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Maryland Disease of Deer Archive

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25 Local Deer Test Positive For Chronic Wasting Disease May 26, 2019 Maryland

Allegany County nearly surrounded by chronic wasting disease zones July 19, 2015 Maryland

Chronic wasting disease holding steady in Md. deer October 8, 2014 Maryland

Chronic Wasting Disease in a Whitetail Deer, Caroline County, MD - May 21, 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease Not Found in Md. Deer April 18, 2013 Maryland

Chronic wasting disease zone expanded in Allegany County October 8, 2011 Maryland

CWD management area established in Maryland November 27, 2011

Deer tests positive for chronic wasting disease March 5, 2014 Maryland

Dismal success rates for Shore gun hunters during deer season December 16, 2017 Maryland

EHD leads to a troubling decline in deer numbers December 1, 2012 Maryland

More deer with chronic wasting disease reported, with one outside of a CWD management area March 29, 2016

Sampling of deer yields no new CWD cases April 4, 2012 Maryland

Six Deer Positive for CWD in Md. January 20, 2015 Maryland

Wildlife officials on lookout for ailing deer October 14, 2011 Maryland