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California Deer in the News Archive

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"Roadkill" collisions cost California $276 million in 2016 September 7, 2017 California

'Ghost deer' appears in Monterey neighborhood May 30, 2015 California

2 Albino deer spotted in Sacramento September 25, 2017 California

Although she ‘can’t save them all,’ wildlife rehabilitation expert is saving as many as she can November 2, 2019 California

Anaheim, Throat slitting of trapped deer was not a crime November 16, 2014 California

Angel the white deer likely died of natural causes March 8, 2017 California

Animal [deer] skulls discovered being smuggled through SFO January 17, 2012 California

Are More Non-Indigenous Deer Wandering Mariposa County? August 15, 2013 California

Authorities searching for deer shot by arrow in Berkeley November 1, 2012 California

Baby deer rescued near Dominican Hospital April 22, 2014 California

Berkeley Police Rescue Distressed Deer Caught In Fence April 30, 2011 California

Best spots to see wildlife in the Bay Area March 5, 2015 California

Big effort underway to save small La Cañada fawn hobbled by illegal trap October 11, 2019 California

Buck antlers get tangled in Christmas lights December 2, 2019 California

Buck entangled in electric net fencing September 30, 2014 California

Bull Elk go swimming: those lazy, hazy days of summer June 18, 2018 California

California Deer Videos 2014

California Mule Deer or Black-tailed Deer? Identifying the deer in our mountains September 2, 2018

California Wildlife Center in Calabasas October 4, 2010

California Wildlife Center Spring Open House April 27 April 24, 2014 California

California Wildlife Center: The Wild Brunch August 10, 2010

California Wildlife Investigators to Seek Prosecution of Man Who Shot Deer With Arrow in Monrovia Neighborhood September 18, 2017 California

California wildlife official in hot water over mountain lion hunt February 18, 2012

Carmel Valley Ranch encourages adults to be children again July 12, 2012 California

Carmel Valley Ranch: It's like summer camp for adults December 2, 2011, California

CDFW Warden K-9 Helps Reconstruct Deer Poaching Crime Scene April 14, 2014 California,

Cecil the lion’s killer paid California $45,000 at auction to bag trophy elk August 7, 2015 California

CHP rescues baby deer at Carr Fire, gets a new fan July 27, 2018 California

Convicted felon trying to shoot deer arrested August 14, 2013 California

Corona, Deer rescued from lake euthanized due to bite wounds May 5, 2015 California

Curious baby deer climbs into California police car May 8, 2018

Decision by state to release pet deer criticized March 28, 2013 California

Decision by wildlife officials to release pet deer criticized April 2, 2013 California

Deepak Chopra - I'm At My Retreat In Asilomar, Deer Outside My Window September 9, 2012 California

Deer Antler Spray Company Sues Major League Baseball May 9, 2012 California

Deer ate his shrubs, so he shot them and left them to rot November 14, 2019

Deer dies after wandering downtown, Laguna Beach August 20, 2010 California

Deer euthanized in La Crescenta August 17, 2013 California

Deer Goes for Swim in Backyard Pool at Encino Home September 27, 2014 California

Deer in distress from peanut butter jar is freed, Placer resident says July 12, 2018 California

Deer Put Down After Hiker's Dog Attacks Near Millard Canyon July 3, 2013 California

Deer rescued after getting stuck in mud at Bolinas Lagoon December 21, 2015 California

Deer rescued from irrigation canal in Blythe July 8, 2015 California,

Deer running for their lives ... September 26, 2015 California

Deer shocks surfers after rushing into the ocean at Salt Creek September 1, 2016 Califorrnia

Deer spotted on Bay Bridge early this morning August 29, 2017 California,

Deer spotted swimming at Seacliff State Beach May 2, 2018 California

Deer spotted swimming off Moss Landing beach February 18, 2013 Califonia

Deer stop traffic while jogging across Golden Gate Bridge September 5, 2014 California

Deer Trapped In Frigid Canal Waters Pulled To Safety February 7, 2012 California

Deer, stuck in rope swing, rescued in California (video) October 22, 2011

Deer-ly beloved May 13, 2016 California

Dogs shot in Carmichael by CHP for safety of public May 31, 2013 California

Dramatic Deer Rescue In Santa Cruz Mountains Highlights Danger of Fishing Nets July 24, 2013 California

Fair Oaks, Sac Metro Fire Crews Rescue Baby Deer July 30, 2015 California

Fawn displaced by the Carr Fire returned to the wild October 23, 2018 California

Fawn rescued from 275-acre wildfire near San Luis Reservoir May 11, 2015 California

Fawn's shooting death rocks Oakmont July 20, 2012 California

Firefighters battling the Holy Jim wildfire pause to save the life of dehydrated deer August 13, 2018 California

Firefighters Lasso Deer Stranded In Canal October 9, 2018 California

Firefighters reach into a California storm drain — and pull out a baby deer, video shows May 8, 2019

Firefighters Rescue Deer Stuck In Fence March 28, 2019 California,

Firefighters rescue deer trapped in canal's water December 25, 2012 California

Firefighters rescue fawns at site of Northern California wildfire June 28, 2018

Frightened Deer Narrowly Escapes Shark Attack In Monterey Bay May 20, 2018 California

Glendale, Second dead deer found in same Glendale area, cause of death unconfirmed December 18, 2012 California

Grass Valley, How to live (peacefully) with deer in a mountain oasis June 12, 2017 California

Green greens February 23, 2012, California

Group seeks indictment of animal control officers who 'barbarically' slit deer's throat April 17, 2015 California

Hiking by the bay offers wildlife bonanza: Coyote Hills Regional Park August 12, 2010

How Determined Docents Kept One Park Off the Closure List March 13, 2012 California

Hunter indicted in huge Rim fire near Yosemite August 6, 2014 California

John Wall's Natural California: Coast Deer vs. Mountain Deer March 27, 2012

Lake County Deer Poachers Convicted and Sentenced February 18, 2014 California

Life at Two Rock November 12, 2011, California

Locals rally for fawn rescue center May 19, 2016 California

Loomis group rescues fawns from fires, car collisions - and misguided humans December 18, 2019 California,

Man charged with felony in deer shooting September 23, 2015 California

Man kills deer for eating apples from his trees September 11, 2015 California

Marin deer shooting ignites fireball of outrage September 8, 2017 California

Marin wildlife camera project yields vast collection of animal images May 16, 2016 California,

Marin wildlife experts urge residents to leave baby deer alone May 4, 2016 California

Mariposa County Mystery Deer Shot and Killed July 26, 2013 California

Massive Deer Herd Fell To Death Near Bishop Pass November 20, 2017 California

Mission Oaks, Deer killed with arrows in Solvang prompts reward September 20, 2016 California,

Modesto Police Call Wrong Agency During Deer Chase July 16, 2014 California

Monterey Officials Warn Public To Leave Fawns Alone After 2 Die May 19, 2018 California

Mother deer leaves newborn fawn on home's doorstep April 25, 2012 WCSH-TV

Mule Deer Foundatin raises nearly $2 million with tags July 7, 2011 California

Mule Deer Foundation Invests to Benefit California's Mule Deer January 28, 2013

Mystery deer is done July 25, 2013 California

Northern California Deer Shot In Face With Arrow Recovering After Help August 27, 2019

Now that's a deer of a different color April 12, 2014 California

Oakland fire crew rescues deer stuck in a well submerged in water up to its neck August 19, 2019 California

Oakland Zoo's animals coexist with native visitors June 18, 2012 California

Officials won't hunt mountain lion killing deer in San Mateo neighborhood July 3, 2014 California

Old animal theme parks November 11, 2014 California

Pittsburg family rescues fawn while boating on Lake of the Pines May 26, 2019 California

Police officer uses knife to kill injured deer loose in Modesto store July 16, 2014 California

Pregnant deer shot to death in Paso Robles March 26, 2015 California

Preliminary hearing set in poaching case: Humboldt Bay harbor commissioner accused of taking deer, abalone February 12, 2014 California

Pure-white deer spotted again in Monterey December 10, 2012 California

Rare white-headed deer spotted near San Rafael February 22, 2013 California

Rescue of trapped fawn shows no day 'routine' for Alameda County sheriff's deputies March 18, 2015 California

Rescuers helping baby deer recover from fire injuries June 15, 2015 Caliornia

Rescuers reunite fawn with its mother October 28, 2012 California

Resident reports deer attacked by mountain lion December 19, 2012 California

Residents Help Rescue Deer From Malibu Beach June, 2014 California

San Luis wildlife complex opens visitor center December 8, 2011 California

Shasta County, Woman wants answers about tied-up deer left to die July 26, 2016 California

Spate Of Baby Deer 'Kidnappings' Has Bay Area Wildlife Officials Worried May 6, 2016 California

SPCA rescues trapped deer at Pacific Grove Middle School October 18, 2013 California

Stray deer rescued in Riverside will live at animal sanctuary September 20, 2016 California,

Struggling deer observed at Emerald Bay, More from Laguna Beach December 13, 2012 California

Suspected deer poachers caught red-handed November 20, 2012 California

Take two spritzes of deer antler spray and call me in the morning February 2, 2013 California

That’s right America, in Berkeley deer use crosswalks! December 21, 2015 California

The great Magalia deer-feeding bust March 29, 2012 California

The Mule Deer at Stampede Reservoir

There's No Place Like a Redding Home, Where the Deer and the Antelope Roam January 27, 2015 California,

This Weekend, Behold The Giant Buck Moon July 11, 2014 California

Tiburon deer killer charged with 7 counts May 14, 2018 California

Tiburon deer killer pleads guilty to five counts, gets 30-day house arrest March 13, 2019

Tiburon, Public apology ordered for man sentenced for killing doe, fawn in Tiburon yard March 5, 2019, California

Truck driver encounters a rarity in the road in Woodland: an albino fawn June 2, 2019 California,

Two Deer Face-Off In Golf Course Battle For Sex October 16, 2015 California

Two deer found dead in Hillsborough, mountain lion suspected May 9, 2014 California

Two mountain lions spotted in San Anselmo October 30, 2010 California

Ukiah woman accused of asking $300 for fawn on Craigslist June 1, 2016 California

Victorville woman finds deer running in Eagle Ranch neighborhood November 6, 2019 California,

Watching new wildlife emerge is transforming July 4, 2016 California

White deer spotted in Monterey neighborhood July 19, 2016 California

Who's Who in the Folsom Zoo; Meet dear Davey June 6, 2018 California

Why some deer don't shed their antlers ... August 8, 2014 California

Wildlife officer removes plastic ring stuck around deer's head January 19, 2018 California

WILDOMAR: Captured fawn removed from home September 7, 2011 California

Willits, An Ohioan from Oregon adjusts to life in California October 15, 2014

Yosemite's spring rebirth is a sight to behold April 15, 2011 California

Young Deer Rescued From Rope In Menlo Park September 12, 2019 California