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Minnesota Disease of Deer Archive

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2011 had plenty of ups, downs in the outdoors, CWD December 31, 2011 Minnesota

2020 CWD testing shows low prevalence of disease in areas tested February 1, 2021 Minnesota

29 High Schoolers Infected with Rare E. Coli Strain from Deer January 12, 2012 Minnesota

3rd CWD-infected deer identified in southeastern Minnesota December 27, 2016

716 adult deer killed, all negative for CWD March 30, 2011 Minnesota Disease

After Deer Farm Tested for CWD, Farmer Welcomes Chance to Combat Disease October 30, 2017 Minnesota,

Aggressive action needed to stop CWD January 28, 2017 MInnesota,

All deer in CWD surveillance zone test negative April 8, 2011 Minnesota

Brain worms killed moose that wandered into southern Minnesota, DNR says January 31, 2015

Chronic Wasting Disease Testing Remains for SE Minnesota Deer September 9, 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease: concerns for MN wild whitetails prompts deer farm moratorium bill March 2, 2017 Minnesota

CWD found in 1 more deer; special hunts end January 26, 2017 Minnesota

CWD found on deer farms prompts new feeding ban in 11 Minnesota counties August 28, 2017

CWD in Fillmore County – aggressive response is planned December 14, 2016 Minnesota,

CWD meeting offers different management perspective February 28, 2017 Minnesota

CWD scare will be with Minnesota deer hunters for a long time to come April 12, 2011 Minnesota

CWD testing finds a total of 34 positives in 2018-2019 season May 16, 2019 Minnesota

CWD testing gets underway with opening weekend November 5, 2012 Minnesota

CWD testing leaves many unanswered questions April 10, 2011 Minnesota

CWD tests mandatory for deer harvested in central, north-central and southeast August 28, 2017 Minnesota

Deer culling continues; still no new CWD cases February 24, 2011 Minnesota Disease

Deer disease in southeast Minnesota appears to be contained, DNR says December 1, 2016 Minnesota

Deer farm infected with CWD in 2016 identifies additional cases November 9, 2018 Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Deer farmers reject DNR's emergency rule pausing movement of deer amid CWD spread June 2, 2021 Minnesota

Deer shooting near Pine Island winds down March 28, 2011 Minnesota

Deer tests positive for CWD in disease management zone October 1, 2018 Wisconsin

Deer tests show no signs of bovine TB November 18, 2012 Minnesota

DNR announces CWD zone, deer feeding ban December 12, 2016 Minnesota

DNR Busy Testing Deer For Chronic Wasting Disease November 25, 2018 Minnesota

DNR Check Deer for Chronic Wasting Disease November 8, 2010 Minnesota

DNR finds wild deer infected with EHD in southeastern Minnesota July 30, 2020

DNR reminds four-county residents of deer feeding ban January 10, 2013 Minnesota

DNR says bovine TB 'undetectable' in NW Minn. deer February 11, 2013 Minnesota

DNR says first probable deer CWD case found January 21, 2011 Minnesota Disease

DNR says no evidence CWD spreading in southeast Minnesota March 29, 2011 Disease

DNR stresses urgency in addressing Chronic Wasting Disease in Minnesota June 5, 2021

DNR suspends deer testing for bovine TB February 23, 2013 Minnesota

DNR will collect samples from harvested deer for CWD November 7, 2014 Minnesota

DNR: Good news on Bovine TB front August 19, 2010 Minnesota

East Central MN Deer Hunters Urged to Have Deer Checked for CWD October 29, 2012 Minnesota

Eden Prairie, USDA to manage Eden Prairie deer population in coming months December 3, 2016 Minnesota

EHD, Minnesota confirms outbreak of deadly deer disease September 12, 2019 Bismarck Tribune

Extensive sampling of wild deer in 2019 shows that CWD remains biggest concern in southeastern Minnesota January 21, 2020 Minnesota

Federal sharpshooters join fight against deer disease February 20, 2017 Minnesota

Fight EHD during Drought Conditions with Clean Water March 20, 2015 Minnesota

Gov. Dayton declares Minnesota TB-Free December 7, 2011

Growing threat: Chronic wasting disease in deer September 5, 2018 Minnesota

Herd-thinning could begin this week after case of CWD January 30, 2011

Hundreds of deer at Iowa farm test positive for CWD October 13, 2014 Minnesota

Is it time to end deer farming? January 22, 2017 Minnesota

Lab confirms chronic wasting disease in deer January 26, 2011 Minnesota

Late-Season Deer Hunt Aims To Stop Spread Of Brain Disease December 31, 2016 Minnesota,

Law change aims to help contain chronic wasting disease in Minnesota July 7, 2021

Minnesota DNR Examines Possible Case of Deer Mange May 12, 2014

Minnesota now free of bovine TB, USDA says October 6, 2011

Minnesota to Apply for Statewide TB-Free Status April 8, 2011 Disease

Minnesota to hire federal sharpshoots to shoot more deer in Fillmore County January 31, 2017

Minnesota's Famous Wandering Moose Was Killed by Brain Worms February 6, 2015 Minesota

MN DNR to test for CWD again this fall May 23, 2016 Minnesota,

More infected deer found in Fillmore County January 10, 2017 Wisconsin

NDA Calls for Immediate Investigation of Minnesota Board of Animal Health February 23, 217

No additional CWD positive deer detected in southeastern MinnesotaJanuary 15, 2012 Minnesota

No chronic wasting found in southeast Minn. deer January 5, 2015 Minnesota

No CWD in Minnesota October 7, 2011

No deer found positive for CWD after completion of sampling project April 9, 2011 Minnesota

No whole deer carcasses allowed to enter Minnesota September 12, 2016

No wild deer test positive for CWD April 15, 2013 Wisconsin, WDNR

NRRI researcher looks at liver fluke impact on deer and moose August 4, 2015 Minnesota

Public weighs in on new statewide deer plan March 1, 2017 Minnesota

Rabid deer found in Mower County November 5, 2012 Minnesota

Risk of CWD reaching northern Minnesota woods is low January 11, 2017

SE Minn. is ground zero for CWD tests November 11, 2011 Minnesota

Southeast Minnesota still battling CWD November 15, 2019

Special deer hunt ends; CWD found in 1 more deer January 31, 2017 Minnesota

Special SE Minnesota deer hunt to expand after sixth CWD discovery January 25, 2017

State slaps CWD quarantine on Crow Wing County deer farm December 30, 2016 Minnesota

Still much to learn about chronic wasting disease April 24, 2011 Minnesota

Still no chronic wasting in Minnesota deer tests March 25, 2011 Disease

Stories of the Year: One deer leads to big changes, CWD in deer December 31, 2011 Minnesota

Study could prove CWD spread February 8, 2011 Minnesota

Survey shows big drop in deer numbers in bovine TB core area March 25, 2012 Minnesota

Suspicious deer tests negative for CWD in SE Minnesota August 29, 2011

Tensions over deer farming surface in Minnesota's double outbreak of CWD February 20, 2017

Testing for CWD in deer turns up nothing April 7, 2011 Minnesota Disease

Tests Show No Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Minnesota December 11, 2017

Videos explain CWD testing and how to quarter and cape a deer October 1, 2018 Minnesota

Warm weather boosts CWD special hunt January 14, 2017 Minnesota,

White-tailed deer tests positive for CWD near Dassel January 20, 2017 Minnesota,

Wild deer in Stearns fall in danger of the virus carried by widgets September 18, 2019 Minnesota