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Vermont Deer in the News Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

18 dead animals found at Santa's Land March 3, 2014 Vermont

Bennington, White tails dwindle at Vermont deer park April 6, 2014

Couple Pleads Not Guilty to Deer Poaching January 14, 2015 Vermont

Deer parts in park disturbing, not uncommon October 23, 2015 Vermont

Fawns can be hiding in plain sight May 29, 2015 Vermont

Furtive fawn response bypasses state policy July 18, 2013 Vermont

Grand Isle population includes 1 white deer September 19, 2011 Vermont

Herd grows at veterans home’s deer park June 25, 2015 Vermont

In search of sheds April 3, 2012 Vermont

Irasburg couple arrested for deer poaching November 28, 2014 Vermont

Leave new fawns alone June 2, 2014 Vermont

Man Pleads Guilty to Taking Deer Illegally in VT November 14, 2014 Vermont

Santa's Land deer transferred to Bennington deer park November 1, 2014 Vermont,

Sunday Jobs: What moose, elk and deer shed becomes resource for Waitsfield business October 15, 2011 Vermont

The wonder of whitetails September 24, 2011 Vermont

Vermonters not fond of fawn policy July 20, 2013 Vermon

VPR program on VT. Deer Herd November 19, 2011 Vermont

Vt. teacher disciplined, allowed deer shooting March 20, 2013 Vermont

What colors can deer see? December 24, 2015 Vermont