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Wyoming Disease of Deer Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

As CWD marches west, wildlife experts want to inform public December 3, 2016 Wyoming,

Baiting and feeding ban January 17, 2016 Wyoming,

Can the National Elk Refuge Survive CWD? January 29, 2020 Wyoming

Chronic deer disease marches closer to Yellowstone January 6, 2015 Wyoming

Chronic wasting disease April 3, 2019 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease closes in on Yellowstone May 14, 2013 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease Confirmed Near Gillette December 21, 2016 Wyoming

Chronic wasting disease continues to spread July 26, 2017 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease Crops Up November 19, 2014 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease Detected at Devils Tower November 4, 2015 wyoming,

Chronic wasting disease discovered in deer hunt area 97 near Lander August 12, 2014 Wyoming

Chronic wasting disease found in Big Horn basin deer November 16, 2011 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease found in deer, west of continental divide again June 7, 2016 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Two More Deer Hunt Areas October 20, 2014 Wyoming

Chronic wasting disease found Muddy Gap hunt area August 21, 2014 Wyoming,

Chronic wasting disease found near Baggs October 12, 2015 Wyoming

Chronic wasting disease in new hunt area October 25, 2012 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease kills 19% of deer herd annually December 15, 2015 Wyoming,

Chronic wasting disease November 27, 2015 Wyoming,

Chronic wasting disease now rings Greater Yellowstone in Wyoming October 27, 2014

Chronic wasting disease reaches Pinedale March 28, 2017 Wyoming

Chronic wasting disease surveillance continues in Douglas October 11, 2014 Wyoming

Chronic Wasting Disease vaccine fails elk test November 17, 2015 Wyoming,

Chronic wasting disease vaccine study under way March 10, 2013 March 10, 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease, Could A Mysterious Animal Epidemic Become The Next Mad Cow? April 12, 2019 Wyoming

Cody, Chronic wasting disease discovered during deer herd culling February 27, 2017 Wyoming

Cow elk found dead with chronic wasting disease in Washakie County July 28, 2017 Wyoming,

CWD could migrate to Hole February 4, 2015 Wyoming

CWD cuts whitetails in Converse study September 7, 2016 Wyoming

CWD Detected In Teton County, Do Elk Feed Grounds Need To Go? December 21, 2018 Wyoming

CWD found in a new elk hunt area near Sheridan January 18, 2019 Wyoming

CWD found in deer hunt area near Hanna January 29, 2018 Wyoming

CWD found in deer hunt area near Meeteetse November 16, 2017 Wyoming

CWD Found in Two New Wyoming Hunt Areas November 25, 2014 Wyoming,

CWD kills deer in Star Valley June 8, 2016 Wyoming

CWD panel won't consider closing elk feedgrounds June 11, 2019 Wyoming

CWD plan targets mule deer bucks, eyes sharpshooters December 4, 2019 Wyoming

CWD spreads slow in parts of Wyoming, fast in others January 21, 2020

CWD Working Group Hopes to Find Solutions Before It's Too Late June 5, 2019 Wyoming

CWD, G&F mulls Montana elk feeding opposition December 20, 2017 Wyoming

Deer taken in area was infected with Chronic Wasting Disease December 2, 2015 Wyoming,

Deer Test Positive for CWD December 25, 2019 Wyoming

Deer Tests Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease Near Kaycee October 27, 2018 Wyoming

Deer with fatal wildlife disease killed by hunter November 21, 2016 Wyoming

Development, CWD weigh on diminishing deer August 26, 2014 Wyoming

Disease identified as killer of Wyoming mule deer fawns February 4, 2016

Disease toppling deer along rivers, EHD September 5, 2013 Wyoming

Diseased deer found near elk winter feeding grounds October 2, 2019 Wyoming

Diseased deer killed east of Cody November 14, 2016

Endemic chronic wasting disease causes mule deer population decline in Wyoming October, 2017 Melia T. DeVivo ... PlosOne

Endemic disease strikes northeast Wyoming white-tailed deer September 26, 2012

Environmentalists Sue to Stop 'Harmful' Feeding of Wild Elk June 6, 2017 Wyoming

Environmentalists: Plan to reduce elk feeding is overdue December 8, 2018 Wyoming

Enviros take feeding lawsuit September 17, 2018 Wyoming

First deer infected with CWD found in Grand Teton National Park November 21, 2018 Wyoming

G&F Commission increases CWD testing funds April 9, 2019 Wyoming

G&F takes steps toward new CWD policy November 7, 2019 Wyoming

Game and Fish adds option to mandate CWD testing July 2, 2018 Wyoming

Game and Fish finds CWD in new deer hunt area near Lander March 7, 2016 Wyoming,

Game and Fish Finds CWD In New Elk Hunt Area October 27, 2015 Wyoming

Game and Fish to eliminate elk feedground October 8, 2019 Wyoming

Game and Fish tracking EHD in deer, pronghorn September 13, 2021 Wyoming

Hemorrhagic disease killing Montana, Wyoming deer August 15, 2013

Lander Deer Hunt Area 36 Now Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease October 14, 2014 Wyoming

Long-Term Research Shows Domestic Cattle Resist Oral Exposure to Chronic Wasting Disease May 23, 2018 Wyoming,

Managing chronic wasting disease in the Greater Yellowstone March 21, 2020 Wyoming

Members of Wyoming CWD Working Group Announced April 26, 2019

Model Forecasting of the Impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease on the Jackson Elk Herd NL Galloway, RJ Monello, D Brimeyer, E Cole… - 2017

Mule deer in county has CWD October 12, 2010 Wyoming

Mule deer tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease in Carbon County October 23, 2014 Wyoming

Mule deer tests positive for disease April 30, 2014 Wyoming

Mule Deer Tests Positive for Wasting Disease October 24, 2019 Wyoming,

New plan aimed at slowing spread of deadly disease November 30, 2015 Wyoming,

Officials find fatal disease in deer near Yellowstone November 18, 2015

Origins of Chronic Wasting Disease

Parasite killing mule deer around Roundup May 3, 2011 Wyoming

Pinedale Chronic wasting disease discovery troubling April 3, 2017 Wyoming

Relatively unknown disease killing deer in Wyoming Range January 23, 2016 Wyoming

Researchers document first-ever evidence of white-tailed deer declines from CWD September 2, 2016

Researchers Study Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer April 2, 2013 Wyoming, WGF Video

Shameful deception on Chronic Wasting Disease August 9, 2014 Wyoming

State biologists worried about wasting disease in Park County November 27, 2018 Wyoming

State delays CWD plans January 16, 2016 Wyoming,

Study says feeding elk could hurt economy July 26, 2018 Wyoming

The Effect of Scavenger Diversity on the Rate of Carrion Decomposition

University of Wyoming studies how CWD affects deer populations March 24, 2011 Disease

UW researcher warns of virus decimating European livestock June 13, 2013 Wyoming

Wasting disease found in deer near Dubois October 19, 2016 Wyoming

Wasting disease testing robust for elk, skimpy for deer December 15, 2018

Where is CWD found in Wyoming? Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Wildlife disease complicates carcass disposal in Wyoming December 19, 2018

WY Game and Fish Hears Public Concerns Regarding CWD July 1, 2019 Wyoming

Wyoming : White-Tailed Deer Harvested Near Cody Tests Positive for CWD November 21, 2011

Wyoming Game and Fish identifies six new CWD deer hunt areas December 26, 2014

Wyoming outlines chronic wasting disease plan January 7, 2019

Wyoming US Senator introduces bill aimed to protect wildlife, combat chronic wasting disease, and help ranchers and farmers December 16, 2019 Wyoming

Wyoming whitetails die from disease September 28, 2012