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Texas Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Archery hunting approved for four counties April 2, 2012 Texas

Austin City to meet with Northwest Austin residents about deer problem February 17, 2011 Texas

Austin City won't allow sharpshooters, trappers to reduce deer numbers (video) January 22, 20111 Texas Urban

Austin City's solution for Northwest Hills deer problem: education, more enforcement 3/15/2011 Texas Urban Austin

Austin Council bucks deer feeding ordinance August 20, 2013 Texas

Austin's deer feeding ban has had mixed results September 21, 2012 Texas

Austin, Bambi and his mom get to live! June 28, 2013 Texas

Austin, Council OKs hunt to curb deer population May 16, 2017 Texas

Austin, National Expert to weigh in on Austin deer issue September 13, 2012 Texas

Austin, Proposed ordinance would prohibit feeding deer, geese June 8, 2017 Texas,

Austin, Questions surround $2.5 million dollar fence in Austin February 1, 2014 Texas

Austin, Residents express concern over deer population September 21, 2012 Texas

Austin: City begins education effort for deer feeding ban January 28, 2011 Texas

Austin: Neighborhood group hopes to control deer humanely January 15, 2011 Texas

Austin: Steiner Ranch open to housing deer December 3, 2010 Texas

Austin: Wildlife consulting firm counting deer October 12, 2010 Urban Texas

Axle, They 'invaded.' They're destroying yards. But this Texas town says they can stay August 18, 2018

Bandeera: Arrow shot deer (photo) disappeared January 12, 2011 Texas Urban

Bobcats causing concern in North Texas neighborhood December 5, 2012 Texas

Buda, Neighbors team up to protect the wildlife roaming west of Buda April 4, 2012 Texas

College Station: Hire a Sharpshooter to Combat Deer Problem? May 20, 2011 Texas

Cordillera Ranch, White-tailed Deer Management at Cordillera Ranch October 28, 2015 Texas,

Council approves deer feeding restrictions February 17, 2016 Texas,

Dallas-area archers set sights on deer September 29, 2012 Texas

Deer hunting could open 2012 in four urbanized Texas counties November 28, 2011

Deer overtaking parks; public hunters upset that pro shooters are doing contract hunts February 12, 2016 Texas

Electric Fencing For Whitetails: Detailed history of development of electric fencing at Stephen F. Austin State University March 31, 2011 Texas Urban

Fair Oaks Ranch begins tracking city's many deer April 24, 2012 Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch studies deer contraception November 21, 2011 Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch studying if deer contraception possible October 21, 2011 Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch's deer committee recommends city manage deer herds December 25, 2010

Fair Oaks Ranch: Deer Project update, presentation by TxDOT highlight Ranch meeting January 25, 2012 Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch: FORCC considers deer sterilization October 25, 2011 Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch: Surgery seen as way to control for deer October 24, 2011 Texas

Four counties opened: TPWD considers shift in deer, bird seasons November 7, 2011 Texas

Garden Ridge decides on deer overpopulation solution December 7, 2016 Texas,

Garden Ridge says they have too many deer September 20, 2016 Texas

Garden Ridge, Dozens of deer euthanized in Garden Ridge July 11, 2016 Texas

Georgetown eyes way to slow growing deer problem January 13, 2015 Texas

Granite Shoals approves bowhunting of female deer in city February 24, 2016 Texas,

Granite Shoals outlines priorities for year, continues studying deer issue July 24, 2015 Texas

Granite Shoals seeks harmonious solution to deer population in city April 22, 2015 Texas

Granite Shoals, Group petitioning against deer-feeding ban in Granite Shoals August 3, 2016 Texas,

Granite Shoals, Town hall meeting to cover planned bowhunting of deer in Granite Shoals June 14, 2016 Texas

Harker Heights residents enjoy fawning over, feeding deer September 27, 2011 Texas

Hayes: 'Some Hays residents fed up with neighbors' deer trapping March 6, 2012 Texas

Hollywood Park council addresses deer personnel policy June 28, 2011

Hollywood Park releases list of acceptable deer food September 16, 2010 Texas

Horsehoe Bay, HSB deer traps vandalized March 13, 2-13 Texas

Hudson Oaks deer overpopulation issues growing August 27, 2013 Texas

Hudson Oaks, Masters of their doe-main: Hudson Oaks council outlaws feeding deer March 10, 2014 Texas,

Illegal Hunters Kill Deer in Texas City Park January 5, 2012

Kerrville, Other options to trapping, killing deer January 22, 2014 Texas

Lake Fork, Deer netting operation underway in Lake Fork neighborhood January 8, 2019 Texas

Lake Tanglewood,  Essentially domestic livestock' [tame deer] March 5, 2012 Texas

Lakeview, Citizens petition for deer survey March 1, 2016 Texas

Lakeway committee ramps up information-seeking campaign on deer November 11, 2018 Texas

Lakeway deer management plan drawing debate November 18, 2015 Texas

Lakeway group fights to stop deer killing February 17, 2016 Texas

Lakeway nonprofit taking on deer management program June 30, 2016 Texas

Lakeway residents demanding census on deer population November 11, 2015 Texas

Lakeway suspends controversial deer control program for a year August 23, 2018 Texas

Lakeway woman charged after interfering with deer trappers June 5, 2018 Texas

Lakeway, Billboard, video spurs effort to halt Lakeway deer-management program March 14, 2018 Texas

Lakeway, City considers conducting deer count June 10, 2015 Texas

Lakeway, Communities battle deer populations blamed for crashes, health hazards December 1, 2015 Texas

Lakeway, Group seeks sterilization program to control Lakeway's deer population December 20, 2016 Texas

Lakeway, Nonprofit pays for deer census June 16, 2016 Texas

Lakeway deer-trapping program OK'd because of false statements January 16, 2019 Texas

Lakeway, Residents and Lakeway staff face off over deer management policies December 8, 2015 Texas

Lakeway extends deer trapping suspension; approves new program August 21, 2019 Texas

Lakeway adopts deer program to 'manage impact of the herd' August 20, 2019 Texas

Lakeway wildlife chair resigns over deer issue August 31, 2019 Texas

Lakeway, Committee recommends trapping, transporting excess deer population from Lakeway to west Texas December 17, 2019 Texas

Lakeway pursues permit to trap, transport deer January 9, 2020  Texas

Leander, Hunters to use bows, arrows to thin out deer in Leander August 27, 2013

Liberty Hill: Hunting near homes divides neighbors July 20, 2011 Texas

Montgomery Trace residents claim poachers wounding deer with bow & arrows December 2, 2015 Texas

Northwest Hills deer forum draws residents wary about how city might reduce deer population January 21, 2011 Texas Urban

Northwest Hills: Deer feeding ordinance divides Northwest Hills March 2, 2012 Texas

On the hunt for urban and suburban whitetails November 11, 2013 Texas

Port Mansfield, Navigation District considers feeding ban January 3, 2012 Texas

Port Mansfield, USDA culls deer carrying ticks in Port Mansfield July 14, 2018 Texas

Residents adjust to large deer population January 12, 2014 Texas

Riverhill, Objections to Proposed Deer Cull February, 2014 Texas

Ruby Ranch homeowners vote to ban deer trapping April 15, 2012 Texas

Ruby Ranch: Community looks to ban Ruby Ranch deer trapping March 13, 2012 Texas

S.A. development forcing many deer to move March 25, 2015 Texas

San Marcos Deer Population Survey Under Way february 10, 2011

San Marcos deer population, survey results August 1, 2011 Texas

San Marcos starts deer count February 10, 2011

Shady Oaks, At least 2 deer found killed in North Side neighborhood August 14, 2012 Texas - Video

Spicewood residents argue deer-trapping process is 'cruel' February 26, 2016 Texas

Spring Branch, Neighbors divided over deer trapping and slaughtering February 2, 2018 Texas