Montana Population and Management Archive -  Montana

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Montana Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Deer Hunt

From 1945 forward

2000:  113,423

2001:  104,873

2002:  110,360

2003: 126,374 

2004:  118,488

2005:  114,876

2006:  133,389

2007:  125,781

2008:  115,671

2009:  104,934

2010:  110,903

2011:  81,989

2012:    87,638

2013:    78,238

2014:    75,680

2015:    86,556

2016:  105,299

2017:  104,501

2018:    97,156

2019:    96,140

2020:    105,763

2021: 94,568


Harvest data

*Year 2000, 2001, 2003 estimated from mule deer harvest

**Year 2002 is estimated

Ecology of Mule Deer and White tailed Deer in Montana, 1998

The 1999 harvest was about equally split between mule deer and whitetails.

Mule Deer Harvest

2000:  49,616 

2001:  64,425

2003:  69,687

Elk Population Data

A List of Articles in the Archive


Deer populations strong in NE Montana's Region 6 May 18, 2021 Montana

Drought likely to shape Montana's hunting seasons August 2, 2021 Montana

Happy Hunters with Permits Plan for upcoming Deer and Elk Season April 14, 2021 Montana

Sportsmen's license sales in Montana at all-time high as new FWP commission settles in April 1, 2021


Deer, elk gun opener is finally here! October 21, 2020 Montana, Mineral Independent

Montana 2020 big game hunting forecast September 2, 2020

Mule deer, whitetail populations strong in northeastern Montana May 20, 2020

What was up with all those ‘velvet’ mule deer bucks this year? December 9, 2020 Montana


2019 Deer Surveys

Are you ready for hunting season? October 13, 2019 Montana

BLM, state, ranchers fight conifer encroachment November 3, 2019 Montana

Comments sought on proposed elk hunting rules December 25, 2019 Montana

Fewer Elk Counted This Year On Yellowstone's Famous Northern Range—But What Does It Mean? April 5, 2019 Montana

Montana Big Game Hunting Forecast September 12, 2019

Mule deer, whitetail numbers still above average in Region 7 June 3, 2019 Montana

Wildlife data must be protected April 28, 2019 Montana

Wolf payout bill draws ethics challenge January 31, 2019 Montana


2018 Southeast Montana Big Game Hunting Forecast September 4, 2018

Bitterroot elk, deer regulations adopted by commission February 16, 2018 Montana

Burn projects aim to restore dwindling aspen trees in Gallatin Valley May 17, 2018 Montana

Court Rules in Favor of Active Forest Management May 30, 2018 Montana

Deer in Blaine County test positive for CWD November 15, 2018 Montana

Elk and deer fared well during tough Montana winter August 26,2018 Montana

Elk population increase prompts Montana FWP to reconsider shoulder hunt in area near Elliston January 11, 2018

Elk, deer surveys for Region 6 released May 22, 2018 Montana

Managing Montana's mountain lion population has never been an easy task November 23, 2018

Measuring moose: Elusive game demands dedication from hunters and researchers alike November 9, 2018 Montana

Montana officials butt heads over who gets final say on conservation easements October 18, 2018

Montana’s newest district set-aside for trophy mule deer bucks February 22, 2018

New conservation options in Montana's wildlife migration corridors November 10, 2018

New Montana mountain lion strategy out for review, comment October 14, 2018

Rocky Mountain Front: White-Tailed Deer Harvest Is Up; Mule Deer and Elk Harvest Is Down October 29, 2018

Seven more deer found suspect for CWD along the Hi-Line December 3, 2018 Montana

Thinning project on wildlife management area gets go-ahead June 20, 2018 Montdana,

Tough winter taking toll on deer, antelope March 6, 2018 Montana

Two rarely seen woodland caribou spotted in Montana November 5, 2018

Whitetail numbers up after close of deer and elk season December 3, 2018 Montana

Wildfires produce elk food as nutritious as alfalfa, Montana study shows September 22, 2018

Woodland fire is beneficial to elk and mule deer October 27, 2018 Montana


Big game season outlook is good for Bitterroots September 28, 2017 Montana

Biologist bracing for wildlife winter kill February 3, 2017 Montana

Forecasting the future: What hunter expenditures bring to Madison County September 8, 2017 Montana,

Habitat Montana restored through teamwork May 10, 2017

Hunters who braved brutal wind found some success October 25, 2017 Montana

Montana deer populations trending up August 20, 2017

Moose migration fuels uptick in Montana sightings February 1, 2017

New deer permit area near Libby considered December 26, 2017 Montana

Snowmobilers lose suit over wilderness recommendations October 26, 2017 Montana,

Whitetail deer numbers appear mostly stable in northwest Montana despite tough winter October 5, 2017


3 big land acquisitions on Fish and Wildlife Commission's agenda January 11, 2016 Montana,

A 'Curious' kind of deer February 11, 2016 Montana

Big game forecast 2016 August 15, 2016 Montana

Deer in the crosshairs: Bitterroot study gets underway to learn more about the species January 23, 2016 Montana

Deer numbers rise in northeastern Montana July 1, 2016

Deer talk to each other with sounds, smells and actions October 26, 2016 Montana

Elk Foraging Site Selection on Foothill and Mountain Rangeland in Spring KK Crane, JC Mosley, TK Mosley, RA Frost, MA Smith… - … Ecology & Management, 2016

Elk harvest down, white-tailed deer harvest up December 2, 2016 Montana

Elk harvest down, white-tailed deer harvest up December 2, 2016 Montana

Elk hunting begins early, ends late this year in Montana August 12, 2016 Montana,

Elk surveys looking good in Dillon, Deer Lodge, Butte areas August 7, 2016 Montana,

Fish, Wildlife and Parks seeks changes in mule-deer hunting in southwest Montana; proposal open for comment until January 22 January 9, 2016 Montana,

FWP completes Nevada Creek Wildlife Management Area expansion March 24, 2016 Montana

FWP Reports Positive White-tail Deer, Elk Surveys May 24, 2016 Montana

Good mule deer harvest sign of Region 6 population recovering December 5, 2016 Montana

Hunters raise concerns about shoulder seasons for elk January 22, 2016 Montana,

Mild weather keeps hunt harvest slow in West-Central Montana November 7, 2016 Montana

Nonresident big game licenses sell out; sign of better times October 16, 2016 Montana

Radio-collared moose still slow to give up secrets December 21, 2016 Montana

Ranch west of Dillon becomes public land after $1.5M purchase July 14, 2016 Montana,

Region 5 deer, elk harvest trends down from 2015 November 21, 2016 Montana

Report, map examine elk hunting in terms of open roads, access January 21, 2016

Sen. Daines: Management reform essential to bring Montana forests back to life May 21, 2016 Montana

State cougar plan will incorporate new monitoring, computer models December 11, 2016 Montana

White-tailed Deer Harvest Steady in Northwest Montana November 15, 2016 Montana Fish

Wolf hunting in the West September 29, 2016 Montana

Young cottonwoods planted to save forests on Missouri March 24, 2016 Montana,

‘Bark Ranger’ to Protect Glacier Park Wildlife May 27, 2016 Montana


2015 Deer Hunting Outlook September 18, 2015 Montana,

2015 Deer Hunting Outlook September 30, 2015 Montana,

An Age-Old Pursuit Renewed October 1, 2015 Montana,

Annual mule deer survey for district 270 completed January 10, 2015 Montana

As leaders fret in Paris, climate-change concerns grow in Montana December 6, 2015

Big hunting meeting coming up on Jan. 9 December 31, 2015 Montana,

Bill allowing 10-year-olds to hunt passes Senate March 31, 2015 Montana

Block Management Areas not open to shed hunting March 20, 2015 Montana

Bob Ream, witness to wolf recovery history December 24, 2015 Montana

Boone and Crockett Club warns against rise of captive deer farms January 16, 2015 Montana

Can Wildlife-Friendly Beef Help Ranchers And Conservationists Get Along? June 9, 2015 Montana

Controlled burns eyed as way to ease harm to wildlife habitat December 18, 2015 Montana,

Deer, elk harvests remain strong in south-central Montana November 2, 2015

Elk habitat protected, public access expanded in Montana August 19, 2015

Elk harvest hits 20-year high on Rocky Mountain Front December 1, 2015 Montana

Elk, Mule Deer Below Average on Rocky Mountain Front October 27, 2015 Montana

Elkhorn Mountains land acquisition opens 300 acres to public July 31, 2015 Montana

Extended elk hunting season proposal under fire September 14, 2015 Montana

Fire and forethought: Fire effects syntheses are a powerful tool for planning and management across resource fields B Cooke, JK Smith, R Innes, J Fryer, K Zouhar… - 2015

Fish and Wildlife Commission approves several management proposals February 12, 2015 Montana

Five Harborites stripped of Montana hunting privaleges over elk poaching May 21, 2015 Montana

FWP aerial deer survey findings released June 17, 2015 Montana

FWP wants community input on mountain lion management May 28, 2015 Montana

Game harvest improves in north-central Montana December 14, 2015

Groups disagree on bill to allow 10-year-olds to hunt March 18, 2015 Montana

Habitat Quality Influences Migratory Strategy of Female White-Tailed Deer January, 2015

Hunting groups press BLM to protect more backcountry May 13, 2015 Montana

Indian tribes, game wardens dispute hunting rights January 28, 2015 Montana,

Land acquisition adds to Beartooth Wildlife Management Area August 20, 2015 Montana

Largest BLM Prescribed Burn in Montana takes place near Winnett May 1, 2015

Montana big-game season: Hunters brace for dry opener September 23, 2015

Montana Ranch Honored for Stewardship Efforts July 17, 2015

Mountain lion quotas stir controversy in Bitterroot April 20, 2015 Montana

Mule Deer Foundation & Partners Secure Public Access to 2,800 acres in Montana February 19, 2015 Montana

Mule deer herds surge in Montana March 11, 2015

Nature Conservancy Completes Purchase of 117,000 Acres in Blackfoot River Valley January 22, 2015 Montana

New protected lands are good for wildlife, all Montanans February 9, 2015 Montana

New Report on the Destructive Impacts of Energy Development on Wildlife November 24, 2015 Montana,

New study looks at mule deer in Bitterroot October 9, 2015 Montana,

Opening Day of General Hunting Seson Renews Montana Traditions October 21, 2015

Opening weekend on average for western Montana hunters October 27, 2015 Montana,

Prime elk habitat protected in Elkhorn Mountains August 30, 2015 Montana

Sportsmen Call on Montana Legislature to Restore Vital Funding April 2, 215 Montana

Spring Surveys Indicate Strong Whitetail Population in Northwest Montana May 29, 2015 Montana

State's largest game farm closing following violations April 27, 2015 Montana

The Impact of Climate Change on Montana's Outdoor Economy [PDF] MW Federation, TM Power, DS Power - 2015

Uncertain Population Counts Complicate Montana Mountain Lion Management June 11, 2015

Western Montana hunter success grows as season progresses November 5, 2015

Where the Private Buffalo Roam and the Private Antelope Play July 13, 2015 Montana

Whitetail Deer Harvest Steady in Northwest Montana November 19, 2015

Why do elk move from fall to winter ground? January 8, 2015 Montana,

Why is RMEF cheerleading for clearcuts? September 17, 2015 Montana,


2014 Deer hunting outlook September 18, 2014 Montana

A mild winter may be good for elk and deer herds January 8, 2014 Montana

Aerial survey shows deer recovering July 23, 2014 Montana

Big Game Season Concludes with Fewer Hunters but More Deer Harvested December 1, 2014 Montana

Can FWP do anything right? July 19, 2014 Montana

Cold and snow keep deer and elk harvest slow but steady November 17, 2014

Commission approves mountain lion quotas June 13, 2014 Montana

Commission considers female mule deer tags December 15, 2014 Montana

Deer and elk harvest similar to last year in NW Montana November 18, 2014

Deer harvest slightly ahead of last year November 24, 2014 Montana

Deer population rebounds in southeastern Montana September 11, 2014 Montana

Deer populations rebound in southeast Montana September 3, 2014

Deer populations still rebounding from declines September 29, 2014 Montana

Deer, Elk populations: Develop fair private land system January 26, 2014 Montana,

Effectiveness of Modifying Fences to Exclude Ungulates From High-Value Livestock Pastures [PDF] JE Knight - April, 2014 Montana

Elk numbers climb in Montana's Region 6 April 6, 2014

Elk, deer populations improving as hunting season kicks off October 24, 2014 Montana

For A Few Years, Please Don't Shoot Anterless Whitetail Deer October 22, 2014 Montana

FWP announces hunting regulation changes for 2014 January 15, 2014 Montana

FWP considering hunting changes January 21, 2014 Montana

FWP may bring back antlerless mule deer tags in some areas December 11, 2014 Montana

FWP proposes changes to hunting regulations January 3, 2014 Montana

FWP seeks big game hunting licenses auction proposals June 14, 2014 Montana

Give deer, elk a break in springtime March 10, 2014 Montana

Hunter numbers and success down at Helena check station December 2, 2014 Montana

Hunters refute FWP mountain lion study April 14, 2014 Montana

Hunters see mixed success on opening weekend October 30, 2014 Montana

Hunting license revenue falls short August 18, 2014 Montana

Hunting season in Montana starts slow, ends strong December 3, 2014 Montana

It's so cold, even some wildlife maybe seeking refuge February 8, 2014 Montana

Mapping winter ground: As technology improves, researchers learn more about animal migrations December 28, 2014 Montana

Meetings to address state’s declining deer population January 5, 2014 Montana

Montana deer hunters will find "improving populations" during upcoming general season September 19 2014

Montana Deer Population Rebounding in Southeast October 16, 2014

Montana FWP Joins North Dakota in Mule Deer Study February 24, 2014

Montana prairie reserve tops 300,000 acres July 31, 2014

Montana surplus big-game tags on sale June 26, 2014

Moose Status and Management in Montana NJ DeCesare, TD Smucker, RA Garrott, JA Gude

New hunting season means new hope October 23, 2014 Montana

Panel to examine Montana hunting, fishing license fee proposals March 15, 2014

Panel votes to tighten deer hunting rules February 13, 2014 Montana

Population numbers bode well for elk hunt September 20, 2014 Montana

Proposed FWP regulations would restrict doe hunting January 3, 2014 Montana

Revenues from Montana's Mule Deer Foundation License Plates Help Acquire Critical Sportsmen’s Access in Montana July 25, 2014

Sportsmen & Women Spent $983 Million Hunting & Fishing In Montana In 2011 January 27, 2014 Montana

Sportsmen comment on proposed hunting boundary changes in Bitterroot January 9, 2014 Montana

Surveys Indicate Good News for Deer and Antelope Numbers January 6, 2014 Montana

The Montana deer and elk hunting population: The importance of cohort group, license price, and population demographics on hunter retention, recruitment, and population change RA Schorr, PM Lukacs, JA Gude - The Journal of Wildlife Management, 2014

White-Tailed Deer Harvest Up In West-Central Montana November 24, 2014 Montana

Whitetail deer harvest steady in Northwest Montana November 10, 2014

Whitetail harvest up, mule deer and elk on par in Western MT December 1, 2014 Montana

Wolf, coyote hunt slated; organizers cite declining deer, elk numbers December 29, 2014 Montana,

Wolves a healthy factor, humans not July 21, 2014 Montana


2013 Deer Hunting Outlook September 22, 2013

2013 Elk Outlook September 20, 2013 Montana

Big Changes for Montana's Big Game November 14, 2013 Montana

Commission suspends the hunting of most female deer December 12, 2013 Montana

Daines bill would compromise wilderness land November 24, 2013 Montana

Daines bill would compromise wilderness land November 24, 2013 Montana

Daines ignores input from hunters and anglers, wildlife habitat December 2, 2013 Montana,

Deer and elk harvest improves in south central Montana November 20, 2013 Montana

Deer harvest improves, elk harvest strong in south central Montana November 18, 2013 Montana

Deer harvest slightly higher than last year in Northwest Montana as season ends December 4, 2013 Montana

Deer harvest still ahead of last year in Northwest MT November 25, 2013 Montana,

Elk hunting picked up after slow start December 4, 2013 Montana

Elk hunting picks up on the Front November 27, 2013 Montana

Elk population in good shape October 25, 2013 Montana

Elk populations double in SE Montana May 31, 2013 Billings

Environmental Quality Council to review Montana hunting, fishing license fees June 8, 2013

Fish Wildlife Commission to consider easement, deer management November 9, 2013 Montana

FWP issues young wildlife reminder June 1, 2013 Montana

FWP looking at changes in mule deer management December 13, 2013 Montana

FWP-collared cow elk cross Missouri River June 16, 2013 Montana

Harvest numbers still down along the Front November 14, 2013 Montana

Herd Status, Weather, private property access may lead to difficult season September 27, 2013 Montana

Hunt numbers stay low in Western Montana November 3, 2013 Montana

Hunter Numbers & Harvests Still Down at Havre Check Station November 20, 2013 Montana,

Hunter numbers down slightly at Region 4 check station October 28, 2013 Montana

Hunters harvesting fewer deer, more elk in south-central Montana November 25, 2013

Hunters reports mixed success as deer rut gets underway November 13, 2013 Montana

Hunting brings local economy big 'bucks' November 17, 2013 Montana

Hunting prospects in Bitterroot Valley look promising October 15, 2013 Montana

Hunting Regulations For Next Two Years Up For Review December 27, 2013 Montana

Hunting regulations hope to help deer population December 16, 2013 Montana

Hunting Season Ends with Deer, Elk Totals on Par with Last Year in Western Montana December 2, 2013

Montana 2013 Mule Deer September 17, 2013

Montana allows legal possession of roadkill November 26, 2013

Montana deer die-off leads to reduced hunting plan December 14, 2013

Montana Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast October 4, 2013

Montana deer, elk hunting underway this weekend October 24, 2013

Montana hunting groups trying to untangle hunting license fee inconsistencies September 11, 2013

Montana white-tailed deer harvest up slightly December 12, 2013 Montana

Montana's wilderness areas not what they're cracked up to be April 3, 2013

More elk, fewer deer this season for Rocky Mountain Front hunters December 5, 2013 Montana

No does: State considers dropping most antlerless deer hunts December 6, 2013 Montana

No-wait nonresident deer hunting licenses going fast August 25, 2013 Montana

Oh, deer! It's great to see you July 11, 2013 Montana

Public cautioned to leave baby wildlife alone June 21, 2013 Montana

Region 6 Hunting Numbers, Reported Harvests Still Down November 27, 2013 Montana

Region 7 deer harvest down, elk numbers up December 6, 2013 Montana

RMEF donation to assist Montana wolf management June 19, 2013

Something is killing off the moose October 15, 2013 Montana

Spring sightings reveal glorious magic of antlers May 12, 2013 Montana

State makes 'bold' move on mule deer December 12, 2013 Montana,

Studies, states seek to halt mule deer population decline October 17, 2013 Montana

Wealthy Illinois couple fined in poaching ring near Pony October 16, 2013 Montana,

West-Central Montana Deer, Elk Harvest Slightly Above Past Two Seasons November 25, 2013 Montana

Whitetail harvest lags November 7, 2013 Montana

Whitetail, moose numbers up along Beartooths July 7, 2013 Montana

Wolf delisting is the right next move June 13, 2013 Montana,


100,000 expected to hunt in Montana this weekend October 18, 2012 Montana

2012 Montana big-game season: Fewer hunters, fewer animals killed December 2, 2012

Area deer survival best in six years May 22, 2012 Montana

Bill Would Allow Baiting of Deer, Other Big Game January 11, 2012 Montana

Biologists trying to avoid "crash" in elk population with wolf hunt changes May 23, 2012 Montana

Bitterroot Valley sportsmen comment on proposed changes to hunting regulations January 11, 2012 Montana

BLM seeks comment on Atlantic Rim Doty Mountain Project in Wyoming September 8, 2012

Butte hunters meeting turns into venting session January 15, 2012 Montana

Commission's decision on mule deer lauded February 21, 2012 Montana

Deal reached to protect 100's of acres of wildlife habitat near Seeley Lake November 29, 20 Montana

Deer and elk harvest steady in northwest Montana November 21, 2012

Deer Harvest Slightly Higher than Last Year in Northwest Montana as Season comes to an End November 26, 2012

Deer harvest up over 2011 in Region 6, but still low November 28, 2012 Monana

Deer numbers, Montana bow hunters ready to 'nock' and roll August 29, 2012

Deer population at center of G&F talks with county residents April 6, 2012 Montana

Dramatic Links Found Between Climate Change, Elk, Plants, and Birds January 10, 2012 Montana

Elk numbers slightly down in Bitterroot Valley November 15, 2012 Montana

Elk, white-tail numbers good; antelope, mule deer aren't as strong October 17, 2012 Montana

FWP Commission increases mountain lion quotas, cuts special licenses for deer, elk June 15, 2012 Montana

FWP rejects Bitterroot wolf hunt extension, studies mule deer decline February 17, 2012 Montana

FWP, county commissioners talk about wolves, other predators March 8, 2012 Montana

Gallatin Commission Seeks County-Wide Predator Policy March 15, 2012 Montana

Gallatin County commissioners get earful on predators May 4, 2012 Montana

Group funds 4 projects to protect wildlife May 12, 2012 Montana

How To Grow Record Mule Deer November 30, 2012 Montana

Hunter, harvest numbers down in south central Montana November 26, 2012

Hunters concerned about doe populations January 7, 2012 Montana

Hunters tell Jefferson County: Think twice about wolf bounty February 1, 2012 Montana

In the crosshairs of 'a perfect storm' February 26, 2012 Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 2012 Deer Hunting Outlook September 28, 2012

Montana FWP proposes wolf hunt changes May 10, 2012

Montana Herd Status, Deer, Elk Open Season Coming October 13, 2012

Montana's county commissions take on gray wolves May 13, 2012

Montana, Wyoming investigate plummeting moose populations September 17, 2012

Mountain lions kill two radio-collared wolves May 28, 2012 Montana

New friends for mule deer in Great Falls March 22, 2012 Montana

North Central Montana Deer and Elk Hunting Outlook September 25, 2012

Officials begin shooting deer trapped inside Malmstrom perimeter since 2010 July 11, 2012 Montana

Petition fails to change orphaned ungulates law January 1, 2012 Montana

Plan OK'd to guide CMR (Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge) refuge for next 15 years May 12, 2012 Montana

Proposal to release roadless, wilderness study areas gains backers, opponents March 15, 2012 Montana

Proposed land swap in southwest Montana draws early opposition May 6, 2012 Montana

Public lands [and deer] belong to the people February 26, 2012 Montana

Public tells FWP to increase mountain-lion harvests May 31, 2012 Montana

Reclaiming Montana, creating the largest wildlife reserve March 15, 2012

Researchers equip Bitterroot elk with GPS collars in 2nd year of study February 10, 2012 Montana

RMEF spending over $250,000 to improve MT habitat May 8, 2012 Montana

RMEF to Fund Montana Habitat, Research Projects May 8, 2012 Montana

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation offers to finance more aggressive wolf killing March 20, 2012 Montana

Some Butte businesses refusing elk and deer hides, low prices November 9, 2012 Montana

Some landowners leave Block Management program to protest FWP activities October 19, 2012 Montana

Sportsmen's group raises funds to maintain hunting, fishing access May 23, 2012 Montana

Spring's here; not there April 5, 2012 Montana

State looks for answers to block management woes July 1, 2912 Montana

Surveys: Montanans intolerant of wolves, support wolf hunting August 30, 2012

This fall's Montana wolf hunt will face critics who say it's too extreme - and too tame May 23, 2012

Understanding Montana's Block Management Program September 11, 2012

Whitetail population up, wolf harvest down December 5, 2012 Montana


AGE AND CONDITION OF DEER KILLED BY PREDATORS AND AUTOMOBILES [Research] 1952 Journal of Wildlife Management, Montana

Bitterroot Valley sportsmen's group continues work to look after mule deer January 28, 2011 Montana

Deer, elk harvest lags in west-central Montana November 21, 2011

Early results of Bitterroot winter mule deer survey good January, 8, 2011 Montana

Elk feeding grounds in Wyoming criticized December 11, 2011

Elk increase, deer decline for Montana October 21, 2011

Fewer antelope, mule deer licenses might be issued after tough winter June 2, 2011 Montana

FWP approves Montana wolf hunt numbers July 14, 2011 Montana

FWP biologists, others go on hunt for deer numbers [declining deer in the Blackfoot] April 30, 2012 Montana

Harsh weather, disease in NE Montana reflected in fall big-game harvests November 6, 2011

Helena: Deer culling up for approval December 12, 2011 Montana

Hold lawmakers accountable for wildlife votes September 17, 2011 Montana

Leaving Gates Open Will Help Montana's Wintering Wildlife December 7, 2011

Lewis and Clark in Eastern Montana

Local study published on developmental malformations in deer, environmental chemicals a factor in decline of deer ... November 3, 2011, Montana

Microsatellites indicate minimal barriers to mule deer Odocoileus hemionus dispersal across Montana, USA March 26, 2013

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 2011 Deer Hunting Outlook, September 30, 2011

Montana Mid-Season Game Check Station Figures Reflect Reduced Game Numbers November 4, 2011

Montana WAFWA

Montana Whitetail Numbers Down September 7, 2011

Montana wildlife populations on the decline with harsh winter February 7, 2011 Montana

Montana wolf hunt, season two July 10, 2011

Montana's outstanding wildlife: Public trust or private property? October 30, 2010

MT FWP offers regional deer outlook October 12, 2010 Montana

Multiple factors involved in declining deer numbers December 19, 2011 Montana

New wildlife management area proposed September 20, 2011 Montana,

Public Comments on Wolf Hunts: More Pro Than Con, Still Divisive June 27, 2011 Montana

Ravalli County wildlife plan calls for unlimited wolf, lion hunting October 18, 2011 Montana

Residents concerned about deer, elk predators on Fish Creek lands January 14, 2011 Montana

Slow mid-season reported at hunter check stations November 14, 2011 Montana

Tresspass September 23, 2011 Montana

White-tailed Deer, Elk Harvest Up Slightly on Rocky Mountain Front November 29, 2011

Winter takes toll on northeastern Montana wildlife January 31, 2011 Montana