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California Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Alturas, A deer invasion are challenges for North State towns October 13, 2014 California

Are Belvedere deer woes worth the public cost? June 22, 2016 California

Baldwin Park, Lost deer ends up in Baldwin Park June 2, 2015 California

Belmont: Mountain Lion Kills deer on school campus December 10, 2010

Belvedere council wrestles with deer sterilization proposal July 14, 2016 California

Belvedere deer droppings could reveal whether population needs managing August 5, 2016 California

Belvedere deer issue to be subject of forum August 10, 2016 California,

Belvedere deer strategy would be safe and humane June 12, 2016 California

Belvedere forum explores deer management, sterilization October 27, 2016 California

Belvedere wrestles with deer August 11, 2016 California

Belvedere, Destructive deer get reprieve in Belvedere March 16, 2017 California

Belvedere, Marin County Island Considers Expense Deer Spaying Plan May 23, 2016 California

Berkeley Police Kill Deer More than Any Other Animal April 26, 2011 California

Berryessa wastewater ponds become deer traps October 7, 2013 California

California Drought Drives Wildlife Into Backyards November 14, 2014

California Wildlife Center readies for The Wild Brunch September 20, 2016

Deer and gardens ... June 26, 2012

Deer are peaceful, but we kill them anyway December 10, 2014 California

Deer Killings Near Big Rock Worry Neighbors March 6, 2014 California

Deer Management Workshop - City of Belvedere (video) May, 2011 California

Deer Population-control plan for California island stirs cries of 'inhumane' March 27, 1981 California

Disasters push wildlife near Yosemite into Groveland June 15, 2014 California

Fight against growth may be too late May 31, 2011 California

How the California-wide drought is affecting Berkeley October 20, 2015

Los Altos Hills: Deer, Don't Fear : Pointy-fence consonstruction banned, California

Los Altos Hills: Council to consider spending $5K on traffic calming projects April 15, 2014

Mountain Lion Attacks Deer in El Cerrito, Police Issue Warning July 3, 2011 California

Oak trees inform design of northern California home by Field Architecture February 21, 2018

Oakland police receive animal encounter training June 28, 2011 California

Pacific Grove clubhouse bad for deer, neighborhood September 22, 2011 California

Pasadena, Angeles Forest wildlife fawns over Jet Propulsion Laboratory grounds January 26, 2014 California

Pepperdine Administration Takes Action to Reduce Deer Population August 27, 2018 California

Ravenswood vineyard in Livermore gets new deer protection August 3, 2011 California

San Jose: Deer at the Villages to be sterilized January 22, 2013 California

Sonoma County homeowners, gardeners fighting battle against hungry deer September 27, 2013 California

Sterilizing deer won't solve Belvedere's problem June 5, 2016 California

Teháma, Clint Eastwood's Sustainable Enclave, Offers Seven New Homesites In Carmel April 26, 2019 California

Tiburon woman seeks ban on spiked fences after deer impalement August 24, 2019 California

Top carnivores increase their kill rates on prey as a response to human-induced fear Justine A. Smith, Yiwei Wang, Christopher C. Wilmers January, 2015 California

Update on Progress of Deer Sterilization Program at the Villages in San Jose, California November 19, 2014

Village's deer controversy continues February 15, 2013 California

Villages, Deer Spays: “No Kill” Deer-Population Control Begins in Northern CA Community January 29, 2013 California

Villages, San Jose - Afternoon of Deer and Yearlings April 12, 2015 California,

Villages, San Jose, Update on Progress of Deer Sterilization Program November 19, 2014 California

Wild deer with arrow in neck spotted in Monrovia neighborhood October 14, 2016 California

Wild in Woodside May 24, 2011 California

Wrought Iron Fences Kill Deer . . ., California