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Idaho Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Deer Hunt, Controlled and General Hunt

2000: 43,235

2001: 53,000

2002: 40,544

2003: 41,663

2004: 43,421

2005: 53,000

2006: 42,457

2007: 53,421

2008: 43,191

2009: 41,757

2010: 43,985

2011: 41,504

2012: 49,318

2013: 48,714

2014: 61,200

2015: 68,201

2016: 66,925

2017: 51,998

2018: 52,111

2019: 45,219

2020: 49,658 

2021: 47,504

2022:  42,770



Deer Harvest Statistics

A list of articles in the Archive by Year.


Fish and Game Commission sets big game rules March 23, 2021 Idaho,

Hunter harvest was up for elk, mule deer and white-tailed deer in 2020 seasons, March 8, 2021 Idaho

North Idaho white-tailed deer fawn captures and camera efforts currently underway June 9, 2021

What does SB 1211 mean for Idaho's grey wolf population? May 17, 2021 Idaho


Game cameras took 11 million photos of wolves in Idaho for new population estimate January 24, 2020 Idaho

Harvest, hunter numbers down for deer and elk in 2019 February 24, 2020 Idaho

Idaho 2020 big game hunting outlook August 25, 2020

Radio collar and aerial survey data helps with hunt forecasting September 3, 2020 Idaho

Recent mule deer survey shows encouraging fawn count January 28, 2021 Idaho

Winter Survival Estimates For Mule Deer and Elk in Idaho Above Average June 15, 2020 Idaho


2018 deer, elk harvests similar to 2017; above 10-year averages except mule deer February 15, 2019 Idaho

Fish and Game releases winter survival rates for elk, deer June 11, 2019 Idaho

Herd of elk raising concern near Rexburg/Sugar City February 7, 2019 Idaho

MDF Completes Fourth Year of Post-Fire Habitat Restoration in Idaho Mule Deer Winter Range

Moose population declines in Idaho July 18, 2019

Mule deer fawns survival rate below average after cruel winter May 11, 2019 Idaho,

Mule deer, white-tailed deer plans available for review May 31, 2019 Idaho

Trying to find the middle ground on wolves March 1, 2019 Idaho


2017 Idaho Deer Harvest

2017 total deer and elk harvest above average, but mule deer was down March 5, 2018 Idaho

A chance for state, feds to strengthen big game herds for Idaho's hunters July 26, 2018

Beech booming as climate changes, and that's bad for forests February 25, 2018 Idaho

Big game survive is much higher than last year March 12, 2018 Idaho

CWD detection prompting mandatory sampling of all refuge elk for remainder of 2018 November 23, 2018 Idaho, National Elk Refuge

Idaho 2017 total deer and elk harvest above average, but mule deer was down March 5, 2018

Idaho 2018 outlook

Idaho farm groups help defeat 'poisonous plants' bill March 2, 2018

IDFG fees go up, sort of January 30, 2018 Idaho,

Local mountain caribou herds down to seven, survey shows May 10, 2018 Idaho

Massive juniper removal project could help Idaho sage grouse February 15, 2018 Idaho,

Northern Idaho Whitetails Forever February 7, 2018 Idaho

The incredible benefits of sagebrush-juniper in the West August 10, 2018 Idaho

US rejects request for information on Idaho wolf attacks August 31, 2018 Idaho


7 elk dead after grazing on poisonous plant in South Idaho January 4, 2017 Idaho

A bird's eye view of winter wildlife December 23, 2017 Idaho

Dangers of Japanese Yew 2017 Idaho

Elk summer-autumn habitat selection in the Clearwater Basin of north-central Idaho CRH Hagle - 2016

Emergency Feeding in 2017

Fish and Game proposes to reduce elk numbers February 22, 2017 Idaho,

GPS collars show the secret lives of deer and elk December 14, 2017 Idaho

Hunters bagging fewer deer after harsh winter November 7, 2017 Idaho

Idaho 2017 Big game outlook: Similar numbers of elk and whitetails, fewer mule deer August 21, 2017

Idaho deer tags 'maxed out' during 2016 big game season February 14, 2017

Idaho Fish & Game has seen a 'year of records,' some good, some 'challenging' February 13, 2017 Idaho

Idaho hunters bag more game, but wildlife agency struggling January 26, 2017

Idaho hunters will get more elk tags, fewer mule deer tags in 2017 after rough winter March 20, 2017

Idaho wildlife agency's license fee hike shot down by lawmaker February 1, 2017

Idaho wildlife agency's license fee hike shot down by lawmaker February 1, 2017

One year after Henry's Creek Fire, restoration of Tex Creek July 28, 2017 Idaho,

Volunteers gather lichen to help save critically endangered mountain caribou December 3, 2017 Idaho,


America’s Gray Ghosts: The Disappearing Caribou October 3, 2016 Idaho

Annual Stinking Springs area closure in effect December 8, 2016 Idaho

Big game doing fine despite the cold January 2, 2016 Idaho,

Deer hunters in early Idaho killed as many as they pleased September 10, 2016 Idaho

East Idaho home to largest concentration of migratory moose February 20, 2016

Eastern Idaho fire prompts commission to offer special hunts October 7, 2016

Eastern Idaho fire prompts commission to offer special hunts October 7, 2016

Fish and Game Opposes Bill Requiring More Big Game Tags Auctioned February 6, 2016 Idaho

Ghostly gray moose bugged by ticks March 26, 2016 Idaho,

Give deer a break in the Boise River Wildlife Management Area this winter December 12, 2016 Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game to try for fee hike once again December 7, 2016

Idaho wolf advocates challenge Wildlife Services in court June 10, 2016

Idaho's 2015 Whitetail Harvest Sets All-Time Record March 15, 2016

Idaho's 2015 Whitetail Harvest Sets All-Time Record March 15, 2016

Idaho's auction tag controversy: Preservation money or rich man's game? October 12, 2016

Legislators trying to ensure that hunting tags are awarded fairly February 18, 2016 Idaho,

Massive project proposed to remove juniper trees in Idaho November 22, 2016 Idaho,

Replenishing deer habitat in Gem County March 23, 2016 Idaho

Should more of Idaho's hunting tags go to the auction block? February 12, 2016 Idaho

Why do the plants on the new Kootenai River Islands look so brown? May 30, 2016 Idaho

Wildlife managers prepare to fight cheatgrass in wake of fire September 25, 2016 Idaho

Wintering elk are in good shape January 6, 2016 Idaho


'Big bad wolf' image doesn't match behavior June 4, 2015 Idaho

2015 SE Idaho big game proposals now online February 19, 2015

6 big changes coming for deer hunters in East Idaho April 16, 2015 Idaho

Area burned by Soda Fire has years of rehab ahead August 26, 2015 Idaho

Big Game Seasons and Rules Set For Two Years April 3, 2015 Idaho

Cascading effects of habitat on maternal condition and life-history characteristics of neonatal mule deer, Idaho. JRT Shallow, MA Hurley, KL Monteith, RT Bowyer - Journal of Mammalogy, 2015

Coalition acts to save critical easement July 31, 2015 Idaho

Fish and Game offers discounted big game tags July 31, 2015 Idaho

Collaborative conservation easements are win-win for Idaho August 20, 2015

Controlled Hunt Process May 31, 2015 Idaho

Elk group grants $211,400 to Idaho July 19, 2015 Idaho

Elk, Deer Herd Sizes Suggest Strong Fall Hunt February 26, 2015 Idaho,

F&G commissioners side with sportsmen over legislators and special interests March 12, 2015 Idaho

Fish & Game enforcing leash rules at WMA February 19, 2015 Idaho

Fish and Game forecasts good hunting season August 26, 2015 Idaho

Hailey, Developer seeks input on Quigley Canyon May 8, 2015 Idaho

House will do another vote on whether to increase risk of brainworm in wild herds February 25, 2015 Idaho

How many Idaho elk are illegally killed? November 19, 2015

Hungry Elk And Deer Find Trouble In Variety Of Northwest Towns December 31, 2015 Idaho

Idaho deer and elk hunters could have a season to brag about September 16, 2015

Idaho deer tags nearly sold out November 18, 2015

Idaho discounting big-game hunting tags in August August 3, 2015

Idaho Fish and Game seeks to raise license, tag costs January 11, 2015

Idaho Fish and Game's deer and elk outlook August 27, 2015

Idaho House committee reverses course, approves elk import rule February 11, 2015

Idaho Senate Signs Off on $400K for Wolf Board March 20, 2015

Idaho takes aim at hunting with drones January 21, 2015

Idaho wildlife official warns against changing elk importing rules February 17, 2015

Idaho's 2015 Deer and Elk Hunting Outlook August 21, 2015

Killing the messenger April 24, 2015 Idaho

Lemhi River conservation easement protects Idaho's hunting and fishing legacy August 18, 2015 Idaho

Local family establishes conservation easement on large forest land parcel March 11, 2015 Idaho,

Massive wildfires in U.S. Northwest destroyed habitats, threaten wildlife September 3, 2015 Idaho

Mild winter keeps Idaho deer and elk herds strong January 28, 2015 Idaho

New big game rules will last until 2017 March 31, 2015 Idaho,

Owners could be fined over $200 for off-leash dogs in foothills February 13, 2015 Idaho

Perfect storm: Brainworm in Idaho's wildlife, Legislature February 26, 2015

Project Successfully Maps Out Wildlife Pathways Across the "Longest Main Street in America" February 4, 2015 Idaho

Property purchased to Preserve Working Ranch and Enhance Wildlife Habitat February 19, 2015 Idaho

SE Idaho sportsmen voice opposition to extending deer hunting season March 6, 2015

St. Joe elk show signs of increase February 10, 2015 Idaho,

Surge in Idaho's deer population February 27, 2015

Surge in state’s deer population February 26, 2015 Idaho

The best places to hunt for deer in Southeast Idaho this fall August 30, 2015

Trail cameras provide deeper insight into wildlife habits August 26, 2015 Idaho

Veterinarians to Idaho: Don't risk importing parasitic worm with farmed elk February 23, 2015

Wildlife groups take aim at lethal control of predators May 30, 2015 Idaho


As Elk Move South, Problems Grow January 19, 2014 Idaho

Aspen trees disappearing from West August 10, 2014 Idaho

Average Year for Poaching, Fish and Game Officials Say November 17, 2014 Idaho

Big game belongs to all of us June 22, 2014 Idaho

Bill to lower Idaho's hunting age passes House committee February 14, 2014 Idaho

Board discounts second tag prices July 23, 2014 Idaho

Changes to the Unit 70 deer hunt August 15, 2014 Idaho

Checkstation deer harvest stats for SE Idaho November 2, 2014 Idaho

Clearwater Proposals for 2014 Big Game Seasons February 22, 2014 Idaho Fish and Game

Commission Sets Big Game, Spring Chinook 2014 Seasons March 27, 2014 Idaho

Deer hunters see success in opening of general rifle season October 11, 2014 Idaho

Deer hunting looks good; elk still a mixed bag September 11, 2014 Idaho

Economic Value of Deer Hunting in Idaho (1986)

F&G could allow sale of landowner big game tags May 13, 2014 Idaho

F&G proposes fee hike and freeze for regulars January 2, 2014 Idaho

Farming Deer October 6, 2014 Idaho

Fish and Game Discounts Second Tags for Deer, Elk July 17, 2014 Idaho

Functional analysis of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index curves reveals overwinter mule deer survival is driven by both spring and autumn phenology MA Hurley, M Hebblewhite, JM Gaillard, S Dray… Transactions of the Royal Society B, 2014

Idaho Approves Year-Round Wolf Hunting March 28, 2014

Idaho big game hunting: Fish and Game panel OKs deer, black bear and wolf changes March 25, 2014

Idaho Department of Fish and Game Ends Wolf Hunt January 28, 2014

Idaho Fish and Game asks for input on big game season proposals February 21, 2014

Idaho Fish and Game kills 23 wolves in Lolo Pass area March 1, 2014 Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game's harvest data reveals the top spots for deer hunters October 2, 2014

Idaho Mule Deer Recover in 2014 July 31, 3014

Idaho's first elk preserve created in 1909 February 19, 2014

IDFG seeks to lower age for big game hunting February 8, 2014 Idaho

Keep elk testing at 100 percent February 18, 2014 Idaho

Lack Of Snow Impacts Big Game Surveys February 10, 2014 Idaho

Linking metapopulation structure to elk population management in Idaho: a genetic approach [PDF] JL Aycrigg, EO Garton - Journal of Mammalogy, 2014

N. Idaho poachers taking heavy toll on game April 18, 2014

N. Idaho poachers taking heavy toll on game April 18, 2014

N. Idaho poachers taking heavy toll on game April 18, 2014

Panhandle elk hunters are enjoying time outdoors October 22, 2014 Idaho

Powered Parachutist Spotting Deer Fined in Idaho December 2, 2014 Idaho

Predator Derby set in Idaho, despite opposition December 26, 2014 Idaho,

Prepping for deer season at Portneuf Wildlife Management Area July 23, 2014 Idaho,

Reader spots white-tailed deer in the Barber Park area October 2, 2014 Idaho

Rifle season for deer opens Friday October 7, 2014 Idaho

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation gives $276K for Idaho projects June 4, 2014 Idaho

Salmon Proposals for 2014 Big Game Seasons February 22, 2014 Idaho

Secretary Jewell Tours Sagebrush Habitat Restoration Efforts in Southern Idaho October 14, 2014 Idaho

Southeast Proposals for 2014 Big Game Seasons February 22, 2014 Idaho

Southwest Proposals for 2014 Big Game Seasons February 22, 2014 Idaho

Studying selenium December 14, 2014 Idaho

Two poachers lose hunting privileges for life December 7, 2014 Idaho

What happened to all the pronghorn? December 2, 2014 Idaho

Wildlife dividend: Guns, ammo have direct connection to conservation April 6, 2014 Idaho

Wildlife officials predict good year for deer hunt August 2, 2014 Idaho

Will that Seedling Survive to Shelter Birds and Feed Deer? April 26, 2014 Idaho

Wolf-killing plan complicates balancing act January 14, 2014 Idaho


Bear, elk, deer killed in Elk Complex Fire August 14, 2013 Idaho

Charred Winter Range Could Threaten Magic Valley Deer, Elk November 17, 2013 Idaho

Deer struggle to cross thin ice at Lucky Peak December 16, 2013 Idaho

Deer, Elk Suspected of Spreading Noxious Weed Seeds on Farmland October 11, 2013 Idaho

Donations collected for wildlife habitat August 21, 2013 Idaho

Drought Strains Deer, Upland Bird Populations November 7 2013, Idaho

Environmentalists want Idaho wolf, coyote hunt stopped December 23, 2013 Idaho

Fish and Game Commission Sets 2013 Big Game Seasons March 20, 2013 Idaho, IDFG

Herd Status, Idaho Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast October 4, 2013

Hunt for elk proves more challenging November 30, 2013 Idaho

Idaho big game hunts will be similar to last year September 12, 2013

Idaho commission funds predator control July 17, 2013

Idaho considering hiring private trappers to manage wolf numbers in elk zones January 15, 2013

Idaho elk hunting proves more challenging December 8, 2013

Idaho explains its updated 10-year elk plan September 12, 2013

Idaho eyes 20 percent hunting license fee increase August 23, 2013 Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game pitches revenue plan November 24, 2013

Idaho Herd Status September 18, 201

Idaho Herd Status September 26, 2013

Idaho livestock group opposes bill to feed elk, deer, antelope March 21, 2013

Idaho Officials Want Your Feedback March 1, 2013 Idaho

Idaho sets 2013 big-game hunting seasons, rules March 19, 2013 Idaho

Idaho Wolf Derby Set to Take Place This Weekend December 27, 2013

IDFG says dogs and deer don't mix November 21, 2013 Idaho

Land monument good for Idaho hunters, anglers November 6, 2013 Idaho

Local students, among others restore habitation destroyed by fire April 5, 2013 Idaho

Man vs. Wolf June 20, 2013 Idaho

MDI Shrub Planting in GMU 74 to Help Restore Mule Deer Winter Range May 3, 2013 Idaho

Mule Deer Survival Update April 2013 May 15, 2013

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation spending $223K for projects in Idaho October 30, 2013 Idaho

Salt in the wound September 24, 2013 Idaho

Unit 49 elk numbers up, deer numbers strong Feburuary 8, 2013

Wildlife Managers Updating Idaho's Elk Plan, Seek Input Online April 10, 2013

Winter kill can still occur during spring March 14, 2013 Idaho

Wolf trappers catch deer, elk and other game March 4, 2013 Idaho


A new plan to draw out-of-state hunters and anglers October 30, 2012 Idaho

Big game tags for big landowners to auction off dies in the Idaho Senate February 27, 2012

Buying a wolf tag changed my motives for hunting November 6, 2012 Idaho

Can someone explain something to me?? Deer Numbers August 12, 2012 Idaho

Caribou face precarious prognosis February 26, 2012 Idaho

Cougar and wolves battle in the Bitterroot May 28, 2012 Idaho

Deer and elk outlook for 2012 hunting seasons February 1, 2012 Idaho

Deer Begin to Migrate in Some Units October 25, 2012 Idaho

Deer, bear, wolf seasons open, Silver Valley population up August 31, 2012 Idaho

Don't Forget To Report On Deer, Elk, Pronghorn Tags December 3, 2012 Idaho

Don't let state market wildlife February 15, 2012 Idaho

Elk foundation ponies up $134000 in Idaho September 20, 2012

Enhancing mule deer populations January 7, 2012 Idaho

F&G Tracks Collared Deer For Winter Populations February 29, 2012 Idaho

Fighting Forage Problems for Mule Deer November 3, 2011 Idaho

Fire affects deer population July 5, 2012 Idaho

Funds for forest grooming good for wildlife, water, fire prevention February 10, 2012 Idaho,

Grants awarded to boost elk habitat September 14, 2012 Idaho

Groups fight caribou protection in Idaho May 14, 2012 Idaho

Hope-Sagle land trade finalized January 6, 2012, Idaho

How Are Wolves Impacting Western Whitetails? September 11, 2012 Idaho

Hunters protest plan to auction premium tags February 10, 2012 Idaho

Idaho agencies split over Clearwater forest travel plan March 14, 2012 Idaho

Idaho commission to set Deer LAP August 16, 2012

Idaho considering auctioning big game tags February 19, 2012

Idaho Department of Fish and Game Hunts for New Revenue August 29, 2012

Idaho Fish & Game takes on tricky task of rewriting state's elk plan December 10, 2012

Idaho General Season Mulies September 14, 2012

Idaho sees gain in yearling bucks September 27, 2012

Idaho wildlife agents use traps to snare road hunters September 25, 2012

Idaho's big-game tag auction bill draws fire May 11, 2012

Idaho, Montana have surplus of tags for nonresidents September 27, 2012 Idaho

Idaho, Montana seek out-of-state outdoorsmen August 29, 2012 Idaho

It's status quo for big game hunters September 13, 2012 Idaho

MDI Commission Meeting Update November 19, 2012

Mild Winter Helping Mule Deer Population February 24, 2012 Idaho

Monsanto gives habitat development rights to BLM February 10, 2012 Idaho

Moose Population in Idaho October 11, 2012 Teton Valley News

Mule Deer Beat Odds after Blair Fire February 2, 2012 Idaho

Plans to protect woodland caribou cause uproar February 11, 2012 Idaho

Right to hunt, fish, trap now protected in Idaho Constitution November 7, 2012 Idaho

Three Idaho bills propose hunting changes February 10, 2012 The Idaho Statesman

Volunteers needed for planting project February 29, 2012 Idaho

Wildfires Impact Hunting Season August 21, 2012 Idaho

Wildlife Habitat Gets Helping Hand February 23, 2012 Idaho

Wildlife Tracts Help Meet Wildlife Needs September 20, 2012 Idaho


A lesson to be learned in Lolo [wolves and elk] January 29, 2011 Idaho

Are Boise and Idaho really on the same page concerning Hammer Flat? November 27, 2011 Idaho

As Idaho Plans Wolf Hunt Without Quotas, New Pack Confirmed in Cascades July 7, 2011 Idaho KUOW NPR

BLM Rigs Science to Ignore Grazing Impacts November 30, 2011 Idaho

Budget cuts threaten wildlife refuges May 13, 2011 Idaho

Demographic response of mule deer to experimental reduction of coyotes and mountain lions in southeastern Idaho August 7, 2011

F&G may expand hunts after fire November 10, 2011 Idaho

Feds propose habitat protections for Selkirk caribou November 29, 2011, Idaho

Fish and Game revenue down as fewer nonresidents hunting Idaho elk and deer November 12, 2011

Florida man sentenced for leading illegal Idaho hunt and shipping meat May 3, 2011

High number of mule deer fawns couldn't survive Valley County's winter May 12, 2011 Idaho

Idaho and Montana game officials going nuts over failure to kill enough wolves December 9, 2011

Idaho Fish and Game - Mule Deer Initiative July 29, 2011

Idaho Game Processing Plant Owner Says Numbers Off 60% December 13, 2011 Idaho

Idaho reduces deer controlled hunt tags May 23, 2011

IDFG News, Hammer Flat December 29, 2011 Idaho

Land-exchange protects habitat, improves access December 29, 2011 Idaho

Mule Deer Face Hard Times This Winter September 15, 2011, Idaho

Mule deer fawn mortality high in Bear Lake County March 18, 2011 Idaho

Over-winter Survival of Deer Fawns Down August 20, 2011 Idaho

Public comment sought on draft Mule Deer Hunt Plan at Canyon County's Lake Lowell December 7, 2011 Idaho

Quigley review yet to address previously identified wildlife issues September 2, 2011, Idaho

Record wildlife die-offs reported in Northern Rockies May 1, 2011 Idaho

SE Idaho outfitter gets heavy sentence for poaching and related crimes December 8, 2011

Stitching habitat together across public and private lands December 26, 2011 Idaho

Thanks a Lot, Uncle Sam December 21, 2011 Idaho

White-tailed deer abundant; mule deer, elk, so-so September 8, 2011 Idaho

Wild fires will impact mule deer populations August 19, 2011 Idaho

Winter feed sites authorized in SE Idaho February 18, 2011

Wolf hunting plan unveiled July 8, 2011 Idaho

Wolves are not what they have been made out to be December 3, 2011 Idaho

Deer season not welcome by all October 20, 2012 Idaho

Fish and Game looking for unusual mule deer bucks in Malad area October 7, 2010 Idaho

Idaho 1951 Deer Population Estimate