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North Carolina Deer in the News Archive

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26 deer found dead in Pinetops; 5 charged December 6, 2015 North Carolina,

A Burned Cat and a Baby Fawn Become Best Friends May 24, 2015 North Carolina,

Alleged record deer hoax attempt leads to charges October 3, 2015 North Carolina,

Baby deer rescued from lake July 22, 2013 North Carolina

Bucky The Pet Deer In Beaufort County December 6, 2013 North Carolina

Davidson man logs rare deer sighting October 4, 2013 North Carolina

Deer rescued from Nags Head surf August 27, 2015 North Carolina

Deer spotted with arrow through head in Chapel Hill October 20, 2015 North Carolina

Deer-call response frustrates March 21, 2012 North Carolina

Deer-harboring case: Protesters call for new regulations June 26, 2012 North Carolina

Endearing Deer Visits April 20, 2012 North Carolina

Fanged Whitetail Deer? January 13, 2014 North Carolina

Fawn leaps into Clayton rescuer’s arms after wandering into storm drain July 6, 2015 North Carolina

German Shepherd Returns From The Woods With Something Straight Out Of A Walt Disney Film May 20, 2015 North Carolina,

Group plans Statesville protest of deer killings May 16, 2012 North Carolina

Hoax: NC non-typical archery deer killed last week proves false, scorer says September 21, 2015 North Carolina

Huge Spike Buck Taken in North Carolina February 26, 2014 North Carolina

Marine Shoots Hunting Dogs in North Carolina November 24, 2015

Owner apologizes for bringing roadkill to NC Chinese restaurant January 21, 2016 North Carolina

Protest planned Tuesday over killing of deer June 24, 2012 North Carolina

The closing chapter of a disturbing story May 1, 2016 North Carolina

Time running out on 'Buckzilla' reward May 24, 2016 North Carolina

Two deer trapped for a week June 17, 2011 North Carolina

Virginia Beach man makes unusual find while surfing off North Carolina August 2, 2015

Watch customers, workers wrangle deer in NC Walmart December 16, 2014 North Carolina,

Wildlife biologists work to rescue deer trapped in reservoir August 7, 2012 North Carolina

Woman fawns over injured baby deer August 7, 2014 North Carolina

Woman Who Rescued Fawn 'Can't Have the Deer,' Official Says February 1, 2013 North Carolina