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Maryland Deer in the News Archive

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Argument over wounded deer leads to roadside shooting February 1, 2015 Maryland,

Conviction in deer rescue overturned December 2, 2011 Maryland

Deer of a different color (white) seen in Fallston September 27, 2012 Maryland

In case of baby deer it's nature vs. nurture September 30, 2012 Maryland

Marylanders Reminded to Leave Deer Wild April 29, 2021

Rare white deer fascinates Crofton resident January 3, 2013 Maryland

Rescuer found guilty May 21, 2011 Maryland

Reward Offered in Deer Killing Crime in Silver Spring, Maryland July 13, 2011

Three deer break into Maryland school to escape from dogs March 11, 2014 Maryland

Youth Learn Preservation of Wildlife through Conservation November 12, 2011, Maryland