Missouri Disease of Deer Archive -  Missouri

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Missouri Disease of Deer Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

"Zombie Deer" No Laughing Matter September 25, 2015 Missouri

24 new cases of chronic wasting disease found, but disease still rare in Missouri December 20, 2019 Missouri

28 More Cases Of CWD Found In Missouri Deer; Here's How Conservationists Are Responding January 17, 2019

A sick deer—harbinger of things to come? October 15, 2014 Missouri

Amendments seek to curb deer disease June 10, 2014 Missouri,

Another wild deer harvested in the Heartland tests positive for a fatal illness March 8, 2012 Missouri

Are Mo. Deer & Elk Threatened By Chronic Wasting Disease? July 15, 2013 Missouri

Battle brewing over effort to curtail deer disease June 15, 2014 Missouri

Business as usual on Mo. deer opener November 22, 2013 Missouri

Captive deer reclassification bill passes Senate May 2, 2014 Missouri,

Chronic disease testing becomes mandatory April 30, 2016 Missour

Chronic wasting case hints at new normal for wildlife March 12, 2015 Missouri

Chronic Wasting Disease a Threat to Missouri Deer April 22, 2014

Chronic Wasting Disease Appears in Five Missouri Deer May 31, 2012

Chronic Wasting Disease becoming a larger issue for Missouri deer population February 4, 2015

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Captive Deer October 25, 2011 Missouri

Chronic Wasting Disease found in mid-Missouri July 9, 2012

Chronic Wasting Disease in Central and Northeast Missouri September 28, 2015

Chronic Wasting Disease in deer is a growing concern in Missouri May 29, 2015

Chronic Wasting Disease July 13, 2014 Missouri

Chronic wasting disease looms over deer season November 8, 2017 Missouri

Chronic wasting disease threatens Missouri’s $1 billion deer hunting culture October 11, 2018 Missouri

Chronic Wasting Disease's gradual spread worries wildlife biologists August 16, 2015 Missouri

Chronic Wasting Disease, New hunting regulations affect north-central Mo. October 31, 2012 Missouri

Chronic Wasting Disease: What you need to know May 17, 2014 Missouri,

Clouds on the Horizon for Missouri Deer? March 5, 2012

Conservation Department repeals antler restrictions in Boone County November 1, 2015 Missouri

Conservation Department to Hold Meeting in Washington January 6, 2016 Missouri,

Cracking the Mystery Behind Missouri's Year of the Giant Buck December 15, 2020 Missouri

CWD 2018, Deadly deer disease identified in southeast MO February 8, 2018 MIssouri

CWD fears overshadow outdoor heritage event in Missouri Deer June 25, 2012

CWD in Central Missouri November 21, 2015

CWD Infecting Missouri's White-Tail Deer May 9, 2014

CWD Is in Missouri September 2, 2013

CWD now is in Missouri March 2, 2012

CWD sampling in north-central MO September 18, 2014 Missouri

CWD, Commission approves suspension of issuing permits for new deer breeders and big-game hunting facilities August 24, 2012 MIssouri

CWD, Deer disease shrouds hunting future in Macon County June 21, 2012 Missouri

CWD, Department of Agriculture ends funding for chronic wasting diseaseJune 22, 2012 Missouri

CWD, Disease impacts deer population in Missouri October 3, 2012 Missouri

CWD, MDC to hold open house on CWD[Chronic Wasting Disease] in Macon County May 25, 2012 MIssour

CWD, Missouri deer hunters face new regulations August 20, 2012

CWD, State seeks hunter's help [with Chronic Wasting Disease] June 1, 2012 Missouri

Deadly deer disease reported in northern Missouri December 9, 2014

Dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease in Missouri October 23, 2012

Deer deaths rise [EHD], but cold weather could slow death rate October 10, 2012

Deer disease affects hunting regulations September 12, 2012 Missouri

Deer diseases of concern May 15, 2014 Missouri

Deer meetings set for June 17 June 12, 2014 Missouri

Deer population face diseases in Missouri May 21, 2014

Deer season several months away, CWD vigilance still needed May 9, 2014 Missouri

Deer with Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Missouri October 19, 2011

Department of Conservation calls on Adair County hunters to help attack chronic wasting disease January 5, 2015 Missouri

Depopulation Plan Being Developed for Captive Deer Facility in Macon County, CWD December 30, 2011 Missouri

Disease regulations for Missouri's white-tailed deer could be expensive May 13, 2014

Disease threatening Missouri deer January 2, 2014

Don't transfer management of captive deer June 10, 2014 Missouri

Drought increases risk of disease spread among the state's deer August 7, 2012 Missouri

Efforts to stop a fatal deer disease in Missouri splits hunters December 26, 2013

EHD, Disease From Biting Midge Flies Causing Deer Deaths Around State September 20, 2012 MIssouri

EHD, Drought has led to deer hemorrhaging disease August 22, 2012 MIssouri

EHD, Fatal Disease Impacts Local Deer Population, EHD October 24, 2012 Missouri

EHD, MDC Biologists Looking for Tissue Samples from Sick Deer in Southwest Missouri August 23, 2012

EHD, Thousands of White-Tailed Deer Killed by Horrible-Sounding Disease September 19, 2012 Missouri

Fear for the future, CWD March 30, 2014 Missouri

Four New Cases of Chronic Wasting Confirmed Among Missouri Deer March 26, 2013

How Chronic Wasting Disease is affecting deer population and what’s the risk to humans and pets?, Elk Reintroduction ... July 3, 2014 Missouri

Hunters clash with Dept. of Conservation over Chronic Wasting Disease October 30, 2012 Missouri

Hunters Wary of Deer Numbers November 17, 2012 Missouri

Infected wild Missouri deer prompt protocol to contain chronic wasting disease January 24, 2012 Missouri

Infectious disease threatens state deer population October 1, 2013 Missouri

Kelly leads charge to scuttle bill altering regulation of captive deer September 11, 2014 Missouri

Kill or Contain: How Should Missouri Manage Chronic Wasting Disease August 14, 2013

Latest Missouri CWD case could lead to another 'management zone' December 9, 2015 Missouri

Lawmakers Confident of Veto Overturns on Ag, Captive Deer Bills August 29, 2014 Missouri

Lawmakers hear conflicting testimony on deer disease in Missouri July 16, 2013 Missouri

Legislative committee formed to examine disease in deer and elk June 6, 2013 Missouri

Let MDC manage Missouri deer May 10, 2014

Let's protect these things we hold dear, Chronic Wasting Disease March 16, 2014 Missouri,

Local Efforts to Reduce Long-term Effects of Chronic Wasting Disease in the White Tail Deer September 4, 2013 Missouri

Making an unwise move May 4, 2014 Missouri

MDC continues testing for CWD, asks for hunters' help December 19 2014 Missouri,

MDC Finds More Deer with Chronic Wasting Disease April 25, 2019 Missouri

MDC finds new CWD cases during past‐season testing April 22, 2016 Missouri

MDC leads efforts to protect deer July 7, 2014 Missouri

MDC Leads Efforts To Protect Deer Proposed Regulations Are Designed To Prevent The Spread Of CWD June 17, 2014 Missouri

MDC public meeting at West Plains seeks input on threat to deer September 11, 2013 MIssouri

MDC releases deer Chronic Wasting disease report for 2020-2021 April 26, 2021 Missouri

MDC reminds public to not feed deer in CWD counties May 25, 2016 Missouri

MDC Reports Final CWD Results for 2019-20 Season May 6, 2020 Missouri Department of Conservation

MDC seeking public comments on protecting Missouri deer August 16, 2013

MDC seeking public comments on protecting Missouri deer from Chronic Wasting Disease August 12, 2013

MDC Sets CWS Sampling Efforts for Upcoming Deer Season June 18, 2018 Missour

MDC shares CWD info for upcoming deer season September 10, 2019 Missour,

MDC taking action on CWD June 11, 2014 Missouri,

MDC working with local landowners to limit CWD spread January 16, 2013 Missouri

Missouri approves special permits to slow down chronic wasting disease October 19, 2012

Missouri Conservation Commission Suspends Deer Breeding Permits August 29, 201

Missouri Department of Conservation looks to tame Chronic Wasting Disease September 17, 2015

Missouri Department of Conservation works to protect deer population June 7, 2014

Missouri Drops Antler Point Restriction (APR) in CWD Area June 7, 2012

Missouri House committee to examine ways to prevent the spread of CWD June 8, 2013

Missouri House debates bill that would change how captive deer are managed May 13, 214

Missouri Needs Hunter Help with CWD Sampling of Harvested Deer October October 29, 2011

Missouri officials seek states' advice on chronic wasting disease in deer March 29, 2012

Missouri Public Will Be Better If Different Agencies Oversee Deer And Cattle September 4, 2014

Missouri Reports 11 New Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease March 11, 2015 Missouri

Missouri to increase CWD surveillance in six Southwest Missouri counties May 22, 2016

Missouri's MDC Needs Hunter Help with CWD Sampling of Harvested Deer September 5, 2012

Missouri’s fenced deer farms are under fire as state tries to contain deadly disease December 7, 2013

MO deer breeders meet with state reps to ask for no more MDC Regulation August 19, 2013 Missouri

Mo. Conservation Dept. increases testing in Ozarks for wasting disease in deer May 16, 2016 Missouri

Mo. deer tests positive for wasting disease December 21, 2012 Missouri

Mo. fenced deer farms under fire because of possibility of disease December 16, 2013 Missouri,

Mo. governor vetoes change to deer oversight July 8, 2014 Missouri

Moberly, Deer management program to begin December 11, 2012 Missouri

Morris opposes veto override of captive deer bill September 9, 2014 Missouri

NADeFA Opposes Missouri's Harsh New Farming May 1, 2014 nadefa.org

New rules for CWD management zones proposed December 17, 2015 Missouri,

Nixon should veto HB 1326 June 28, 2014 Missouri

Oh, deer; will we hunt ‘livestock’? June 18, 2014 Missouri

Oppose bills that would redefine white-tailed deer as livestock April 24, 2014 Missouri

Our Voice: Veto deer-farm legislation June 25, 2014 Missouri

Private deer operations find new life in ruling by circuit court August 19, 2015 Missouri

Protect Missouri's deer from disease with reasonable rules June 19, 2014

Protecting Missouri’s White-tailed Deer May 2, 2014

Senate committee endorses task force on disease threatening Missouri deer March 18, 2015

Show Me the Money: Corporate Ag Bankrolling Missouri's Amendment 1 July 29, 2014 MIssouri,

Sixth Deer Tests Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease in Missouri January 23, 2013

State records show gaps in oversight of captive deer farms, ranches September 20, 2013 Missouri

Stop Legislature from classifying captive deer as livestock May 8, 2014 Missouri

Testing of deer shows no new cases of chronic wasting disease March 12, 2014 Missouri

Testing results show no new cases of chronic wasting disease March 21, 2014 Missour

The Shame of Missouri Deer Hunters June 19, 2014 Missouri

Threat to deer Persists, Chronic Wasting Disease November 8, 2014 Missouri,

To Slow CWD, Missouri Changes Deer Hunting Regulations June 13, 2015

Two more white-tailed deer test positive for chronic wasting disease March 23, 2012 Missouri

Two New Cases of CWD Found in Missouri January 27, 2015

What do Missourians Think about Protecting Deer? July 16, 2014 Missouri

Wildlife Conservationists Tracking Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease February 25, 2016 Missouri