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Maine Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Bar Harbor to vote on deer management plan September 11, 2014 Maine,

Bar Harbor voters reject deer hunt concept plan November 6, 2014 Maine

Bar Harbor weighs first deer hunt in decades August 4, 2014 Maine

Bar Harbor, Deer Herd Task Force Forming December 6, 2012 Maine

Bar Harbor, Deer Shot in Yard November 2, 2012 Maine

Bar Harbor, One-time deer hunt proposed in Bar Harbor July 24, 2014 Maine

Bar Harbor, state officials discuss possible deer hunt on MDI October 20, 2012 Maine

Deer-feeding signs divide Cumberland March 28, 2011 Maine Urban Lyme Disease

Eastport, Wandering herd of deer caught on video in Eastport December 11 2017 Maine

Eastport gets its special deer hunt, but for one year only November 21, 2016 Maine,

Falmouth bans bow hunting on some town properties September 24, 2013 Maine

Islesboro's deer problem puts residents 'in limbo' May 14, 2017 Maine

Islesboro grapples over deer hunt — again June 25, 2015 Maine

Islesboro makes dramatic changes in deer hunt again December 15, 2013 Maine

Islesboro rejects deer sharpshooter plan October 20, 2014 Maine

Islesboro residents reject sharpshooting program to cull deer population October 1, 2014 Maine

Islesboro, Hunters to thin Islesboro deer herd November 9, 2012 Maine

Isleslboro, Taking the recreation out of hunting (but keeping the rack) January 7, 2013 Maine

Lyme Time? A Single Scientist Proves Vermont's Tick Problem Is Growing December 7, 2011 Maine

MDI towns looking into polling residents about hunt to deal with deer problem November 29, 2012 Maine

Mount Desert Island, Deer Glut Not Acadia's Fault January 9, 2013 Maine

Mount Desert Island, Deer Survey Goes to Voters January 9, 2013 Maine

Mount Desert Island, MDI town to poll residents about special hunt to deal with deer overpopulation January 22, 2013 Maine

Mount Desert Island, Oh, deer December 28, 2018 Maine

Mount Desert, Deer hunt idea nixed April 6, 2019 Maine,

New deer plan sure to be controversial December 22, 2016 Maine

Southwest Harbor, Deer Problem Blamed on Acadia December 12, 2012 Maine

University of Maine doesn't allow hunting September 1, 2011 Maine