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New Mexico Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Deer Hunt, Estimated Kill

1960:  55,000

1999:  15,500

2000:  14,000

2001:  11,000

2002:    9,000

2003:    8,600



2006:    9,206

2007:  13,278

2008:  11,948

2009:  13,205

2010:    8,083

2011:    7,502

2012:  10,099

2013:    8,633

2014:    9,386

2015:  10,733

2016:  10,898

2017:  11,316

2018:  10,701

2019:  10,661

2020:  11,356

2021:   8,797

2022:   9,266

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1999 To 2003 Estimated from Graph

Elk Data







New Study Advocates Reintroducing Jaguars in Arizona and New Mexico May 20, 2021


Severe drought conditions could lead to more wildlife in your backyard March 17, 2018 New Mexico,


The elk herd returns to Ruidoso July 19, 2017 New Mexico,



Bill Would End Cougar Protection March 6, 2015 New Mexico

Coyote Kill January 5, 2015 New Mexico

Ecology of Adult Female Rocky Mountain Mule Deer Following Habitat Enhancements ... 2015, New Mexico

Eight Clovis Men Convicted of Unlawful Hunting February 10, 2015 New Mexico

Feds push Game Commission to allow Mexican gray wolf releases August 29, 2015 New Mexico

Game Commission considers proposal for cougar trapping May 3, 2015 New Mexico

History and Management of Public Rangelands in the United States: A Case Study from New Mexico April, 2015

Hunting season opens in New Mexico August 31, 2015 New Mexico

Legislation would open federal land to hunters, anglers March 11, 2015 New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish evaluates bear and cougar rules May 13, 2015

New Mexico wildlife panel denies federal wolf permit appeal September 30, 2015

Pearce bill would open New Mexico land for development September 12, 2015 New Mexico,

Proposed new rules would ease limits on bear, cougar hunting June 6, 2015 New Mexico,

Ruisoso, Removal procedure mulled for dead deer December 15, 2015 New Mexico

Senate panel advances bills to ban coyote-killing contests, hunting with drones February 4, 2015 New Mexico

Senators try to open sportsmen's access to public lands March 15, 2015 New Mexico

We’re letting another predator go down June 2, 2015 New Mexico,


Comment on Hunting Rule Development July 1, 2014 New Mexico

ESPN Outdoors 2005-2006 Whitetail Forecast

Expect Roadblocks Statewide During Hunting Seasons in New Mexico October 15, 2014

Game agency considers deer hunting reduction May 20, 2014 New Mexico

Hunters must apply for draw licenses by March 19 for most animals March 12, 2014 New Mexico

Monument status has been good for hunting, fishing in New Mexicoy October 8, 2014 New Mexico

Mule Deer in New Mexico, May, 2014

New Mexico Bans Use of Drones in Hunting July 2, 2014

New Mexico hunting license applications increase April 23, 2014 KFDA

New Mexico Hunting, Buy a Tag August 8, 2014

New Mexico takes aim at drone use in hunting May 3, 2014

New Mexico to sell leftover hunting licenses June 17, 2014

New Mexico Weighs Legal Action in Federal Land Dispute May 22, 2014

New Plan Gives Mexican Wolves More Room in New Mexico, Arizona November 24, 2014

NM officials investigate anonymous tip that poachers getting word of MNSP investigations January 29, 2014 New Mexico,

Obama declares the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region of N.M. a national monument May 22, 2014 New Mexico

Sportsmen support ban on drones June 19, 2014 New Mexico

State opens trust lands to licensed hunters, anglers January 16, 2014 New Mexico


Anti-poaching bill introduced WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS January 18, 2013 New Mexico

De La Tierra: Lions and martens and bears, oh my! January 17, 2013 New Mexico

Draft Emergency Elk Management Environmental Assessment for Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge January 9, 2013 New Mexico

Elk kill off remains a mystery September 5, 2013 New Mexico

Famed Investor Backs Fund Focused on Ranches July 15, 2013 New Mexico

G&F Forecast: Best Deer Hunting in New Mexico & Arizona in 2013 October, 2013 New Mexico

Game & Fish Dept. plans roadblocks in Taos County as hunting season begins October 9, 2013 New Mexico

Game and Fish Asks Court to Vacate Terk Decision May 28, 2013 New Mexico

How a plan to kill every wild pig in New Mexico earned across-the support July 30, 2013 New Mexico

Hunting season begins this Sunday August 30, 2013 New Mexico,

New Mexico Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast October 4, 2013

New Mexico is the driest of the dry August 6, 2013

New Rio Grande National Monument sets stage for Browns Canyon Proposal March 31, 2013 New Mexico

NM Trophy Deer Poacher Ordered To Donate $1,000 To Operation Game Thief July 1, 2013 New Mexico

Poaching greater threat to deer than drought November 6, 2013 New Mexico

Public land open for hunting season October 15, 2013 New Mexico

State officers search Santa Cruz home for evidence of deer poaching October 25, 2013 New Mexico


An Economic Nightmare for New Mexico? [feral hogs] March 5, 2012

Deer decoy operation leads to arrests December 21, 2012 New Mexico

Gila Wildfires Threaten Wildlife Industry June 12, 2012 New Mexico

Guidelines for Monitoring Elk and Mule Deer Numbers in New Mexico [PDF] October, 2012

Investigation: Illegal hunters November 7, 2012 New Mexico

Investigation: Illegal hunters November 7, 2012 New Mexico, Every year in New Mexico,Game and fish officers write scores of tickets to hunters shooting animals from the roadway and often time- from inside their vehicles. Last year over 70 citations were issued ... Under state law in order for a licensed hunter to kill a deer on public land, they must be either 40 feet from the road or on the inside of a fenced right-of-way... [see video below]...

NM coyote killing contest back on under new sponsor October 29, 2012 New Mexico

Promoter of coyote hunt pledges to use fallen animals for fur clothing November 14, 2012 New Mexico

Reorganization of NM agency rekindles debate over sportsmen needs, wildlife priorities July 21, 2012 New Mexico

Return of the Mule Deer January 25, 2012 New Mexico

Thanksgiving search warrant nets gun, crossbow, two mule deer November 27, 2012 New Mexico

Wilderness designation critical for wildlife March 15, 2012 New Mexico

Wildfires create bounty for hunters November 30, 2012 New Mexico


New Mexico law to affect hunters June 11, 2011

Behaviour and Cause-Specific Mortality of Mule Deer Fawns .. North-Central New Mexico [PDF] CA Taylor

Legislature Approves Bill to Increase Poaching Penalties, Highlights of 51st New Mexico

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