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Minnesota Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Reported Deer Hunt

1959:  104,335 

1994:  193,826

1995:  215,166

1996:  157,317

1997:  143,327

1998:  158,854

1999:  180,569

2000:  211,777

2001:  217,452

2002 : 222,050

2003:  290,525

2004: 260,604

2005:  255,736

2006:  270,778

2007:  260,434

2008:  221,837

2009:  194,186

2010:  207,313

2011:  192,331

2012:  184,649

2013:  172,781

2014:  139,442

2015:  159,343

2016:  173,213

2017:  197,768

2018:  188,706

2019:  183,637

2020:  197,315

2021:  184,698






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DNR tells hunters to get used to low deer numbers in northeast January 28, 2022 Minnesota


As anglers and hunters drop out, DNR seeks more sustainable funding December 17, 2021 Minnesota

Readers agree: NE Minnesota deer are scarce — or worse December 12, 2021

More sparks but no fire in DNR's ongoing fight against chronic wasting disease December 9, 2021 

DNR drops plan to end CWD testing after another deer tests positive near Brainerd  December 7, 2021 Minnesota

CWD Found in Brainerd Lakes Area Deer, Extends Management to 2024 December 6, 2021 Minnesota

Tough winters, hungry wolves, habitat losses: Why deer numbers in the northeast remain low December 4, 2021 

Minnesota Hunters Shot Fewer Deer Again This Year November 28, 2021 

Deer harvest up in area, but population goals not overshot November 26, 2021 Minnesota

Two key reasons lower Minnesota deer registrations November 23, 2021

What Minnesota deer hunters can expect this season October 18, 2021 Minnesota

Hunting season is coming; have dry conditions impacted this year's hunt? September 16, 2021 Minnesota

DNR invites deer hunters to share their wildlife observations September 13, 2021 Minnesota 

See an elk? Let us know!  August 27, 2021 Minnesota

DNR keeps a lid on area deer permits August 25, 2021 Minnesota

New Regulations Could Lead to Larger Deer Harvest  August 6, 2021 Minnesota

As Minnesota wolf plan is revised, advocates concerned April 5, 2021 

Northeastern Minnesota deer herd finally catching break with mild winter March 4 2021

Drones helping modernize deer counts through locating fawns March 4, 2021 Minnesota

Even in this cold, deer can endure bitter winters February 13, 2021 Minnesota

Proposal would end shotgun slugs statewide for deer hunting February 4, 2021 Minnestoa

As Minnesota wolf plan is revised, advocates concerned April 5, 2021

Northeastern Minnesota deer herd finally catching break with mild winter March 4 2021 Minnesota


As fertilizers spread worldwide, researchers find herbivores can't keep up with excess grasses December 26, 2020 Minnesota

How the Isle Royale wolf-moose study began December 11, 2020 Minnesota

Deer harvest down heading into final weekend November 20, 2020 Minnesota

Wolves preying on beavers in Minnesota reshape wetlands November 13, 2020 

A warm, quiet deer opener north of Duluth November 7, 2020 Minnesota

Firearms deer season looks good for southern Minnesota November 1, 2020 Minnesota

Deep-snow winters have held Northeastern deer herd down October 30, 2020 Minnesota

Tougher hunting in Rusch's 2020 deer season forecast October 30, 2020 Minnesota

What Minnesota deer hunters can expect this season October 19, 2020 Minnesota 

Lake Superior caribou may be gone from mainland October 16, 2020 Minnesota

Minnesota moose won't get federal Endangered Species Act protection September 15, 2020

Minnesota’s wolf population September 13, 2020

Southeast deer movement study September 1, 2020 Minnesota

Bigger bag limits, voluntary CWD testing new for Minnesota's 2020 deer season August 23, 2020 Minnesota

Wolf researchers in Voyageurs National Park believe unlikely food source may be behind moose success August 3, 2020 Minnesota

Volunteers remove fence for wildlife near Togwotee July 29, 2020

Minnesota 2020 deer season rules released July 22, 2020

Update: Southeast deer movement study June 26, 2020 Minnesota

New deer population goals are set May 27, 2020 Minnesota

DNR willing to let eastern Minnesota elk plan move forward May 17, 2020 

Tower-area deer faced 114 days of deep snow April 12, 2020 Minnesota

Fewer doe permits expected for the 2020 season April 11, 2020 Minnesota

Biologists racing to save moose find clues in the forest floor April 11, 2020 Minnesota

Last Lake Superior caribou surviving on their new island homes April 5, 2020 Minnesota

Fond du Lac tribal council supports elk restoration March 30, 2020 Minnesota

Aerial survey shows Minnesota moose population is stable March 9, 2020 Minnesota

Deer are starting to die from winter's deep snow March 1, 2020 Minnesota

2020 winter shaping up to be hard on deer? February 27, 2020 Minnesota

Researchers fight to save moose February 24, 2020 Minnesota

2019 Minnesota Elk Harvest Report February 25, 2020 Minnesota DNR

Minnesota paying out 135K annually due to wolf kills  February 22, 2020

Wolf pack structure is interesting view of a family dynamic February 13, 2020 Minnesota

Climate change, altered landscape taking toll on Minnesota wildlife February 2, 2020 

Counties strategize to dispose of deer carcasses, but work remains January 28, 2020, Minnesota

The fight for Minnesota's Moose January 23, 2020

2019 Minnesota Elk Harvest Report

Aerial survey shows Minnesota moose population is stable March 9, 2020 Minnesota

Deer are starting to die from winter's deep snow March 1, 2020 Minnesota

Deer Harvest Numbers Up 7% in 2020 January 28, 2021 Minnesota

Minnesota’s wolf population September 12, 2020 DNR

New deer population goals are set May 27, 2020 Minnesota

Southeast deer movement study September 1, 2020 Minnesota

The graying of the deer woods November 20, 2020 Minnesota

What Minnesota deer hunters can expect this season October 19, 2020


DNR looking into possible illegal sales of venison December 24, 2019 Minnesota

Firearms deer harvest declines in northwest Minnesota December 23, 2019 

St. Louis County set to oppose elk reintroduction effort  November 24, 2019 Minnesota

2019 Hunting Harvest Looks Good November 8, 2019 Minnesota

County board hears from elk introduction opponents October 30, 2019 Minnesota

Minnesota DNR 2019-20 Deer Forecast October 14, 2019

Habitat and public support elk in St. Louis County October 9, 2019 Minnesota

Rift within DNR over logging in state wildlife areas August 12, 2019 Minnesota

Resolution would reduce potential elk restoration area August 5, 2019 Minnesota

DNR releases 2019 deer hunting regulations: Here's what's new July 30, 2019 Minnesota

NRB approves 2019 deer season regulations, including no buck-only units May 25, 2019 Minnesota

Douglas County hunters get some doe permits after all April 28, 2019 Minnesota

Despite 'average' WSI, winter was not normal April 27, 2019 Minnesota

Minnesota DNR commissioner talks budget priorities April 21, 2019

Winter takes heavy toll on northern Minnesota deer April 6, 2019 

Deer Hunt Management  April 3, 2019 Minnesota

New Isle Royale study could clarify the mystery of what's led to the decline of Minnesota's moose March 25, 2019 

Seven new wolves on Isle Royale March 25, 2019 Minnesota

Few chances for anterless deer in Douglas County this fall March 23, 2019 Minnesota

... many hunters say they were disappointed with the low number of deer in the county and that they want to have a very conservative season in 2019 to help rebuild the herd... 

Vilas Co. Deer Harvest Recommendations Revealed March 15, 2019 Minnesota

A return to wolf hunting in Minnesota? March 13, 2019

Minnesota moose holding their own March 11, 2019

Some deer will die as winter snows pile up March 2, 2019 Minnesota

Southeast Minnesota deer movement study February 28, 2019 Minnesota

Fee reallocation could boost funding for DNR deer management February 19, 2019 Minnesota House of Representatives

Minnesota's once-mild winter turning nasty of late for state deer February 12, 2019 

Minnesota elk plan deserves thought and care January 27, 2019 

DNR shoots wayward mule deer acting strangely near Thief River Falls  January 24, 2019 Minnesota

Deer Farm Activities: Down on the deer farm, chronic wasting disease is critical issue December 1, 2019 Minnesota

Deer Population Shapes Outlook for Upcoming Hunting Season November 8, 2019 Minnesota

DNR announces appointments to its statewide deer advisory committee June 13, 2019 Minnesota

DNR talks deer March 28, 2019 Minnesota

Minnesota DNR 2019-20 Deer Forecast October 14, 2019

Minnesota moose holding their own March 11, 2019

Southeast Minnesota deer movement study February 28, 2019 Minnesota,

Wolves in the neighborhood? December 11, 2019 Minnesota


Volunteer scientists play important role in wildlife research project January 4, 2018 Minnesota

Wolf, entangled in snare, shot in Duluth February 12, 2018

Looks like another mild winter for deer February 7, 2018 

Welcome to cold Minnesota February 1, 2018 

New study links wolf numbers to moose calf survival January 30, 2018 

Examining the complex coexistence of wolves, moose February 3, 2018 

Deer feeding rules don't mesh with outdoors writer's observations January 25, 2018 

DNR commissioner faces a landscape full of challenges January 20, 2018 

Deer management plan will tackle population size, harvest limits January 20, 2018 

Audit of Minnesota Deer Management Full Report May 25, 2016

Deer feeding ban continues in 11 central and north-central Minnesota counties August 27, 2018 Minnesota

Deer hunters will have more opportunities this fall

DNR aims to reduce deer numbers in northwestern Minnesota October 28, 2018

DNR invites public to attend deer open houses August 13, 2018 Minnesota

Looks like another mild winter for deer February 7, 2018 Minnesota

Minnesota moose numbers low but stable February 15, 2018

Why no recovery in border country? April 11, 2018 Minnesota,

Wolf, entangled in snare, shot in Duluth February 12, 2018 Minnesota

Deer-wolf population dynamics offer fodder for debate in Minnesota April 15, 2018 

Observing the social structure of deer April 15, 2018 

Turning the page on deer management April 13, 2018 

Reference to northeast moose management is dubious in Minnesota's deer plan April 12, 2018

Why no recovery in border country? April 11, 2018 Minnesota

Minnesota DNR releases deer management plan calling for smaller harvest than what hunters' group wants April 9, 2018 

Conjoined White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Fawns GJ D'Angelo, L Cornicelli, CE Clarkson… - The American Midland …, 2018

New plan fosters better understanding of deer management, more citizen input April 10, 2018 

DNR releases deer management plan April 9, 2018 

Two rules to change in Duluth bowhunt for deer April 7, 2018 

DNR commissioner Landwehr talks muskies, deer plan April 3, 2018 

Deer registration in years past March 25, 2018 

Helicopter aids in MN DNR deer movement study March 18, 2018 

The data on moose and fire March 14, 2018 

Elk surveys mailed to 8500 homes in Northland as reintroduction effort inches forward March 13, 2018 

Loss of Deer Park's white doe was tragic, unnecessary April 25, 2018

Glenwood, Hunters, farmers talk deer management in Glenwood April 24, 2018

Groups react to Minnesota DNR’s new deer-management plan August 6, 2018

Deer hunters will have more opportunities this fall July 30, 2018 

Deer study yields stunning results July 25, 2018

DNR announces first plan to manage deer population July 24, 2018 

The decline of moose in northwestern Minnesota July 22, 2018

White-tailed deer in Finland: From 5 to 100,000 in 80 years July 8, 2018

Seeking ways to boost hunter, angler numbers June 4, 2018 

GLCC begins with tree-planting project May 28, 2018

‘No more deer’  DNR officials hear complaints from area hunters August 29, 2018 

Increased timber harvest on state lands is good for hunters and all Minnesotans September 27, 2018

Minnesota's wolf population remains stable September 24, 2018

DNR deer meetings attract few hunters September 8, 2018 

Minnesota hunters asked to observe deer gut piles October 18, 2018

Minnesota opening weekend deer harvest down from last year November 7, 2018 

Minnesota hunters prep for Saturday firearms deer season opener October 1, 2018 

Early deer license sales decrease October 31, 2018 

2018 Minnesota Deer Forecast October 30, 2018

Outlook better for hunters this deer firearms season October 30, 2018 Minnesota

Pondering the mystery of hunting the deer rut in Minnesota October 29, 2018 

DNR aims to reduce deer numbers in northwestern Minnesota October 28, 2018

Firearm deer season now less than a week away October 27, 2018 Minnesota

This diving, pooping moose is saving its ecosystem—for now October 21, 2018 Minnesota

Minnesota deer kill down 9.5 percent from last year November 14, 2018 

Baiting still tops list of Minnesota deer hunt violations November 11, 2018 

Blame modern timber harvesting for erasing wildlife habitat December 1, 2018 

Minnesota's firearms deer season never fully recovers from slow start December 8, 2018 

Thank modern timber harvesting for creating wildlife habitat December 8, 2018


2017 Regional Deer Report, October 23, 2017, Minnesota

Bill Aims to Protect Venison, Bald Eagles February 16, 2017 Minnesota

DNR and whitetail hunters group ponder dollars and deer March 4, 2017 Minnesota

DNR removes deer carcasses, admits error January 6, 2017 Minnesota

Hunters and anglers are paying enough February 15, 2017 Minnesota

Hunters voice their opinions at deer management meeting in Alexandria February 3, 2017 Minnesota

Lake Superior's last caribou nearly gone; Ontario rushes to move remaining herd to avoid wolves December 10, 2017 Minnesota

Mild winter so far good news for northern deer February 4, 2017 Minnesota

Minnesota DNR proposes license and park fee increases January 26, 2017

Minnesota firearms deer hunters hope to see more bucks this fall October 28, 2017

Minnesota moose numbers stabilizing after steep decline February 27, 2017

Minnesota Moose Population 2005 to 2016, November 4, 2017

MN DNR deer management meetings January 17, 2017 Minnesota

New Bill Seeks To Prohibit Drone Use In Hunting January 22, 2017 Minnesota

Ongoing wolf legal battle September 17, 2017 

Outdoors groups urge legislators to approve fee increases March 18, 2017 

Minnesota's wolf population March 22, 2017

Winter Severity Index was mild, good for deer, hunters March 24, 2017 

Deer permit areas aligned with Northeast moose range March 24, 2017 Minnesota

Logging, intentional fires planned in Superior National Forest to improve moose habitat April 26, 2017 

Minnesota’s deer population recovers, and hunters will be allowed to shoot more this fall June 3, 2017 

Potential eastern Minnesota areas for elk restoration effort identified May 31, 2017 

New deer permit areas set in the northeast June 21, 2017 Minnesota

Maintaining a food plot for whitetails isn't baiting July 20 

Parasites, infections, wolves taking toll on Minnesota moose June 27, 2017 

Plenty of deer harvest opportunities locally August 7, 2017 

2017 Minnesota Deer Forecast September 19, 2017 

Ongoing wolf legal battle September 17, 2017 

Minnesota wolf population appears to rise 25 percent September 25, 2017 

Hunters get their chance for more deer input September 27, 2017 

MDHA's Engwall discusses Minnesota deer-hunting issues October 29, 2017 

Minnesota firearms deer hunters hope to see more bucks this fall October 28, 2017 

Bemidji, Officials say 'fantastic' deer season ahead October 28, 2017 

UMN scientist seeks crowd-funding for moose research project October 28, 2017

Deer hunting license sales slow, but need for early permits reduced October 24, 2017

Minnesota to collar more than 100 wild deer with tracking devices to fine-tune its fight against CWD October 14, 2017 

Survey sheds light on importance of Minnesota wildlife management October 2, 2017 

By tradition, start of deer hunting and the rut coincide November 1, 2017 Minnesota

DNR signs emergency rule for 2017 deer season November 4, 2017

Door County plans to manage its herd November 15, 2017

Minnesota deer harvest up 10 percent November 14, 2017

Minnesota deer harvest increases 16 percent over last year November 21, 2017

Preliminary numbers show hunters and deer harvest down in southeast Minnesota November 19, 2017

Harvest objective, Weather a big factor in deer hunt December 5, 2017 

Hunters register 161,057 deer through third weekend - Harvest up 16 percent from 2016 December 2, 2017 

Minnesota deer harvest rises 15 percent, boosted by larger herd and more opportunity December 6, 2017 

New deer permit area boundaries boosted harvest in moose range December 6, 2017 

Antlerless harvest boosts NE Minnesota deer registrations December 9, 2017

Lake Superior's last caribou nearly gone; Ontario rushes to move remaining herd to avoid wolves December 10, 2017 

Isle Royale moose getting smaller December 18, 2017 


Better deer numbers expected this season in northwest Minnesota October 30, 2016

Cougar pair spotted fighting in northern Minnesota November 12, 2016

Deer Baiting Violations On Record Pace This Season November 22, 2016 Minnesota

Deer Feeding Stations at Gopher Campfire Wildlife Sanctuary in Hutchinson May 3, 2016 Minnesota

Deer Hunters in Central Minnesota Asked to Look for Wolves Opening Weekend November 4, 2016

Deer population looks favorable April 10, 2016 Minnesota

DNR highlights elk plan comments February 7, 2016 Minnesota

DNR proposes holding deer numbers down in northeast Minnesota to help struggling moose February 27, 2016 Minnesota

DNR releases preliminary deer harvest numbers for 2015 January 6, 2016 Minnesota

DNR survey finds Minnesota wolf population stable August 21, 2016 Minnesota

Food plots for wildlife: Diversity works well for me May 19, 2016 Minnesota,

Help create Minnesota's first-ever deer plan September 20, 2016

Latest moose count provides little good news February 17, 2016 Minnesota,

Mild winter good news for deer February 13, 2016 Minnesota

Minnesota deer and grouse hunting groups partner to save forest habitat Up North March 15, 2016

Minnesota deer hunters will get more chances in 2016 due to herd growth August 2, 2016

Minnesota DNR appeals ruling that invalidated major deer poaching bust April 15, 2016

Minnesota scrambles to rekindle hunting, fishing, outdoors participation August 20, 2016

Population on way up October 30, 2016 Minnesota

Researchers race to save Minnesota's dwindling moose population January 20, 2016

So far, mild winter is good news for Northland’s whitetails February 7, 2016 Minnesota

State deer hunters group opposes expanding crossbow hunting March 1, 2016 Minnesota

White-tailed Deer fawn risk from Gray Wolf predation during summer 2016


10 DNR open houses in MN will shape future of deer herd management February 2, 2015 Minnesota

2015 Deer Goal Setting Background on Advisory Team Process and Recommendation Development [PDF] April, 215 Minnesota

Angry lawmakers tell DNR to boost deer herd, especially up north February 12, 2015 Minnesota

As deer disappear, DNR agrees to develop management plan March 4, 2015 Minnesota

As moose population dwindles, agencies work to give them a fighting chance May 20, 2015 Minnesota

Audit likely after hunters challenge DNR April 9, 2015 Minnesota

Borderland, Local deer harvest up December 3, 2015 Minnesota

Brainerd, Local hunters share concern of low deer numbers February 13, 2015 Minnesota

Camp Ripley deer by the number January 23, 2015 Minnesota

Conservative deer season August 7, 2015 Minnesota

Conservative deer season expected October 8, 2015 Minnesota

Dayton calls for felony-level penalties against poachers March 27, 2015 Minnesota

Deer Debate in Minn. March 1, 2015 Minnesota

Deer hunters asked to consider copper vs. lead August 24, 2015 Minnesota

Deer hunters group and DNR clash over deer population goals April 14, 2015 Minnesota

Deer hunters group says DNR's deer population review is seriously flawed April 5, 215 Minnesota

Deer hunters seek $19 million to save forest June 6, 2015 Minnesota

Deer Management from a Business View September 6, 2015 Minnesota

Deer Population Management April 20, 2015 Minnesota

Did our DNR sell the Herd for Pennies? February 16, 2015 Minnesota

DNR approves new deer population goals June 21, 2015 Minnesota

DNR says it will write statewide deer management plan with harvest goal March 8, 2015 Minnesota,

DNR to fly deer and elk surveys January 5, 2015 Minnesota,

DNR weather timeline for deer statistics September 5, 2015 Minnesota

Don’t blame wolves for fewer moose April 22, 2015 Minnesota

Elk in northeast Minnesota? Tribe seeks studies February 6, 2015 Minnesota

Endangered, threatened or over-populated: The debate continues February 13, 2015 Minnesota

Fall and its hunting seasons September 16, 2015 Minnesota

Fond du Lac elk restoration inches ahead February 1, 2015 Minnesota,

Good news for deer numbers March 7, 2015 Minnesota

Groups seek Endangered Species Act protection for Midwest moose July 9, 2015 Minnesota

Help dummy down the MN deer fact set January 17, 2015 Minnesota

History of Minnesota deer hunting and management October 23, 2015

How many deer do Minnesota hunters harvest each year — and where do they find them? November 13, 2015

How many deer is enough in Minnesota? February 20, 2015

How to provide winter cover for wildlife January 15, 2015 Minnesota

Hunter group addresses herd stability, buck maturity October 24, 2015 Minnesota

Hunters Challenge DNR Deer Management Practices February 20, 2015 Minnesota

Lawmakers to DNR: We want more deer up north February 23, 2015 Minnesota

Legislative auditor will examine Minnesota's deer population management April 22, 2015 Minnesota

Listen to the people; protect wolves March 19, 2015 Minnesota

Mild winter should help boost deer population March 28, 2015 Minnesota

Mild winter's timing could not have been better for deer March 22, 2015 Minnesota

Minn. cattlemen angered by court ruling restoring wolf protection January 26, 2015 Minnesota

Minn. Hunters Gearing Up For Firearm Deer Season November 6, 2015 Minnesota

Minnesota deer facts October 19, 2015 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Deer Forecast for 2015 September 8, 2015

Minnesota deer hunters' leader wants bigger herd, more DNR transparency October 18, 2015

Minnesota deer management facing new scrutiny April 26, 2015

Minnesota DNR approves new deer population goals June 10, 2015

Minnesota DNR's deer management to be audited May 3, 2015

Minnesota family finds success raising elk on farm May 16, 2015

Minnesota moose research halted by Gov. Dayton April 28, 2015

Minnesota Supreme Court Upholds Deer Hunting Conviction February 26, 2015

Minnesota's deer herd will increase, but from what? March 6, 2015

Minnesota's deer kill lowest since ’80s January 8, 2015

Minnesota's deer population appears to be rebounding July 29, 2015

Minnesota's moose numbers drop again; DNR says decline 'will likely continue' February 18, 2015

Minnesota: Why a Deer Management Audit Will Prove Nothing April 28, 2015

MN Deer Hunters Association looking to purchase land for public hunting May 9, 2015 Minnesota

Moose Are Dying in Horrible Ways Due to Climate Change May 8, 2015 Minnesota

More deer seen after milder winter August 1, 2015 Minnesota

Nohre talks state of local deer herd March 18, 2015 Minnesota

North Shore residents sound off to DNR about deer numbers February 15, 2015 Minnesota

North to deer country... April 11, 2015 Minnesota

Now on endangered list, wolves are difficult to control April 27, 2015 Minnesota,

Panels make deer population recommendations in Northeastern Minnesota April 2, 2015

Poaching case should be wakeup call February, 2015 Minnesota

Public input sought on North Shore deer population goals February 7, 2015 Minnesota

Schomacker hosts deer hunting town hall meeting December 29, 2015 Minnesota,

Should worst Minnesota poachers be charged with felonies? May 8, 2015

State's wildlife faring well in mild winter January 24, 2015 Minnesota

The purpose of antlers September 6, 2015 Minnesota

To save moose, coalition spends millions on habitat May 22, 2015 Minnesota,

Under Bill, 84-Year-Old Could Get Another Shot at a Deer April 13, 2015 Minnesota,

VNP moose numbers appear stable May 5, 2015 Minnesota

White tail adults are pretty cool, too July 31, 2015 Minnesota

Why Wisconsin has more deer than Minnesota November 20, 2015

With Handwritten Plea, 84-Year-Old Hunter Charms Lawmakers February 7, 2015 Minnesota

Woodland caribou populations continue downward trend April 11, 2015 Minnesota,

WSI drastically lower than last year February 6, 2015 Minnesota


Amid Dwindling Deer Populations, DNR Asking for Hunters Input on Management April 1, 2014 Minnesota

Anderson: In some ways, deer population fix is up to hunters March 21, 2014 Minnesota

Audit of MN DNR Deer Management, Petition September 17, 2014 Minnesota

Blaine students collar deer for research April 14, 2014 Minnesota,

Central Minnesota deer harvest down about 25% November 15, 2014

Changes to deer season to benefit older bow hunters September 12, 2014 Minnesota,

Comments sought on proposed archery deer hunt in Wildlife Refuge July 26, 2014 Minnesota

Complaints over Minnesota's falling deer harvest grow louder January 14, 2014 Minnesota

Conservation Officer Report, slow deer season November 10, 2014 Minnesota

Conservation Officer Report: Deer Struggling April 9, 2014 Minnesota

Conservative 2014 Deer Season Will Rebuild Herd, Challenge Hunters October 29, 2014 Minnesota,

Conservative deer season set; hunting licenses go on sale Aug. 1 July 23, 2014 Minnesota

Councils ask for input on deer numbers November 27, 2014 Minnesota

Decline in hunting permits shows shifting leisure trends July 16, 2014 Minnesota

Deer feeding project cost: $200,225 July 16, 2014 Minnesota

Deer feeding update for northern Minnesota April 4, 2014

Deer hunters' group initiates hunter observation survey September 18, 2014 Minnesota

Deer Hunting Season's 'Orange Friday' Bolsters Retail Sales November 7, 2014 Minnesota

Deer Hunts At State Parks This Fall September 12, 2014 Minnesota

Deer model failing Minnesota September 19, 2014 Minnesota

Deer numbers drop in northwest Minnesota March 21, 2014 Minnesota

Deer plans need prompt consideration January 11, 2013 Minnesota

Dinner for deer: Emergency feeding program to begin March 5, 2014 Minnesota

DNR declines emergency winter deer feeding February 6, 2014 Minnesota

DNR deer decision: Bad for hunters, good for deer November 13, 2014 Minnesota

DNR Nixes Expanded Hunting in Natural Areas August 19, 2014 Minnesota

DNR official, bowhunting advocate discuss deer management November 2, 2014 Minnesota

DNR to allow deer feeding February 12, 2014 Minnesota

DNR to fly deer and elk surveys, including Mille Lacs January 15, 2014 Minnesota

DNR to hold public meetings on southeastern deer population goals February 7, 2014 Minnesota

DNR to issue more wolf-hunting licenses, allow more animals to be bagged July 24, 2014 Minnesota

DNR's missteps keep deer feeding controversy alive March 14, 2014 Minnesota

DNR, MDHA to conduct deer listening sessions statewide February 14, 2014 Minnesota

DNR: Minnesota hunters will bag far fewer deer this season October 21, 2014

Dogs threaten deer March 22, 2014 Minnesota,

Eau Claire, Deer councils set goals for counties November 7, 2014 Minnesota

Elk backers lobbying to increase herd in Minnesota April 4, 2014 Minnesota,

Expect deer permit areas to drop back April 18, 2014 Minnesota

Feed deer? Minnesota DNR will, with a sigh February 15, 2014 Minnesota

Feeding the deer June 1, 2014 Minnesota

Feeding the Deer: Volunteers Take to the Woods March 23, 2014 Minnesota,

Firearms deer harvest down 44 percent in NE Minnesota November 18, 2014

Fond du Lac Band mulls Elk restoration March 15, 2014 Minnesota

Fond du Lac Band mulls elk restoration March 9, 2014 Minnesota

Food for thought on deer feeding March 12, 2014 Minnesota

Has Minnesota TB Zone 101 feeding ban been lifted March 9, 2014

Hunters across Minnesota saw a decline in deer January 4, 2014

Hunters Harvest 54,000 Deer in MN November 12, 2014 Minnesota

Hunters say there aren't enough deer June 1, 2014 Minnesota

Hunters upset about small herds dispute DNR's deer data September 4, 2014 Minnesota

Hunting Ammunition and Implications for Public Health [PDF] March, 2014 Minnesota

In Minnesota, wildlife experts campaign for copper bullets October 2, 2014

Law requires permit for antlers from road-kill deer August 22, 2014 Minnesota

Local deer harvest down 12% November 20, 2014 Minnesota

Local hunter starts petition, saying deer population is too low March 27, 2014 Minnesota

Long, hard winter has been tough on deer April 6, 2014 Minnesota

Low deer population, cold weather impair firearms opener November 12, 2014 Minnesota

MDHA issues final report on 2014 emergency deer feeding July 7, 2014 Miinnesota

Minnesota deer debate: Too many or not enough? February 2, 2014

Minnesota deer harvest down 22 percent over 2013 November 30, 2014

Minnesota Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014 October 2, 2014 Minnesota

Minnesota deer hunting: Southeast population process begins with civil meeting February 21, 2014

Minnesota DNR Announces Process To Revisit Deer Population Goals in 2015 August 28, 2014

Minnesota launches deer vs. trees debate April 20, 2014

Minnesota Legacy Amendment has backed nearly 10000 projects since 2008 July 19, 2014

Minnesota moose die from wolves, ticks, abandonment and disease August 9, 2014

Minnesota Moose Population July 18, 2014

Minnesota wildlife panel debates ways to reduce lead ammo February 6, 2014

MN deer feed distribution sites now operate from 8 AM to 12 PM March 15, 2014 Minnesota

MN deer in Arrowhead Region benefiting from mild winter, little snow cover December 29, 2014 Minnesota

MN firearms deer license sales on pace with previous years November 5, 2014 Minnesota

New deer population goals for southeastern Minnesota announced May 29, 2014 Minnesota

No DNR deer feeding in Ely area ... February 21, 2014 Minnesota

Northern Minnesota deer feeding begins March 9, 2014

Overuse of “depredation tag” impacting number of deer November 18, 2014 Minnesota

Petition asks Minnesota DNR to increase deer herd populations January 18, 2014

Plight of Minnesota moose not so dire as believed February 14, 2014

Putting an End to Deer Poaching on Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge May 13, 2014 Minnesota

Reluctant Minnesota DNR plans emergency deer feed February 13, 2014 Minnesota

Reminder for deer opener 2014: Be scrupulous with radio or cell phone use November 7, 2014 Minnesota

Rice County hunters to see young deer population November 6, 2014 Minnesota

Rules won’t drive deer hunters away, DNR official says July 27, 2014 Minnesota,

Saving Minnesota deer, then and now… February 24, 2014

Severe winters play key role in deer mortality April 6, 2014 Minnesota

Snow, cold causing deer concerns January 5, 2014 Minnesota

Stricter rules, fewer deer for MN firearms season November 7, 2014 Minnesota

The Economics of Social Deer Management October 16, 2014 Minnesota, Minnesota Bowhunters Inc.

The tale of deer in Permit Area 178 February 2, 2014 Minnesota

The year outdoors: The cold set the tone December 31, 2014 Minnesota

Time to rebuild July 5, 2014 Minnesota

Tower Area, Final tally: Deer harvest down 30% December 6, 2014 Minnesota,

Voice Your Support For The Minnesota Deer Audit November 24, 2014

Volunteers haul feed to help deer survive tough winter March 12, 2014 Minnesota

Warmer temps end Minnesota's emergency deer feeding program April 12, 2014 Minnesota

What Predicts Support for Antler Point Restrictions? SA Schroeder, L Cornicelli, DC Fulton, MD Grund - Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 2014

Where did all the whitetails go? January 10, 2014 Minnesota

Winter deer-feeding program ends this weekend April 12, 2014 Minnesota

Winter Severity Index for deer creeps higher February 2, 2014 Minnesota


'Tis the season for white-tailed deer November 4, 2013 Minnesota

A hunter's perspective on killing wolf November 26, 2013 Minnesota

After years of too many deer, the pendulum has swung back toward rebuilding whitetail herds in many parts of Minnesota November 8, 2013

All signs point to a solid opener in SW Minn November 8, 2013 Minnesota

Antler Point Restriction, Local QDMA branch wins national award August 14, 2013 Minnesota

APRs [antler point restrictions] help the next generation of deer hunters March 7, 2013 Minnesota

Deep snow and bitter cold already affecting northern Minnesota deer December 15, 2013 Minnesota,

Deer are a problem for farmers August 4, 2013 Minnesota

Deer faring well so far this winter February 24, 2013 Minnesota

Deer harvest running behind as hunt ends November 16, 2013 Minnesota, Minnesota

Deer hunt on pace to meet the area's management goals November 19, 2013

Deer hunting numbers are down November 16, 2013 Minnesota

DNR predicts good deer harvest November 4, 2013 Minnesota

DNR: Number of Minnesota deer hunters down, but violations up November 11, 2013

Early-season deer harvest down significantly in Northeastern MinnesotaNovember 14, 2013 Minnesota

Eh? Leave fawns alone May 21, 2013 Minnesota

Elk a focus for revived MDHA chapter December 22, 2013 Minnesota

Farmers buck deer hunting rules December 18, 2013 Minnesota

Farmers get new options to control problem deer August 15, 2013 Minnesota

Field report: Deer harvest down 6 percent from 2012 November 19, 2013 Minnesota

Final tally: Deer harvest down 25% December 13, 2013 Minnesota

Finding Lost Deer: It's Time For Tracking Dogs To Go National October 10, 2013 Minnesota

Firearms deer harvest down 6 percent from 2012 November 20, 2013 Minnesota

Firearms deer harvest down 8 percent from 2012 November 13, 2013 Minnesota

G&F Forecast: Best Places for Minnesota Deer Hunting in 2013 October, 2013

Harvest numbers down as deer gun season comes to a close November 29, 2013 Minnesota

Helicopters to count deer in many areas of Minnesota January 14, 2013 Minnesota

Illegal deer baiting on the rise; penalties stressed November 13, 2013 Minnesota

Illegal deer baiting on the rise; penalties stressed November 8, 2013 Minnesota

Lottery coming to NW MN permit areas August 19, 2013 Minnesota

May be fewer deer out there December 18, 2013 Minnesota

Minn. deer farm puts $9,400 price on buck's head September 12, 2013 Minnesota

Minn. deer harvest drops 4 percent in 2012 January 28, 2013 Minnesota

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Minnesota deer hunting: Antler restrictions poised to continue March 5, 2013

Minnesota Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast October 4, 2013

Minnesota DNR counts the state's elusive wolves March 17, 2013

Minnesota firearms season deer harvest down December 9, 2013

Minnesota moose hunt is history February 7, 2013

Minnesota Senate panel passes wolf hunt moratorium 7-7 March 14, 2013

Minnesota's crash in moose population remains mystery March 8, 2013

Minnesota's new deer hunting boss, one year on the job November 12, 2013

Minnesota's wolf population down but still healthy July 9, 2013

No surplus either-sex deer permits available for 2013 October 3, 2013 Minnesota

Preliminary 2013 deer harvest numbers released December 9, 2013 Minnesota

Preliminary numbers indicate fewer deer harvested November 19, 2013, Minnesota

Reading the body language of deer November 8, 2013 Minnesota

Reduced deer population means fewer hunting permits July 28, 2013 Minnesota

Smaller deer harvest should lead to higher population December 1, 2013 Minnesota

Southern Minnesota firearms deer harvest sees slight decline November 18, 2013

Stressful Time for Deer April 1, 2013 Minnesota

Tough winter for deer April 21, 2013 Minnesota

What's Killing Minnesota's Moose? July 15, 2013

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Wildlife hurt -- and helped -- by cold, snowy winter April 6, 2013 Minnesota

With Minnesota deer numbers down, hunters still optimistic November 3, 2013 Minnesota

Wolf Hunting Licenses to Go Down This Fall July 30, 2013 Minnesota


Antler Point Restrictions, Deer management system leads to big bluffland bucks November 10, 2012 Minnesota

APR (antler point restrictions) has been good for state December 8, 2012 Minnesota

Archery finds growing target audience September 15, 2012 Minnesota

Bill makes aggressive run at illegal baiting of deer March 4, 2012 Minnesota

Bill raising hunting, fishing fees passed April 28, 2012 Minnesota

Closing Timber Mills, Changes brewing in woods won't help grouse (or deer) September 9, 2012 Minnesota

Declining moose population in upper Midwest may be due to climate change June 8, 2012 Minneota - Predator to prey ratio

Deer goals March 11, 2012 Minnesota

Deer harvest down both statewide and locally November 25, 2012 Minnesota

Deer hunters concerned about coyotes killing deer January 18, 2012 Minnesota

Deer hunts will limit access to some state parks this fall September 27, 2012 Minnesota

Density up, deer harvest may drop October 31, 2012 Minnesota

Despite population decline, Minnesota moose will still be hunted this fall March 28, 2012

DNR clamping down on antlerless permits September 1, 2012 Minnesota

DNR finds replacement for key deer manager October 31, 2012 Minnesota

DNR hire deals with farmers' complaints about deer August 10, 2012 Minnesota

DNR names Telander chief of Wildlife Section November 4, 2012 Minnesota

DNR officials laud natural resources bill May 5, 2012 Minnesota

DNR officials shed light on deer season November 11, 2012 Minnesota

DNR promotes bullet swap to prevent eagle poisoning October 20, 2012 Minnesota

DNR studies wolf behavior as hunting season approaches October 19, 2012 Minnesota

DNR takes aim at southeastern Minnesota deer issues March 22, 2012

Does a calm winter indicate we'll be seeing more sets of triplet fawns? March 12, 2012 Minnesota

Dwindling Moose Population May Jeopardize Tribal Traditions May 4, 2012 Minnesota

Farmer Taking Deer Eating Crops Issue to Capitol February 13, 2012 Minnesota

Fees may rise as legislators face outdoor issues February 10, 2012 Minnesota

Few deer hunters switching to copper bullets October 28, 2012 Miinnesota

GPS study confirms easy winter for deer in northwest Minnesota March 25, 2012

Harvest Down By 15000 Deer In 2011 Season January 19, 2012 Minnesota

Hunters take to woods for first wolf season November 4, 2012 Minnessota

Hunters, anglers should have a say on taxes April 27, 2012 Minnesota

In Minnesota, it's the time of year for deer, herd population goals increased October 28, 2012

King's Island, New policy allows deer hunting on King's Island June 11, 2012

Landowners weigh CRP, commodities prices February 17, 2012 Minnesota

Longtime DNR wildlife manager at Cloquet retires, logging gives habitat for deer July 8, 2012 Minnesota

Minnesota buck harvest up, antlerless harvest down November 6, 2012

Minnesota compared to Iowa April 8, 2012

Minnesota Deer Harvest Declines In 2011 February 3, 2012

Minnesota Deer harvest numbers drop November 28, 2012

Minnesota Deer Season 2012: Hunting Forecast October 8, 2021

Minnesota deer season prediction: More deer, fewer shots October 28, 2012

Minnesota father, son allegedly had live, untagged deer in pickup December 3, 2012

Minnesota House approves game and fish bill [banning donated venison] April 4, 2012

Minnesota laying groundwork for gray wolf hunt, 4000 wolves in state January 28, 2012

Minnesota panels recommend moderate increases in deer herd April 8, 2012

Minnesota's wolves are a conservation success story November 25, 2012

Minnnesota Deer Herd Up This Year October 29, 2012

MN DNR seeks higher fishing, hunting license fees January 15, 2012 Minnesota

Moose population continues free fall February 24, 2012 Minnesota

New penalties in effect for deer baiting October 16, 2012 Minnesota

Northland projects included in latest round of Legacy funds April 27, 2012 Minnesota

Northwest Minnesota deer kill declines December 8, 2012

Officials address farmers' frustrations with deer damaging crops January 28, 2012 Minnesota

Officials fear venison exemption March 25, 2012 Minnesota

Officials say stiffer penalties haven't detered deer baiting December 15, 2012 Minnesota

Online Deer Registration Alters Hunting Culture November 10, 2012

Online tool helps hunters, wildlife watchers November 26, 2012 Minnesota

Ontario guide fined for using dogs, boats to drive deer to huntersJune 14, 2012 Minnesota

Park managers use fire to rejuvenate prairie April 3, 2012 Minnesota

Penalties increase for deer baiting October 25, 2012 Minnesota

Plant now, hunt for deer later July 21, 2012 Minnesota

Predicting Peak Rut Activity & Days to Hunt Deer October 14, 2012 Minnesota

Preliminary 2012 firearm deer harvest numbers released November 26, 2012 Minnesota

St. Louis County irked by overbuilt deer stands July 8, 2012 Minnesota

The hunt is here, deer population history November 1, 2012 Minnesota

Tribal Council declares White Earth Reservation a wolf sanctuary October 27, 2012 Minnesota

Two wolf hunts and trapping season likely May 5, 2012 Minnesota

Was Minnesota's deer herd thinned too much? January 11, 2012 Minnesota

What's going to happen with antler-point restrictions (APRs)? November 1, 2012 Minnesota

Wild Bytes [Deer and Wolves] March 24, 2012 Minnesota

Wolves threaten deer and moose February 5, 2012 Minnesota

Wolves, deer could overshadow proposed license fee hike in Minnesota January 22, 2012


12 Minnesota state parks to close temporarily this fall for deer hunts October 5, 2011

2011: The year that was in the outdoors [deer numbers] December 31, 2011 Minnesota

A year of fewer deer, DNR estimates population at 1 million October 29, 2011 Minnesota

Area deer harvest drops 4 percent February 4, 2011 Minnesota

Assessing Deer Hunter Attitudes Toward Regulatory Change Using June 9, 2011 Minnesota

At the north woods in October October 15, 2011 Minnesota

Better deer management needed December 3, 2011 Minnesota

Borderland deer harvest down more than expected December 4, 2011 Minnesota

Camp Ripley Deer Management Factsheet August 7, 2011 Minnesota

Chippewa County coyote bounty raises concerns November 24, 2011 Minnesota

Coyote bounties return to YM County after 46 year respite December 2, 2011 Minnesota

Customer service is focus for new DNR December 27, 2011 Minnesota

Deer feeding ban starts next week in four counties February 9,2011 Minnesota

Deer hunting: a lesson in overkill November 2, 2011 Minnesota

Deer Hunts Scheduled at Area Three Rivers Parks October 24, 2011 Minnesota

Deer numbers level out across SE region November 3, 2011 Minnesota

Delisting, or crying wolf again?, wolf population 3000 December 25, 2011 Minnesota

DNR Expects Good Season for Minnesota Deer Hunters October 25, 2011

DNR night flights combat illegal shining and poaching November 9, 2011 Minnesota

DNR plans to ban deer feeding to help moose August 17, 2011 Minnesota

DNR says cougars are in Minnesota December 17, 2011 Minnesota

Harsh winter hits northern Minn. deer hard 3/16/2011 Minnesota

Lawmaker has deer hunting policies in his sights December 31, 2011

Minnesota deer harvest up 7 percent in 2010 January 21, 2011

Minnesota Deer Hunter Association requests wolf sightings June 29, 2012

Minnesota Deer Hunters Association others seek action to delist wolves August 14, 2011

Minnesota deer hunting means "big business" for the meat processing industry November 12, 2011 Minnesota

Minnesota deer tag sales set record December 17, 2011

Minnesota issues draft moose management plan August 23, 2011

Minnesota: Deer harvest down by a third November 16, 2011

More about the Camp Ripley hunts October 23, 2011 Minnesota

Muzzleloader deer numbers decline December 10, 2011 Minnesota

Numbers looking good for Minnesota deer November 3, 2011

Service Expands Hunting and Fishing September 17, 2011 Minnesota

Shooting for quality deer August 5, 2011 Minnesota

So far, reports suggest Minnesota deer harvest is down from last year November 8, 2011

The Deer Licensing Bill November 21, 2011 Minnesota

The wolf survives -- in numbers strong enough to be hunted January 2, 2011 Minnesota

Top Minnesota DNR forestry leaders transferred November 8, 2011

Toxic lead from hunters' rifles kills bald eagles November 5, 2011 Minnesota

Wolves take toll on deer in GPS study May 15, 2011 Minnesota

You say 'deer bait'; I say 'green manure' November 21, 2011 Minnesota


Deer hunters group wants to catch cougars on trail cameras December 28, 2010 Minnesota

Deer population goal-setting public meetings begin Feb. 2 January 12, 2015 Minnesota

Increased Wolf Population Won't Affect Deer Season October 21, 2010

States Initiating Research on Moose Declines; Minnesota Halts Hunt February 15, 2013