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West Virginia Deer Population and Management Archive

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3 cited for poaching albino deer in Boone County October 2, 2015 West Virginia

A Deer Is struck And Killed On West Virginia Interstate, But Moments Later A Miracle Happens July 28, 2015

Asian deer species spotted in Rockport October 9, 2013 West Virginia

Deer Killed With Spear In Grand Vue Park December 4, 2013 West Virginia

DNR's 'Wall of Shame' racks up 10 sets of antlers February 15, 2014 West Virginia

Fairmont, Three more deer found dead in Fairmont November 10, 2016 West Virginia

Fawn causes a stir on my street July 24, 2015 West Virginia

Finding deer antlers is W.Va. man’s wintertime hobby May 10, 2015 West Virginia

Mother Nature's Amazing Ways June 16, 2012 West Virginia

Police remove deer from roof of courthouse annex November 29, 2017 West Virginia

Social media helps officers make deer poaching bust July 8, 2015 West Virginia

W.Va. deer farm continues after spouse's death December 15, 2013 West Virginia

Wanted' elk remains at large in Marshall Co.; Residents rally to save it January 31, 2012 West Viriginia

West Virginia man charged with keeping deer in his home July 8, 2015

Wheeling, Police Say Man Found Hunting Deer Using Bow in Residential Neighborhood November 12, 2014 West Virginia

White deer attract park visitors December 29, 2013 West Virginia