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Texas Deer Population and Management Archive

Historic Population and Hunting Data 1938 to 2019

Annual Deer Hunt

1972 - 2020

1989:  477,491


2000*  663,415

2001*  605,974

2002*  681,389

2003*  674,609

2004*  669,861

2005:  707,059

2006:  679,304

2007:  616,641

2008:  734,793

2009:  658,082

2010:  743,239

2011:  684,998

2012:  650,328

2013:  783,784

2014:  712,648

2015:  668,217

2016:  971,677

2017:  935,629

2018:  896,502

2019:  861,531

2020:  862,978

2021:  837,586



2000 - 2014 data

2000 -2015 data

2005 - 2017 data

*Estimates are based on the 2017-18 Big Game Survey, 2000 to 2004 adjusted for a change in methodology resulting in an average increase of about 17 percent for the harvest estimate.

Source:  Big Game Harvest Survey Results  







Hunting Publications

Mule Deer Information


2008 Figures

2008 Harvest

A List of Articles in the Archive


Heavy rains could be a benefit for Texas wildlife and fisheries May 26, 2021

More than two dozen native deer froze to death outside a ranch in San Antonio February 19, 2021 Texas

Winter Freeze 'Crushed' Nonnative Deer March 3, 2021 Texas


A Different Game: No Stranger To Texas, Elk Population Growing In West Texas November 28, 2020

Texas white-tailed deer hunters can look forward to a favorable 2020-21 season July 15, 2020

Wildlife officials confirm rare mountain lion sighting in North Texas December 1, 2020 Texas

Border Wall Threatens National Wildlife Refuge That's Been 40 Years In The Making January 14, 2020

The cost of management: TPWD proposes fee to underwrite MLDP program cost January 5, 2020 Texas


TPWD seeks public input for proposed Managed Lands Deer Program fee December 11, 2019 Texas

Proposed fee would aid Texas’ popular Managed Lands Deer Program November 23, 2019 Texas

Experimental mule deer antler restrictions continue in southeast panhandle; lynn county added this season November 19, 2019 Texas

2019 deer forecast looking bright October 22, 2019 Texas

Changing times April 16, 2019 Texas

Drought-Proofing Mule Deer Herds in Texas March 14, 2019 Texas

On the hunt for deer — to count August 23, 2019 Texas

Rains fuel boom year for Texas whitetail deer July 13, 2019

John Jefferson: North, East and South Texas deer forecast October 7, 2019

White-tailed Deer Management October, 2019 Texas

West Texas Deer Forecast October 4, 2019

TPWD reminds hunters about proper deer carcass disposal October 1, 2019 Texas

Expectations High for Archery-Only Hunting Season September 30, 2019 Texas

Texas game animal populations suggest a favorable 2019 hunting season August 31, 2019 Texas hunters and anglers in for big rule changes August 14, 2019

On the hunt for deer — to count  August 23, 2019 Texas

Whitetail leader forecasting banner hunting season this fall July 31, 2019 Texas

Reason For The Season: Deer Harvest Important, But There Is No Set Rule On Numbers November 8, 2019 Texas

General white-tailed deer hunting season opens Saturday October 31, 2019 Texas

Texas Hunters Can Expect Big Things This Deer Season October 26, 2019 

2019 deer forecast looking bright October 22, 2019 Texas

Texas Hunters Can Expect Big Things This Deer Season October 26, 2019

Three Big Changes That Have Altered Texas Wildlife Landscape June 28, 2019

Rains fuel boom year for Texas whitetail deer July 13, 2019 

Court rules deer are wildlife July 8, 2019 Texas

Three Big Changes That Have Altered Texas Wildlife Landscape June 28, 2019

Top ocelot researcher calls conservation strategy 'ecological fairy tale'  May 1, 2019 Texas

Changing times April 16, 2019 Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Approves Doe Days Expansion in Hopkins, Hunt, Delta, Wood, Rains, Franklin and Other Counties April 3, 2019 Texas

Texas Legislature considers a mix of outdoors-related bills March 16, 2019 

Drought-Proofing Mule Deer Herds in Texas March 14, 2019 Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Proposes Hunting and Fishing Changes for 2019-2020 February 21, 2019


Axis deer from India first brought to Texas in 1932 December 23, 2018 Texas

Dawning of deer season brings anticipation October 27, 2018 Texas

Deer breeding, hunting impacts Texas economy by $1.6 billion annually November 11, 2018

Fawn Time July 13, 2018 Texas

How Does Toxic Bait Affect Deer February 2, 2018 Texas

Longer whitetail deer season in North Zone shot down March 24, 2018 Texas

Lottery-like public program offers expanded Texas hunting opportunities June 30, 2018 Texas

Mule deer antler restriction regulation take effect this hunting season September 28, 2018 Texas

Mule deer easily mistaken for white-tailed cousins December 30, 2018 Texas

Pests got upper hand during Hurricane Harvey July 8, 2018 Texas

Ranchers hope to eradicate disease carrying tick from Federal Land January 24, 2018 Texas

Recent Rains Provide Boost for Deer, New Challenges for Bowhunters September 26, 2018 Texas

Texas eyes changes to deer hunting season January 4, 2018

Texas looking at new antler restrictions for mule deer January 24, 2018

Texas to test mule deer antler restrictions starting this fall June 6, 2018

TPWD seeking public input on changes to mule deer regulations February 22, 2018 Texas

When Whitetail and Mule Deer Clash November 16, 2018 Texas

Texas wildlife managers unveil proposals for 2019-20 hunting seasons January 30, 2019 


Antler Restrictions, Biologists awaiting numbers on 10-year antler study January 26, 2017 Texas

Antler restrictions, ET [East Texas] hunters reminded of the 13-inch rule as 2017 deer season busts wide open November 5, 2017 Texas

Antler Restrictions, How to Properly Cull the Herd — Part I March 15, 2017 Texas

Big Bend Mule Deer Restoration Effort Advancing March 22, 2017 Texas,

Bowhunting Season For Deer And Turkey Starts Sept. 30 September 26, 2017

Buck to doe ratio, East Texas landowner revamps property for deer, ducks and bass February 15, 2017

Compressed air powers unique deer supplement system September 14, 2017 Texas

Deer census a key step in permit process, population control September 23, 2017 Texas,

Dietary Supplementation Strategies for the Captive White-tailed (Odocoileus virginianus) Breeding Doe AM Adams - 20

EVEN BAMBI IS A TRADE SECRET: Eastern District Of Texas Finds That Lineage and Genetic Information of Deer Are Trade Secrets, Grants Preliminary Injunction July 28, 2017 Texas

Exotics provide unlimited opportunities! October 16, 2017 Texas,

Hagerman conducts aerial hog hunt December 9, 2017 Texas

Local geography still producing healthy deer populations December 16, 2017 Texas,

Wild Pig Numbers Exploding in Texas March 23, 2017


Abilene wildlife biologist says game should look like 2015 September 11, 2016 Texas,

Antler restrictions, General whitetail deer season comes to an end Sunday December 28, 2016 Texas

At least no new fees await on Monday as hunting, fishing licenses go on sale August 13, 2016 Texas,

Cheaper alternatives to lease hunting September 15, 2016 Texas

Collisions between cars and animals rise in Texas September 15, 2016 Texas

Combination food plots can attract deer year-round September 5, 2016 Texas,

Commission Approves Changes to Deer Hunting Regulations for 2016-17 March 29, 2016 Texas

Commission OKs changes to deer hunting rules for 2016-17 August 8, 2016 Texas

Elk brought back after being hunted to extinction in state June 25, 2016 Texas

Good acorn crop could be bad for East Texas hunters November 2, 2016 Texas,

Hunters battle harmful exotic deer February 18, 2016 Texas

Hunting follows oil industry downturn December 18, 2016 Texas

Hunting license fees can be high, but there is a cheaper alternative July 31, 2016 Texas

Hunting regulation changes proposed for area counties February 26, 2015 Texas,

Is the Whitetail Rut Happening Now? Yes, in September! September 8, 2016 Texas

New KIng Ranch 8-foot fence forces unnatural wildlife and foliage patterns, affects highway safety ... January 8, 2016 Texas,

Partners Continue Mule Deer Restoration Effort in the Big Bend March 10, 2016 Texas,

Sixth white-tail deer diagnosed with chronic wasting disease February 5, 2016 Texas

Spring's heavy rains help, hinder wildlife in Texas July 16, 2016 Texas

Texas adopts liberalized hunting, fishing rules for 2016-17 March 26, 2016

Texas bowhunters can expect tougher conditions this deer season September 28, 2016

Texas Parks & Wildlife expands whitetail deer hunting April 4, 2016

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department adds 'doe days' to allow hunters to help control sex ratio of deer populations April 3, 2016

Three charged with white-tailed deer importation April 28, 2016 Texas

TPWD keeps tabs on statewide deer population August 6, 2016 Texas

TPWD proposes expansion of doe days February 14, 2016 Texas

TPWD regs centered on Sabine River bass, East Texas deer February 12, 2016 Texas

Why Commercial Venison Sales Are Banned in Texas August 12, 2016


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Texas October 21, 2015

An objective look at deer hunting in Texas April 20, 2015

Antlers just the tip of deer debate March 8, 2015 Texas

Attorney In TPWD Lawsuit Hopes To Permanently Change State's Authority Concerning Deer October 6, 2015 Texas

Ballot item to ensure hunting, fishing in constitution October 10, 2015 Texas

Banner Year for Wildlife August 19, 2015 Texas

Beyond the water and into the brush November 19, 2015 Texas

Big deer year expected across East Texas after wet spring November 1, 2015

Big Time Texas Hunts Winners Announced October 31, 2015

Bullet-train backers meet resistance in rural Texas April 12, 2015 Texas

Captive Deer Hunting Operations Under Scrutiny In Rural America January 22, 2015 Texas

Coping with South Texas summers — How deer deal with the heat April 9, 2015

Deer Breeding takes the Big Country September 29, 2015 Texas

Deer GPS Study Shows How Whitetail Bucks Really Travel During the Rut November 16, 2015 Texas,

Deer Hunting in East Texas boosts the economy December 2, 2015 Texas

Deer Season 2015: The Year to Kill Your Biggest Buck Ever September 2, 2015 Texas

Deer season winds down this weekend January 1, 2015 Texas

Don’t neglect deer feeding program February 12, 2015 Texas

Exotic animals thrive on ranches in Texas, Oklahoma August 10, 2015

General deer season closes; muzzleloader season opens Monday December 31, 2015 Texas

Grazing cattle to boost whitetail deer numbers April 29, 2015 Texas

Groundbreaking Deer Research At Texas A&M Kingsville August 21, 2015

Harvest now to protect deer population November 12, 2015 Texas

Hunting in Texas: Regulations for Hunting With Dogs November 12, 2015 Texas

Influence of white‐tailed deer population density on vegetation standing crop in a semiarid environment BL Crider, TE Fulbright, DG Hewitt, CA Deyoung…Texas, - The Journal of Wildlife …, 2015...

It's a banner year for wildlife after recent rains July 29, 2015 Texas

Mast availability impacts wildlife October 11, 2015 Texas

Moisture brings hope for deer season November 6, 2015 Texas

Mule Deer Foundation February 5, 2015 Texas

Mule Deer Relocated in West Texas to Help Boost Population March 26, 2015

New trend in hunting leases March 23, 2015 Texas

One of the best deer seasons in years could be in store October 31, 2015 Texas

Operation Game Thief program a powerful tool for wardens May 17, 2015 Texas

Outlook calls for big deer when archery season opens Saturday September 27, 2015 Texas

Outlook promising for Texas deer season October 30, 2015 Texas

Post Oak region can produce quality deer April 11, 2015 Texas

Proposed laws should be shot down April 10, 2015 Texas

Purposeful wanderings: mate search strategies of male white-tailed deer 2015

Rain produces growth, boosting deer November 5, 2015 Texas,

Rules Killing Deer Industry, Breeders Claim October 9, 2015 Texas

South Texas Deer Hunters Get A Longer Shot July 23, 2015

Spring Rains Mean Extra Antler Growth in South Texas September 21, 2015

State eyes more liberal fishing, hunting regulations January 23, 2016 Texas

Texas bowhunters getting prepared for October season September 17, 2015

Texas deer-release policy must be re-examined July 30, 2015 Texas

Texas' wild deer herd must be protected October 27, 2015

The fencing of private property: A history and look ahead at the issues at stake January 19, 2015 Texas

The Impact of Feral Hogs on Deer February 25, 2015 Texas

Timely rainfall a boon to deer-hunting season November 4, 2015 Texas

Timely rainfall a boon to deer-hunting season November 5, 2015 Texas

Too dry in large parts of the state to plant supplemental food plots for deer September 27, 2015 Texas

TPWD looks to revamp MLD, LAMPS programs March 22, 2015 Texas

War against feral hogs rages on in Texas December 30, 2015

Warm weather a factor in slow South Texas hunting season December 18, 2015

What is Our Wildlife Worth? August 5, 2015 Texas

White-tailed deer season preview: Spring and summer rain over most of the state produced a lush growth of native food October 31, 2015 Texas

Whitetails plentiful as hunting season begins November 6, 2015 Texas

Why can’t we all get along?: Need for outdoorsmen to unite greater than ever January 12, 2015 Texas

Wildlife biologist counts antler inches instead of deer on hunt, mule deer January 24, 2015 Texas

Wildlife seeking high ground June 2, 2015 Texas

Will the smartphone replace tagging deer, turkey? May 18, 2015 Texas

With a great year expected, deer hunters ready to begin November 6, 2015 Texas,


2013 Firearms Deer Season Totals January 10, 2014 Texas

2014 Texas hunt to rank high December 31, 2014

A cool start to deer season, but challenges linger October 29, 2014 Texas

Acorn crop and rainfall impact Highland Lakes deer prospects October 28, 2014 Texas

Acorns cause deer hunters to struggle early across Texas December 10, 2014 Texas

An economic impact analysis of South Texas Landowner Hunting Operation Expenses

Boone & Crockett asks to be left out of high-fenced deer scoring December 31, 2014 Texas

Communicating for Positive Change in the Industry September 19, 2014 Texas

Corpus Christi pair plead guilty to illegal deer breeding October 21, 2014 Texas

County’s first mule deer season opens Saturday November 14, 2014 Texas

Coyote population in East Texas due to increase of pig population? October 11, 2014

Deer Debate: Should breeding for big antler racks be regulated? November 27, 2014 Texas

Deer Expert Questions Success of Management December 1, 2014 Texas

Deer hunters must heed several rules October 29, 2014 Texas

Deer hunting preview: Cooler, damper summer upgrades upcoming season to above average, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department October 26, 2014 Texas

Deer season opens across a changing Texas landscape October 31, 2014

Drought but not population density influences dietary niche breadth in white-tailed deer in a semiarid environment DJ Folks, K Gann, TE Fulbright, DG Hewitt… - Ecosphere, 2014

Drought opens Texas ranchers' eyes to income options December 23, 2014 Texas

Dying deer population leads to residents feeding the starving animals April 30, 2014 Texas

For Texas, being green is easy on wildlife June 25, 2014

Funky deer hunting quest falls short - buck known for odd antlers still a mystery November 8, 2014 Texas

Game Wardens Investigate Deer Breeding Facility in Jim Wells County, Seize Animals May 6, 2014 Texas

Growing bigger trophies October 23, 2014 Texas

Interest in deer hunting could grow April 4, 2014 Texas

Invasion of the Axis Deer June 18, 2014 Texas

Keep Texas Wildlife Wild December 16, 2014 Texas,

Living the good life together: Manage rangeland for cattle and deer November 30, 2014 Texas

Longleaf Pines Flourish on an East Texas Ranch July 25 2014

Looking Ahead, Texas Deer Herd July 31, 2014

Low rainfall could hurt deer, turkey populations April 10, 2014 Texas

Mule deer ... TPWD's proposed regulation changes February 23, 2014 Texas,

Mule Deer Foundation builds guzzler in Big Bend region April 25, 2014 Texas

New Coalition Formed to Raise Awareness of Captive Deer Breeding Industry December 8, 2014 Texas

Owner of Sandia Deer Breeding Facility Bonded Out of Jail May 8, 2014 Texas

Rains bolster deer herds October 31, 2014 Texas

Ranchers Fed Up with Poaching December 22, 2014 Texas

Restoration of central Texas savanna and woodland: the effects of fire, deer, and invasive species on plant community trajectories CM Andruk - 2014

Role of Thermal Environment in Habitat Selection by Male White-Tailed Deer during Summer in Texas, USA DW Wiemers, TE Fulbright, DB Wester, JA Ortega-S… - Wildlife Biology, 2014

Southwest Texas deer crop expected to be great this year November 9, 2014 Texas

State aims to make managed lands program more manageable November 13, 2014 Texas

Telling a deer's age may take more than just looking at the antlers November 8, 2014 Texas

Texas Axis Deer Hunt - Axis Deer November 30, 2014

Texas Crop Report October 21, 2014

Texas Deer Density August 15, 2014

Texas Deer Hunting Forecast October, 2014

Texas hunters look forward another strong deer season July 27, 2014

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission authorizes new Yoakum Dunes Wildlife management area in Panhandle November 10, 2014

Texas Parks and Wildlife puts down local deer March 5, 2014

Texas Tech announces grant to Deer Breeder's Corp January 9, 2014 Texas

The Antler Reality November 25, 2014 Texas

The other deer season is open, Axis Deer June 16, 2014 Texas

There’s no monopoly on big-antlered deer in Texas December 9, 2014 Texas

TPWD: Prospects good for deer season October 17, 2014 Texas

Trends affect hunting participation February 10, 2014 Texas

Tyler's Hunt takes over North Texas lead December 27, 2014 Texas

Welcome Rains Boost the 2014 Hunting Forecast September 24, 2014 Texas

When hunting isn't very sporting December 13, 2014 Texas

White-tailed deer population dynamics as influenced by deer density and nutrition in southern Texas NS Cook - 2014

Whitetail deer breeding season peaks at different times across Texas November 8, 2014 Texas


2013-14 Texas deer season could be very memorable November 1, 2013

After Texas Parks & Wildlife's Slaughter of a Hunt County Deer Herd, Questions of Wildlife Ownership Abound May 2, 2013, Texas

An Economic Impact Analysis of South Texas Landowner Hunting Operation Expenses EL Dodd, FC Bryant, LA Brennan, C Gilliland Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, 2013

Annual whitetail season could benefit rural Texas October 23, 2013 Texas

Behaviour and Cause-Specific Mortality of Mule Deer Fawns [PDF] CA Taylor, 2013

Big Time Texas Hunts winners announced November 10, 2013

Changes to mule deer, pronghorn seasons April 2, 2013 Texas

Deer Breeding Bill, What's On Tap in Energy and Environment at the Texas Legislature This Week April 1, 2013

Deer Breeding Industry Looks to Lawmakers to Relax Rules April 4, 2013 Texas

Deer Demographics October 3, 2013 Texas

Deer don't disappoint after hunters' early optimism November 13, 2013 Texas

Definitive deer study targets rural property owners March 29, 2013 Texas

Dr. James Kroll Denounces Texas Deer Bill April 8, 2013

Entreprenuers clone animals: Local rancher, veternarian supplement deer herd October 25, 2013 Texas

Exotic Wildlife Association Opposes 'Anti-Deer' Bills in Texas April 16, 2013 Texas

Fair chase, Bill breeds dissension among deer fans April 4, 2013 Texas

Fight Over the The Future of Texas' Deer July 10, 2013

First clone of his kind turns 10 at A&M May 23, 2013 Texas

G&F Forecast: Best Places for Texas Deer Hunting in 2013 October, 2013

Herd Status, Deer forecast looks promising throughout state October 7, 2013 Texas

Horse cloning experts now cloning deer August 20, 2013 Texas,

How New Legislation Could Benefit Texas Deer Breeders February 27, 2013

Hunters have a reason for optimism September 22, 2013 Texas

Hunting and fishing in Texas, then and now November 13, 2013 Texas

Keith Warren Speaks Out on Texas Deer Bill , March 26, 2013 Texas

King Ranch loses battle to move deer fence July 15, 2013 Texas

Law sparks a sea change for dog runners August 11, 2013 Texas,

Mild summer good for deer, great for hunters November 3, 2013 Texas

New rule just in time for deer bow hunting season, dog tracking August 26, 2013 Texas

Options in deer feeding December 30, 2013 Texas,

Outlook favorable for deer season November 7, 2013 Texas,

Outlook favorable for Texas Deer season October 23, 2013, Texas

Public input sought on proposal to allow use of dogs to trail wounded deer July 25, 2013 Texas

Stars aligning for a stellar deer season October 23, 2013 Texas

State mulls new dog rules for trailing wounded deer May 25, 2013 Texas

Study notes that deer mating season mostly sticking to schedule November 9, 2013 Texas

Taking Antlerless Deer Has Become More Common With Texas Hunters September 14, 2013

Ted Nugent adds 'fever' to Texas deer hunting debate, fair chase April 4, 2013

Ten common mistakes deer breeders make January 10, 2013 Texas

Texas Deer Association Applauds New Texas Farm Bureau Position December 13, 2013

Texas Deer Association Warns New Legislation Puts Deer at Risk March 18, 2013 Texas

Texas Deer Association Welcomes Passage of 'Due Process' Bill May 15, 2013

Texas deer hunting forecast remains bright heading toward new season March 21, 2013

Texas deer hunting outlook brings lofty expectations during the rut December 9, 2013

Texas Deer Population in 2012 June 16, 2013 Texas

Texas Game Populations Thriving June 22, 2013

Texas Herd Status, Area archery enthusiasts nocked, ready for deer season Friday September 25, 2013 Texas

The Dangers of Deer Cloning September 9, 2013 Texas

The heat is on for wildlife in need of summer rainfall July 10, 2013 Texas

Traditional firearms deer season on horizon; Experts expect average yield October 12, 2013 Texas

White-tailed deer enjoying healthy Highland Lakes habitat November 12, 2013 Texas

Who Owns the Deer in Texas? July 16, 2013

Wildlife rescuers overwhelmed in Montgomery County July 16, 2013 Texa


A better water trough for deer and other wildlife October 28, 2012 Texas

A conservation model crafted specifically for Texas November 14, 2012

A single buck from Pa. with huge rack can fetch as much as $1M in Texas February 20, 2012

Bucking the drought: While antlers were down a bit, deer harvest was about average January 19, 2012 Texas

Can hunting endangered animals save the species? January 29, 2012 Texas

Cherokee County man gets probation for illegally transporting deer April 30, 2012 Texas

Controlled burns begin in area's national forests February 2, 2012 Texas

Deer 'hotspots' are problem for farmers, DNR September 13, 2012 Texas

Deer in spotlight: Out for the count October 10, 2012 Texas

Deer rut about to peak in East Texas November 15, 2012

Does hunting in Texas save endangered antelopes? March 30, 2012

Drought may still take toll on habitat, wildlife March 14, 2012 Texas

Early deer season opens with promising results September 30, 2012 Texas

Estimating age, Looking a trophy buck in the mouth March 8, 2012 Texas

Forecast looks good for archery season September 30, 2012 Texas

Granite Shoals: Community consensus is best approach for deer January 23, 2012 Texas

Healthy deer with ample food supply ... October 31, 2012 Texas

Hunting, hunters have changed over the years November 5, 2012 Texas

Illinois geneticist fined in Texas deer semen case December 20, 2012 Texas

Keith Warren Gets Exotic on Deer & Wildlife Stories January 2, 2012 Texas

Kimble County Drought, County profiles February 26, 2012 Texas

Managed Lands Deer Permits (MLDP) Hunting late-season bucks December 25, 2012 Texas

Mule deer numbers down in current drought, TPWD says May 17, 2012 Texas

Not Seeing Deer This Year? Check the Oaks December 12, 2012 Texas

Prospects Good for Texas Deer October 23, 2012

Race to Save the Pronghorn of Far West Texas April 26, 2012

Reason to cheer for deer October 24, 2012 Texas

Some Common Sense Deer Management October 30, 2012 Texas

South Texas Rut Is Heating Up December 27, 2012

Spike buck harvest issue pits biology vs. management January 12, 2012 Texas

Texas Deer abundant as hunting season opens October 30, 2012 Texas

Texas Deer Herd Improved This Year October 20, 2012

Texas deer hunting season forecast bright as range conditions improve July 30, 2012

Texas Deer Season 2012: Hunting Forecast, October 3, 2012

Texas Deer Study Group convenes April 19-20 in Stephenville March 21, 2012

Texas Hunting Outlook, From a Texas Deer Expert September 11, 2012

Texas program takes a bite out of wildlife law violators June 2, 2012

Texas' deer population remains stable with current pressure October 21, 2012

TPWD reports strong first half for deer season December 1, 2012 Texas

Wildlife Professionals Discuss Challenges To Conservation Model April 26, 2012 Texas

Wildlife sights a natural draw July 5, 2012 Texas


A Bad Winter Ahead For Local Wildlife November 4, 2011 Texas

As Drought Continues, Some Texans Resort to Feeding the Wildlife, September 21, 2011

Big game hunters haven't priced average Texas hunter out just yet August 7, 2011

Crisis means wildlife needs our assistance September 19, 2011 Texas

Deer Breeder Case Speaks To A Bigger Issue June 29, 2011 Texas

Deer breeder fined 1.5M for smuggling whitetails into ETX September 22, 2011 Texas

Deer Drying Up Fast in Drought October 13, 2011 Texas

Deer falling on hard times in extended drought conditions July 15, 2011 Texas

Deer Smuggler Pleads Guilty June 15, 2011 Texas

Deer smuggling October 23, 2011 Texas

Deer trickle into neighborhoods in search of water July 12, 2011 Texas

Dismal forecast: Deer, bird populations are being hit hard by devastating drought June 26, 2011

Drought is damaging Texas economy in ways that recession hasn't September 21, 2011

Drought puts wildlife in precarious position May 30, 2011 Texas

Drought putting intense pressure on Texas game, other wildlife July 7, 2011 Texas

Farmers, ranchers bank on rain, Smaller Deer December 28, 2011 Texas

Fawn survival, antler size at risk from lack of rain July 28, 2011, Texas

Fence off deer feeders from hogs December 30, 2011 Texas

Game wardens target deer smugglers October 18, 2011 Texas

Hunters urged to harvest more deer early in season September 30, 3011 Texas

Leschper: Pending deer legislation focuses on breeding, management issues May 1, 2011 Texas Management

Long-term, Wildfires have Positive Impacts for Wildlife May 17, 2011 Texas

Lucrative market is luring deer smugglers October 18, 2011 Texas

Managed Land Deer Permits rush must slow November 6, 2011 Texas

Mess surrounding Texas deer breeding isn't getting fixed June 18, 2011 Management

More Texas landowners seek permits for deer breeding September 10, 2011 Texas

Mule deer hunts offer more bang for your trophy buck September 24, 2011 Texas

New Rules for Residents to Manage Deer Populations with Hunting, the 82nd Legislative session July 10, 2011

New Sightability Model Improves Accuracy of Mule Deer Census December 12, 2011 Texas

Oak Tree Dying: Under the spreading chestnut tree December 19, 2011 Texas

Powell's grandson pleads guilty to negligent transportation of wildlife December 13, 2011 Texas

Relentless drought extending toll to wildlife August 9, 2011 Texas

State's severe drought conditions could have negative impact on deer ... May 22, 2011 Texas

TERRITORY WARS: Whitetail v. Mule Deer May 16, 2011 Texsas

Texan's case has shaken deer-breeding industry, July 2, 2011

Texas Deer Herd Status October 27, 2011 Texas

Texas Study Finds Deer Density Correlated with more Birds, June, 2011

Texas: Wildlife reproduction impacted by drought December 26, 2011

To Rack Up Big Bucks, Some Try Deer Smuggling November 12, 2011, Texas

TP&WD setting up voluntary mule deer check stations October 27, 2011Texas

Trends affect deer hunting July 16, 2011 Texas

Two Texas deer hunters indicted on federal charges July 19, 2011

TWPD wants more research before issuing mule deer program permits November 27, 2011 Texas

What determines timing of the rut July 14, 2011 Texas

Wildlife face scarce food July 1, 2011 Texas

Wildlife group reverses directive against feeding wild animals July 31, 2011, Texas

Wildlife in Austin area hurt by drought May 29, 2011 Texas

Wildlife management requires considerations October 24, 2011 Texas

Wildlife Officials Urge Deer Hunters to Manage Herds during Drought September 23, 2011 Texas

Woes could continue into deer season August 10, 2011 Texas

Deer Management 2010 (Breeding bigger deer) December 9, 2010 Texas

Deer World, December, 2004 Texas

State plans to euthanize large herd of white-tailed deer December 3, 2010 Texas

Who owns all deer in Texas? You may be surprised December 8, 2010