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Wisconsin Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Reported Deer Kill from Hunting

Some history and data for 1919 to 1966

1919    25,152

1924      7,000

1930    23,000

1932    36,009

1966   116,048

1967   136.119

1968   126,923

1969   103,995

1970     79,364

1971     77,357

1972     81,914

1973     90,561

1974   112,919

1975   130,966

1976   136,145

1977   148,700

1978   168,958

1979   141,588

1980   160,578

1981   195,756

1982   213,565

1983   230,476

1984   294,617

1985   315,046

1986   299,730

1987   293,181

1988   305,817

1989   356,586

1990   299.331

1991   419,617

1992   349,298

1993   270,592

1994   373,883

1995   467,271

1996   461,732

1997   359,628

1998   407,555

1999   494,407

2000:  195,000  

2001:  218,253

2002:  255,356

2003:  208,216

2004:  179,066

2005:  135,361

2006:  136,289

2007:  145,577

2008:  163,603

2009:  155,214

2010:  106,499

2011:  135,696

2012:  132,261 

2013:  150,877 

2014:  104,707

2015:  138,493

2016:   112,384

2017:  108,160

2018:  108,856

2019:    99,437

2020:  106,861

2021:  105,278

Source: 1966 to 2013 data

2007 to 2017

Harvest and population data

Deer hunting licenses

2014:   609,779

Mandatory deer registration began in the early 1970s.

A List of Articles in the Archive


2020 Deer Population Estimate

How have the deer been impacted this winter? DNR uses metric to help track population March 19 2021 Wisconsin

Landowners: Enroll In DMAP By March 1 February 20, 2021 Wisconsin

The Northern White-Cedar Recruitment Bottleneck: Understanding the Effects of Substrate, Competition, and Deer Browsing - Forests, 2019

Wisconsin Deer Harvest Statistics 2011 to 2020

Wisconsin wolf harvest 82% higher than goal February 26, 2021

Wolf Harvest Advisory Committee Meeting June 22, June 21, 2021 Wisconsin


Almost 100,000 deer harvested on opening weekend of gun-deer season November 24, 2020 Wisconsin

Elk found dead from eating corn in northern Wisconsin January 10, 2020

Elk Management Plan Open For Public Comment January 5, 2021

Four Wisconsin Hunters Drawn For State’s Third Managed Elk Hunt June 17, 2020

It's time to consider more deer management April 11, 2020 Wisconsin

What Happened to Wisconsin's Wolves? December 9, 2020

Winter of 2019-20 was moderate across most of northern Wisconsin May 30, 2020

Wisconsin 2020 Deer Fall Forecast September 1, 2020 DNR News

Wisconsin seeks feedback on earlier, longer deer season; online survey launches Monday ... April 14, 2020

Winter of 2019-20 was moderate across most of northern Wisconsin May 30, 2020

Conservation Congress Spring Hearing Results May 25, 2020 


2019 Fawn Survey Results November, 2019 Wisconsin

Bald eagle dies three weeks after she was found with so much lead in her system that she couldn't lift her head October 23, 2019 Wisconsin

Causes of Death in WI Deer February 2019 Wisconsin

Crossbow deer kill once again outpaces the vertical bow harvest in Wisconsin January 11, 2019 Wisconsin

Deer farm fined for stealing wild deer October 3, 2019 Wisconsin

Deer gun license sales on par with 2018 November 26, 2019 Wisconsin

DNR looks at second elk hunting season in the state April 26, 2019 Wisconsin

DNR says deer herd not harmed by severe weather April 5, 2019 Wisconsin

Final year of reintroduction effort provides 60 Kentucky elk to Wisconsin's

Final year of reintroduction effort provides more than 60 Kentucky elk to Wisconsin's Northwoods July 9, 2019 Wisconsin,

High kill rate has DNR looking at changing crossbow deer season January 25, 2019 Wisconsin

Mixed reviews on deer season; Florence County harvest markedly down November 30, 2019 Wisconsin

Outdoors congress to gauge reaction to CWD carcass bounties January 20, 2019 Wisconsin

Sen. Wirch authors bill on deer tagging May 29, 2019 Wisconsin

Take part in deer population goal-setting December 19, 2019 Wisconsin

Warden believes Vernon County poachers killed as many as 40 deer before wardens, acting on many tips, tracked them down November 15, 2019 Wisconsin,

Wisconsin DNR's 2019 deer forecast. September 5, 2019

Wisconsin's wolf population remains healthy, stable June 11, 2019

WOW president seeks CWD collaboration April 29, 2019 Wisconsin


2017 Deer Harvest Shows Shifting Trend February 20, 2018 Wisconsin

2018 Wisconsin Fall hunting and trapping forecasts available online September 18, 2018

After long absence, cougars return to Wisconsin January 24, 2018

CDACs consider prolonged winter when making final recommendations for 2018 deer season April 24, 2018 Wisconsin

Cougar presence in Wisconsin carries into 2018 January 23, 2018

Cougar presence in Wisconsin carries into 2018 January 23, 2018

County Deer Advisory Councils to gather feedback on season recommendations March 27, 2018 Wisconsin

Deer hunter, 48, killed black wolf in Oneida Co. on opening day January 26, 2018 Wisconsin,

DNR reports drop in deer license sales November 17, 2018 Wisconsin

Douglas County, Deer panel ups antlerless permits March 20, 2018 Wisconsin

Elk hunt to be held at Clam Lake this fall March 13, 2018 Wisconsin

Fewer deer hunters heading into the Wisconsin woods saps a revenue stream for conservation work November 14, 2018

Food, females and adults bright spots in hunting recruitment efforts February 10, 2018 Wisconsin

Hunter success high during early portion of first-ever managed elk hunt in Wisconsin November 13, 2018

Inaugural elk hunting season open for state tags; tribes already harvested three October 13, 2018 Wisconsin

Is Buck Dispersal Influencing the Deer You See in Your Area? August, 2018 Wisconsin

Late snow contributed to a 'very severe' winter in parts of northern Wisconsin May 12, 2018

Observers say deer herd doing OK this winter in Wisconsin February 17, 2018

Preliminary recommendations for 2018 antlerless quotas to be developed at March County Deer Advisory Council meetings February 20, 2018 Wisconsin,

Taylor County, 600 doe tags eyed for public land; 5000 for private March 22, 2018 Wisconsin

WI business creates robotic deer to catch poachers November 22, 2018 Wisconsin

Wisconsin deer hunters want carcass tags, in-person registration May 7, 2018

Wisconsin Deer Kill 2007 to 2017

Wisconsin deer metrics system places important data at your fingertips August 13, 2018

Wisconsin's annual nine-day gun deer hunt sees increase in statewide harvest November 27, 2018


April public comment period will provide opportunity to give feedback regarding preliminary antlerless harvest quota recommendations March 29, 2017 Wisconsin

Baiting deer legal if not for hunting April 10, 2017 Wisconsin,

Be part of local archaeology February 16, 2017 Wisconsin

Beginning today give feedback on local County Deer Advisory Council preliminary deer population objectives September 11, 2017 Wisconsin

Bill could allow deer baiting and feeding ban to expire in Northwoods February 11, 2017 Wisconsin

Cause‐specific neonatal mortality of white‐tailed deer in Wisconsin, USA CH Warbington, TR Van Deelen, AS Norton… - The Journal of Wildlife …, 2017

Check out this great opportunity to work for Wisconsin’s elk herd November 6, 2017 Wisconsin

Conservation groups propose alternatives to DNR cuts February 10, 2017 Wisconsin,

County Deer Advisory Council application period open until July 1 June 6, 2017 Wisconsin,

County Deer Advisory Council meetings provide great opportunity to get involved in deer management February 21, 2017 Wisconsin

County Deer Advisory Councils to finalize 2017 deer season recommendations at April meetings April 4, 2017 Wisconsin

Deer license sales down heading into opener November 22, 2017 Wisconsin

Deer research done, not forgotten January 28, 2017 Wisconsin

Deer, turkey tagging requirements eliminated in state budget bill September 23, 2017 Wisconsin

Despite growing worries about the herd's health, the annual fall deer hunt continues as a family ... July 7, 2017 Wisconsin

DNR Board to Review 2017 Deer Hunt December 12, 2017 Wisconsin

DNR confirms cougar photos from Douglas County December 20, 2017 Wisconsin,

DNR Proposes Rule Change For Elk Hunts October 9, 2017 Wisconsin

DNR to recommend 8% increase in antlerless harvest quota May 20, 2017 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

DNR, Conservation Congress want your input March 30, 2017 Wisconsin

Door CDAC aiming at antlerless-only deer hunt March 17, 2017 Wisconsin

Door County, Antlerless-only deer hunt shot down in close vote April 18, 2017 Wiconsin

Door County, Antlerless-Only Deer Hunting Appears Likely in Door County April 11, 2017 Wisconsin,

Fawn season! Admire from afar, mom is near May 16, 2017 Wisconsin

Hunters and severe winters - not wolves - key to Wisconsin's deer numbers August 23, 2017 Wisconsin

New DNR estimates show hunters took more deer in 2016 February 16, 2017 Wisconsin

New Wisconsin deer metrics system places important data at your fingertips March 7, 2017

Nonresident deer hunters welcomed back with open arms November 25, 2017 Wisconsin

Online public comment period for preliminary county deer population objectives and management September 6, 2016 Wisconsin,

Plentiful food, habitat means substantial deer population November 16, 2017 Wisconsin,

Recommendations on three-year deer population objectives to be finalized at October CDAC meetings September 19, 2017 Wisconsin

Strong partnerships shine in third year of elk translocation efforts March 24, 2017 Wisconsin

Summer fawn survival numbers are in December 14, 2017 Wisconsin

Superior, Deer council seeks input on DMU changes September 5, 2017 Wisconsin

Taylor County, Deer Advisory Council says to continue increasing deer population in county August 30, 2017 Wisconsin

The Return of Earn-a-Buck? November 22, 2017 Wisconsin

Third year of reintroduction effort provides 31 Kentucky elk to Wisconsin's Northwoods July 18, 2017

Waupaca County Estimated Deer Population, November 18, 2017 Wisconsin

Waupaca, Deer council says reduce herd September 1, 2017 Wisconsin

Wisconsin deer herd “post-hunt” census goes up July 15, 2017

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approves 2017 deer harvest quotas and season structure June 5, 2017

Wolf Population Stabilizing in Wisconsin July 11, 2017


2016 Deer Hunt Prospects July 12, 2016 Wisconsin

2016 Hunting and Trapping Forecast August 25, 2016 Wisconsin

39 elk arrive from Kentucky March 25, 2016 Michigan

A chronology of Wisconsin deer hunting: from closed seasons to record harvests November 8, 2016

Ashland County committee recommends no antlerless tags for 2016 gun season April 12, 2016 Wisconsin,

Board approves 2016 deer regulations June 11, 2016 Wisconsin,

Buck harvest is up across region, state numbers down November 28, 2016 Wisconsin

Buck Only Recommendation in Oneida, Vilas County’s 2016 Hunt April 5, 2016 Wisconsin,

Bygones for Oct. 7 October 7, 2016, Wisconsin

CDAC, sportsmen disagree on deer quota numbers April 26, 2016 Wisconsin

Chippewa County Deer Advisory Council approves private land tag recommendation April 21, 2016 Wisconsin

Conservation leaders weigh in on County Deer Advisory Councils May 13, 2016 Wisconsin

County Deer Advisory Councils April 5, 2016 Wisconsin

Debate about deer continues August 1, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer 'management' not effective January 1, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer expected to be more plentiful for this year's gun season November 14, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer harvest up 1%, but second lowest in 32 years, DNR says December 5, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer herd rebounding June 28, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer hunting fun in angst-filled way November 5, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer hunting survey bill headed to House floor March 21, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer kill, license sales drop to lowest levels in more than 30 years November 30, 2016 Wisconsin

Deer talk may dominate conservation hearings March 31, 2016 Wisconsin,

Deer tracks can supply lots of information August 6, 2016 Wisconsin,

DNR public hearings at hand February 13, 2016 Wisconsin

DNR scales back deer harvest numbers December 4, 2015 Wisconsin

DNR staff team up with partners and volunteers to launch Southwest Wisconsin Deer and Predator Research Project September 14, 2016

Dodge County deer management reviewed March 20, 2016 Wisconsin

Door County, Meetings to address growing deer herd · March 11, 2016 Wisconsin

Douglas County, Local deer council is cautiously optimistic March 26, 2016 Wisconsin

Eau Claire County, Deer Advisory Councils propose deer harvest quota April 5, 2016 Wisconsin

Elk are Back in Wisconsin August 17, 2016

Elk return to Jackson County but are a tough find October 9, 2016 Wisconsin,

Environmental Issues At Forefront Of 12th State Senate District Race November 1, 2016 Wisconsin

Federal wildlife and fish restoration funds keep flowing March 30, 2016 Wisconsin

Feds consider endangered listing for moose June 2, 2016 Wisconsin

For your sake, tag deer ASAP November 12, 2016 Wisconsin

Hunters Ready For Wisconsin Deer Opener November 18, 2016

It was a mild winter in the Northwest March 31, 2016 Wisconsin

Landowners start planning for fall deer season January 20, 2016 Wisconsin,

Legislators' wolf summit just more rhetoric July 8, 2016 Wisconsin,

Natural Resources Board approves 2016 deer harvest quotas and season structure May 25, 2016

Northeast District deer forecast November 9, 2016 Wisconsin

Opening weekend deer harvest down nearly 5 percent November 22, 2016 Wisconsin

Pierce County, Increased county deer quota is considered March 24, 2016 Wisconsin

Preliminary deer registration numbers show slight decrease in total harvest but increase in buck harvest December 1, 2016 Wisconsin

Public land is rich resource for savvy hunters November 12, 2016 Wisconsin

Sawyer County deer council recommends bucks-only March 21, 2016 Wisconsin,

Sawyer County, Deer council stays with zero quota April 22, 2016 Wisconsin,

Sept. 17 marks opening of archery and crossbow deer hunting seasons August 31, 2016 Wisconsin

Snapshot Wisconsin: Trail Cams to Document State's Wildlife May 18, 2016 Wisconsin

The Deer Study - A Closer Look at the White-tailed Deer April 7, 2016 Wisconsin

Thousands more trail cameras coming to Wisconsin May 21, 2016

Voters speak up about natural resource issues May 12, 2016 Wisconsin

Washburn County, WCDA meets April 18 on structure for deer season April 16, 2016 Wisconsin

Waupaca CDAC reverses course on fall deer hunt April 21, 2016 Wisconsin,

Waupaca Co. Deer Advisory Board votes down buck hunting ban April 19, 2016 Wisconsin

Waupaca County, Controversial antlerless deer regulation takes center stage in Waupaca County March 26, 2016 Wisconsin

Wisconsin Deer Forecast for 2016 October 11, 2016

Wisconsin DNR board approves reducing buck-only counties May 25, 2016

Wisconsin elk reintroduction project highlights strong partnerships April 21, 2016

Wisconsin's annual nine-day gun deer hunt sees increase in statewide buck harvest

Wisconsin's wolf population highest ever, with nearly 900 June 16, 2016


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Wisconsin October 21, 2015

2015 Wisconsin Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast now available [PDF] September 2, 2015

After 1995 elk herd growth, Wisconsin to add another February 3, 2015 Wisconsin

Another gun deer season to remember November 28, 2015 Wisconsin

Anticipation builds for Saturday's deer opener November 2, 2015 Wisconsin

Bayfield County officials seek balance between forest health and deer population July 22, 2015 Wisconsin

Bill looks to ensure youth hunters shoot their own deer September 25, 2015 Wisconsin

CDAC chair talks about bringing the deer herd back to Vilas County November 26, 2015 Wisconsin

Changes made to road kill law August 3, 2015 Wisconsin

Chippewa County, CDAC (Chippewa County Deer Advisory Council) pushes through antlerless bonus tag proposal April 23, 2015 Wisconsin

Chippewa County, CDAC recommends cut to public county antlerless bonus tags March 26, 2015 Wisconsin

Chippewa County, Fish, deer stand proposals dominate tame spring hearings April 14, 2015 Wisconsin

Columbia County needs 2 deer management zones April 17, 2015 Wisconsin

County deer quotas up for board approval May 16, 2015 Wisconsin

Cranberry growers concerned over elk damage November 18, 2015 Wisconsin

Crossbows Make Presence Known in Wisconsin September 1, 2015

Data shows impact of crossbows on 2014 deer hunt March 7, 2015 Wisconsin,

Deer e-registration is now the law September 13, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer Hunt 2015: Economic impact of the hunt November 17, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer Hunt 2015: Health of the herd November 16, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer Trustee Report process coming to an end January 23, 2015 Wisconsin

Deer-baiting problem persists in Minnesota hunt November 15, 2015

DNR Board approves 2015 deer harvest quotas May 27, 2015 Wisconsin

DNR needs to continue aging deer October 5, 2015 Wisconsin

DNR research project shedding light on 'cryptic' bobcat December 18, 2015 Wisconsin

DNR takes to the sky to count deer February 22, 2015 Wisconsin

Don't discount millennials' impact on Wisconsin deer hunting numbers October 16, 2015

Douglas County Deer council discusses wolves March 24, 2015 Wisconsin

Educating hunters is the best deer management March 8, 2015 Wisconsin

Electronic deer and bear registration will provide additional convenience to hunters while keeping time-honored traditions alive April 28, 2015 Wisconsin

Elk from Kentucky have reached their new home near Black River Falls! March 27, 2015 Wisconsin,

Elk released from pen, reintroduction continues September 11, 2015 Wisconsin

Elk Returning to Ho-Chunk Lands a Century After Being Driven Out May 14, 2015 Wisconsin

Examining lawmakers behind cuts to DNR June 12, 2015 Wisconsin

Fall hunters encouraged to report feral pig sightings November 19, 2015 Wisconsin

Federal judge OK's nighttime tribal deer hunting October 14, 2015 Wisconsin

Food plots help attract deer February 28, 2015 Wisconsin

Gun deer season opens in Wisconsin November 21, 2015 Wisconsin

Hearing the howl of the wolves May 26, 2015 Wisconsin

It appears crossbows here to stay in Wisconsin August 11, 2015

January hearings provide opportunity to give feedback on final Deer Trustee Report rule package January 13, 2015 Wisconsin

Kewaunee County deer harvest up 40 percent November 27, 2015 Wisconsin

Light turnout expected for Chippewa night deer hunt October 31, 2015 Wisconsin

March County Deer Advisory Council meetings will focus on antlerless harvest quota recommendations March 3, 2015 Wisconsin

Mild winter predicts healthy deer survival March 13, 2015 Wisconsin

More than 6500 deer taken on K/D Peninsula March 8, 2015 Wisconsin,

Natural Resources Board member keeping close eye on County Deer Advisory Council Agenda January 18, 2015 Wisconsin

New deer registration hurt small businesses December 21, 2015 Wisconsin

New deer registration rules in effect for the 2015 season November 3, 2015 Wisconsin

New deer registration system bogs down during peak stretch November 23, 2015 Wisconsin

Not all in harmony with DNR elk import January 27, 2015 Wisconsin

Ojibwe tribes hope for restoration of nocturnal deer hunting tradition January 10, 2015 Wisconsin

Opening weekend deer harvest up from year ago November 24, 2015 Wisconsin,

Paperless Deer Registration Bad For Business Say Proprietors December 4, 2015 Wisconsin

Patricia Randolph's Madravenspeak: Stakes are high April 13: killing cranes and white deer ... April 12, 2015 Wisconsin

Program provides unique land management opportunity March 24, 2015 Wisconsin

Schmeeckle Reserve February, 2015

Seek middle ground with state wolves February 20, 2015 Wisconsin

Signs point to another disappointing Wisconsin deer hunt November 19, 2015 Wisconsin

State Deer Management Assistance Program Seeing Growth August 26, 2015 Wisconsin

State Natural Resources Board to consider deer rules, population objectives at February 25 meeting February 18, 2015 Wisconsin,

State releases 23 elk in Jackson County August 24, 2015 Wisconsin

Support law to ban trapping and hunting in Wisconsin parks October 11, 2015

Supreme Court turns away Wisconsin's appeal over tribal night deer hunting April 20, 2015

Three-year deer goals approved for Wisconsin February 26, 2015

Tracking the decline of Minnesota’s moose population August 21, 2015 Wisconsin

Two elk dead after release into the wild October 1, 2015 Wisconsin

UW-Madison Professor Discusses Wisconsin Wolf-Deer Issues April 5, 2015

Walleyes, deer, wolves and moose among topics of DNR event January 17, 2015 Wisconsin

West Central District hunters should have ample opportunities November 18, 2015 Wisconsin

Where did the mule deer in Wisconsin come from? November 4, 2015

Why Kentucky is Sending Elk to Wisconsin & What That State Will Do For Us January 11, 2015

Winter provided a reprieve to wild animals May 9, 2015 Wisconsin

Wisconsin Conservation Congress could use wakeup call May 9, 2015 Wisconsin,

Wisconsin Deer Forecast for 2015 September 9, 2015

Wisconsin deer hunters looking at another rebuilding year November 15, 2015

Wisconsin DNR mulls dissolving science bureau April 7, 2015

Wisconsin DNR will continue deer carcass pickup, 13 positions to be cut April 23, 2015

Wisconsin expects larger deer firearms harvest despite ailing population November 14, 2015

Wisconsin expects larger deer firearms harvest despite ailing population November 14, 2015

Wisconsin gun deer hunt offers chance to enjoy nature November 15, 2015

Wisconsin gun hunters on pace to kill more bucks than does for first time since 1993 November 27, 2015

Wisconsin hunters worked through DNR's new deer registration process December 20, 2015

Wisconsin should rethink elk plan over disease worry January 21, 2015

Wisconsin treats non-resident deer hunters rather nicely October 31, 2015

Wisconsin's Deer Management Assistance Program now accepting applications for 2015 January 13, 2015

Wisconsin's War on Deer Management – Part 2 April 15, 2015

Yearling buck kills alter state's deer herd March 21, 2015 Wisconsin


"Put the science aside" and vote against harvesting white and albino deer March 27, 2014 Wisconsin,

'Snapshot Wisconsin' project to put eye on wildlife July 19, 2014 Wisconsin

2014 Wisconsin Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast is now available! August 30, 2014

2014 Wolf Hunting Season is Moving Quickly October 22, 2014 Wisconsin

A harsh winter leaves few deer for hunters December 5, 2014 Wisconsin

A tale of two predators: the wolf and the bear June 19, 2014 Wisconsin

Albino deer and tundra swans among April DNR hearing February 10, 2014 Wisconsin,

Annual Conservation Congress meetings give residents a chance to be heard April 7, 2014 Wisconsin

Annual Operation Deer Watch to help measure deer populations now underway August 4, 2014 Wisconsin

Ashland County, Extremely severe winter has major impact on area deer herd April 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Banner deer year expected in 'K/D' August 29, 2014 Wisconsin

Big changes coming to deer management January 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Calling all hunters, tell us what you see September 9, 2014 Wisconsin

Car-killed deer assessments shed light on deer nutritional condition July 1, 2014 Wisconsin

Cashing In on crossbows and big bucks October 15, 2014 Wisconsin

Chippewa Tribes Win Important Treaty Rights Victory in Wisconsin November 17, 2014

Chippewa, For second year, county deer harvest down November 25, 2014 Wisconsin

Cold, Snow Impacts Wild Animals April 6, 2014 Wisconsin

Confusion reigns at DNR deer forum April 19, 2014 Wisconsin

Conservation Congress seeks more public input on long-term deer management September 29, 2014 Wisconsin

County Deer Advisory Councils will provide great opportunity for local input and deer herd management throughout Wisconsin August 26, 2014 Wisconsin

County deer councils will start to gather information September 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Crossbows boost archery deer season near record totals November 8, 2014 Wisconsin

Decisions due on state deer management January 10, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer Camp 2014 - The Politics of Deer Management November 28, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer councils set goals for counties November 7, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer forecast is low November 10, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer forecast mixed as hunters await season November 19, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer harvest down for second straight season December 3, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer hunt numbers down statewide; up slightly in Columbia County December 2, 2014 Wisconsin,

Deer hunt was 'rebuilding year,' DNR expert says December 10, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey October 21, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer hunting changes for northwoods hunters May 17, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer hunting forecast varies from north to south November 21, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer Hunting in Wisconsin August 20, 2014

Deer hunting rules package ignores more than it tweaks February 1, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer management program benefits from debate over rules August 30, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer mortality might not be as severe as winter weather April 5, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer registration may end at gas stations, bars January 20, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer rules don't seem to be aimed at solving problems January 29, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer Trustee Report sparks conversation at spring hearings April 14, 2014 Wisconsin

Dept. of Natural Resources: Natural Resources Board approves 2014 crossbow deer hunting season August 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Dip in number of deer, hunters has ripple effect December 6, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR changes deer registration for the worst February 7, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR collecting road kill deer for research May 13, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR Deer Management Assistance Program off to a solid start June 25, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR gauging winter's effects on deer herd April 17, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR is measuring winter's impact on deer and turkey March 11, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR issues deer proposals; Friday deadline for comment January 16, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR localizes deer herd management September 17, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR needs outside auditor to count deer January 30, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR plain aims to let landowners in deer program sell antlerless tags June 21, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR proposes bigger 'no doe' zone to help rebuild deer herd May 21, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR pulls back on plans for holiday gun deer season January 15, 2014 Wisconsin

DNR secretary envisions elk hunt in Wisconsin March 14, 2014

DNR unlikely to act as deer face possible starvation in deep snow, frigid cold February 26, 2014 Wisconsin,

DNR using car kill assessments, research, and winter severity index to help gauge winter's effects on Wisconsin deer April 15, 2014 Wisconsin

Dodge, Larger Dodge County deer herd recommended December 17, 2014 Wisconsin

Dog tracking to be discussed at Wisconsin Sport Show March 13, 2014

Door deer council seeing too many whitetails October 25, 2014 Wisconsin

Douglas County council recommends increasing deer herd December 12, 2014 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Council set goals for more deer in Eau Claire County December 11, 2014 Wisconsin

Expect lower deer kill numbers and lower expectations December 12, 2014 Wisconsin

Feeding Deer in Wisconsin March 7, 2014

Gov. Walker visits Bloomer, talks deer registration February 10, 2014 Wisconsin,

Gun deer license sales lagging November 19, 2014 Wisconsin

Gun deer season 2014 begins, wolf impact November 22, 2014 Wisconsin

Harsh winter could take toll on state's deer herd January 31, 2014 Wisconsin

Harsh winter prompts talk of deer feeding and habitat February 5, 2014 Wisconsin

Heavy winter kill likely means no doe hunt in northern Wisconsin this fall May 14, 2014

How many deer are 'enough' in Door County? March 28, 2014 Wisconsin

Hunters bag memories during slow start to gun deer season November 30, 2014 Wisconsin

Hunters register lowest deer kill opening in recent history November 24, 2014 Wisconsin

Hunting season delivers big bang for the bucks October 22, 2014 Wisconsin

Important hunting tradition ends November 30, 2014 Wisconsin

Iron County Deer Advisory Council December 11, 2014 Wisconsin,

Ironwood , MDNR officials hear complaints about dwindling deer numbers January 17, 2014 Wisconsin

K/D county deer councils split on herd December 20, 2014 Wisconsin,

Kenosha County, Group recommends increase in local deer herd December 10, 2014 Wisconsin

Landowners allowed to sell antlerless deer permits August 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Lead shot threatens eagles, study says June 5, 2014 Wisconsin

Many factors affect Wisconsin deer hunt December 4, 2014 Wisconsin,

Marathon County, Gun Deer Hunting Season Comes to a Close November 30, 2014 Wisconsin

Marathon County, DNR holds annual spring hearing April 14, 2014 Wisconsin

Marinette County, Deer season changes coming April 15, 2014 Wisconsin

Morrison County, Presentation offered on deer densities April 18, 2014 Wisconsin

Natural Resources Board approves 2014 deer hunting season structure May 28, 2014 Wisconsin

New crossbow deer hunting season will be offered in 2014 July 23, 2014 Wisconsin

New deer registration system in 2015 will mark end to 61-year Wisconsin tradition February 14, 2014

New deer rules attract crowds at conservation hearings April 18, 2014 Wisconsin

New pathways to hunting January 11, 2014 Wisconsin,

Numeric deer population goals to be discontinued January 23, 2014 Wisconsin

October shows important progress for early deer hunting seasons and public participation October 7, 2014 Wisconsin

One Buck Rule Resolution - Wisconsin Spring Fish & Wildlife Hearing March 16, 2014

Oneida County, Local DNR officials to propose buck only hunt April 18, 2014 Wisconsin

Oneida County, Talking deer herd management October 25, 2014 Wisconsin

Oneida, Council Recommends Increasing Oneida County Deer Herd December 15, 2014 Wisconsin,

Online deer registration is a bad idea for Wisconsin January 23, 2014 Isthmus

Outdoor lovers vote to ban baiting, feeding April 15, 2014 Wisconsin

Penn State study revealing how deer react to hunters December 6, 2014 Pennsylvania

Portage County, Hunters say fewer deer seen in 2014 season November 30, 2013 Wisconsin

Preliminary Harvest Data December 3, 2014 Wisconsin

Price County, CDAC makes preliminary decision to increase deer herd in Price County October 29, 2014 Wisconsin

Price County, CDAC objective to increase Price County deer herd goes to Madison December 23, 2014 Wisconsin

Program advocating hunting launches in Wisconsin June 28, 2014

Program Aims At Deer Health September 7, 2014 Wisconsin

Rare Wild Albino whitetail deer of Boulder Junction Wisconsin April 2, 2014

Research shows wolves not linked to fawn deaths in Northern Forest June 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Rough winter leads to deer feeding February 15, 2014 Wisconsin

Sawyer County Deer council votes to ‘increase’ deer herd October 24, 2014 Wisconsin

Sawyer County, Comments voiced at spring hearing: Trolling, deer, walleyes draw attention at rules hearing April 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Sawyer County, Input wanted on ‘increasing’ deer herd December 6, 2014 Wisconsin

Severe winter conditions lead to questions about deer feeding March 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Severe winter last year means fewer deer this fall for northern Wisconsin hunters November 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Severed deer heads found in Dodge County April 1, 2014 Wisconsin

Severity index climbing, turkey, deer tips offered March 25, 2014 Wisconsin

Shades of white: Clark County case raises questions on white deer regulations March 14, 2014 Wisconsin

Shot in the dark: Night deer hunt decision raises questions October 10, 2014 Wisconsin

State wildlife officials monitoring winter's impact on deer herd January 28, 2014 Wisconsin

State's deer population not threatened by wolves June 26, 2014 Wisconsin

Statewide deer kill dips 15.5 percent December 11, 2014 Wisconsin

Stick new deer plan where the sun don't shine November 5, 2014 Wisconsin,

Study sheds light on top causes of deer mortality January 25, 2014 Wisconsin

Survival and Cause-Specific Mortality of White-tailed Deer [Video and slideshow presentation] May 9, 2014 Wisconsin

Telecheck Deer: The Way of the Future or a Missed Opportunity? February 3, 2014 Wisconsin

The Wild Side: New deer management program August 1, 2014 Wisconsin

This an exceptionally bad winter for local deer herd March 14, 2014 Wisconsin

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces $34 Million to Wisconsin from Excise Taxes on Anglers, Hunters, and Boaters April 8, 2014 Wisconsin

Vote April 14 to save our white deer March 2, 2014 Wisconsin,

Washburn, Deer population December 18, 2014 Wisconsin

What's Killing the Deer? June 4, 2014 Wisconsin

White deer back in crosshairs? April 2, 2014 Wisconsin

Wildlife groups cheer farm bill provisions February 2, 2014 Wisconsin,

Wildlife team produces detailed look at deer mortality in Wisconsin December 27, 2014

Wis. board eliminates deer check stations, ends tradition as part of new hunt recommendations January 22, 2014 Wisconsin

Wis. DNR asks public to report dead deer January 31, 2014 Wisconsin

Wisconsin asks public to help survey deer herd July 29, 2014

Wisconsin deer hunters have a chance to set an important record November 26, 2014

Wisconsin deer hunting rule changes for 2014 September 23, 2014

Wisconsin deer kill lowest in 30 years December 2, 2014 Milwaukee

Wisconsin Deer Project February 28, 2014

Wisconsin deer research studies annual report 2013-2014 [PDF] December 11, 2014

Wisconsin Deer trustee recommendations are moving us in the wrong direction March 7, 2014

Wisconsin DNR Launches Statewide Trail-Camera Survey August 8, 2014

Wisconsin No. 2 in resident deer hunters November 20, 2014

Wisconsin to get $34.2 million in U.S. funds for restoration efforts March 29, 2014,

Wisconsin Whiffs on New Deer Management Plan January 23, 2014

Wisconsin whitetail hunt continues slide November 30, 2014

Wisconsin Wolf Expert Weighs In On Hunt October 14, 2014

Wisconsin's deer hunting chronology November 7, 2014

Wisconsin's white and albino deer May 6, 2014 Wisconsin

Wolf ruling disregards reality on the ground December 28, 2014 Wisconsin

Wolves aren't biggest threat for deer June 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Zero antlerless deer quota recommended in 2014 April 25, 2014

Zero antlerless permits likely to be issued in Northern Forest Zone April 17, 2014 Wisconsin


1930 Deer Revolt: When Oneida County Took On the State October 31, 2013 Wisconsin

2012 deer harvest breaks records, continues trends February 5, 2013 Wisconsin

2013 Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey begins September 11, 2013 Wisconsin

2013 Wisconsin deer hunting schedule has familiar look May 29, 2013

All deer season proposal meetings draw is apathy November 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Antler regulation finding support, but needs further approval March 9, 2013 Wisconsin

Baby Deer, 'Giggles,' Killed After Raid On St. Francis Society Animal Shelter August 2, 2013 Wisconsin

Baiting hurts the deer herd and the future of deer hunting October 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Bill introduced to allow crossbows during Wisconsin archery deer season May 14, 2013 Wisconsin

Born wild: Babies best left in nature April 17, 2013 Wisconsin

Bow deer season set to open in Wisconsin this month September 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Buck kill off markedly YOY for Pierce, St. Croix counties December 3, 2013 Wisconsin

Budget would give DNR more money for deer management February 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Can 'Dr. Deer' Fix Wisconsin Deer Hunting, Create New Management Model for the Nation May 12, 2013 Wisconsin

Citizen committees file 11-page deer hunting proposal July 27, 2013 Wisconsin

Cold, wind affect opening of deer hunt November 26, 2013 Wisconsin

Conservation Congress Supports County-Based DMU System October 10, 2013 Wisconsin

County deer harvest down 31 percent from year ago November 26, 2013 Wisconsin

County deer harvest falls back to earth November 26, 2013 Wisconsin

Crossbow bill approved 95-0 in Assembly but chances slim law will be changed before hunting season June 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Crossbow bill in the crosshairs May 15, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer count good here, sparse up north November 17, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer harvest down 42 percent in Dent County so far November 26, 2013 Wisconsin,

Deer herd growing in area counties March 22, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer herd has been declining for a decade December 12, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer Herd Stressed From Prolonged Winter April 25, 2013

Deer hunt's opening day brings butterflies, even after 50 years November 23, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer Hunter Forums are underway – we want to hear from you! March 22, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer hunting changes proposed by DNR September 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer implementation preliminary report includes recommendation for statewide ban on baiting June 8, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer kill down 18% on opening weekend November 25, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer kill numbers down in region, state December 4, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer registration numbers drop with temperatures November 26, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer season should remain comparable to last year March 31, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer story delves into deeper questions for DNR, state October 31, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer Study, DNR continues to shed light on deer February 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer totals down all over Upper Midwest December 28, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer trustee hearing sparsely attended: Proposals would change hunt structure November 2, 2013 Wisconsin

Deer trustee midway report dumps key recommendation June 12, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer trustee report is a step in the right direction; we must stay the course September 13, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR appoints Bob Nack as state's first deer management leader, DMAP September 16, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR called on to cancel northern deer hunt December 6, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR confirms second CWD-positive deer in Waukesha County April 4, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR officials offer final hunting outlook before deer season opening weekend November 22, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR reduces antlerless deer permits to grow herd May 25, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR says 2012 deer kill up 5% and includes record buck harvest by archers January 31, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR shares deer season forecast November 12, 2013 Wisconsin

DNR urged not to rush implementation of deer trustee report March 30, 2013 Wiscoonsin

Draft DNR deer hunt rules leave out science team's ideas September 18, 2013 Wisconsin

Early deer registrations are down in Northwestern Wisconsin November 24, 2013 Wisconsin

Eau Claire County fares better in Wisconsin deer hunt November 27, 2013

Elk closer to being introduced in Jackson County August 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Elk hunting season delayed until at least 2014 March 30, 2013 Wisconsin

End of the gun deer season allows tales to come to light November 30, 2013 Wisconsin

Experts Predicting Similar for 2013 WI Deer Season November 21, 2013 Wisconsin

Fawn research continues to address survival concerns, with help of volunteers May 8, 2013 Wisconin

Fawning Season July 29, 2013 Wisconsin, WXOW.com

Federal trial set to begin in Wisconsin tribes' night deer hunt case July 21, 2013

Final deer-hunt numbers disappoint December 11, 2013

Finding 'aww'-worthy fawns in Wisconsin's forests is tricky, but worth it June 1, 2013

G&F Forecast: Best Places For Wisconsin Deer Hunting in 2013 Octobe

Gov. Walker signs crossbow hunting bill December 11, 2013 Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker Releases Statement on Deer Trustee Report Recommendations September 10, 2013 Wisconsin

Gun deer hunt opens with a chill November 26, 2013 Wisconsin

Health of the deer herd November 19, 2013 Wisconsin

History of the deer hunt in Wisconsin November 14, 2013 77Square.com

Hunters report more than 24,000 hours of wildlife observations February 13, 2013 Wisconsin

Hunters take aim at deer trustee plans October 31, 2013 Wisconsin

Hunters, you can help track populations by filling out Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey November 20, 2013

Hunting in State Parks, Votes April 13, 2013, Wisconsin

Judge denies Wis. Chippewa's night deer hunt bid December 13, 2013 Wisconsin

Lack of deer worries hunter about future seasons December 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Late snow means stressful spring for deer herd, Winter severity index April 29, 2013 Wisconsin

Leland, White deer advocates worried as hunting begins November 3, 2013 Wisconsin

Let’s chat online about the future of deer management July 23, 2013 Wisconsin

Live DNR deer chat at noon Monday June 22, 2013 Wisconsin

Man Shot about 100 Deer in Wisconsin's Vernon, Richland counties January 17, 2013 Wisconsin

Management implications of an overpopulated white-tailed deer herd (Odocoileus virginianus) and the effects of the recently suspended Earn-a-Buck program in Wisconsin D Murray - 2013

Monroe County's deer harvest outpaces state's December 4, 2013 Wisconsin

Move to paperless registration of deer leads to concern November 29, 2013 Wisconsin

Natural Resources Board rejects DNR proposal to allow private ownership of deer September 27, 2013

Never-ending winter a real killer for wildlife May 4, 2013 Wisconsin

New for 2013: Rifles allowed statewide, state parks open to hunting November 12, 2013 Wisconsin

New law opens more spots for deer hunters December 14, 2013, Wisconsin

New researcher named for DNR deer, elk studies June 5, 2013 Wisconsin

Night Hunting Trial Wraps Up, With Verdict Expected Before November July 26, 2013 Wisconsin

No easy deer answers, but current proposals don't heed science October 19, 2013 Wisconsin

NRB asked to look at state park hunting September 5, 2013 Wisconsin

Participants of deer study come to learn about on-going research on deer mortality September 24, 2013 Wisconsin

Poaching investigation uncovers 14 deer carcasses in Grant County November 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Population Goals in 2013 January 2, 2013 Wisconsin

Preliminary deer kill tally down 7% from 2012 December 3, 2013 Wisconsin,

Proposed hunting changes draw concern October 22, 2013 Wisconsin

Proposed rules aim to simplify deer hunting July 21, 2013 Wisconsin

Proposed Wisconsin rules would end killing of captive deer August 29, 2013

Proposed wolf reduction worries Wisconsin scientists October 14, 2013

Public hearings on proposed Deer Trustee Report implementation rules begin Oct. 22 October 15, 2013 Wisconsin

Public Invited to Participate in Deer Management Surveys March 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Public meetings set to develop Deer Trustee Report implementation plans February 21, 2013 Wisconsin

Raising whitetail deer fills niche in Wisconsin's growing ag economy August 22, 2013

Research on white-tailed deer continues May 11, 2013 Wisconsin

Rule would kill white deer hunt October 4, 2013 Wisconsin

Rules change allows deer hunters to use rifles statewide September 28, 2013 Wisconsin,

Save a bald eagle. Use copper bullets for deer hunting November 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Sawyer County deer harvest down 25 percent November 26, 2013 Wisconsin

Scott Walker to budget $2 million for deer management February 8, 2013 Wisconsin

Scott Walker tramples Wisconsin values with United Sportsmen Scandal September 27, 2013

Sen. Tom Tiffany and representatives Cjaza and Swearingen call for cancellation of four-day hunt December 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Study continues to monitor cause of mortality among Wisconsin deer February 6, 2013

Study finds Midwest deer sporting the biggest antlers September 11, 2013 Wisconsin

Study Shines Light on Deer Herd February 24, 2013 Wisconsin

Successful calving year good for state’s growing elk herd July 23, 2013 Wisconsin

The bait debate for deer hunting August 1, 2013 Wisconsin

Timeline: History of Deer Hunting in Wisconsin, An interactive timeline of the history of deer hunting in Wisconsin. September 24, 2013

Tips to create a waterhole that deer can't resist October 27, 2013 Wisconsin

Volunteers needed for deer capture January 6, 2013 Wisconsin

Vos says nine-day deer hunt has $1.3 billion impact December 4, 2013 Wisconsin

Walker on target with deer proposal funding February 14, 2013 Wisconsin

Wardens Track Down Deer Killing Snowmobilers July 10, 2013 Wisconsin

Waukesha,County deer numbers up December 9, 2013 Wisconsin

White deer advocates rally support at conservation congress April 9, 2013 Wisconsin

Winter Severity Index up March 13, 2013 Wisconsin

Wis. board opposes wild deer as pets September 26, 2013 Wisconsin

Wis. committee bans night wolf hunting May 15, 2013 Wisconsin

Wis. DNR board to consider new captive deer policy September 23, 2013 Wisconsin

Wisconsin 2013 Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast September 4, 2013 WDNR

Wisconsin aims to put more female fingers on the triggers November 17, 2013

Wisconsin committee approves funding for mini-deer hunts May 15, 2013

Wisconsin Considers Legalizing Deer as Pets October 8, 2013 Outside Magazine

Wisconsin deer hunters keeping expectations in check November 20, 2013

Wisconsin deer hunting opener: windy and cold November 23, 2013

Wisconsin DNR Wants to Abandon Whitetail Deer Counts Before the 2014 Hunting Season October 4, 2013

Wisconsin hunters, trappers kill 257 wolves December 28, 2013

Wisconsin lawmakers cool to DNR pet deer plan October 6, 2013

Wisconsin Mortality Study: Hunters Kill More Bucks Than Anything Else May 2, 2013

Wisconsin Republican efforts to expand hunting irk opponents September 22, 2013

Wisconsin Summer Deer Observations (SDO) [PDF] May 18, 2013 WDNR

Wisconsin's Gun Deer Season, Population Approachs November 20, 2013


" The Wild Bunch " Herd of wild Albino deer in Northern Wisconsin May 29, 2012

'Deer Czar' sets record straight on privatizing hunting land June 29, 2012 Wisconsin

2012 deer hunter wildlife survey begins September 12, 2012 Wisconsin

2012 Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast [PDF] September 8, 2012 Wisconsin

2012 season will likely open with fewer hunters November 16, 2012 Wisconsin

A chronology of Wisconsin deer hunting from closed seasons to record harvests November 5, 2012

An investment in tough times pays off for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts November 6, 2012 Wisconsin

Chippewa bands ask DNR to half wolf hunt August 15, 2012 Wisconsin

Chippewa prepare to hunt deer at night November 26, 2012 Wisconsin

Collared Deer for Research Project October, 2012 Wisconsin

Concerns Raised About Effects of DNR Collars on Deer March 27, 2012 Wisconsin

CWD found in deer near Shell Lake April 2, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer Czar calls for mending fences with DNR April 17, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer czar calls for site-specific management of state's herd April 17, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer Czar says Wisconsin's deer problems are "fixable" April 17, 2012

Deer farms are not what hunting is about November 19, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer hunt marked by warm weather, deer harvest up November 24, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer hunters asked to participate in wildlife survey November 13, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer hunters can help manage wildlife by participating in wildlife survey October 23, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer hunters forced to live with change November 10, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer Hunting is Big Business in Wisconsin January 11, 2012

Deer hunting season memorable as always, deer goals December 1, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer hunting Texas style? Walker administration says 'no' June 1, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer hunting: A numbers game, Population Down from Previous Years December 12, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer issues bound to forefront across state April 4, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer kill higher than last year November 28, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer numbers, end of quotas November 11, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer population far exceeds goal March 7, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer registration numbers up, again November 30, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer Report, A Collection of News Articles July and August, 2012 Minneapolis

Deer Report, Deer trustee preliminary report released March 28, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer rut at its peak November 8, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer Slayer Sentenced February 8, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR Deer Forum Exposes Agency-Hunter Tension March 20, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR faces case of dwindling resources May 9, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR has preliminary results in predator impact study April 27, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR issues report on Wisconsin deer research projects February 22, 2012

DNR online chat leads to issues raised about cougar sightings December 5, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR project studies fawn predation June 9, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR ramps up outreach to turn around loss of hunters November 17, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR receives mostly negative feedback for plan to open parks to hunting, trapping December 9, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR releases report on deer study February 24, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR statement and Op-Ed: Tribes do not have authority to hunt deer at night in Ceded Territory November 21, 2012

DNR statement and Op-Ed: Tribes do not have authority to hunt deer at night in Ceded Territory November 21, 2012 WDNR

DNR to Make Largest Land Acquisition in State History May 17, 2012 Wisconsin

DNR: Local deer population up, well over goal March 10, 2012 Wisconsin

Does Wisconsin Have a Communist Deer June 28, 2012

Fawn survival rates varying, changing March 3, 2012 Wisconsin

Fawns Captured for Wisconsin Deer Predation Study June 29, 2012 Wisconsin

Fewer Deer Hunting Permits For Northern Wisconsin April 27, 2012

Final 2011 deer harvest numbers available March 20, 2012

First phase of Wisconsin's largest land conservation deal finalized September 1, 2012

Fox Valley's deer herd too big March 16, 2012 Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker addresses Deer Management Concerns June 27, 2012 Wisconsin

Grey Wolves: A Success Story June 8, 2012 Wisconsin

Harvest of White Deer in Wisconsin Fuels Outrage Among Community November 28, 2012

History shows us many pitfalls in scientific deer management May 10, 2012 Wisconsin

Holiday Poaching Spree Reveals Illegal Killing of Up to 100 March 28, 2012 Wisconsin

Hunters file brief to oppose wolf hunting with dogs November 13, 2012 Wisconsin

Hunters may harvest deer with tags and collars October 2, 2012 Wisconsin

Hunters mixed on mild weather gun deer opener November 17, 2012 Wisconsin

Hunters on both sides of controversial bills April 4, 2012 Wisconsin

Hunters rack it up for Wisconsin, deer stats December 6, 2012

Is the DNR finally listening? February 29, 2012 Wisconsin

Kroll fires back at Dem charges June 5, 2012 Wisconsin

Making heads, tails of game and fish bill May 11, 2012 Wisconsin

More than 150 people attend public meetings on elk management plan revision October 16, 2012 Wisconsin

Mortality Rate High for WI Big-Woods Fawns July 8, 2012 Wisconsi

OK to harvest tagged/collared deer; Watch out for elk & moose November 11, 2012 Wisconsin

Preliminary Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey Results September 27, 2012

Presque Isle, Once upon a time ... in the Presque Isle lakes area May 29, 2012 Wisconsin

Public input sessions scheduled on elk management in Wisconsin September 18, 2012

Ranches promise trophy deer; critics call them unsportsmanlike November 11, 2012 Wisconsin

Report on Opening Weekend of Wisconsin Deer Hunt November 19, 2012

Researchers track deer, predators June 23, 2012 Wisconsin

Review examines deer-management practices in state January 28, 2012 Wisconsin

Revised Wisconsin State Parks hunting and trapping plan to be presented to State Natural Resources Board December 7, 2012 WDNR

RMEF looks at 10 years of elk reintroductions August 28, 2012 Wisconsin

Sampling and deer registration stations in southern and southeast Wisconsin November 13, 2012

Scientists Dig into How Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Might Impact Population Stability April 27, 2012

Scrapes, rubs offer pointers on deer November 17, 2012 Wisconsin

Sheboygan ponders deer management program May 2, 2012 Wisconsin

Speak up now to preserve wilderness May 27, 2012 Wisconsin

State sets deer-hunt rules for 2012 April 26, 2012 Wisconsin

To fix deer hunt, heed report's recommendations November 15, 2012 Wisconsin

Trail Camera's allowed on DNR land May 24, 2012 Wisconsin

U.S. judge blocks Wisconsin Chippewa's night deer hunt December 17, 2012 Wisconsin

Volunteers needed for deer capture December 5, 2012 Wisconsin

Walker Is Not Alone, Nor a Fan of Deer-Hunting May 22, 2012 Wisconsi

Wildlife act still doing its job well January 15, 2012 Wisconsin

Wisconsin deer data tells many tales November 4, 2012

Wisconsin deer harvest up 19 percent November 20, 2012

Wisconsin Deer Herd November 11, 2012

Wisconsin Deer Herd November 9, 2012

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Opening Weekend Report November 19, 2012 WDNR

Wisconsin Deer Kill for 2012 gun season November 29, 201

Wisconsin Deer Mortality Study [PDF] September 8, 2012 WDNR

Wisconsin deer study: First-year data holds some surprises March 4, 2012

Wisconsin gun deer kill increases 7.7% November 28, 2012

Wisconsin man suspected of slaughtering 100 deer in 'thrill kill' March 30, 3012

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation's stand on wolves political, not scientific August 15, 2012

Wisconsin's nine-day deer season is at hand November 13, 2012

Wolf lawsuit is frivolous August 14, 2012 Wisconsin, Marshfield News-Herald, Rep. Scott Suder, R-Abbotsford


Alt, Guynn added to Wisconsin deer review October 19, 2011 Wisconsin

Analysis finds young hunters are more likely to cause accidents November 16, 2011 Wisconsin

Archery deer season to be longest in WI state history September 6, 2011, Wisconsin

Assembly Approves End to Earn-a-Buck October 19, 2011 Wisconsin

Autumn's chill warms state hunters' hearts September 14, 2011 Wisconsin

Bill to open Wisconsin and its parks for hunting moves to Senate hearing December 7, 2011

Breeding buck killed in Lincoln County September 12, 2011 Wisconsin

Cross-bows rejected again, this time by WI gun deer hunters June 10, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer count gets closer look December 14, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer Czar makes a good pick December 9, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer czar: It's time for a change November 16, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer harvest below average, Hunting complaints etc. November 21, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer hunt 2011 preview November 12, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer hunting continues decline in Wisconsin November 8, 2011

Deer hunting in Wisconsin: Is canary in the coal mine? (declining interest in hunting) January 2, 2011

Deer management meeting a quiet affair March 13, 2011 Wisconsin Population

Deer numbers in Wisconsin increase March 24, 2011 Population

Deer numbers in Wisconsin increase March 23, 2011 Population

Deer projects will examine state's herd February 27, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR Announces Deer Hunting Survey September 16, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR Looking at Lead Shot January 26, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR official says predator population in Wisconsin at all-time high November 4, 2011

DNR says deer numbers up across Wisconsin October 29, 2011

DNR to blame for mismanaging deer herd December 29, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR to trap dozens of deer for long-term study January 17, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR wants landowners to open their property to public hunting, for cash November 4, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR, fearing sterner legislation, agrees to end Earn-A-Buck April 28, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR, hunters differ over wolves' impact on deer numbers March 28, 2011 Wisconsin

DNR: Local deer herds holding steady March 19,2011 Wisconsin

Doctor Deer [Deer Overestimated?] November 17, 2011 Wisconsin

Dr. Deer says key for herd is habitat October 15, 2011 Wisconsin

Ear-tagged deer are legal game September 13, 2011 Wisconsin

Earn-A-Buck deer hunting law repealed October 19, 2011 Wisconsin

Fond du Lac deer hunters welcome changes to 2011 season, no earn a buck May 27, 2011

Governor Walker Signs Bill to Eliminate Earn-a-Buck Program November 7, 2011 Wisconsin

Gun deer season gets under way across Wisconsin November 19, 2011 Wisconsin

Helicopters helping DNR catch deer January 26, 2011 Wisconsin Population

Heritage Bill may put hikers, hunters at odds November 6, 2011 Wisconsin

How Many Albino Deer Live in Port? November 21, 2011 Wisconsin

How much land can the DNR afford to manage? November 3, 2011 Wisconsin

Hunters play an important role in deer population study October 19, 2011 Wisconsin

It's a wolf boom at Fort McCoy July 10, 2011 Wisconsin

John Wetzel: DNR best suited to manage deer heard May 4, 2011 Wisconsin

Knight Life: 'Dr. Deer' wrong man for state audit November 4, 2011 Wisconsin

Land ownership looming issue September 13, 2011 Wisconsin

Leave it to the pros, earn a buck May 25, 2011

Legislature poised to repeal earn a buck program October 18, 2011 Wisconsin

Local lawmaker sets sights on deer hunting changes (video) April 16, 2011 Wisconsin

Make sure deer study really is free of bias October 4, 2011 Wisconsin

Marked White-tailed deer announcement October 28, 2011 Wisconsin

More than 1000 wolves likely roam state April 23, 2011 Wisconsin

More traditional deer hunt proposed for 2011 by Wisconsin DNR officials April 14, 2011 Wisconsin

Moulton bill would do away with earn-a-buck April 15, 2011 Wisconsin

New deer czar will ruffle feathers October 9, 2011 Wisconsin

No debate on deer baiting June 5, 2011

Northwoods hunters complain about poor gun-deer season December 14, 2011 Wisconsin

Operation Deer Watch Begins August 8, 2011 Wisconsin

Operation Deer Watch Help Exports Monitor State's Deer Herd July 28, 2011, Wisconsin

Our view: Legislature shouldn't be managing deer herd October 21, 2011 Wisconsin

Outdoors: Deer baiting, lead shot ban discussed at spring hearings April 12, 2011 Wisconsin

Pat Durkin: Critics can learn from deer study March 5, 2011 Wisconsin

Patricia Randolph's Madravenspeak: The end of safe state parks November 13, 2011 Wisconsin

Report on Summer Deer Observations, 2010, Wisconsin June 5, 2011

Researchers map likely future contact with wolves June 3, 2011

Satellite technology enables rapid, accurate mapping of forest ... November 10, 2011 Wisconsin,

Senate Committee Approves Earn-A-Buck Rules May 11, 2011

Setting Wisconsin's deer herd size no easy task March 20, 2011

State hunters ready for gun deer season November 19, 2011 Wisconsin

State Rep. Tom Tiffany takes aim at deer hunting rules April 23, 2011 Wisconsin

State's deer-hunting tradition needs more young blood November 6, 2011 Wisconsin

Study tracks fawn survival and mortality May 28, 2011

The cost of hunting land November 4, 2011 Wisconsin

The Legislature Writes a Sad Chapter in the History of Wisconsin Deer Management October 19, 2011

Two study areas in state produce varying deer data September 10, 2011 Wisconsin

Two study areas in state produce varying deer data September 11, 2011 Wisconsin

WI DNR Says Deer Population is Growing August 17, 2011

WI's Deer Trustee evaluates deer management November 14, 2011 Wisconsin

Wis. Senate passes earn-a-buck ban May 17, 2011

Wisconsin Bow Hunters Will Have Longest Ever Deer Season September 17, 2011

Wisconsin calls for outside help on deer October 9, 2011

Wisconsin deer hunter wildlife survey September 19, 2011

Wisconsin deer research enters fawn phase May 27, 2011

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a new mentality October 5, 2011

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp says public ... March 27, 2011 Management

Wisconsin DNR Fall Hunting Forecast September 1, 2011

Wisconsin DNR needs volunteers to search fawns in deer mortality research project May 13, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Appoints State Deer Czar October 6, 2011

Wisconsin governor issues order laying out deer czar's job duties September 23, 2011

Wisconsin Gun Deer Season Begins November 19; November 3, 2011

Wisconsin hires 'Dr. Deer' as trustee October 3, 2011

Wisconsin Operation Deer Watch survey preliminary October 1, 2011

Wisconsin's deer czar works to put 'fun back in hunting' November 12, 2011

As The Demand for Hunting Sags, Where Will Support for Wildlife Management Come From? December 12, 2010 Wisconsin

DNR Continues to Seek People's Deer Count September 6, 2010 Wisconsin

Population Estimation in Wisconsin

Researchers: Hunting decline to continue December 25, 2010 Wisconsin