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Washington Deer in the News Archive

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Arrow removed from deer's neck in Republic October 18, 2013 Washington,

Bellevue residents outraged over buck shot with bow and arrow November 20, 2017 Washington

Blacktail Deer Society — IslandWood February 6, 2012 Washington

Burien, Deer spotting running along Burien street November 17, 2014 Washington

Chehalis Loves Its Piebald Deer March 16, 2018 Washington

Deer abuser gets jail time May 19, 2017 Washington,

Deer found with arrow sticking out of its neck in Leavenworth August 21, 2019 Washington

Deer poacher soothes conscience with $6000 donation March 20, 2013 Washington

Deer story gets response January 2, 2013 Washington

Dept. Fish and Wildlife rescue deer caught in tomato cage July 31, 2017 Washington

Designed for hunters, check station draws Winthrop deer October 15, 2013 Washington

Eating That Arby's Venison Steak Sandwich Was a Mistake October 23, 2017 Washington

Fawn Rescued By Seattle Police Detective Doing Well June 12, 2017 Washington

Fawns, young elk confiscated from local wildlife center, feared overly friendly to humans November 9, 2017 Washington

First Suspects Named in Massive Northwest Poaching Ring September 1, 2017 Washington,

Fishermen help rescue baby deer in Tacoma Narrows July 9, 2013 Washington

Hiker saves baby deer, snaps adorable selfie June 6, 2015 Washington

Inside the sting that caught a Northwest wildlife killing ring June 8, 2020 Washington.  Catching a band of wildlife killers June 1, 2020 Washington

It's not just Cecil: Trophy hunting is threatening mountain lions right here in the US November 13, 2015 Washington

No more buckskin gloves for deer hides at Pacific October 19, 2014 Washington,

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies Rescue Deer From Lake December 29, 2013 Washington

Rescued deer released at Fort Flagler November 26, 2014 Washington

Retired UW prof wins surprise $408000 award August 4, 2013

Reward to be Paid in Washington Moose and Deer Poaching Case January 14, 2015

Small fawn rescued by King County employees after falling into leachate pond January 23, 2015 Washington

Spokane woman shoots 'Unicorn Deer' October 22, 2014 Washington

Teens killed deer and clustered their decomposing carcasses. That was just the bait, police say January 18, 2018 Washington

Trophy deer poacher convicted, fined September 18, 2015 Washington

Video Captures Live Rescue of Baby (Deer, that is) August 18, 2011 Washington

Video of deer clubbing ignites furious debate June 29, 2013 Wasington

Washington Poacher Who Beheaded Trophy Bucks Gets 5 Years, $24K April 25, 2014

Washougal, Rescued deer doing well after arrow removed March 7, 2013 Washington

Watch as boaters save fawn from waters in Washington July 2, 2018

Watch Washington's winter wildlife February 17, 2014 Washington

What should I do if I see an injured deer or fawn? May 2, 2015 Washington

Wildlife orphans: PAWS maxed out with fawns June 11, 2014 Washington

‘Snuff flicks’ spoil reverence of deer hunting for profit February 26, 2015 Washington