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Texas Disease of Deer Archive

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Chronological Order from 2019, Alphabetical order prior years


CWD-positive deer shot in Val Verde County  December 20, 2019 Texas, Lone Star Outdoor News

... A free-ranging 5 ½-year-old deer taken between Del Rio and Amistad Reservoir has tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease, making it the first confirmed case of the disease in Val Verde County...

Chronic Wasting Disease: detecting the disease plaguing Texas’ deer populations November 14, 2019 

Health officials warn of anthrax outbreak in Texas animals July 25, 2019 

No Cure For Chronic Wasting Disease, But Parks And Wildlife Is Confident About Containing It January 10, 2019 Texas

2018 and Earlier in Alphabetical Order

2 more deer found with chronic wasting disease November 14, 2015 Texas

4th case of chronic wasting disease confirmed in South Texas August 15, 2015

Add more time for CWD checks December 27, 2016 Texas

Another deer tests positive for CWD September 11, 2015 Texas

Anthrax Among Us? June 8, 2012 Texas

Anthrax confirmed in Kinney County deer September 20, 2016 Texas

Anthrax deaths rising, but few cases in Texas August 21, 2012

Battle brewing between deer breeders and state over new rules November 5, 2015 Texas

Be responsible as crane, mule deer seasons open November 23, 2014 Texas

Bovine TB monitoring effort expanded to include mule deer and elk December 13, 2013 Texas

Brain disease could impact food chain April 5, 2016 Texas

Brain-eating disease found in Texas deer July 11, 2012

Breeders say state/federal mandates come with a price tag July 20, 2012 Texas

Campaigners call for action to fight chronic wasting disease among deer April 4, 2016 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease appears in Texas July 19, 2012 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease Confirmed in Lavaca County Captive White-tailed Deer; Linked to Index Herd September 16, 2015 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease containment area extended for next hunting season March 26, 2018 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease Detected in Medina County Captive Deer July 1, 2015 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease detected near Tarpley August 25, 2016 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered at Deer Breeding Facilities in Hunt and Uvalde Counties March 31, 2021 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered at Deer Breeding Facilities in Matagorda and Mason Counties May 14, 2021

Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered in Lubbock County March 1, 2021 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Deer Near San Antonio, Researchers, State Officials on Alert September 2, 2015 Texas

Chronic wasting disease in deer can be managed August 20, 2015 Texas

Chronic wasting disease requires new deer testing September 25, 2016 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease Threatens Deer Population June 17, 2016 Texas

Chronic Wasting Disease, Texas Parks and Wildlife: Cases of brain-eating disease in deer confirmed in state January 4, 2019

Concerns over Chronic Wasting Disease in cervids prompts rule change July 8, 2013 Texas

CWD detected in deer harvest From Hueco Mountain Area May 7, 2015 Texas

CWD emergency rule released August 12, 2015 Texas

CWD just one disease on managers' radar nationwide October 8, 2016 Texas

CWD remains in Hueco Mountains — One positive test this season March 19, 2015 Texas

CWD update: State passes new rules; rancher tries to save remaining deer, elk November 16, 2015 Texas

CWD voluntary check stations & informational meeting announced September 15, 2016 Texas

Dallas Safari Club supports use of live testing for Chronic Wasting Disease August 27, 2015 Texas

Deadly deer disease spreading?: Infected white-tail found in northwest Texas Panhandle January 10, 2018

Deer breeders may sue Texas Parks and Wildlife September 22, 2015 Texas

Deer breeders walk out of Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission hearing June 20, 2016

Deer breeding industry hit hard by discovery of deadly disease September 16, 2015 Texas

Deer cull to stop wasting disease near San Antonio proceeds slowly February 25, 2016 Texas

Deer disease limited in tests February 26,2011 Texas Disease

Deer euthanized in Texas to test for neurological disease July 29, 2015

Deer Prices Drop Following New Chronic Wasting Regulations August 17, 2015 Texas

Defenders Investigation: All about the bucks October 25, 2013 Texas

Defenders speak with TPWD about killing CWD-exposed herd October 1, 2015 Texas

Discovery of Texas chronic wasting disease highlights deer surveillance efforts July 13, 2012

Drought Could Spread Hemorrhagic Disease to Deer Populations July 18, 2012 Texas

EHD Research Documentary - Texas Tech Deer Research Facility - May 21, 2014

Emergency Rules for Chronic Wasting Disease October 23, 2015 Texas

Fatal deer disease found in Hunt County April 16, 2021 Texas

Feds propose feeding wild deer drugs to prevent disease December 16, 2016 Texas

Goats Are a Potential Reservoir for the Herpesvirus (MCFV-WTD), Causing Malignant Catarrhal Fever in Deer H Li, CW Cunha, B Abbitt, TW deMaar, SD Lenz… - Journal of Zoo and Wildlife …, 2013

Grass plants can transport infectious prions May 16, 2015

Help fight this fatal disease threat to Texas wild deer herd, chronic wasting disease, June 15, 2016 Texas

How CWD Regs Affect Your Texas Deer Hunt November 10, 2015 The Hunting Report

Hunters and Conservationists Unite in Response to Chronic Wasting Disease Finding in Captive Deer Herd August 4, 2015 Texas,

Hunters asked to submit samples for CWD testing September 24, 2015 Texas

Hunters urged to help CWD from spreading in Texas November 2, 2014

Illegal deer, not disease, pose greatest threat in Texas hunting May 11, 2014 Texas

Incidence of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wild and Farmed Deer, December 5, 2011

Inside Texas' Anthrax Triangle December 19, 2017

Is the deer breeding industry worth the risk? August 23, 2015 Texas

It's here — CWD found in Texas July 10, 201

Lab director explains process of examining specimens for chronic wasting disease August 12, 2015 Texas

Mule Deer Hunters Reminded of CWD Testing Requirements November 14, 2013 Texas

Mule deer hunters should bring bucks to check stations October 23, 2013 Texas

Mule deer hunters — CWD testing protocols still in place this season October 27, 2014 Texas

Mule Deer Outlook Promising; Hunters Reminded of Mandatory CWD Testing November 17, 2015 Texa

New chronic wasting disease cases discovered at captive deer breeding facilities April 2, 2016 Texas

New emergency rules for hunters at the Laguna Atascosa Nat. Wildlife Refuge October 7, 2014 Texas

New Mexico's dealing with CWD; how would Texas handle it? June 27, 2012 Texas

New TAHC movement requirements for species susceptible to Chronic Wasting Disease July 4, 2013 Texas

NIH awards $11 million to UTHealth researchers to study deadly prion diseases June 29, 2016 Texas

No new Chronic Wasting Disease positives found in Trans-Pecos region March 31, 2014 Texas

No new positives found in TransPecos CWD study April 3, 2014 Texas,

Officials Announce Testing Plan for Chronic Wasting Disease August 12, 2015 Texas

Officials discover case of anthrax in Texas deer June 15, 2012 Texas

Officials move to address spread of deer disease November 3, 2015 Texas

Parks and Wildlife begins reducing deer population at Texas Mountain Ranch February 22, 2016

Preserving our hunting heritage August 31, 2015 Texas

Rapid EHDV Detection in Deer Now Possible Thanks To New Test From Austin-based Bioo Scientific March 11, 2014 Texas

Red deer, Sika named "susceptible species" for CWD June 15, 2012 Texas

Regulations are hurting Texas deer farmers July 5, 2016 Texas

Sixth white-tail deer diagnosed with chronic wasting disease February 5, 2016 Texas,

Stakeholders Unite in Support of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Response to Chronic Wasting Disease November 4, 2015

State asks hunters to help screen deer for chronic wasting disease November 8, 2015 Texas,

State Deer Breeding Rules to Stave Off Deadly Disease Upheld in Court September 25, 2017 Texas

State of Texas to ramp up testing for deer disease October 2, 2015

State prepares disease response August 11, 2014 Texas

State says 13 new cases of deer wasting disease found July 1, 2016 Texas

Surprising’ Discovery Made About Chronic Wasting Disease June 1, 2015 Texas

Test deer harvests to prevent spread of CWD disease October 27, 2013 Texas

Testing for CWD negative thus far January 9, 2016 Texas

Texas and Arkansas tackle Chronic Wasting Disease in deer differently July 9, 2016 Texas,

Texas deer breeders challenge ruling on state's disease regulations February 15, 2018

Texas deer breeders think they are being discriminated against January 1, 2016

Texas Deer Industry To Bring Concerns Over Chronic Wasting Disease To Legislature August 21, 2018

Texas eyes new rules over fatal deer disease June 17, 2016

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Expands Chronic Wasting Disease Containment Zone March 22, 2018 Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commissioners hold off on deer disease vote May 26, 2016 Texas

Texas records first cases of disease in free-ranging whitetail, elk March 31, 2017

Texas reports 2nd animal anthrax case this year August 22, 2014

Texas Wildlife Officials Considering New Deer Movement Rules in Response to Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) September 5, 2012

To deer breeders' opposition, Texas increases disease test requirements June 25, 2016

TPW Commission Adopts New CWD Zones, Deer Movement Rules August 30, 2016 Texas

TPW traces CWD in index facility November 5, 2015 Texas

TPWD reminds hunters about proper deer carcass disposal October 17, 2014 Texas

TPWD See Drop In Hunting Licenses Following Chronic Wasting Disease November 6, 2015 Texas

Two more deer test positive for chronic wasting disease August 1, 2015 Texas

Voluntary CWD testing on whitetails October 15, 2015 Texas

Wasting disease case prompts investigation March 3, 2016 Texas,

West Texas meeting targets deer concerns, bovine tuberculosis December 16, 2013 Texas

What is Chronic wasting disease and how it affects animals October 2, 2015 Texas

Wildlife officials cracking down on white-tail deer January 27, 2017 Texas

Zombies, Semen, and Big Racks: Inside The Texas Deer Breeding Industry June 20, 2021