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United Kingdom Suburban Deer Management Archive

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20 deers slaughtered to make way for Queen's Jubilee celebrations April 27, 2012 Scotland

23 deer killed in controversial culling programme in Aberdeen June 20, 2012 Scotland

Aberdeen City Council decision due on Tullos deer cull May 10, 2011 United Kingdom

Aberdeen, Anger over huge fall in Aberdeen’s deer population July 18, 2014 United Kingdom

Aberdeen, Deer cull an 'unjustified massacre' April 28, 2012 Scotland

Aberdeen: Petition aims to stop deer cull May 9, 2011 United Kingdom

Activists call for stop to Richmond Park deer cull June 12, 2013 United Kingdom

Brownhills, Deer to 'disappear' through heath plan at Brownhills Common March 19, 2013 United Kingdom

Campaigners call for re-think on Aberdeen roe deer cull March 20, 2012

Charlecote deer safely fenced in October 8, 2013 United Kingdom

Community group puts focus on deers dying from human impact as well as culling February 7, 2011 England

Conservation body criticised – for reversing deer cull policy April 8, 2012 Scotland

Council in line of fire over proposed deer cull March 19, 2012 Scotland

Deer cull campaigners in Aberdeen protest cycle April 19, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer on the run is tranquillized so that it can be freed after spending two days trapped in a playground June 28, 2013 United Kingdom

Dogs kill deer at Crathes June 25, 2012 United Kingdom

Drive to protect urban deer from city peril July 12, 2011 United Kingdom,

Ecologists preparing for boom in urban wildlife 'invaders' October 27, 2012 United Kingdom

End Cruelties of Scottish Deer Cull December 21, 2011 Scotland,

Growing threat to deer from dogs on the loose in parks May 6, 2012, Surrey

Gullane Bents Residents call in deer hunters October 13, 2011 Scotland

Oppose the Whippenscott Deer Cull [use trained dogs] February 9, 2012 United Kingdom

Parks act to protect deer food – but shoot them at night December 2, 2011 United Kingdom

Petition to turn Tullos Hill into meadowland November 14, 2011 United Kingdom

Purley allotment holders want a cull to protect their plots April 23, 2013 United Kingdom

Richmond Park deer cull begins November 5, 2012 United Kingdom

Royal Parks deer cull figures revealed January 19, 2015 United Kingdom

Scotland may cull deer in greater numbers to reduce road accidents November 13, 2011

Second Night of No Deer Kills in Richmond Park November 4, 2010 United Kingdom

Sellafield, Three deer culled at Sellafield April 3, 2014 United Kingdom

Sellafield, Vigil over planned deer cull at Sellafield February 16, 2014 United Kingdom

Start of tree planting scheme which will mean roe deer cull March 6, 2012 Scotland

Urban sightings of timid roe deer February 23, 2012 United Kingdom

Video showing child 'playing' near mutilated deer joins battleground over hunting May 6, 2013 United Kingdom,

Warning over protesters' plan to stop Aberdeen deer cull March 7, 2012 United Kingdom