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Arizona Disease of Deer Archive

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Arizona agency: Testing finds no cases of wildlife disease January 20, 2017

Arizona deer and elk hunters can assist in monitoring for CWD September 28, 2012

Arizona Deer and Elk Hunters Can Assist in Monitoring for Wildlife September 23, 2011

Arizona Deer, Elk Clear of Chronic Wasting Disease April 20, 2015

Arizona deer, elk remain free of CWD April 16, 2013

Arizona officials say no deer and elk have disease, chronic wasting disease April 9, 2013

Arizona’s deer, elk clear of Chronic Wasting Disease April 23, 2021

AZGFD asks hunters to help keep Chronic Wasting Disease at bay August 22, 2019 Arizona

Chronic wasting disease not found in Arizona deer or elk July 11, 2012

EHD, Deadly New Insect-Borne Virus Targeting Arizona Wildlife August 6, 2018

Hunters help safeguard Arizona’s deer and elk from chronic wasting disease November 9, 2018

New rules for bringing hunter-harvested deer and elk into Arizona July 9, 2013

Program aims to keep chronic wasting disease out of Arizona November 1, 2012 Arizona