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Alabama Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Bolton: Backyard deer an enjoyable fact of life for Birmingham suburbs: Practical Local Deer Management Tips December 6, 2010

Dauphin Island Deer Moved in Retaliation December 17, 2013 Alabama

Dauphin Island, Neighbors Outraged After Pet Deer Removed From Island December 13, 2013 Alabama

Oak Mountain deer hunts scheduled for 2013-14 July 8, 2013 Alabama

Oak Mountain, Bowhunting begins Sunday at Oak Mountain November 1, 2015 Alabama,

Oak Mountain, Participation in Oak Mountain deer-control bowhunts comes only at end of rigorous vetting process July 3, 2013 Alabama

Tuscaloosa, City to study possible deer overpopulation in north Tuscaloosa December 25, 2013 Alabama