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Maine Disease Deer Archive

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Deer Dying in the Dakotas – Is Maine Next?, EHD December 5, 2013 Maine

Detection of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Antibodies in Moose (Alces americana), Maine, - Vector-Borne and Zoonotic …, 2014

Don't blame deer because ticks carry disease June 19, 2017 Maine

Emergency Rules Enacted To Protect Deer, Moose Populations; Prevent Spread Of Chronic Wasting Disease October 11, 2018 Maine

Fears over chronic wasting disease give deer hunters pause October 15, 2018

Maine Deer and Moose Tests find no Signs of Wasting Disease April 8, 2013

Maine deer test negative for incurable disease, Chronic Wasting July 26, 2012

Nobleboro deer farm owner disputes claims about escaped animals September 14, 2012 Maine

Prevalence of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Antibodies Among White-Tailed Deer Populations in Maine JP Mutebi, M Godsey, RP Smith Jr, MR Renell, L Smith… - Vector-Borne and Zoonotic …, 2015

Sick deer don't recognize state lines July 2, 2015 Pennsylvania

State Veterinarian To Condemn Nobleboro Deer Herd September 19, 2012 Maine

Testing of deer blood helps fight disease November 7, 2011 Maine

University of Maine research tackles issue of lungworm in moose September 28, 2012 Maine

Western Maine Audubon to hear talk on moose and ticks November 10, 2014 Maine

White-Tailed Deer Hosts Malaria Parasite inside it, But A Leap to Humans is Unlikely February 6, 2016 Maine