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Illinois Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Botanic Garden works to keep deer at bay November 21, 2011 Illinois

Carbondale Allows Bow Hunting at Cedar Lake July 16, 2014 Illinois

Carbondale City Council to Consider Deer Hunting at Cedar Lake June 20, 2014 Illinois

Carbondale, Discussion of deer hunting at Cedar Lake June 24, 2014 Illinois

Channahon Village: Deer Culling to Continue, But Rounds to Change November 10, 2011 Illinois

Deer captured in downtown Chicago parking garage May 31, 2016 Illinois

Deer Impaled On Lake Forest Fence May 23, 2011 Illinois

Deer pierced by arrow wanders Moline November 8, 2017 Illinois

Dundee Township to let state kill 30 deer December 16, 2011 Illinois

Dundee Twp. residents can stop senseless deer culling March 13, 2012 Illinois

Dundee Twp. residents could overturn deer culling vote March 24, 2012 Illinois

DuPage culling nearly 400 deer from its preserves November 16, 2014 Illinois

Galena council approves deer cull May 27, 2014 Illinois

Galena deer count still waiting for snow February 22, 2016 Illinois

Galena deer panel targeting impartiality? August 27, 2015 Illinois

Galena suspends deer-culling program February 11, 2015 Illinois

Galena voters against taxpayer-funded, lethal deer cull March 16, 2016 Illinois

Galena, Reprieve for deer in Galena? May 24, 2014 Illinois

Galena: Deer-population committee recommends vote November 6, 2015 Illinois

Gilberts resident asks Kane County end bow hunting in forest preserves November 14, 2015 Illinois

Homer Glen likely won't see deer culling program this winter July 12, 2012 Illinois

Homer Glen residents say nay to deer culling, Palos referendum still too close March 20, 2012 Illinois

Homer Glen residents trying to stop deer kill November 30, 2011, Illinois

Homer Glen residents will have their say on deer culling on March 20 March 12, 2012 Illinois

Homer Glen to hold March vote on deer culling December 14, 2011 Illinois

Homer Glen will ask residents whether they support deer culling December 16, 2011 Illinois

Homer Glen, Deer culling in Homer Glen will likely be postponed September 13, 2012 Illinois

Homer Glen: Some Homer Glen residents oppose upcoming deer culling November 20, 2011 Illinois

Homer Glen: Advisory referendum on deer culling may turn up on spring ballot November 24, 2011 Illinois

Homer Glen: Deer-kill foes press the issue in Homer Glen November 24, 2011 Illinois

Hungry deer can pose threat to shrubs, trees November 8, 2014 Illinois

Illinois deer study reveals human preferences May 31, 2012

Influence of landscape factors on density of suburban white-tailed deer March 27, 2013 RE Urbanek, CK Nielsen - Landscape and Urban Planning, 2013

Joliet JC official says public seems split on proposed deer kill October 30, 2015 Illinois,

Joliet Junior College measuring up deer population problem September 29, 2015 Illinois

Joliet Junior College plans to move forward with pilot deer culling program December 1, 2015 Illinois

Joliet Junior College to hold public forum on deer population issue October 27, 2015 Illinois

Kane Co. might use hunters to control deer population August 27, 2011 Illinois

Kane County: More deer culling coming to Kane County November 11, 2011 Illinois

Kane County: Fox Valley's top stories from 2011 [deer cull] December 29, 2011 Illinois

Lake County expands culling program to thin its deer herd February 21, 2015 Illinois,

Lake Forest will not cull deer; Bannockburn will November 21, 2011 Illinois

Macomb's Spring Lake deemed ok for deer hunting August 20, 2014 Illinois

Macomb, Backers see no problem with hunting at lake July 16, 2014 Illinois

Moline approves deer hunt inside city limits September 26, 2017 Illinois

Moline deer hunt? Maybe August 11, 2017 Illiinois,

Moline, Deer kill permit awaits action by Moline aldermen April 25, 2016 Illinois

Moline, No deer kill in Moline, DNR says September 23, 2016 Illinois,

Monticello, Results of the 2012-13 Allerton Park Deer Hunter Survey November 19, 2014 Illinois

Mt Vernon Council approves deer ordinance December 6, 2011 Illinois

Mt. Vernon Tackles Growing Deer Problem December 4, 2011 Illinois

Mt. Vernon, Deer hunting ordinance needs approval December 2, 2011 Illinois

Mt. Vernon, Deer season open in Mt. Vernon October 1, 2014 Illinois

Mt. Vernon: Urban deer hunting open in Mt. Vernon December 5, 20111 Illinois

Odgen Dunes; Deer Cull Gets Green Light In Ogden Dunes December 1, 2011 Illinois

Ogden Dunes: Emergency order sought to stall Ogden Dunes deer cull December 1, 2011 Illinois

Oh deer! How to coexist with them September 2, 2011 Illinois

One Gold Coast deer dies, other sent to rehab center in Barrington November 1, 2013 Illinois

Peoria, City Council to enter deer hunting debate September 23, 2013 Illinois

Police Blotter: Oh Deer [taser for deer control] April 26, 2012 Illinois

Porter County deer management trail camera survey September 4, 2015 Illinois

Residential deer hunt permit for Moline resident denied by DNR September 2, 2016 Illinois,

River Forest, Deer complaints lead River Forest to consider hunting options September 24, 2015 Illinois

River Forest: Not much we can do about deer October 9, 2015 Illinois,

Riverwoods, Bucking for fewer deer in area November 21, 2011 Illinois

Rock Island could have more than 800 deer in city July 22, 2013

Rock Island deer hunt off to slow start December 13, 2013 Illinois

Rock Island Evaluates Urban Deer Hunt Program February 9, 2015 Illinois,

Rock Island folks against an urban deer hunt speak out to the city March 6, 2012 Illinois

Rock Island, Application process underway for archery deer hunting season in Rock Island July 26, 2016 Illinois

Rock Island, Condemned for being hungry November 4, 2013 Illiinois

Rock Island, Council backs deer hunt, mayor skeptical November 11, 2013 Illinois

Rock Island, Deer hunting approved in RI November 18, 2013 Illinois

Rock Island, Deer Population overwhelming some RI Residents May 21, 2013 Illinois

Rock Island, First Full Season Of Rock Island Deer Hunt July 31, 2014 Illinois

Rock Island, No deer hunting allowed in R.I. Chippiannock Cemetery November 29, 2013 Illinois

Rock Island, Oh deer, no easy answer for R.I.'s dilemma February 2, 2014 Illinois

Rock Island, RI deer hunt starts Oct. 1 September 18, 2015 Illinois

Rock Island: Debate Continues On Rock Island Urban Deer Hunt March 5, 2012 Illinois

Sandwich Man Arrested for Trying to Stop IDNR from Killing Deer at Commonwealth Edison Property May 2, 2016 Illiinois

Springfield, For first time, hunters will be allowed at Springfield Nature Center October 25, 2016 Illinois

Sunset Hills deer survey will continue until spring February 18, 2013 Illinois

Urban predator–prey association: coyote and deer distributions in the Chicago (Illinois) metropolitan area SB Magle, LS Simoni, EW Lehrer, JS Brown - Urban Ecosystems, 2014

Urbana's City Council to discuss deer problem December 21, 2010 Illinois

Will County forest culled 200 deer this season June 10, 2016 Illinois,

Will County Forest Preserve District Board OKs more deer culling September 12, 2013 Illinois

Will County narrowly approves expanded deer culling program September 8, 2016 Illinois

Will County OKs more deer culling February 15, 2014 Illinois

Will County taking to the skies to count Homer Township deer December 8, 2011 Illinois

Will County to continue deer culling program September 16, 2014 Illinois

Will County to target fewer deer as culling continues September 11, 2015 Illinois

Will County, Animal rights group questions deer kill March 12, 2015 Illinois

Will County, Deer culling to start in Will County November 29, 2013 Illinois

Will County, Deer population control debated again by Will County forest preserve committee August 31, 2016 Illinois

Will County, Sharpshooters to cull deer again December 4, 2015 Illinois

Will County, Winter culling program thins Springbrook deer herd by 40 March 26, 2015 Illinois

Will County: Deer culling methods concern Cook, trustees October 21, 2010

Will County: Deer culling to resume in Will forest preserves November 8, 2011 Illinois

Will County: Former Will County State's Attorney Tomczak pleads guilty in deer culling spat October 11, 2011Illinois

Winnebago County: Our Forest Preserves aren't the Good Ol' Boys' hunting club November 18, 2011 Illinois