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Indiana Suburban Deer Management Archive

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'It is scary:' DNR officers looking for shooter who shot deer in city limits October 31, 2016 Indiana

Are our local deer a victim of animal genocide? December 2, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington cancels Griffy Lake deer cull this winter February 6, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington City Council overturns mayor's veto of plan to kill deer at Griffy April 24, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington City Council Votes To Allow Deer Sharpshooting April 10, 2014 Indiana,

Bloomington City Council's year of the deer December 28, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington Council Still Far From Passing Deer Legislation December 6, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington Council Still Far From Passing Deer Legislation December 6, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington deer effort may use sharpshooters May 17, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington Deer Task Force Plans In-Person June Survey Of Issues May 20, 2011 Indiana

Bloomington may tap local hunters for Griffy Lake deer cull September 5, 2018 Indiana

Bloomington mayor vetoes deer hunt plan April 18, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Interview with former Bloomington Deputy Mayor Maria Heslin about the Upcoming Deer Cull in Griffy Nature Preserve November 14, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Advocates accuse council members of suppressing information January 21, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington, Ball State University researchers continue deer study June 3, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington, Canceled deer cull cost city $3,530, killed no deer May 27, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington, Candidate Preview: Bloomington City Council April 16, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington, Candidates dodge Griffy deer cull; Linnemeier proposes urban deer solution April 15, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington, Center for Wildlife Ethics Argues Against Deer Cull April 8, 2014

Bloomington, City Approves Proposal To Solve Deer Problem December 9, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington, City council approves deer sharpshooting proposal in early morning vote April 10, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, City Growth Causes Increasing Urban Deer Population November 11, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington, Council nears vote on deer, discourse at meeting April 10, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Deer Advocates Propose Ban On Bow Hunting In City Limits October 2, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Deer Biologist back in Bloomington February 17, 2015 Indiana,

Bloomington, Deer Cull At Griffy Lake Nature Preserve December 11, 2017 Indiana

Bloomington, Deer debate could continue tonight December 3, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Deer hunts coming to Bloomington June 30, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington, Deer Kill Debate Influences Bloomington City Council Race May 5, 2015 Indiana

Bloomington, Deer Task Force's Lethal Options Get Mixed Reception November 29, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington, Group Opposes Deer Task Force's Lethal Recommendations October 4, 2012 Indiana

Bloomington, Humane Society Explores Alternative To Bloomington Deer Kill September 9, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Humane Society explores non-lethal methods to reduce deer population September 12, 2014

Bloomington, Humane Society’s Deer Report Discussed At Council Meeting October 30, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana researchers continue deer study June 13, 2015

Bloomington, Interview with former Bloomington Deputy Mayor Maria Heslin about the Upcoming Deer Cull in Griffy Nature Preserve - November 14, 2014

Bloomington, Meeting To Discuss Non-Lethal Ways To Manage Deer Population September 8, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Non-Lethal Alternatives to Deer Kill Discussed at Forum September 9, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Officials Look At Curbing Deer Population At Griffy Lake Nature Preserve August 4, 2017 Indiana

Bloomington, Parks Board Unanimously Approves Deer Sharpshoot Plan May 27, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Plans for deer cull moving forward May 4, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Plans Set For Griffy Lake Deer Kill November 3, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Public reaction split on proposal to kill deer; council favors plan April 3, 2014 Indiana

Bloomington, Questions and Answers about the Deer Population at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve November, 20114

Bloomington, Signs Indicate Griffy Closed For Deer Kill Preparations November 21, 2014 Indiana, Indiana

Bloomington, Urban deer pose long-term problem in Bloomington September 1, 2012 Indiana

Brookdale, Park land used for deer hunts in new Porter County program October 8, 2015 Indiana

Controlling wildlife touchy matter January 27, 2014 Indiana

DNR seeks partners for urban deer hunt progam January 3, 2017 Indiana

DNR: Changes in rules governing urban deer zones are now in effectJanuary 14, 2012 Indiana

Does coyote urine scare deer? July 11, 2014 Indiana,

Eagle Creek Park considers another hunt to control deer population August 10, 2016

Fort Wayne, City declares wild animal restrictions still in force July 3, 2015 Indiana

Hidden Valley: Deer Reduction Put On Hold By Complaints January 25, 2012 Indiana

Indiana Dunes, Deer kill begins at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore March 6, 2013

Indiana Dunes, National Lakeshore gets new deer management plan May 4, 2012 Indiana

Indiana group opposes killing of urban deer October 7, 2012 Iindiana

Indianapolis, Council passes ordinance in wake of city park deer hunt December 4, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Deer hunts to resume in Eagle Creek Park January 11, 2015 Indiana

Indianapolis, Deer population spurs meeting, controversy at Eagle Creek Park September 19, 2012 Indiana

Indianapolis, DNR has urban deer hunting plan June 19, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Hearing set on Eagle Creek deer hunt injunction bid November 19, 2014 Indiana,

Indianapolis, Indy Council Fails To Override Veto On Firearm Approval December 16, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Indy parks board OKs deer hunting at Eagle Creek Park September 25, 2014

Indianapolis, Indy parks board OKs deer hunting at Eagle Creek Park September 27, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Judge rules against suit to stop Eagle Creek deer hunt November 27, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Lawsuit filed to fight Eagle Creek deer hunts November 11, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Officials consider deer hunting in Eagle Creek Park July 21, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Officials propose hunts at Eagle Creek Park September 10, 2014 Indiana,

Indianapolis, Over 140 deer culled in Eagle Creek Park deer hunt December 2, 2014 Indiana

Indianapolis, Second deer hunt at Eagle Creek Park scheduled for Jan. 12th January 8, 2015 Indiana,

Indianapolis, Stray-bullet worries among fears over Eagle Creek Park deer hunt November 11, 2014 Indiana

Injured deer likely kicked, killed hunter November 16, 2011 Indiana

Lawrenceburg Deer Management Debate November 17, 2010 Indiana

Let's end deer reduction zones September 20, 2016 Indiana

Martinsville residents outraged over deer deaths August 22, 2011 Indiana

New Program Aimed At Urban Deer Conflicts June 8, 2014 Indiana

Odgen Dunes, Deer Management Task Force Publishes Findings/Opinions July 12, 2012 Indiana

Odgen Dunes, DNR schedules conference on Ogden Dunes deer cull permit December 3, 2012 Indiana

Odgen Dunes, Hearing set on Ogden Dunes deer cull December 8, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes citizens don't want another deer cull November 11, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes could stage deer cull before DNR hearing November 14, 2011 Indiana

Ogden Dunes council calls off deer cull January 23, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes debating deer cull November 7, 2011 Indiana

Ogden Dunes deer permit hearing continued December 28, 2011 Indiana

Ogden Dunes group files petition for permit review October 24, 2011 Indiana

Ogden Dunes officials considering deer cull October 22, 2011 Indiana

Ogden Dunes residents protest planned deer cull December 6, 2011 Indiana

Ogden Dunes streamlines deer cull shooting ordinance September 12, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes, Deer cull discussion still inflames Ogden Dunes residents December 6, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes, Fight continues over NW Ind. town deer cull plans August 13, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes, Indiana official won't block deer cull December 18, 2012

Ogden Dunes, Judge continues stay against Ogden Dunes deer cull; town may continue anyway December 6, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes, Protesters take aim against Ogden Dunes deer cull November 18, 2012 Indiana

Ogden Dunes: Town should consider residents' concerns before using deer cull December 29, 2011 Indiana

Olin Lake Preserve, Hunt planned to thin deer in LaGrange County October 22, 2012

Porter County, Hunting for deer considered at some Porter County parks March 7, 2015 Indiana

Rapid City deer management program likely to be scaled back after drop in deer populaions November 17, 2011 Indiana

Valparaiso, Deer culls considered on Porter County park land October 6, 2014 Indiana

Warsaw City To Review Six Proposed Deer Nuisance Zones August 4, 2010 Indiana

Warsaw Declares Deer Nuisance Zones August 16, 2011 Indiana

Warsaw Deer Reduction Efforts Proposed for Fall August 3, 2011 Indiana

Warsaw, Deer Reduction Begins Sept. 15 August 22, 2018 Indiana

Warsaw, Deer reduction hunt going on now in Warsaw September 29, 2014 Indiana