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Visiting hunters did terrible harm to Okanagan wildlife in the early 1900s April 25, 2021 British Columbia


2020 Canadian hunting forecast September 25, 2020


Pictou County's 'significant' deer problem September 4, 2019 Nova Scotia

This part of BC has the highest concentration of cougars in the world October 18, 2019 British Columbia



Caribou comeback: Can the species ever return to NB? October 13, 2017 New Brunswick

Natural deer pee a no-no for hunters September 7, 2017 Nova Scotia

New Brunswick Hunt Numbers 2013-16, Deer hunt up, preliminary numbers show November 12, 2017

Oak Bay plans apply for provincial cash to further deer contraception plan October 26, 2017 British Columbia


'Bark Ranger' Helps Lick Dangerous Wildlife Encounters In National Park September 7, 2016 Alberta

'Stop Spraying New Brunswick' blames deer population decline on herbicides August 6, 2016

Biologists say Monsanto's glyphosate is devastating wildlife; deer populations down 50 percent August 14, 2016 New Brunswick

Climate change is the primary driver of white‐tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) range expansion at the northern extent of its range; land use is secondary KL Dawe, S Boutin - Ecology and Evolution, 2016

Comparing resource selection and demographic models for predicting animal density Ontario, GM Street, AR Rodgers, T Avgar, LM Vander Vennen… - … of Wildlife Management, 2016

Conservationists fear coyote-wolf trapping ban may creep to Island, endangering deer August 16, 2016 Ontario

Contributions of digestive plasticity to the ability of white-tailed deer to cope with a low-quality diet M Bonin, JP Tremblay, SD Côté - Journal of Mammalogy, 2016

DNA test ties Richmond men to out-of-season deer kill April 22, 2016 British Columbia

Does Predation Influence the Seasonal and Diel Timing of Moose Calving in Central Ontario, Canada? BR Patterson, KJ Mills, KR Middel, JF Benson… - PLOS ONE, 2016

Dogs a hazard for wintering deer January 15, 2016 Ontario

Dogs can be lethal to deer February 24, 2016 British Columbia

Fish and Game Club seeks support on deer baiting concerns May 27, 2016 Ontario

Fish and Game clubs want party hunting for deer eliminated April 1, 2016 Ontario,

Grey wolf selection for moose calves and factors influencing prey species consumption in southeastern Manitoba [link will download a PDF] T Naaykens, J Roth, D Dupont - Proceedings of Manitoba's Undergraduate Science …, 2016

Harsh winter of 2014/15 took toll on deer population March 26, 2016 Nova Scotia

Impacts on declining moose populations in southeastern Manitoba C Shura, J Roth -

Loring deer program goes way of dodo April 15, 2016 Ontario

Magnetawan hunter helping sustain local deer population November 9, 2016 Ontario

Management of forest regeneration in boreal and temperate deer–forest systems: challenges, guidelines, and research gaps [PDF] Quebec, Ecosphere, 2016

Manitoba Deer Population And Spotlighting Charges Increase This Hunting Season December 12, 2016 Manitoba,

Mercy killings as deer struggle to cross N.B. river covered in thin ice December 9, 2016 New Brunswick,

Moose hunters victims of their own success June 7, 2016 Ontario

Moose, ungulate populations under fire in the Kootenay region November 23, 2016 British Columbia

New Brunswick deer herd down 70% in 30 years, DNR numbers show April 13, 2016

Non-Resident Guide to Ontario Whitetail Deer in Ontario August 23, 2016

Nova Scotia deer population decline, hunters can apply to harvest does August 2, 2016

Nova Scotia farmer discovers scarecrows work on deer, too August 3, 2016

Rifle season on Manitoulin Island opens this Monday November 16, 2016 Ontario

roquoia Heights’ deer carnage ‘reasonable,’ HCA boss says January 14, 2016 Ontario,

Saskatchewan Deer April 24, 2016

Short Hills, Tensions high at Short Hills Provincial Park ahead of Haudenosaunee deer hunt November 28, 2016 Ontario

The science of deer management September 23, 2016 Nova Scotia,

There may be a type of caribou that science never noticed November 16, 2016 Northwest Territories,

Toward the Restoration of Caribou Habitat: Understanding Factors Associated with Human Motorized Use of Legacy Seismic Lines KE Pigeon, M Anderson, D MacNearney, J Cranston… - Environmental Management, 2016

Two dogs sought in deadly attack on deer in Gordon Head August 31, 2016 British Columbia,

Visible and thermal infrared remote sensing for the detection of white‐tailed deer using an unmanned aerial system LP Chrétien, J Théau, P Ménard - Wildlife Society Bulletin, 2016


"In Search of Deer": A historical ecological perspective on caribou in northern Manitoba in the context of Cree use LC Hebert -


3 Rules from Hunting Saskatchewan that Contradict Conventional Deer Knowledge November 5, 2015

Antlered deer hunt reinstated in northwestern New Brunswick October 1, 2015

Antlerless deer permits reduced by 20% June 18, 2015 New Brunswick

BC Government Revises Hunting Allocations After Backlash February 6, 2015 Canada

Biologists keeping close eye on deer populations September 15, 2015 British Columbia

Biologists watching moose, deer numbers after harsh winter March 10, 2015

Compositional and functional trajectories of herbaceous communities after deer density control in clearcut boreal forests M Bachand, S Pellerin, JP Tremblay, S Cote, M Poulin - Canadian Journal of Forest …, 2015

Deer armed with electronic tags in battle against poachers September 30, 2015 British Columbia,

Deer Miley, please give the caribou expert a cull, er, call September 22, 2015 British Columbia,

Deer population down nearly 20% after harsh winter October 27, 2015 New Brunshwick,

Fredericton Junction man defends feeding deer May 1, 2015 New Brunswick

General deer hunting season opens in province October 30, 2015 Nova Scotia,

Gulf Islands deer population hits ‘crisis’ level June 5, 2015 British Columbia

Gulf Islands plant evolves to protect itself from deer May 27, 2015 British Columbia

Hard winter leads to deer deaths from starvation, road kill April 24, 2015 New Brunswick,

Hundreds Protest for BC Residents' Hunting Rights in West Kelowna January 31, 2015 British Columbia

Lead exposure through consumption of big game meat in Québec (Canada): risk assessment and perception CR Fachehoun, B Lévesque, P Dumas, A St-Louis… - Food Additives & …, 2015

Low-density spruce plantations increase foraging by moose in a northeastern temperate forest M Leblond, C Dussault, MH St-Laurent - Forest Ecology and Management, 2015

Maritime deer population struggling as snowpack lingers April 15, 2015 Nova Scotia,

Moose populations on alarming decline in North American parks October 15, 2015 Canada,

New penalties for killing wild animals August 31, 2015 Manitoba

Prince George, Local Mule Deer Survey November 13, 2015 British Columbia,

Responsible mule deer management today demands Limited Entry Hunting March 26, 2015 British Columbia

The seasonal effects on mule deer habitat from large and small scale logging operations [PDF] B Fukomoto

The Vanishing ‘Serengeti of North America’ September 17, 2015 British Columbia

White-tailed deer herds in Eastern Ontario in need of urgent overhaul November 19, 2015

White-tailed deer hunt numbers lowest in 42 years November 27, 2015 New Brunswick,


A 'killing season' for deer March 16, 2014 Ontario

Against the Odds in Ontario | Quality Deer Management Association April 24, 2014 Ontario

Application period begins for antlerless deer draw June 23, 2014 New Brunswick

Changes To White-Tailed Deer Hunting May 19, 2014 Manitoba

Cold weather takes toll on Nova Scotia wildlife April 4, 2014

Conservation officers oblivious to cougar numbers August 29, 2014 British Columbia

Cumulative effects of chronic deer browsing and clear-cutting on regeneration processes in second-growth white spruce stands M Barrette, L Bélanger, L De Grandpré, JC Ruel - Forest Ecology and Management, 2014

Deep snow proving fatal for northwestern Ontario deer March 13, 2014

Deer hunters just have to buck up: a doe is a no go May 16, 2014 Manitoba

Deer in danger from cold weather ... February 28, 2014 Ontario

Deer Population Expected To Be Down April 7, 2014 Manitoba

Deer populations in Ontario may have suffered due to long, cold winter March 7, 2014

Deer, wolf populations down February 8, 2014 Ontario

DeerSave Fund an important resource March 20, 2014 Ontario

Elk, cougar, mule deer affected by new regulations August 30, 2014 British Columbia

Field-edge planting to deter white-tailed deer and attract carabid beetles in soybean fields A Mullins - 2014 Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University

Haudenosaunee voluntarily cut Dundas Valley deer hunt limit November 12, 2014 Ontario

Herbicide spraying on Crown land hurts deer herd: biologist February 18, 2014 New Brunswick

If You Build It, Will They Come? Caribou Habitat Restoration for Pipeline Projects B Coupal, P Bentham - 2014 10th International Pipeline Conference, 2014

Insights into integrating cumulative effects and collaborative co-management for migratory tundra caribou herds in the Northwest Territories, Canada [clicking on this link will download a PDF file] A Gunn, D Russell, L Greig - Ecology and Society,


Managing wolves (Canis lupus) to recover threatened woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Alberta D Hervieux, M Hebblewhite, D Stepnisky, M Bacon… - Canadian Journal of …, 2014

Manitoulin deer management group recommends 30% deer tag reduction April 30, 2014 Ontario

Manitoulin, Property owners urged to clear trails for deer to access food sources January 10, 2014 Ontario

MNR refuses emergency status for Manitoulin Island deer herd February 12, 2014 Ontario

Moose hunting ban expanded in western Manitoba August 29, 2014 Carillon

Muskoka, Deer struggling through a lengthy winter March 13, 2014 Ontario

New Brunswick deer struggle to survive as winter drags on March 31, 2014

Nuisance deer have some Nova Scotia farmers fed up June 19, 2014

Plummeting deer numbers lead to hunting restrictions November 21, 2014 Saskatchewan

Scientists study seismic line restoration in Alberta foothills to save caribou August 24, 2014

Severe Winter Puts Ontario's Deer Herds at Risk February 24, 2014

Shortened deer-hunting season opens Thursday in Saskatchewan November 20, 2014

Survival and Recovery Estimates of Male Elk in a Harvested Inter-Jurisdictional Population TM Hegel, CC Gates, D Eslinger - Wildlife Biology, 2014

The Impact Of Lower Deer Populations April 9, 2014 Manitoba

The influence of climate and human land use on the distribution of white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus (Zimmerman, 1780), in the western boreal KL Dawe, EM Bayne, S Boutin - Canadian Journal of Zoology, 2014

Tough times for our white-tailed deer February 7, 2014 Ontario

Understanding the Paradox of Deer Persisting at High Abundance in Heavily Browsed Habitats SL Saout, S Chollet, S Chamaillé-Jammes, L Blanc… - Wildlife Biology, 2014

UVic research indicates B.C.’s island wolves prefer their mellow habitat June 10, 2014 British Columbia,


Aboriginal hunters careful with deer kills in Dundas Valley March 8, 2013 Canada

Aerial-based Inventory Methods for Selected Ungulates: Mule Deer B Harris, F Iredale, B Jex, G Kuzyk, C Procter, A Reid. British Columbia - 2013 [PDF]

Canada's Caribou Crisis: New Restrictions Frustrate Hunters, Baffle Outfitters August 26, 2013

Climate Change Threatens Genetic Diversity, Future of World's Caribou December 16, 2013 Canada

Cold spring difficult on wildlife in Saskatchewan April 16, 2013 Canada

Data suggests dogs to be low threat to deer November 27, 2013 Canada,

Deadline for illegal deer farms extended 6 months November 15, 2013 Canada

Declining mule deer population means changes to 2013 hunting season October 22, 2013 British Columbia

Deer numbers down in Manitoba, but more seen in Winnipeg December 10, 2013 Canada

Deer population down; government accused of ignoring warnings December 9, 2013 Saskatchewan

Deer populations suffer despite what Ministry says October 18, 2013 British Columbia

Desired Conditions for Mule Deer, Elk and Moose Winter Range in the Southern Interior of BC [DOC] April 2013, B Branch

Dryden 'chillometer' shows stressful winter for deer April 9, 2013 Canada

Fallow deer eating their way across Gulf Islands January 18, 2013 British Columbia

Flagged as ‘critical’ to deer habitat, area near Cathedral Grove was turned over to logging November 5, 2013 British Columbia

General deer hunting season opens Friday October 24, 2013 Nova Scotia

Good weather, fewer deer top Capital Region farmers' wishlist April 9, 2013 British Columbia

Harsh winter leads to scarce food for deer February 18, 2013 Saskatchewan

Hunters say deer disappearing in southeast B.C. December 8, 2013 British Columbia

Hunting regulation changes proposed for 2014 November 28, 2013 British Columbia

It's been a harsh winter for deer in Sask June 8, 2013 Canada

Kenora, Decreasing deer population April 17, 2013 Ontario,

Lack of deer to blame for cougar problems June 1, 2013 British Columbia

Long winter could kill nearly half of Manitoba's deer April 12, 2013 Canada

New Brunswick deer population hits 90,000 September 13, 2013 Canada

Ontario's caribou faring poorly, parks report finds December 18, 2013 December 18, 2013

Province legalizes white-tailed deer farms March 14, 2013 New Brunswick

Review of coastal elk management projects in British Columbia J Hobbs - 2013

Saanich, In effort to get rid of deer, sharpshooters and bounties under consideration February 26, 2013 British Columbia

Wildlife federation call for reduced deer allocations December 19, 2013 Saskatchewan

Wolves, white‐tailed deer, and beaver: implications of seasonal prey switching for woodland caribou declines


550 deer hunting permits added to NB draw June 18, 2012 New Brunswick

Alberta's deer farm rules could help New Brunswick June 19, 2012 Canada

Canada responds to caribou decline with plan to kill wolves February 9, 2012

Conservation officers raise awareness about cougars February 14, 2012 British Columbia

Cougars not being released by Fish and Wildlife in Parkland County May 2, 2011 Canada

CRD issues call for deer team volunteers March 19, 2012 British Columbia

Declining Deer Population, Boundary hunters not happy with B.C. federal government's deer management February 29, 2012 British Columbia

Deer count begins with social media October 26, 2012 Canada

Deer farmers vow to fight plan to shut them down April 9, 2012 Canada

Deer management group seeks public input July 5, 2012 British Columbia

Deer tracked with GPS in Ontario study March 2, 2012 Canada

Deer, trees focus of OMB hearing on observatory August 10, 2012 Canada

Disease kills 10,400 deer in Michigan, officials say Canadian animals are safe October 23, 2012 Canada

Dwindling deer numbers in southeast B.C. worry hunters December 14, 2012 British Columbia

Farmer counts deer, geese as friends December 16, 2012 British Columbia

Government 'excited' about wolf discovery May 12, 2012 New Brunswic

Hundreds of antlers seized in big-game trafficking bust in Alberta September 25, 2012 Canada

Hunters and non-hunters must protect wildlife May 26, 2012, British Columbia

Hunting regs cause of wolf pack's hunger October 5, 2012 British Columbia

MNR shoots down deer tag allocation proposal May 11, 2012 Canada

NB-area man fined for wildlife offences February 6, 2012 Canada

New Brunswick suspends closure of illegal deer farms June 5, 2012 Canad

Ontario Deer Numbers, 2012 hunting forecast: Ontario August 27, 2012

Politics may be behind deer farm policy reversal June 11, 2012 Canada

Scientists unlock mysteries of the cougar diet February 23, 2012 Canada

Winnipeg, Deer thriving due to warm weather February 20, 2012 Canada


Alberta says Livestock Act will not allow people to pay to hunt farmed elk, deer 3/17/2011 Canada

Area deer population predicted to decline following severe winter March 18, 2011 Ontario, Canada

B.C. pair invents high-tech GPS system to track down poachers July 7, 2011 Canada

Bill introduced (crossbow hunting) April 2, 2011 Canada

Caribou In Athabasca Oil Sands Threatened By Human Presence June 24, 2011 Canada

Clearcutting threatens black-tailed deer, activist says August 13, 2011 Canada

Deer 'ignoring own stags to mate' October 16, 2011 Canada

Deer are having tough time November 22, 2011 Canada

Deer harvest expected to decline in New Brunswick this year August 16, 2011 Canada

Deer harvest up over last year May 3, 2011 Canada

Deer numbers dwindle November 17, 2011 Manitoba, Canada

Deer population declines in NB November 23, 2011 Canada

Deer population down in Peace Region November 23, 2011 Canada

Deer population perception inaccurate September 1, 2011 Canada

Deer, Preferred Diet of Wolves July 4, 2011

Deer-poaching season resumes in Prospect Lake area November 13, 2011 Canada

DNR to investigate illegal deer farms October 21, 2011 Canada

Fond of fawns, philanthropist finds funds for BC wildlife park June 14, 2011 Canada

Human activity creates 'refuge' for prey: study March 3, 2011 Canada

Hunting and the back-to-nature movement November 17, 2011 Canada

Illegal deer farms pose risk to wild herds October 26, 2011 Canada

Is the doe-tag policy really working out for Ontario white-tail management? November 24, 2011 Canada

Kenora: Deer population down while moose begin slow rebound December 9, 2011 Canada

Low prey population results in increased cougar and wolf activity October 13, 2011 Canada

NB animal populations see constant change December 27, 2011 Canada

NB deer data proves revealing September 9, 2011, Canada,

New Brunswick wildlife number fluctuate January 10, 2011 Canada

Old growth trees cut down in the Caycuse Valley August 15, 2011 Canada

Volunteers key to NB group that helps animals in distress October 17, 2011 Canada

Wildlife habitat cuts cause concern March 9, 2011 Canada Habitat

Wildlife park has no room for 'rescued' deer fawns May 27, 2011 Canada

Winter 'severe' for deer population: MNR February 9, 2011 Canada

British Columbia Deer Harvest 1957 to 1968

Canada WAFWA

Eastern Ont. deer hunters face disappointment November 8, 2010 Canada

Lemoine Point: Deer's population explosion concerns authority officials Canada

Native hunters to end deer cull December 22, 2010 Ontario

There are many reasons for less deer in the woods October 25, Canada

Wolves, white‐tailed deer, and beaver: implications of seasonal prey switching for woodland caribou declines ADM Latham, MC Latham, KH Knopff, M Hebblewhite… - Ecography, 2013