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Ohio Disease of Deer Archive

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10 local townships will be under disease surveillance area guidelines if Wildlife Council passes proposal October 5, 2015 Ohio

A decade worth of disease-free deer in Ohio April 12, 2012

All's pretty quiet on the deer-hunting front in Holmes County December 1, 2014 Ohio

Another case of CWD found April 23, 2015 Ohio

Another case of CWD found April 23, 2015 Ohio

Biologist says deer’s health is matter of public safety December 1, 2013

Buck fever: Ohio deer case renews criticisms of trophy buck shipments January 14, 2015

Captive hunts give rise to deer disease December 11, 2014 Ohio

Charges in CWD case head to the grand jury March 12, 2015 Ohio

Chronic wasting disease a real concern in deer population November 14, 2015 Ohio

Chronic wasting disease a symptom of unregulated captive hunting industry December 22, 2014 Ohio

Chronic wasting disease could threaten Ohio deer hunting December 6, 2014

Chronic Wasting Disease found in Ohio captive deer January 13, 2018

Chronic Wasting Disease Not Detected in Ohio Deer February 15, 2011

Chronic Wasting Disease Not Detected in Ohio Deer March 18, 2013 Ohio

Chronic wasting disease not detected in Ohio deer March 20, 2012 Ohio

Chronic-wasting disease still hasn't affected Ohio so far July 15, 2012

Common Deer Virus Found in Southern Ohio Cattle Populations ... July 22, 2011, Ohio

CWD positives now up to 19 Division of Wildlife looking to take 3-mile radius samples August 1, 2015 Ohio

CWD, Ohio wildlife officials ramp up fight against fatal deer brain disease after 17 more positive tests August 21, 2015

CWD, White-tailed deer in Ohio tests positive for wildlife disease December 15, 2020 Ohio

Deadly disease remains threat to deer population September 9, 2017 Ohio

Deer at Holmes County hunting preserve first to test positive for dreaded Chronic Wasting Disease October 23, 2014 Ohio

Deer carrying domestic cat disease ... December 24, 2014 Ohio

Deer disease at core of proposed rules August 23, 2015 Ohio

Deer disease turns into political issue February 7, 2015 Ohio

Deer farm owner arrested after alleged quarantine break February 12, 2015 Ohio

Deer fibromas spotted on area deer November 8, 2015 Ohio

Deer found to be healthy July 12, 2011 Ohio

Deer taken outside Holmes County ranch show no signs of wasting disease November 30, 2014 Ohio

Drought-driven, fatal EHD showing up in area whitetails August 25, 2012 Ohio

Eastern Ohio counties fight to contain chronic wasting disease October 7, 2016

EDH found in Ohio white-tailed deer October 2, 2013

EHD affecting deer population November 21, 2012 Ohio

EHD Virus confirmed in Ohio Deer and Cattle August 23, 2017 Ohio

EHD, Deer disease strikes Portage County cattle farm September 20, 2012 Ohio

EHD, Disease cause of dead deer in area September 27, 2012 Ohio

EHD, Drought blamed for fatal deer disease September 16, 2012 Ohio

EHD, EEE viruses confirmed for Ohio wild deer, livestock September 7, 2017

EHD, Outbreak of disease affecting Northeast Ohio deer herds September 11, 2012

EHD, White-tailed deer in Ohio impacted by deer disease September 16, 2012

EHD,Disease hits area deer population September 19, 2012 Ohio

First case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) confirmed in Ohio October 26, 2014

First deer with Chronic Wasting Disease diagnosed in Ohio October 23, 2014

Good news on deer disease, CWD July 10, 2014 Ohio

Holmes County deer hunting preserve ordered to euthanize herd of 300 trophy bucks, does December 5, 2014 Ohio

Hunters may not be taking mandatory CWD checks as serious as the Division of Wildlife December 9, 2019 Ohio

Hunters who kill deer in Holmes County need to process meat there November 27, 2014 Ohio

Missing deer cause for concern in Holmes City September 8, 2016 Ohio

Mysterious deer deaths investigated: South Euclid Police Blotter July 14, 2013 Ohio

No chronic wasting disease detected in Ohio deer herd June 11, 2014

ODNR Cautions Hunters About Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer November 3, 2015 Ohio

ODNR Takes New Action to Monitor Chronic Wasting Disease in Ohio's Deer Herd August 31, 2018

ODNR Takes New Action to Monitor Chronic Wasting Disease in Ohio's Deer Herd August 31, 2018

ODNR: White-tailed deer dying from disease, but not bluetongue September 12, 2012 Ohio

Ohio deer dodge Chronic Wasting Disease June 26, 2014

Ohio hunters help with investigation into disease in deer December 13, 2015

Ohio kills 510 deer for disease concerns June 17, 2015

Ohio might eradicate diseased deer farm October 31, 2014

Ohio warns hunters about rare deer disease October 24, 2014

Ohio Wildlife Council Passes Rule to Help Monitor CWD October 23, 2015

Ohio's first deer with chronic wasting disease found on deer farm under quarantine for import of deer from Pennsylvania October 24, 2014

Ohio, Michigan both battle CWD threat June 28, 2015

Ohio, Michigan deer avoid health hazards June 20, 2014

Ohio, Michigan on guard for fatal illness in deer herd October 31, 2014

Parasite infects more than half the deer in NE Ohio; cats the primary carriers, per OSU study December 30, 2014 Ohio

Parts of Holmes, Tuscarawas counties are now under new Deer Surveillance Area August 21, 2018 Ohio

Should disease stop Ohio's interstate deer trade? November 29, 2014

State groups stepping up wasting disease control August 29, 2015 Ohio

State Orders All Deer In Holmes County Hunting Preserve Be Killed December 2, 2014 Ohio

State orders euthanization of all deer at Holmes County preserve December 1, 2014 Ohio

State to test deer killed by hunters in portions of Wayne, Holmes counties for fatal brain disorder November 20, 2015 Ohio

The cat-deer connection also affects humans March 22, 2015 Ohio

Tissue samples sought in deer chronic wasting disease case November 2, 2014 Ohio

To Prevent Chronic Wasting Disease, Ohio Increases Regulations for Deer Farmers August 6, 2012

With CWD positives now up to 19, Division of Wildlife looking to take 3-mile radius samples in August July 27, 2015 Ohio