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Nebraska Disease of Deer Archive

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Chronic wasting disease spreads December 27, 2018 Nebraska

CWD detected for first time in deer in Valley, Keya Paha Counties December 17, 2018 Nebraska

2012 outbreak still hurting deer harvest November 30, 2013 Nebraska

6000 Deer Reported Dead Due To EHD November 13, 2012 Nebraska

Allamakee deer again found with CWD February 6, 2016 Nebraska,

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) America's answer to mad cow disease

Chronic wasting disease found in deer killed in central Nebraska January 4, 2012

Commission reports results of chronic wasting disease tests January 7, 2020 Nebraska

Concern for deer, declining deer numbers December 9, 2012 Nebraska

Could fatal deer disease [CWD] spread to Lincoln County?January 5, 2012 Nebraska

Deer disease is on the increase March 2, 2011 Nebraska

Deer disease turns up in east-central Nebraska January 29, 2016

Deer harvest down by more than one-quarter November 27, 2012 Nebraska

Deer Harvested Near Grand Island Tests Positive for Chronic Wasting Published on December 10, 2004 Nebraska

Deer population reeling from disease outbreak December 11, 2012 Nebraska

Deer season kill numbers way down November 16, 2012 Nebraska

Disappointing 2012 Nebraska Deer Season November 15, 2012

Disease a factor in low deer totals December 16, 2012 Nebraska

Disease continues to kill deer, spreading across Nebraska August 22, 2012 Nebraska

EHD Continues to Kill Nebraska Deer August 20, 2012 Nebraska

EHD damage surpassing early forecasts September 22, 2012 Nebraska

EHD, Deer-killing virus spreading across Nebraska September 14, 2012

EHD, How the Drought Will Affect Deer August 31, 2012 Nebraska

Fatal deer disease spreading in Nebraska August 6, 2012

Fewer Deer Permits in Nebraska, Result of EHD Outbreak October 29, 2012

Four positives for CWD found in recent testing of deer January 11, 2017 Nebraska

Game & Parks Responds to Deer Disease (EHD) with Permit Reductions November 1, 2012 Nebraska

Hemorrhagic Disease outbreak in Nebraska deer and cattle October 9, 2012

Hunters noticing the effects of EHD outbreak November 17, 2012 Nebraska

Hunters rack up far fewer Neb. deer November 30, 2013 Nebraska

Hunters should be aware of deer diseases September 29, 2011 Nebraska

Maybe some good news about Chronic Wasting Disease July 24, 2014 Nebraska

Meetings to address concerns about deer December 8, 2012 Nebraska

Nebraska says no cases of Bovine TB was detected in wild deer during hunting March 18, 2011

Nebraska sees a spike in chronic wasting disease March 6, 2011

Nebraska sees uptick in blue tongue disease in deer, elk -September 15, 2021

Oh, deer: Disease found in Lincoln Co. August 3, 2012 Nebraska

Permit reductions recommended in response to deer EHD deaths September 25, 2012 Nebraska

Pubic Asked to Report Sick or Dead Deer August 25, 2016 Nebraska

Sampling of deer results in 203 positives for chronic wasting disease February 5, 2018 Nebraska

Statewide outbreak of disease may keep deer hunting down September 22, 2012

The Season of EHD—and How It May Affect Next Season December 18, 2012 Nebraska

White-tailed deer population rebounding in Bellevue October 12, 2016

Wildlife officials testing harvested deer for chronic wasting disease October 29, 2018 Nebraska