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Montana Disease of Deer Archive

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10 Deer in Carbon County Test Positive for Wasting Disease March 7, 2018 Montana,

100-plus dead deer found near Clark Fork River September 18, 2013 Montana

3 deer harvested in Blaine County have tested positive for chronic wasting disease November 16, 2018 Montana

3 more CWD cases identified in Libby July 3, 2019 Montana

4 more deer test positive for CWD, including first 2 in Sheridan County December 14, 2018, Montana

Bluetongue Disease Killing Deer Near Eureka October 9, 2015 Montana

Bluetongue runs its course with small loss in deer population November 28, 2015 Montana,

Chronic Wasting Disease confirmed in deer harvested in 2 Montana counties November 9, 2018

Chronic Wasting Disease Detected in Wild Deer, 2017 Montana

Chronic wasting disease fight to intensify in Montana March 26, 2018

Chronic Wasting Disease found in Eastern Montana game farm elk February 6, 2020 Montana

Chronic wasting disease sampling results continue to come in December 6, 2019 Montana

Chronic Wasting Disease, We're the Wolves Now August 28, 2019 Montana

Commission gives initial approval for elk brucellosis plan November 9, 2012 Montana

CWD found in two more mule deer in Carbon County killed during special hunt January 5, 2018 Montana

CWD study results still coming in December 9, 2020 Montana

Dead deer now being reported in southern Montana October 3, 2013 Montana

Deer deaths being investigated in north-central Montana August 13, 2013

Deer deaths blamed on virus - Disease carried by tiny midges, EHD October 8, 2013 Montana

Deer deaths documented near Bighorn, Yellowstone rivers August 14, 2013 Montana

Deer harvested in Liberty County tests positive for Chronic Wasting Disease November 16, 2019 Montana,

Deer Hunting: EHD Done For The Year ... Really! November 6, 2013 Montana,

Disease suspected in deer deaths usually found east of Front, EHD September 21, 2013 Montana

Effects of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Physiology and Reproductive Characteristics of Captive Female and Fawn White-tailed Deer March 14, 2019 Montana

EHD and hunting in north central Montana September 30, 2013

EHD in Montana September 18, 2013

EHD may have killed Montana deer August 14, 2013

EHD Takes Toll On Eastern Montana White-Tailed Deer October 21, 2011 Montana

Elk plan in cross hairs April 6, 2014 Montana,

Fatal deer and elk disease moves toward Yellowstone Park March 4, 2015 Montana

Fatal deer, antelope diseases may be moving farther west October 3, 2013 Montana

Fish and Wildlife Commission mulls hunting changes: Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease October 10, 2013 Montana

Fish and Wildlife Commission votes to limit deer hunting October 10, 2013 Montana

FWP releases 2018 Chronic Wasting Disease surveillance report April 11, 2019 Montana

FWP to watch closer for deer with Chronic Wasting Disease this fall September 12, 2018 Montana

FWP will hold a pair of meetings in two Hi-Line towns to explain CWD recently discovered north of Chester December 18, 2017 Montana

Hemorrhagic Disease in Montana N Anderson, J Ramsey, K Carson - Intermountain Journal of Sciences, 2017

Hunters asked to help with chronic wasting disease detection October 21, 2012 Montana

Hunters Urged To Help Protect Montana's Wild Elk And Deer From CWD States October 1, 2011

Hunting season brings opportunity amid low whitetail numbers September 10, 2014 Montana

Identifying priority chronic wasting disease surveillance areas for mule deer in Montana RE Russell, JA Gude, NJ Anderson, JM Ramsey - The Journal of Wildlife …, 2015

Lawmakers consider study of wasting disease February 21, 2017 Montana

Libby CWD, Wildlife management plan likely to pass by resolution April 27, 2021 Montana

Libby whitetail tests positive for Chronic Wasting Disease May 30, 2019 Montana

Malformations in whitetail deer November 9, 2013 Montana

Managing CWD will take cooperation from all Montanans November 24, 2018

Microsatellites indicate minimal barriers to mule deer dispersal across Montana August, 2018 Montana

Montana Considers Banning Some Deer Urine Imports Over Disease February 9, 2017

Montana Considers New Management for Elk and Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem December 14, 2012

Montana deer deaths could be linked to EHD August 24, 2013

Montana FWP considers changing hunting regulations after deer die-off October 3, 2013

Montana Hunters Asked to Report Dead or Dying Deer September21, 2010

Montana officials need to step up animal testing for diseases July 24, 2015

Montana Outlook: EHD Undetermined, but Winter Losses Minimal September 11, 2013

Montana Public Asked to Report Sightings of Dead or Dying Deer August 16, 2011

Montana researchers aim to crack mysteries of prion-caused diseases December 17, 2014 Montana

Montana wildlife officials search for cause of whitetail deer deaths, EHD September 21, 2013

Montana's plan to fight the spread of a fatal wildlife disease is getting stricter April 15, 2018

Moose Tests Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease Near Troy November 14, 2019 Montana

Nine more deer found suspect for CWD: 3 south of Billings, 6 on the Hi-Line December 10, 2018 Montana,

Northern Plains Hit Hard by Deer-Killing Disease January 8, 2012 Montana

Number of dead deer doubles, MT FWP still investigating September 24, 2013 Montana

Public Comment Invited: Chronic Wasting Disease Enivronmental Assessment November, 2013, Montana

Some elk brucellosis proposals before FWP are controversial November 2, 2012 Montana

Sportsmen should fight climate change December 25, 2013 Montana

Spread of deadly deer disease to Eastern Montana confirmed October 23, 2011

Still No Chronic Wasting Disease In Montana August 10, 2012

Survey on chronic wasting disease targets hunters, landowners June 21, 2013 Montana

Two deer, including one in Carbon County, suspected for Chronic Wasting Disease November 2, 2018 Montana,

Using DNA to Predict the Spread of Deer Disease July 15, 2011,

Western Montana whitetail deer likely safe from EHD October 1, 2014

What's New with Chronic Wasting Disease? September 17, 2021 Montana

Whitetail deer death toll up to more than 300 September 28, 2013 Montana