends passive CWD approach June 30, 2014 Wisconsin

Second CWD positive deer found in Grant County December 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Second CWD-positive deer found in Oneida County January 17, 2016 Wisconsin

Second deer at Marathon County hunting preserve found to have CWD April 20, 2014 Wisconsin

Spike in positive tests spurs new CWD initiatives June 6, 2016 Wisconsin

Start of deer feeding and baiting ban encourages some hunters, worries Northwoods businesses January 11, 2016 Wisconsin

State Agencies Step Back From Walker-Era CWD Regulations March 13, 2019 Wisconsin

State in for long, hot burn on CWD November 24, 2013 Wisconsin

State not doing enough about CWD April 10, 2015 Wisconsin

State officials kept silent on CWD discovery at game farm April 4, 2014 Wisconsin

State pays farmer $298,000 for infected deer herd January 16, 2016 Wisconsin

State tracks 81 deer from game farm with CWD buck February 11, 2014 Wisconsin

State wildlife officials will again be sampling deer for CWD September 11, 2012 Wisconsin

State, region losing battle against CWD May 29, 2015 Wisconsin

Stay tuned to CWD research November 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Stop private deer industry from trucking CWD across state February 16, 2018 Wisconsin

Study Shows Some Deer Genetically Resistant to Chronic Wasting Disease August 23, 2016 Wisconsin

Study suggests shooting more bucks to reduce CWD March 28, 2014 Wisconsin

Study: Bleach Deactivates CWD Prions On Metal Surfaces October 10, 2019 Wisconsin

Support for deer feeding ban March 29, 2016 Wisconsin

System Failure Could Have Big Implications for Minnesota CWD Case March 23, 2018

Tainted plants could provide CWD-deer link September 28, 2013 Wisconsin

Temporal patterns of chronic wasting disease prion excretion in three cervid species IH Plummer, SD Wright, CJ Johnson, JA Pedersen… - Journal of General Virology, 2017

Test results provide current snapshot of CWD in south-central Wisconsin February 25, 2014 DNR News

Test show 6 percent of deer sampled infected with CWD February 28, 2018 Wisconsin

Testing shows CWD has not spread March 21, 2011 Wisconsin disease

The annual mortality rate for CWD-positive deer is double that uninfected animals, a new study shows February 28, 2019 Wisconsin

The end of deer hunting in Wisconsin? May 13, 2018

The state has pretty much abandoned CWD containment efforts. Now what? September 2, 2012 Wisconsin

Third deer positive for CWD in Marathon County October 7, 2014 Wisconsin

Transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin White-Tailed Deer: Implications for Disease Spread and Management [HTML] March 21, 2014 CS Jennelle, V Henaux, G Wasserberg, B Thiagarajan… - PLOS ONE, 2014

Tribes Want Seat At The Table On CWD Management May 21, 2018 Wisconsin

Two deer that escaped farm had chronic wasting disease February 10, 2016 Wisconsin

US Losing War Against Deer Disease, CWD May 6, 2014 Wisconsin

UW researchers verify chronic wasting disease prions at mineral lick sites May 3, 2018 Wisconsin

Wait for live CWD test before adding elk January 25, 2015 Wisconsin,

Walker evaluating alternatives as CWD infection rate rises April 21, 2016 Wisconsin

Walker needs to follow through on CWD May 20, 2016 Wisconsin,

Walker signs bill limiting deer baiting bans August 2, 2017 Wisconsin

Wasting away: Some fear that chronic wasting disease is spinning out of control May 18, 2016 Wisconsin,

Wasting disease found in Wisconsin deer December 10, 2013

Way too early to celebrate CWD vaccine August 19, 2010 Wisconsin

Wild deer tests positive for CWD in Marathon County January 23, 2020 Wisconsin

Wild deer tests positive for CWD in Sheboygan County December 13, 2019 Wisconsin

Wildlife group proposes deer farm crackdown to fight disease May 5, 2016 Wisconsin,

Winona, Former deer park is CWD-free; now what? January 20, 2020 Wisconsin

Wisconsin adopts new CWD rules for farm raised deer December 12, 2012

Wisconsin Assembly votes to relax deer baiting-feeding ban June 21, 2017

Wisconsin Conservationists Push For Double-Fencing Of Deer Farms April 18, 2016

Wisconsin CWD deer management plan September 23, 2011 Disease

Wisconsin deer farmers: Walker CWD proposals will put us out of business May 7, 2018

Wisconsin deer hunters have the opportunity to get their deer tested and help with CWD surveillance November 16, 2015

Wisconsin deer hunting: First CWD deer in Racine County December 3, 2012

Wisconsin deer research gets an essential assist from landowners November 17, 2018

Wisconsin Democrats demand state wildlife agency does more to stop chronic wasting disease December 18, 2013

Wisconsin DNR confirms chronic wasting disease in Crawford County December 19, 2015

Wisconsin DNR considers CWD [Chronic Wasting Disease] discovery's fallout April 19, 2012

Wisconsin DNR continues checking for CWD cases November 2, 2016 Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR hears from hunters on CWD issues January 23, 2020

Wisconsin DNR seeks assistance in reporting sick deer September 21, 2012

Wisconsin governor ends 4-day October hunt in CWD zone August 24, 2012

Wisconsin is failing badly at CWD management June 15, 2019

Wisconsin looks to relax deer farm fence regulations December 3, 2015

Wisconsin may buy former home of CWD-infected deer March 10, 2011 Disease

Wisconsin panel finalizes wasting disease recommendations February 1, 2017

Wisconsin state vet promotes insect control as EHD hits herds October 4, 2013

Wisconsin's Paradoxical Containment of Deer and Disease February 17, 2016 Wisconsin

“Save Our Deer” Proposal Gains Support May 12, 2017 Wisconsin,