True Hunters Often Object to a Cull, A Violation of Hunting Ethics and "Fair Chase"

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Iowa City, Why did the Natural Resource Commission say no to Iowa City's deer hunt? December 25, 2018 Iowa City Press-Citizen

... "I find the whole shoot distasteful," Francisco said. For Francisco, a hunt that involves baiting deer, using spotlights and shooting from vehicles is not sportsmanlike. He does not even like referring to them as a hunt, preferring to call them deer "shoots." [Kim Francisco, the Iowa Natural Resources Commission]

Comment from Hunter on, From Arrow, January 5, 2015 Connecticut

... He talks about hunting like it's nothing more than calling Terminix to exterminate cockroaches. You can't talk to someone like this because they haven't a clue about what hunting is and they never will. Just tell this guy he should be on or because he has no place at this table and never will.

Letter: December 26, 2015 Arizona, The Daily Courier

... For true hunters, it's difficult for us to put into words why we hunt, because it is such a primal trait. For me, I enjoy being out in the wilderness, testing my skills against a wild animal. And, if I am fortunate enough to harvest an animal, I give thanks to God for the animal. More importantly, I only harvest what I will eat, nothing more...

How St. Hubert’s encounter with a deer inspired Justice Scalia’s green-robed hunting friends February 25, 2016 Washington Post

... Hubert saw a crucifix between its antlers and heard a voice telling him to turn to the Lord ... listened to a mini-lecture from the deer on hunting do’s and don’ts: Only shoot when a quick kill was definite; kill only those past prime breeding age; never hunt a doe with fawns...

Awi Usdi (Little Deer) December 18, 2012 Akashic Reading

... This is the story of the First Man, the Cherokee story... Awi Usdi, Little Deer, nodded his head ... Man hunted without saying prayers. He was no longer grateful for the sacrifice his brothers made in giving their lives so he could eat and make clothes and repair his weapons. He no longer sang the songs of gratitude and no longer apologized for the death of a cousin as was proper...