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Tennessee Deer Population and Management Archive

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Albino deer visits Williamson family each fall November 18, 2013 Tennessee

Animals killed and injured when fire hits Tennessee rescue center June 23, 2014

Carter Co. couple runs rare deer rehab center August 16, 2013 Tennessee

City limits deer hunting surprises many December 17, 2013 Tennessee

Deer hunter befriends buck, now hopes to protect him April 30, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville deer poacher turns himself in October 31, 2014 Tennessee

Hunters get lifetime ban in 44 states after 'grotesque' video showing illegal deer killings February 10, 2016 Alabama

Local men try to save drowning deer September 15, 2015 Tennessee

MJ fire chief nearly skinny dips to save a life August 21, 2015 Tennessee

National Park reminds visitors how to safely view wildlife April 14, 2014 Tennessee,

New Deer Park at Rock City Gardens April 26, 2011 Tennessee

Owners responsible for deer-killing dogs December 7, 2013 Tennessee

Potential world record deer antlers could be worth $100,000 November 15, 2016 Tennessee,

Powell family upset TWRA removed deer they raised as family August 15, 2013 Tennessee

Quality Deer Management Association Establishes Local Branch May 23, 2012 Tennessee

Rangers save three-legged deer stranded in frozen pond February 3, 2014 Tennessee

Snowflake's visits warmed Unionville hearts December 20, 2011 Tennessee

The buck stops here January 30, 2015 Tennessee

There's a reason why I don't bow hunt October 15, 2014 Tennessee

Those whose wild animal pets were taken, killed say TWRA takes its duty too seriously April 6, 2014 Tennessee

Visitors roam among animals at Smoky Mountain Deer Farm August 25, 2014 Tennessee