Wyoming Deer Population and Management Archive - Wyoming

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Wyoming Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Reported Deer Hunt

1998:  37,026

1999:  45,570

2000:  54,377

2001:  47,943

2002:  46,796

2003:  45,710

2004:  47,466

2005:  47,599

2006:  53,925

2007:  55,061

2008:  51,130

2009:  53,267

2010:  49,100

2011:  43,366

2012:  43,860

2013   39,260

2014:  39,914

2015:  44,978

2016:  48,851

2017:  45,090

2018: 45,279

2019:  42,161

2020:  41,274

2021:  35,061

2022: 29,315 

Wyoming Hunting Reports

Elk Kill

1995:  17,695

2005:  19,708

2006:  21,680

2007:  22,523

2008   20,941

2009:  22,971

2010:  25,672

2011:  23,189

2012:  26,365

2013:  25,968

2014:  25,905

2015:  24,749

2016:  25,852 

2017:  24,535

2018:  25,091

2019:  22,644

2020:  26,491



2022:  27,011

Moose Kill


2015:    365

2016:    352

2017     296

2018:    283

2019:    289

2020:    310

2021:    329



Rough winter conditions mean reduction in Wyoming's pronghorn antelope hunting licenses April 27, 2021


BLM to conduct prescribed fire in Sweetwater County January 8, 2021 Wyoming,

Game and Fish offers informational sessions about elk feedgrounds, an issue that's divided Western Wyoming for Decades November 15, 2020 Wyoming

Governor's Trailblazing Migration Order to Hinge on Local Control February 17, 2020 Wyoming

Harsh winter impacting Wyoming wildlife, increased mortality rates expected in some areas February 3, 2020

Migratory Disturbance Thresholds with Mule Deer and Energy Development. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 2020 Wyoming

Mule deer captures to begin in northern Bighorns July 29, 2020 Wyoming

Mule deer counts strong in Sheridan region February 28, 2020 Wyoming

New shed antler boundaries now law March 25, 2020 Wyoming

Upper Powder River Mule Deer study January 26, 2020 Wyoming

Wyoming 2020 Deer Season Forecast August 18, 2020

Wyoming Territory slowly protects big game animals: Decline in population leads to regulations May 10, 2020


A lost migration route is gone forever February 20, 2019 Wyoming

Big Blizzards Tough On Mule Deer March 15, 2019 Wyoming

Big sagebrush may weather climate change March 6, 2019 Wyoming

Elk hunting outlook good, deer hunting 'mixed bag,' says G&F report September 13, 2019 Wyoming, Cowboy State Daily

Elk, horses shack up together March 13, 2019 Wyoming

Energy development threatens big game herds in Wyoming January 17, 2019 Wyoming

Federal government collects $10.8 million for lease sales in Wyoming December 12, 2019 Wyoming

Fire will help butte's wildlife September 4, 2019 Wyoming

Following the herd December 18, 2019 Wyoming

Game and Fish Department Changing Fences to Assist Wildlife Migration July 19, 2019 Wyoming

Governor Gordon launches advisory group to discuss future of big game migration routes May 7, 2019 Governor Mark Gordon - State of Wyoming

Interior plan sells out sagebrush habitat August 2, 2019 Wyoming

Killing Coyotes Is Not As Effective As Once Thought, Researchers Say June 14, 2019

Leasing in migration corridors threatens mule deer and Wyoming’s outdoor heritage February 16, 2019

Let professionals, not politicians, manage wildlife migrations October 29, 2019 Wyoming

Migrating mule deer don't need directions, study finds August 23, 2019 Wyoming

Money approved for Wyoming mule deer projects November 20, 2019

More than 23000 apply for elk licenses April 23, 2019 Wyoming

Mule deer January 28, 2019 Wyoming

National debate erupts over wildlife migration routes May 7, 2019 Wyoming

New Research Details Impact of Energy Development on Deer Habitat Use August 21, 2019 Wyoming

New research shows not all Western big game migration routes are created equal July 5, 2019 Wyoming

New Tracking Technology Reveals Hidden Animal Migration Routes January 8, 2019 Wyoming

On the trail of the hunt: bill to enable dogs to search for big game February 8, 2019 Wyoming

One deer's journey: An epic migration is revealed in new maps October 16, 2019 Wyoming

Pinedale Anticline Wildlife Monitoring Goes Infrared July 24, 2019 Wyoming

Poll: Wyoming voters ‘overwhelmingly’ support wildlife and migration corridors July 14, 2019

Prescribed burn project to start this fall in west Wyoming August 27, 2019 Wyoming

Researching diverse migration strategies July 11, 2019 Wyoming

Scientists continue uncovering unusual, epic deer migrations in western Wyoming August 16, 2019

Shifts in Wyoming migration corridors on the horizon September 10, 2019

Shorter, more limited mule deer hunts proposed March 14, 2019 Wyoming

Southern Wyoming Range Mule Deer Habitat Management Plan: Kemmerer – Cokeville Area March, 2019

State should ask BLM to delay leasing in migration corridors March 1, 2019 Wyoming

Unprecedented sagebrush die-off, recovery reveals threat of weather swings November 28, 2019 Wyoming

WGFD biologist presents updates on mule deer study October 25, 2019 Wyoming

Winter conditions in the Casper Region

Winter predation patterns of wolves in northwestern Wyoming 2019

With new group, governor hopes to address migration corridor issue in Wyoming June 18, 2019

Wyoming contests 2020 plan to wean refuge elk from artificial feed August 14, 2019

Wyoming DNR Deer Hunting Forecast September, 2019

Wyoming officials to use hay trail to lure elk to new ground December 19, 2019

Wyoming's Wildlife License Plates Strong Sellers March 6, 2019


A 'perfect policy storm' cuts puma numbers by almost half near Jackson, Wyoming August 1, 2018

A human history of the mule deer November 17, 2018 Wyoming

After one of the harshest winters in history, deer in western Wyoming rebound stronger than ever August 23, 2018

Contested drill leases see lukewarm interest October 3, 2018 Wyoming

Deal retires 24,000 acres of oil, gas drilling leases July 4, 2018 Wyoming

Drilling yields to muley migration July 31, 2018 Wyoming

Epic Wyoming mule deer migration documented again, confirming the longest path in the world July 27, 2018

Federal order conserving big game migrations offers cautious optimism to some Wyoming wildlife March 31, 2018

Hunters can plan for promising fall seasons May, 2018 Wyoming,

Lease sales in migration corridors threatens our big game heritage August 7, 2018

More hunters applying in Wyoming than in recent history July 10, 2018

More land in migration corridor proposed for Wyoming oil and gas lease sale May 25, 2018

Mule Deer Doe’s Epic Migration, Reappearance Stun UW Researchers April 9, 2018 Wyoming

Mule deer recovering, Game and Fish says January 22, 2018 Wyoming,

Prairie dogs and wildfires shape vegetation structure in a sagebrush grassland more than does rest from ungulate grazing [PDF] LC Connell, JD Scasta, LM Porensky - Ecosphere, 2018

Researchers Study How Wolf Predation Shapes Elk Antler Evolution September 4, 2018 Wyoming

State and conservationists hit stalemate over oil and gas development in southwest Wyoming mule deer corridor September 8, 2018

Sweetwater commissioners seek help with mule deer mitigation November 21, 2018 Wyoming

Sweetwater mule deer herd migration map gives clues to habitat use July 23, 2018 Wyoming,

The wolves of Yellowstone February 15, 2018 Wyoming

University of Wyoming research shows big game learn how to migrate from others, not instinct September 7, 2018

Wyoming announces big game raffle winners July 23, 2018

Wyoming commission punts on mule deer versus minerals debate September 21, 2018


Big game hunting in Wyoming a $300 million industry February 21, 2017

Bill advancing sale of wildlife locations to advance to Legislature September 2, 2017 Wyoming

Deer numbers drop almost 40 percent as animals avoid oil and gas wells, new study shows June 23, 2017 Wyoming

Deer Population Survey Complete in Southwest Bighorn Area March 29, 2017 Wyoming

Elk Migration, Stupid Wyoming Tourist Was Right After All December 22, 2017 Wyoming

Fawns dying at a surprising rate January 18, 2017 Wyoming

How many elk do Yellowstone wolves eat? March 28, 2017 Wyoming

Hunting outlook: not too bad September 28, 2017 Wyoming,

Migrating mule deer track 'green waves' of spring forage May 3, 2017 Wyoming

Mule deer and energy development‐NDASH‐long‐term trends of habituation and abundance April, 2017 H Sawyer, NM Korfanta, RM Nielson, KL Monteith… Wyoming - Global Change Biology

WGFD, public debate cause of low deer population March 30, 2017 Wyoming

While Other Species Struggle Against Jackson's Heavy Winter, Moose Thrive March 21, 2017 Wyoming

Wyoming hunting forecast: The good, the bad and the ugly March 18, 2017

Wyoming is home to one of the country's largest unfenced areas. Its future is uncertain July 1, 2017 Wyoming,

Wyoming lawmakers consider allowing counties to ban wildlife feeding January 5, 2017


"Guzzlers" provide water for wildlife across arid Wyoming December 24, 2016 Wyoming

$2.5M investment to benefit mule deer herds April 11, 2016 Wyoming

2016 Hunting Forecast August 5, 2016 Wyoming,

Bill pushes lion trapping January 23, 2016 Wyoming,

Bill Would Legalize Mountain Lion Trapping February 6, 2016 Wyoming,

Coal leasing reform benefits wildlife and ranchers August 21, 2016 Wyoming

Cody, 290 Deer Located in Cody January 25, 2016 Wyoming,

Conservation, wildlife groups make fences wildlife-friendly April 18, 2016 Wyoming,

Critical area for mule deer migration permanently protected November 12, 2016 Wyoming

Elk Foraging Site Selection on Foothill and Mountain Rangeland in Spring

Forget athlete bios, new research project creates deer profiles April 24, 2016 Wyoming,

Fracking's Total Environmental Impact Is Staggering, Report Finds April 14, 2016 Wyoming,

Game and Fish predicts a solid hunting season September 3, 2016 Wyoming

Game and Fish reflects on efforts to bolster Platte Valley herd July 23, 2016 Wyoming,

Game and Fish to study two Wyoming moose populations November 25, 2016

Industry group expresses concerns about migration corridor effort August 20, 2016 Wyoming

Maintain 11K Jackson elk April 25, 2016 Wyoming,

Mapping the Migrations of the Greater Yellowstone July 13, 2016 Wyoming

Mule Deer Population Rebounding After Good Rainfall June 28, 2016 Wyoming

Mule deer tracking: GPS assists with monitoring March 21, 2016 Wyoming

Mule deer unbottled by Lynch habitat gift July 8, 2016 Wyoming,

New fence standards sought to protect wildlife March 7, 2016 Wyoming,

New invasive grass shows up in Wyoming June 28, 2016 Wyoming

New research details how big game follow spring green-up June 21, 2016 Wyoming

On the Path of Yellowstone's Elk June 21, 2016 Wyoming,

Pinedale conservation easement called a win for wildlife May 13, 2016 Wyoming

Researchers Study The Success Of The Snowy Range Moose Herd July 15, 2016 Wyoming

Scientists discover deer migration route in Grand Teton March 25, 2016 Wyoming

State wildlife corridors rouse discussion August 23, 2018 Wyoming

Sublette Mule Deer Migration Corridor Designated December 6, 2016 Wyoming

Super Tag raffles winners announced, over $664000 generated for Wyoming wildlife July 19, 2016 Wyoming

The extra mile: Ungulate migration distance alters the use of seasonal range and exposure to anthropogenic risk H Sawyer, AD Middleton, MM Hayes, MJ Kauffman… - Ecosphere, 2016

UW Science Inspires Mule Deer Conservation at Fremont Lake February 10, 2016 Wyoming,

Why Research Matters to Mountain Lions in Wyoming July 27, 2016

Wildlife, conservation groups work to make fences wildlife-friendly April 5, 2016 Wyoming

Wolves kill 19 elk in one night on southwest Wyoming feedground March 25, 2016 Wyoming

Wolves kill 19 sick elk in Wyoming April 10, 2016

Wyoming adopts wildlife migration conservation guidelines January 28, 2016

Wyoming wildfires put strain on wildlife August 7, 2016 Wyoming

Year in review for wildlife of Wyoming December 29, 2016 Wyoming


'Like spokes on a wheel': Researchers map elk migrations in Greater Yellowstone January 27, 2015 Wyoming,

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers: Ban drone use April 1, 2015 Wyoming

Bighorns, moose and more spotted during local mule deer survey March 18, 2015 Wyoming,

Buck mule deer season ends with successful, happy hunters November 11, 2015 Wyoming

Conservation bank eyed as solution to sage-grouse woes March 19, 2015 Wyoming

Critical mule deer research relies on fundraising January 21, 2015 Wyoming

For Mule Deer, an Incredible Journey February 3, 2015 Wyoming

FWP proposes keeping wolf rules the same May 15, 2015 Wyoming

G&F surveys show increase in mule deer and antelope fawn numbers February 19, 2015 Wyoming

Game & Fish Commission sets hunting season and quotas April 24, 2015 Wyoming,

Game and Fish considers adding protections to big game migration routes November 7, 2015 Wyoming,

Game and Fish gathering public input on draft hunting seasons March 20, 2015 Wyoming,

Game and Fish search for solutions to muley decline February 4, 2015 Wyoming,

Hunting seasons open in Wyoming; wildlife populations fair October 1, 2015

In Western Coal Country, Wyoming's Industry Runs Deep May 1, 2015

Johnson County Winter Deer Survey Completed March 14, 2015 Wyoming,

Largest mule deer study in state looks at fawns and predators June 17, 2015 Wyoming

Million-dollar study looks at competition between elk and deer October 31, 2015 Wyoming

More mahogany for mule deer December 1, 2015 Wyoming

Mule Deer Project Named As Significant Area For Commitment July 10, 2015 Wyoming

Mule Deer Struggling To "Surf The Green Wave" Of Migration November 20, 2015 Wyoming

Mule deer study provides important information February 17, 2015 Wyoming

Mule Deer Surveys by helicopter to begin in February for South Wind River Herd January 22, 2015 Wyoming

New easement secured in southeastern Wyoming March 11, 2015 Wyoming

New feedground plan bans anti-wolf efforts December 9, 2015 Wyoming,

New Study Looks At Why Elk Thrive While Mule Deer Don't November 5, 2015 Wyoming

Northern Wyoming Mule Deer Migration January 8, 2015 Wyoming

Percentage of northern Yellowstone elk migrating into Montana increasing December 7, 2015 Wyoming,

Photographer follows big mammals into Yellowstone backcountry January 5, 2015 Wyoming

Research seeks reasons for demise of mule deer January 20, 2015 Wyoming,

Sportsmen's group calls for drone ban in Wyoming April 9, 2015 Wyoming

Studying Deer, and Migration, to Keep Herd Moving February 16, 2015 Wyoming

Super Tag raffle raises $641k for Wyoming wildlife management July 7, 2015 Wyoming,

Support preservation of mule deer July 15, 2015 Wyoming

Technology reveals secrets of majestic big-game migration February 18, 2015 Wyoming

Trespassing on winter ranges could have untold consequences for wildlife, officials say March 12, 2015 Wyoming,

UW Researchers Plan Wildlife Captures in March March 2, 2015 Wyoming

WGFC gives to mule-deer ‘bottleneck’ fund April 2, 2015 Wyoming,

What Really Happened In The Wyoming Big Game Draw? July 1, 2015 Wyoming

Wildlife bio uses hunting season to collect valuable data November 26, 2015 Wyoming

Wyoming Game and Fish seeks hunter input November 2, 2015

Wyoming Game and Fish supports forest thinning project November 2, 2015

Wyoming Man Busted for Using Flying Trike to Harass Elk June 2, 2015


2014 Elk, Deer, Pronghorn Hunting Season Forecast September 8, 2014 Wyoming,

A three-year study of mule deer on the Wyoming Range of western Wyoming January 2, 2014 WGF

A tough time for mule deer February 12, 2014 Wyoming

Addressing The Decline Of Mule Deer August 28, 2014 Wyoming

Baggs mule deer population joins in statewide studies December 18, 2014 Wyoming

Baggs mule deer working group meets October 22, 2014 Wyoming

BLM and WGFD Initiate Wyoming Range Mule Deer Habitat Project November 3, 2014

Burns knows hunting fee proposal a tough sell January 15, 2014 Wyoming

Declining Mule Deer Populations Focus of Sportsmen's Summit in Wyoming August 5, 2014

Decreasing mule deer population to be focus of new state working group May 5, 2014 Wyoming

Deer Migration In Wyoming, Reasons for Decline of Mule Deer May 23, 2014

Drawings Held for Resident Elk, and Resident and Nonresident Deer and Antelope Licenses June 16, 2014 Wyoming,

Drought, Drilling, And Fighting Wildfires Have Cut This Deer’s Population By Two-Thirds July 15, 2014 Wyoming

G&F predicts slow deer season locally, but elk hunting looks promising September 8, 2014 Wyoming

Game and Fish working to support sheep mountain mule deer December 20, 2014 Wyoming,

Game wardens report sharp increase in wasted game animals November 14, 2014 Wyoming

Group launches $2.1M drive to save mule deer migration parcel September 18, 2014 Wyoming

Help sought for ravaged mule deer August 19, 2014 Wyoming

How a Tiny Brain Worm Is Killing Moose Across North America October 9, 2014 Wyoming

Hunters are now welcome in one of Wyoming national park's private land December 13, 2014 Wyoming,

Hunting Forecast For The Casper Region September 10, 2014 Wyoming

Longest Mule Deer Migration Ever Recorded April 22, 2014 Wyoming

Man ordered to pay $30240 in mule deer poaching November 5, 2014 Wyoming

Mule Deer Herd Declining March 19, 2014 Wyoming

Mule deer working group forms in Casper September 24, 2014 Wyoming

New Mapping Project Details Big Game Migrations in Wyoming Wilderness November 19, 2014

New study shows elk avoid areas of energy development July 26, 2014 Wyoming

Platte River Valley, Muley Fanatic Foundation video February 4, 2014 Wyoming

Poachers to pay over $30,000 in fines for mule deer harvest November 1, 2014 Wyoming

Poll Shows Wyomingites Support a Hunting and Fishing License Hike January 22, 2014 Wyoming

Pronghorn numbers drop; researchers look for answers April 21, 2014 Wyomng

Pronghorn, deer numbers down but elk doing well in NW Wyoming August 19, 2014 Wyoming

Public Meeting Planned for Wyoming Range Mule Deer Projects September 26, 2014 Bureau of Land Management

Research helps move discussion of energy impacts on wildlife, scientist says July 26, 2014 Wyoming

Researchers outline hurdles to preserving deer migration route in western Wyoming June 27, 2014

Sage Grouse Conservation Also Helps Mule Deer Migration Routes, Study Finds September 29, 2014 Wyoming

Seasonal distribution patterns and migration routes of mule deer in the Red Desert and Jack Morrow Hills Planning Area [PDF] H Sawyer - 2014

Seasonal Resource Selection and Distributional Response by Elk to Development of a Natural Gas Field C Buchanan, JL Beck, TE Bills, SN Miller - Rangeland Ecology & Management, 2014

Sportsmen leery of oil and gas development in pristine southwest Wyoming mountains January 23, 2014 Wyoming

Study discovers new Jackson Hole deer migrations December 10, 2014 Wyoming

Study: Non-hunters contribute most to wildlife November 18, 2014 Wyoming,

The Great Mule Deer Migration and What it Means for You April 24, 2014 Wyoming

UW Researchers to Detail Newly Discovered Deer Migration April 19, 2014 Wyoming

White-tailed deer encroaching on mule deer June 16, 2014 Wyoming,

Wrong deer species costs Cheyenne man $4,010 December 19, 2014 Wyoming

Wyoming group commits $1.3 million toward 5-year mule deer research project August 26, 2014

Wyoming harvest survey uses email for first time November 4, 2014

Wyoming Hunters Enjoy Near Record Elk Harvest March 20, 2014 Wyoming

Wyoming leases 3,900 pristine acres for oil and gas June 23, 2014

Wyoming researcher focuses life work on energy, wildlife July 26, 2014

Wyoming sues feds, claiming too many wild horses December 8, 2014

Wyoming summit explores mule deer declines, ways to rebuild populations September 2, 2014


'National Geographic' snapper wants young people to get into the wild, antelope migration May 19, 2013 Wyoming

2013 Wyoming Big Game Hunting Season Forecast September 3, 2013 Wyoming,

Book chronicles history of mule deer hunts in West October 3, 2013 Wyoming

Deer, Wildlife to Likely Struggle Through 2013 Winter January 2, 2013 Wyoming

Drought and rain may impact hunting season depending on the area August 28, 2013 Wyoming

Early breeding makes life easier for some wildlife September 22, 2013 Wyoming

G&F is proposing to reduce doe/fawn licenses for deer and antelope again this season March 30, 2013 Wyoming

Game and Fish Commission approves millions in budget cuts July 9, 2013 Wyoming

Game and Fish to offer new "Super Tag" December 23, 2013 Wyoming

Game herds feel drought impact; state changing seasonal quotas March 28, 2013 Wyoming

Green River, Difficult summer affects deer population January 2, 2013 Wyoming

Hunter Applications Increase in 2013 July 3, 2013

Litter leads to Wyoming poaching conviction January 10, 2013 Wyoming

Meetings to discuss wildlife population targets May 15, 2013 Wyoming

Montana allows motorists to salvage road kill, but in Wyoming, it's a poaching offense April 18, 2013 Wyoming

Mule Deer Foundation Announces Phase IV of the Farson Landowners Landowners’ Landscape Initiative April 16, 2013 Wyoming

Mule Deer Foundation Pledges $50,000 to Help Wyoming Mule Deer July 16, 2013

New study to track greater Yellowstone area elk migration September 22, 2013 Wyoming

Platte Valley Habitat Partnership's (PVHP) Mule Deer Habitat Plan April, 2013 Wyoming

Platte Valley mule deer projects approved December 11, 2013 Wyoming

Research shows slight decline in big game antler, horn size February 4, 2013 Wyoming

Researchers begin largest mule deer study in Wyoming March 13, 2013

Researchers monitor Mule Deer in two Southwest Wyoming herds December 17, 2013

Sheridan region hunting licenses holding steady September 20, 2013 Wyoming,

Slideshow: Funding ideas for Game and Fish June 28, 2013 Wyoming

Sportsmen petition to protect Wyoming Range from oil and gas production May 30, 2013 Wyoming

Stricter hunt regulations aim to aid lagging mule deer herds August 23, 2013 Wyoming

Undercover investigators solve Wyo. wildlife crime September 19, 2013 Wyoming

UW program seeks to minimize effect of development on wildlife December 13, 2013 Wyoming

Volunteers Needed for 20th Annual Deer Mortality Surveys April 19, 2013 Wyoming

Wildlife disease control gains more focus in Montana, Wyoming November 17, 2013

Winter Resource Selection by Mule Deer on the Wyoming-Colorado Border Prior to Wind Energy Development April, 2013 Wyoming

Wyoming ranchers, outfitter say seismic exploration hurt wells, deer hunting November 13, 2013

Yellowstone wolves working with bears to bring back berries July 30, 2013 Wyoming


9th Annual Deer Mortality Survey shows encouraging overwintering results May 30, 2012 Wyoming

Baiting Bambi, it's just lazy DISS January 18, 2012 Wyomin

Black Hills deer populations good considering drought, disease November 6, 2012 Wyoming

BLM Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project, Public Meeting Scheduled September 17, 2012

Bureau of Land Management plans Atlantic Rim review meeting July 21, 2012 Wyoming

Citizen oversight fizzles in Wyoming gas patch November 6, 2012 Wyoming

Deer deaths decline in southwest Wyoming canyon May 28, 2012

Deer Mortality Low [volunteer for survey] April 24, 2012 Wyoming

Deer mortality surveys finished May 24, 2012 Wyoming

Deer-ly Departed: Revelation of mule deer 'stop-over' behavior may alter drilling plans in Bridger Teton Forest May 8, 2012 Wyoming

Drilling foes want to buy Wyoming Range leases May 25, 2012

Drought devastating to most county deer and antelope populations and habitat December 10, 2012

Experts: Many reasons for dwindling numbers April 2, 2012 Wyoming

Fewer mule deer, pronghorns along the Wyoming-Colorado border September 16, 2012 Wyoming

Fires help, drought hurts Wyoming's wildlife September 18, 2012

Fracking drives pronghorn herds out of Wyoming habitat May 4, 2012, New Scientist

Funding Alternatives for Wildlife Management September 18, 2012 Wyoming

FWP urged to look at predator impacts February 19, 2012 Wyoming

Game and Fish unveils new mule deer management plan February 20, 2012 Wyoming

Habitat Issues and the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Herd Initiative December, 2012

Hunt meeting set as elk-calf ratio declines March 23, 2012 Wyoming

Implementation begins on Platte Valley mule deer management plan March 20, 2012 Wyoming

It's time to reorganize the Wyoming Game and Fish Department January 18, 2012

Land exchange considered Public may gain access to 20,000 acres May 18, 2012 Wyoming

Mule deer partnership proposed May 23, 2012 Wyoming

NRCS Helps Preserve Wyoming Ranching Family's Way of Life with Conservation February 10, 2012

Opinions vary in Game and Fish funding issue November 7, 2012 Wyoming

Portion of growing lion population could face unlimited hunting July 8, 2012 Wyoming

Public weighs in on Bridger-Teton National Forest drilling proposal June 4, 2012 Wyoming

Stomach contents of trophy buck help convict Wyoming poachers February 15, 2012

Stopover' deer study could sway PXP outcome May 29, 2012 Wyoming

Suit filed over Wyo wolf management November 15, 2012 Wyoming

Trapping and tagging: Data helps biologists understand deer migration December 26, 2012 Wyoming

Uinta Mule Deer Project June 23, 2012 Wyoming

Uinta Mule Deer Study Update - November 13, 2012

University of Wyoming Offers Resource for Mitigating Energy Development Impacts to Wildlife May 23, 2012

Wyoming eyes hunting license fee increases October 25, 2012

Wyoming Game and Fish Department proposes license fee changes September 8, 2012

Wyoming Landmark, Family Business & Wildlife Conserved December 14, 2012

Wyoming mule deer numbers keep dropping; solutions varied March 31, 2012

Wyoming ranch sale includes conservation easement May 18, 2012

Wyoming Range Lands Withdrawn from Energy Development October 5, 2012

Wyoming tests new method for counting deer, hopes to restore herd March 3, 2012

Wyoming wolf hunt begins today October 1, 2012

WYOMING'S Mule Deer Need Our Help January 12, 2012


BLM Discusses Pinedale Mule Deer Impact | Big Game Hunt March 6, 2011 Wyoming

BLM stays course in Wyoming gas patch despite mule deer decline March 21, 2011 Population

BLM to fertilize gas drilling area to help deer August 25, 2011 Wyoming

Collecting shed antlers / horns prohibited in much of western Wyoming ... April 21, 2011 Wyoming

Comments sought on wellsite near LaBarge December 2, 2011 Wyoming

Commissioners contemplate changes April 26, 2011 Wyoming

Conservationists eye 15 Mile Basin for protection June 10, 2011 Wyoming

Deer declines trigger mitigation, anger March 1, 2011 Wyoming

Deer herd in jeopardy April 15, 2011 Wyoming Population

Energy plans draw action from environmentalists August 1, 2011 Wyoming

Fewer mule deer, pronghorns along the Wyoming-Colorado border September 18, 2011

Frustrations mount over Mesa mule deer decline in Wyoming February 24, 2011

Future is grim for deer August 14, 2011 Wyoming

G&F: no mule deer hunting on Casper Mountain September 1, 2011 Wyoming

Game and Fish Seeks Input on Declining Mule Deer Numbers November 2, 2011 Wyoming

Game and Fish surveys show heavy winter losses of mule deer in western Wyo. May 28, 2011

High mule deer winter kill in western Wyoming May 27, 2011

Impact of Fracking in Wyoming [on deer] July 3, 2011

Last winter takes toll on Sublette mule deer June 6, 2011 Wyoming

Leaving Gates Open Will Help Montana's Wintering Wildlife December 7, 2011

Lummis: Allow Wyoming Range drilling leases April 16, 2011 Wyoming Population

Meetings announced for Platte Valley mule deer initiative July 29, 2011 Wyoming

Mourning the mule deer November 3, 2011 Wyoming

Mule deer decline unlikely to change Anticline activity October 31, 2011 Wyoming

Mule deer numbers decline traced to increased oil and gas drilling September 24, 2011 Wyoming

Mule-deer plan in the works February 15, 2011 Wyoming

Officials look for ways to try and grow the state's mule deer herd November 15, 2011 Wyoming

Officials tallying Wyoming Range mule deer herd population December 1, 2011

Organization wants review of Pronghorn and Mule Deer September 15, 2011 Wyoming

Sportsmen Support Common-Sense Energy Planning to Conserve Fish & Wildlife Habitat July 13, 2011

Sportsmen Urge Congress to Respect Public Lands as Sustainable, Important Base October 16, 2011 Wyomiing

Study to document if disease is reducing size of deer population January 19, 2011 Wyoming

Study: SAR helicopters don't bother mule deer July 10, 2011 Wyoming,

Tip leads to poaching convictions for Casper couple October 15, 2011 Wyoming

Volunteers needed for annual deer mortality survey Wyoming April 28, 2011

WGFD CONDUCTS MULE DEER STUDY December 28, 2011 Wyoming

What Do You Really Believe In? September 27, 2011 Wyoming

What Happened to the Mulies and Pronghorns? August 8, 2011 Wyoming

Wyoming Land Trust launches new phase of effort to protect mule deer with modified fence August 4, 2011

Wyoming wildlife needs help protecting migrating deer November 11, 2011


Appeals court sides with BLM in Wyo. gas drilling August 2010 Wyoming Population

Group Files Appeal In Anticline Lawsuit December 3, 2010 Wyoming

High Country Views: Anticline deer decline December 10, 2010 Wyoming

Mule Deer Declines in Wyo. Gas Field Warrant 'Serious' Mitigation Response October 22, 2010

Mule deer harvest was on par with 2009 October 29, 2010 Wyoming

Mule deer population crashes in Jonah 10/27/2010 Wyoming

Pinedale Anticline Deer loss spurs on fight against gas field December 2, 2010

Pinedale Mesa deer population drops October 28,2010 Wyoming

Rifle Hunting Season For Antelope Opens This Weekend September 11, 2013 Wyoming

Wildlife Gets Short Shrift in Ruling on TRCP Suit November 21, Wyoming

Winter weather takes toll on deer in parts of Wyoming February 14, 20

Wyoming Game and Fish takes next step toward deer plan August 17, 2010

Wyoming interagenceny offices extend Mesa mule deer deadline (Deer population decline) December 19, 2010 Wyoming

Wyoming Whitetail Deer Population Estimate