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South Carolina Deer in the News Archive

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10 point buck washes ashore in Myrtle beach August 28, 2012 South Carolina

Albino deer spotted at Lake Wylie August 27, 2010 South Carolina

All God's creatures:: Deer drops by church for Easter service April 24, 2015 South Carolina

Dept. of Natural Resources Reminds SC Not to Adopt 'Lost' Fawn April 20, 2013 South Carolina

Dog takes deer under her paw November 5, 2012 South Carolina

Don't adopt a 'lost' fawn, it's illegal and likely not abandoned April 12, 2015 South Carolina,

Dr. Bianucci, family foster pair of baby deer as they recover August 31, 2013 South Carolina

Deer makes friends wandering through S.C. neighborhood May 5, 2014 South Carolina,

Deer/Me June 23, 2014 South Carolina,

Kiawah Island, Most romantic beaches in Georgia and the Carolinas July 10, 2014 South Carolina

Marksmanship and respect for the whitetail deer December 16, 2012 South Carolina

Mega deer: Another victim of flooding June 5, 2016 South Carolina,

Rehabilitation of an Injured Fawn April 20, 2012 South Carolina

Retired residents give aid to abandoned deer January 23, 2012 South Carolina

White deer spotted at Edisto Beach June 30, 2014 South Carolina,

Why did Santa choose reindeer to guide his sleigh?December 14, 2011 South Carolina