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Georgia Disease of Deer Archive

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Fears over chronic wasting disease in deer grow February 26, 2019 Georgia

A Headache from Our Past? Intracranial Abscess Disease, Virulence Factors of Trueperella pyogenes, and a Legacy of Translocating White-Tailed Deer.  Georgia - Journal of wildlife diseases, 2018

New rule could allow Georgia hunters to hunt over bait statewide June 15, 2018

What the New Georgia Deer Baiting Law Means for Hunters July 7, 2018 

Georgia Deer Baiting Changes July 3, 2018

State board expands deer baiting rule June 27, 2018 Georgia

Georgia Legislature considers deer baiting law March 6, 2018

Deer Farming Issue Clouded By CWD January 27, 2012 Georgia

EHD and Bluetongue Virus Having Minimal Impact on Deer in 2014 September 24, 2014 Georgia

Epizootiology of cranial abscess disease in white-tailed deer BS Cohen - 2014

Epizootiology of Cranial Abscess Disease in white-tailed Deer of Georgia S Cohen, EH Belser, CH Killmaster, JW Bowers… - Journal of wildlife diseases, 2015

Experts theorize about deformed deer found dead off Hwy. 20 November 15, 2013 Georgia

Whitetail Deer: Looks Like We Dodged the EHD Bullet September 11, 2013 Georgia

Widespread EHD Outbreaks Anticipated Due to Drought September 20, 2012 Georgia

Wildlife Expert Rips Fed’s New CWD Policy March 31, 2014 Georgia